Oh god we’re back up

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Yes yes yes

Stuff incoming. Super duper promise.

Because you're worth it, baby.

Because you’re worth it, baby.


Takeaways from this experience:

1. Don’t assume your automated backups are actually working

2. Don’t use InnoDB (whatever the hell that is)

3. Don’t set your site to use 4 gigs of RAM when it’s operating off a server that only has 1.5 gigs allocated to it

4. Scotch and coke is not nearly as good as whiskey and coke despite what logic may tell you



diablosfiji says:

As always Dark Sage is up to no good, (ties Dark Sage in chains and whips him until he bleeds.)

Well glad to see you guys up and running.

FYI Jack and coke is the best combi.

shcboomer says:

Yay! It’s back!

DhRW94 says:

I missed you <3

Anon says:

When will you release subtitles for “The Unlimited – Hyobu Kyosuke”, in particular episodes 8 through 12?

Dark_Sage says:


Solaristics says:

Dark_Sage, stop filling people with false hope :[.

Dark_Sage says:

During Crycon 2014, koku said he’d TL stuff and Caly said she’d handle visuals. So it’s in a better spot now than it was before Crycon.

As for the timeline… it’s not a priority for me right now. It’s on my to-do list, but at the bottom. I said we’d finish this off, so we will, but there are things I’d rather do first. That’s just how it is.

Calyrica says:

Seeing as my part of the offer has been there since the beginning…

Dark_Sage says:

I figured the offer had expired after a year.

Enamelthyst says:

Oh, back up—we’re God?

elenrod says:

While this site was down I did a lot of work.

Now I won’t be able to take back all that time I could have been slacking.

FalseDawn says:

If you’re having scotch anything but straight, you’re doing it wrong(tm) – I will accept you having ice with it though.

eMz says:

I’ve never understood why some prefer the ice. If you are going to be drinking scotch and by scotch I mean good scotch (what’s the point otherwise) You think you would be doing so for the flavor, why dull it with ice? (little bit of water roughly room temp is a acceptable addition, water soluble compounds and all the jazz)

herpderp says:

If you’re not using InnoDB on a website which is clearly using MySQL, then what the hell are you using?

Just check your backups on a weekly basis like you’re supposed to.

herpderp says:

EDIT: My bad, didn’t proof read.

* If you don’t want to use InnoDB, then what would you use instead.

Dark_Sage says:

MyISAM. Per the tech support guy I spent 6 hours with to get this site back…

“To be honest, the best practice I’d recommend is that, unless you’ve got an extremely high traffic site that’s also very database intensive (a high traffic forum like Slashdot, for example), you avoid using InnoDB. The performance benefits of InnoDB are only significant when you’ve got many simultaneous operations trying to act on the same tables (hundreds per second or more) and are often outweighed by the vulnerability to table corruption.”

“I really do recommend switching your site’s database to MyISAM; without getting into the details too much, InnoDB is definitely better at scaling with really large deployments that may mirror across multiple MySQL servers, but it also comes with a lot more complications, and when it breaks, it breaks very badly. With a MyISAM table, the worst a crashed table means is usually just a single line of a single table lost, instead of the entire table unusable and possibly the MySQL server destabilized as well.”

begna112 says:

He sounds like the most helpful and informed tech support guy in existence.

Hunta says:

But Scotch and Moxie is the most belligerent new england thing ever.

Except nobody outside of New England gets Moxie.

aDubiousNotion says:

You know what else is terrible? Rum and Pepsi. That is a mistake I will not make again.

lel says:

3. Don’t set your site to use 4 gigs of RAM when it’s operating off a server that only has 1.5 gigs allocated to it

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