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Stop spazzing out over this shitty show, kthx.

Spoilers up to episode 4. People who haven’t watched it yet, you can read on because this show’s “twists” are about as obvious as a J-RPG’s.

Basic premise: Some dude moves to a small town where a creepy curse affects the members of the class he just joined. Also, he can see and interact with some chick who’s missing an eye (she’s also dead, so the eye thing isn’t really a big deal). The whole town is afraid to tell him the “secret truth” about the crazy events that are going on, and someone dies every week in the show, probably because the main character is a

punk-ass bitch

The main problem with this show is its oh-so-flawed execution. The creepiness levels are pushed up so far that the show becomes an unintended parody of the genre. The main character overreacts to everything and the creepy music plays nonstop so the audience never has time to be caught off guard. Essentially, there is no suspense at all.

There are some points that people may use to defend the show, but I’ll deconstruct them in short order.


zOMG There Are Creepy Dolls! Be Afraid!!

In this scene we're supposed to be freaked out that the doll seems to be talking

Dolls? Really? I spend half my time masturbating to dolls.

Whenever you show a doll, I pretty much get fap material for ten minutes. I creep myself out more than you guys ever could.

Nice try, but moving on…


Super Hardcore Significance Bullshit

“But Sage! You just don’t get it! Another has so much deep Japanese meaning that a normal baka ningen like you wouldn’t understand.”

Fine. Let me put on my wapglasses and figure this shit out.


~The Significance of the Three~

Main Character-kun is in class 3-3 — the same class that Misaki was in 26 years ago when she died. “3” for the year (first year, second year, third year) and “3” for the class number (class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5).

Wait a second… Misaki… How many syllables does that have? Mi-sa-ki… Holy shit, that’s also “3”! And Misaki had a cousin called Masaki… which is also 3 syllables long!

And where did Misaki live? On street…

Holy shit!

And now what’s the most important piece of advice his sister gives him?

S: Remember the advice I gave you for life at Yomi North?
MC: Yeah.
S: Including [tip] number three?
MC: Of course.
S: Number three…
MC: That was to always uphold the class rules, wasn’t it?

It’s all “3”! It’s ALL THREE!

So what does this mean? To the Japanese dictionary!

3: Can be said “San” or “Mi” or “Mittsu” — OH MY GOD. There are even three different ways to say it!!!

San: Cut down, an honorific, Sun, acid

Mi: Fruit, body, sword, not yet, a Zodiac sign

Mittsu: Mittsu only means three

Oh, so it doesn’t mean shit. Well played, Another.


Sorry, “3” doesn’t mean anything at all. What you’re looking for significance in is “4”, which can be said as “shi” (meaning “death”). The elevator in this scene doesn’t have it marked because the Japanese like to pretend that fourth floors don’t exist. (The Japanese believe such floors are replaced with “magic vortexes that draw away all evil and unhappiness”, which totally makes sense when the elevator kills Nurse-chan.)

The closest you'll get to a deep experience in Another.


This is so freaky!

Take a shot every time the main character gets the camera zoomed in on his face while he’s freaking out. Actually, don’t. You’d be dead in a minute. This show’s idea of suspense is “Have the main character flip the fuck out after every other sentence he hears and have the only music playing through the entire episode be ‘creepy, spooky music’.”

Here are some pics of him randomly shitting his pants:

They canceled Glee?

Oh my god, I remember that time when I did that really awkward thing last year...

Oh fuck, I bet everyone else remembers it too. I bet they're all judging me for it. Oh god why am I still alive?

What do you mean there aren't enough tampons in the world for a pussy like me?

 And it just goes on and on so much that it loses all effect and the main character becomes a joke.


Everyone who thinks he may be overdramatic, but he’s still an all right character… I’d like to refer you to episode 4, when he’s talking about Misaki to the nurse.

Yes, Detective Conan. Yes, indeed. She’s only seated in the most run-down chair in the room, unacknowledged by everyone, lacking an eye (which she shows him has been replaced with a doll’s), invisible to everyone else (as she told him), considered a non-existent entity (as yelled to the character in episode 3), and fucking dead.

I hereby dub him…



Now before you get all mad that I insulted your favorite show of the season, there are some circumstances under which it is okay to like Another. For example:

  • You find chicks with eyepatches hot. Ignoring the obvious implications of an extra hole, you could also pretend Misaki is a sexy Nazi.
  • You find dead chicks hot. A new girl dies every month (episode) and bodies are fresh for about the same period of time. Coincidence? I think not.
  • You find dolls hot. Hey, welcome to the club.

