Focused on subtitle reviews, top-notch anime opinions, and turning Japanese (plz don’t judge), Crymore.net has been destroying the aniblog game since 2010.

With a mission statement of “saving anime”, Crymore.net has a track record of <redacted> and as of today is still the only tolerable anime blog on the internet.



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More About Me (Dark_Sage)

Dark Sage of whine-sub is here

Having started fansubbing in 2008, and reviewing subtitles since 2010 (both fansubs and official options), I am rather confident no one else can quite provide the sagacity that I do.

I am by no means the only person who makes this site work, but if I told you about the secret admins… well, they’re secret admins for a reason, folks. :/


Current/Past Contributors (including some secret admins!):

We have the best word devs, folks.


My Contact Deets

  • Post here or anywhere on the site. I read everything even if I don’t reply to it all.
    • My memory sucks, though. So if you need a reply and it’s been a while, post a follow-up requesting a response.
  • Email: darksagerk at gmail
  • @ me — twitter, tumblr
  • Catch me at cons
  • Sexual contact also available depending on my schedule.


Site Elements:


The Reviews

Subtitle Reviews are, as the name implies, reviews of anime subtitle releases. This site has found a niche by reviewing these releases in an attempt to offer you accurate information as to the quality you may expect in a given fansub or officialsub release.

Even if you don’t give a shit about subtitles or even anime in general, there’s value in the English and translation tips. Worst case, you may just be entertained.


Review Details

How much time do you have on your hands?

Fansub Reviews In-Depth (9/14/2013)

Dark_Sage is Biased: Confirmed (7/13/2013)

Translation Parties – A Dansai Walkthrough + RDG Stats (4/5/2013)

What My Grades Mean: A Quick Guide (3/26/2013)

A Whiners.Pro Primer (6/18/2012)

These will cover most of what you’ll need to know (though I assume you’d be able to figure most of it out by yourself). If not, gimme a heads up. I’m always open to questions.


The Comments

Things to know (there are a lot, but save yourself some trouble and read them)

  • I abhor censorship, so feel free to post whatever you want.
    • That being said, don’t be a fuckstick about it. Use common sense.
  • This isn’t social media 2.0. You can’t hide behind upvotes and downvotes. If you have an opinion you want to share with others, have the balls/ovaries to put it out there.
  • [BBCode] is enabled — the standard suite, including spoiler tags. Let’s not abuse this.
  • If people are acting stupid, assume it’s part of a joke. If people are acting really stupid, assume they are the joke.
  • You don’t need to make an account to comment. We do support Gravatar though, so if you want a cute pic next to your comments, I highly suggest going that route.
  • < and > won’t usually show up unless you use &lt; and &gt; respectively.
  • There’s an Off Topic section. Don’t be an idiot with it.


Words on a Screen – Selected Reading:

(prepare yourself)


Chosen Posts


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Fansubbing by the Numbers: A Spring 2016 Shitpost (6/6/2016)

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Special Article Types

Convention Coverage – Legitimate journalism.

Aniblog – From Aniblog 2012 to Aniblog 20XX, the only good aniblog is Crymore.

Community Polls – These are special, typically time-limited polls/events that typically last for a week or so. So if you don’t visit every week for them, then you’ve missed out. Forever! Also, they’re not time-limited.

Anime Opinions – It’s widely accepted on Crymore that Dark_Sage has the best taste in anime. Why not experience the wisdom personally?

Video Games – Vidya. You know how it is.



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