Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 2

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Second day.

Match 5

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


Overall rating: I dunno. It’s another fucking episodic blog with shit writing. The fuck do you want me to say?

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


tl;dr for any of his posts: “I liked” “I liked” “I loved” “I loved”.

Standard shit writing. Standard episodic garbage.

Overall rating: I put more thought into this summary than he did into his entire site.


Match 5 verdict: I don’t fucking care. Both sites are absolute shit.




Match 6

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


This is how you do a quick look post:

This guy does in two paragraphs what many aniblogs haven’t managed in two years — he presents a convincing, honest argument for what he thinks of a show.

Overall rating:  I’m mostly trying to figure out why this faggot is posting his face and real name across his blog. I doubt this will end well for him.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


Baka Laureate is beautifully generic. It’s thought-filled but thoughtless. Passionate, but passionless. I could bring out my “good writing checklist” and gasp in amazement as every box is filled, and yet still wonder why I didn’t really like what I read.

I guess my major complaint is that it’s not genuine. When people talk about their wonderfully fluffed-up experiences in life, I have to wonder if they really think I’m stupid enough to take what they say at face value. B-L seems to think so.

This is very nice writing, but what’s he actually saying here? “My high school girlfriend played a song on a piano and I enjoyed it.” krizzly muses later on that he pretty much just made that up. But it still comes across as self-aggrandizement because he alludes to the experience being super great, regardless of the specific details.

Really, dude? If your girlfriend playing you a fucking tune resulted in this kind of pants-creaming, perhaps you ought to have your dick checked, because that doesn’t sound healthy.

Overall rating: Pathetique.


Match 6 verdict: Those Damn Cartoons.




Match 7

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


The majority of Caraniel’s content is made up of two-paragraph summaries of anime shows. This is great for… uhh… the audience of people who want two-paragraph summaries of anime shows. In other words, nobody cares, Cara.

The writing for the full posts isn’t that bad. Cara melds her thoughts of the show into the episode summaries, which gives it a nice feel beyond your typical wikipedia summary.

Unfortunately, no amount of fancy writing can cover up the fact that Cara’s posts are standard episodic garbage. I have no interest in following this blog for her posts any more than I have interest in getting skullfucked.

Overall rating: Bleh.

Site type: Random-ass shit.


Anime Picks is… interesting. I’m always willing to commend a blog that tries something different. Unfortunately, interest does not always turn into enjoyment.

A Picks tries to be a multi-platform site and it fails… terribly. The writing is vacuous, the visuals are tasteless, and the content does not make sense. It’s like the creator had a laundry list of ideas they thought might work and just threw them together all at once, hoping for something good to come out of it.

“I want a mascot, I want a webstore, I want an app, I want news articles, I want anime reviews”

You can put all that stuff on your site if you want, but if you don’t have a good reason for it, you’re going to fail. And fail is what this blog does.

Overall rating: Bad, bad, bad.


Match 7 verdict: Caraniel. Her blog isn’t AS shit as APicks.




Match 8

Site type: Shitty anime/video game opinions.


You need more fucking pics or something, cuz all I see is giant walls of text in your reviews. That kinda shit makes me want to turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Overall rating: tl;dr



title=”shittychristiansite” src=”” alt=”” width=”331″ height=”75″ />

Site type: Christian propaganda.


One of the posts on this shitty blog talks about how their god magically healed a missionary girl’s foot in three days. Holy shit, that’s awesome! Quick question, though. Why won’t your god heal amputees?

But it gets worse. These guys take their religion and try to fool kids into believing it by saying anime is Christian.

self-sacrifice in Naruto could easily segue into a discussion about Jesus and the cross.

Fucking sad that the only way they can gain new zealots is by telling them that Naruto wants them to be Christian. I wonder when they’ll get in trouble for telling kids that Naruto wants them to suck their missionary dicks.

Overall rating: Take your bronze-age mythology and shove it up your asses, you creepy fucking pedophiles.


Match 8 verdict: Ani-gamers. Obviously.



Anime|Otaku vs. Draggle’s Anime Blog

Those Damned Cartoons vs. Baka Laureate

Caraniel’s Ramblings vs. Anime Picks

Ani-Gamers vs. Beneath the Tangles



w says:

D_S, just curious, how many of Beneath the Tangles’s posts did you read? I’m curious as to whether or not all of their content is like that quote that you’ve posted twice. Is there much propaganda outside the post with that quote?

Icec0ld says:

I did some browsing of it on a whim. It’s almost as bad as he paints it. Not so much the twisting of anime to suit their own purpose for example Accel world about drifting from the faith of God. There is interpretation and then there is just outright bat loony

Dark_Sage says:

Everything on their front page and some posts beyond it. The general gist is “Hey, let me pick something fucking random, shove ‘this relates to Christianity’ in there somewhere, and then move on to the next bullshit thing”. All the posts on their blog are dedicated to finding some way to tie anime and Christianity together. These people are crazy fucks that see their god in everything and spend their time trying to make sure everyone else shares in their delusions.

The reason I keep coming back to that quote is because it sums up the site perfectly. Even Christians can see these people are nutjobs.

L-sama says:

Hey, in BtT’s defense – at least they’re not saying Anime is Satan-spawned Animated Porn (TM) – it’s even written in their FAQ for parents that anime might as well be called art as much as anything else…

thecowgoesmoo says:

For some reason this reminds me of when Krusty takes a bite out of a Ribwich and says, “Mmm, I don’t mind the taste!”

Acnologia says:

I checked out BtT thinking I would find a good laugh, but to be honest, it’s not really as bad as I thought it would be. Hell, they had Madoka in their top recommendations which is strange considering it ends with Madoka becoming God. I would think they would rant on how blasphemous it is and stuff.

While I still hate religious-centered reviews,it’s better that they find what’s “good” in anime rather than “it’s all Satan-spawned animated porn”.

Then again, the “everything is evil” articles are more fun to read.

Sapphi says:

Website broke when I previously tried to comment.

Anyway, I laud Baka’s attempt at writing. At least he tried. A little practice, a little reading, he’s on his way to becoming an engaging writer.

The top contender in this contest remains shindeiie, legit writer. D_S is #2.

Gpower says:

I just want to point out that in animeotaku, only the first 3 post are episodic. The rest of the page aren’t. So I won’t really call them a purely episodic blog.

as for Beneath the Tangles, while I agree it may be amusing to bash Christians, you should at least give them the credit for bashing the US in this post:

Gatherum says:

I’m assuming you meant 180 degrees.

Dark_Sage says:

No, I meant 360 degrees. It’s a gamer joke.

Keyboard says:

At least we know Gatherum hasn’t witnessed the idiocy of too many console wars.

jdp says:

Nobody cares about this stupid blog shit, get back to making reviews so we can laugh at you.

( ´_ゝ`)

Dark_Sage says:

Sure. More Saint Seiya ASAP.

Caraniel says:

Slightly better than Wiki summaries and not as shit as my opponent!? I’ve never been quite so highly praised before!

In all seriousness thanks for making the effort of having a look at all these blogs, it’s not a small undertaking.

Valence says:

I find AnimePicks a pain to read. Literally. My eyes hurt from the front page.

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