Basically, unless you’ve got your dick out or your schlicking fingers ready…

Raise 'em up, ladies!

you probably don’t have a reason to watch this show.


Overall grade: 8/10 (fap material), 4/10 (actual show)

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schui says:

Awesome. Thanks Sage :D This review of this shit show is the same like my own opinion. <3

FFF says:

I still keep an eye on this show.

Revy-chan says:

Good thing I read the Manga and Novels.

8thSin says:

I dropped this after Ep1…

Execution was indeed horrible, and the intro episode completely failed to draw me into the story.

Nekumata says:

I just like the art a lot.

0.0 says:

The scenes where they die are the best.
Side note: next episode you’ll have to correct this post, if it follows the manga that is.

Xythar says:

I believe the significance of 3 is that it’s “closest to death” (in other words, the number next to 4) though I never really thought of a way to make that obvious for the viewer.

Aradeid says:

Feel the power of THREE

SamRavster says:

After all the talk about three, I’m surprised that D_S didn’t score the show 3/10.

FichteFoll says:

What you’re looking for significance in is “4″, which can be said as “shi” (meaning “death”).

0.0 says:
Who has so much free time to create such a worthless site?

Bulletmagnet says:

> Who has so much free time to create such a worthless site?

Every fleeting thought you’ve ever had in your life, no matter how bizarre, is someone’s lifelong obsession. And he has a website. — Skif’s Internet Theorem

FichteFoll says:

You could’ve mentioned the OP.

Witek says:

And here I was thinking I’m the only one who thinks this show is shit and obvious/not scary at all. Thank you! xD

kido a says:

I’m just looking for Kayano Ai’s voice not the doll one.

kazukifafner says:

You suck at liking good shows, teehee `3`

Insemination says:

TL;DR: The series tries too hard and ends up fucking itself over.

Blackiris says:

I sure don’t want to whine about you not liking what I like… but for Haruhi’s sake, you just picked to pieces one of like 2 or 3 decent shows this season. You sure could have chosen something else to bitch about, right? There’s a fuckton of utter crap this season, so there was a wide selection to pick from. And yet, Another. The show that, thus far, has been doing everything quite well. There sure are some scratches on the whole… and the MC, who is more of a deep wound rather than just a scratch. If I were to rate it now (but I won’t, since giving something a score after 4 episodes is… inane, I guess), I’d give it an 8. Although
yeah, well, they are like assholes – everyone has one, and everyone’s sucks.
Welp, my tastes > your tastes nevertheless, so no point in arguing~.

Xythar says:

>paying attention to dark_sage’s opinions

Blackiris says:

>taking me seriously

Progeusz says:

It’s not even top5 of this season. Still, I like it, main character isn’t dense (he actually tries to do something) and Mei is moe&hot as hell. They could stop showing us those funny dolls in random moments, though.

Xythar says:

So far I’m watching for the above average animation and quality death scenes.

Dark_Sage says:

I picked on Another because it’s hilariously bad yet people are latching onto it because it’s “omg so dark1!1”


Ano Natsu de Matteru
Aquarian EVOL
Brave 10
Daily Lives of High School Boys
High School DxD
Inu x Boku SS
Kill Me Baby
Kyousogiga OVA
Milky Holmes Season 2
Mouretsu Space Pirates
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai
Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Recorder to Randsell
Rinne no Lagrange
Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Senogku Paradise Kiwami
Thermae Romae
Zero no Tsukaima F

Only Nise and Inu x Boku could be considered good… and Nise’s not even doing that great a job right now. This season sucks.

kyonyUU says:

Dude, Another has eyepatch girl. It’s yandere Strike Witches. How can it go wrong?

Dark_Sage says:

Ask the director. He found a way.

Xythar says:

More like Nichibros best show of season A++ would watch again.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh yeah, I forgot that one. Daily Lives FTW.

lygerzero0zero says:

InuBoku <3

Can we expect a review for that soon?

skullking123 says:

>Inu X Boku
>considered good


oh wow it has been awhile since sage has made me chuckle.

TBA says:

I like Inu Boku, my sister and I watch that every week.

dasd says:

>Milky Holmes
>Mouretsu Space Pirates
>Not good
Fuck you.

And Thermae Romae had an interesting concept, at the very least. Even if it turned into Japanese nationalism at times.

yashau says:

I agree with mostly everything apart from your dislike of Ano Natsu de Matteru. The series has a lot of potential. I mean, who wouldn’t want Onegai Teacher mixed with AnoHana? This season blows. However, that being said, the last season wasn’t exactly stellar either.

bastek says:

>Mouretsu Space Pirates
This boring shit, why is it so popular…

tantei says:

Maybe because it actually knows how to write a story. it’s pacing is very similar to a novel, rather then rushing all introductory world building. which is very well done and provides us with this crazy idea of providing the viewers a chance to understand the characters before they start saving the world. it’s a crazy concept I know but I think eventually you’ll get it when you are older.

Alteration says:

Really though, after 4 episodes that need to be doing something to actually draw in the viewer, both my brother and I dropped the show after two episodes because it wasn’t interesting.

Though this season is quite dull there are two anime’s I have dropped;
Another and Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Insemination says:

High School DxD is clearly the best show this season. Original plot, lots of character depth and superb animation. What more could you possibly want?

puddizzle says:

No boobs.

Insemination says:

Okay, maybe there aren’t enough tits in the show. But it’s still revolutionary.

Dark_Sage says:

Rias has some character depth I could really get inside.

idiffer says:

Dark_Sage, you should write anime opinions more often. you’e got the humor, man. that’s more than most anime bloggers have…

betA says:

It reminds me of the seiha blog. Similar levels of ‘fuckit’ and cynicism.

Miroku74 says:

I’ve been trying to find the best show of this season and have been looking around quite diligently.

Looks like this season’s a bust.

Red says:

I like Another (and not for fapping), but still found this funny. Good stuff.

Belowme says:

Just waiting for Black Rock Shooter, everything else this season belows.

pengit says:

Everybody is missing the point about this show. IMO, it’s one of the very few shows that actually managed to troll the planet earth and so philosophically criticise the masses dogma.

tantei says:

I dropped this show after two episodes because it annoyed me SO MUCH, nothing happened, I didn’t feel like I was actually introduced to anyone besides the aunt and the nurse. I loved higurashi kei, and liked higurashi, but this was horrible. I only watched the third episode because it was PA Works and supposed to be a mystery. my major problem with it is that it is constantly trying to be freaky instead of like higurashi.

AzureHakua says:

One of the least scary things I’ve seen…

Bad show.

tantei says:

so far for THIS season it has been
HunterxHunter or Chihayafuru
space pirates (finally a well written scifi)
Inu x Boku (SS) (funny parody of shojo, with a well written lead, interesting action, and genuine emotion).
Kyousogiga OVA (this is what I want out of anime, though some more explanation and episodes would be nice)
Zero no Tsukaima F (call me when this series get’s good again it’s still stuck in the same qaulity as the end of season 3)
Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki (really ugly but actually funny, most annoying opening ever.)
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (Hate episode 1, really liked episode 2, and still waiting for stuff to happen after that)
Kill Me Baby (occasionally funny)
Recorder to Randsell (one joke, and I shouldn’t be laughing at it but I do for some reason).
Rinne no Lagrange (Generic)
Dropped Line
Daily Lives of High School Boys (it’s not that funny)
Aquarian EVOL (didn’t bother with season 1 and universally said to be stupid)
Brave 10 (Don’t care for characters, action, and 2nd episode was a mess)
High School DxD (Boobs and bad writing are not a good combo)
Milky Holmes (season 1 sucked why watch season 2)
Nisemonogatari (Self indulgence and bad writing season 2)
Ano Natsu de Matteru (Please teacher you where bad in your first draft, and second one still sucks, with bad charcters and me rooting against your main pairing because I feel sorry for his friend)
Senogku Paradiwami (didn’t even bother)

tantei says:

also guilty crown is incredibility stupid in it’s writing and what we are supposed to go along with. for example a song can cure diseases. also I can’t stand shu EVA this is not, and I don’t even like that show that much. it’s is SUCH A WASTE!!!!!! to have such nice animation, music, and a noitamina time slot for it.

Insemination says:

Good shows can’t cure shit taste. I’m sorry.

Devilmore says:

Whats with people connecting eye patches to nazis so frequently…they’re not pirates :<

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