Oh yeah, that Aniblog shit is still going on

Aniblog — By on June 10, 2012 1:35 pm

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First off, yes, more reviews after this (sometime). Secondly, I wanna win this shit because of :ego:  (Note: The polls are only open for 2 days, so they’re closed now. With your support, Whiners dominated. I love you all. <3)

Vote here

It looks a bit different than before because they had to create an entirely new poll system after they realized PollDaddy sucks, which delayed the tournament for about 3 weeks.


Image unrelated, but it’s Holo, so who cares?


If you want some Aniblog-related lulz, check this out:


“Is the author a retard or is he simply retarded?”

This is one of several choice quotes from Dark_Sage of Whiners.pro, a parasitic site that thrives on being an asshole. I wasn’t aware that this site existed until the tournament, when he started reviews of every website up for polling that day, including my own. He has said fairly nice things about me, and his approval seemed to correlate with a bump in my race against Krizzlybear. Thanks for that, I suppose, but I’d rather not have the approval of a poisonous, gutless child whose wit somehow manages to be smaller than his vocabulary. He is an example of the opposite of what I’m talking about: an asshole with no clear cause or idea of his own beyond spitting purposeless bile.

I don’t think he likes me. :(


For those wondering, I don’t think you’ll be seeing too many more Aniblog posts here. The Aniblog Stuff posts went over pretty well and I think a few people found other sites they’d be interested in visiting, so I’d consider the posts a success overall.

But right now, this is me:

No motivation

Yeah, I’d rather spend my time finishing up this season’s reviews.


In summary, this is my summary paragraph.



fgghjjkll says:

I voted only you, Dark_Sage <3

Dark_Sage says:

Aww, thanks, fgg. So did I <3

L-sama says:

I found myself enraptured by your summary paragraph :O

Mahjong says:

He so tsun.

Also, your link to the Those Damned Cartoons article redirects to the aniblog tourney site.

Dark_Sage says:

Fixed. Goddamn I hate editing posts on my phone.

HighOnCaffeine says:

You got my vote. That is a great summary paragraph.

FFF says:

Fart-flavored apple. Let’s party!

FFF says:

“I don’t think he likes me. :(”

Whiners’ fate.

beta says:

[from that post]
“any insight is quickly buried under grade F, common denominator insults, and when he has nothing to say, he simply piles them on.”

His comment on that page claimed he only bothered with D_S’ blogging reviews, but then why mention F grades? Heh, ulterior motives.

Also, the “rage” is pretty damn focused here. Not even sure what “directionless rage” is supposed to mean.

Xythar says:

I think the “grade F” applies to the insults.

beta says:

Odd word choice, considering what he’s talking about, and in that case the comma makes it ambiguous.

Fake edit: I could probably dig other stuff up, but meh this is less about siding with this site and more about poking at the offensive sides’ flaws.

Xythar says:

It’s not ambiguous. The comma here is being used to separate two independent adjectives that both apply to a common noun. I would have a hard time reading “grade F” as a noun in that sentence – you wouldn’t say “buried under grade F”.

Mahjong says:

Clearly he’s in love with D_S, but his post is meant to make D_S look bad in order to stave off competition. After all cock mongers have been effectively warded off, Bradley is gonna flip that dere switch, and before long, Whiners and TDC will officially merge and form Those Damn Cartoon Whiners.

Fucking crafty bastard.

Assasin_Cross says:

looks like even the Dark_Fag need love

Assasin_Cross says:

Holy cow!!
Virus123 is here! And stinking too!

yo says:

Heh, I wonder if that dude doesn’t spend much time in the depths of the internet or swears it off & curses anything associated with it. Although I think you mentioned it’s something you picked up from fansubbing?

Whatever, he’s being wayyyyy too high-brow – this ‘sphere-jerk’ isn’t contained in a school classroom.

Nekumata says:

I have to say the PLATINUM MAD image is one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while.

Kronius says:

Well I tried to vote but couldn’t. It’s too bad that I arrived too late the poll is closed and my vote was meant for whiners.pro (Dark_Sage). Nonetheless Whiner.pro dominated the poll by more than a 100 votes. Goes to show that people do prefer a good reviewing site and it seems like there is still some hope for humanity.

asddsa says:

> But right now, this is me: [image]

So you are a trap now?

DJ-Slush says:

I like the part where he called you an asshole, like it’s a bad thing. Pussies like him are the reason the world is full of rejects.

Dark_Sage says:

Nice guys always finish in socks.

Drake says:

I love how you call someone a pussy over the internet. You are very amusing.

Dark_Sage says:

This is completely unrelated to the current conversation, but why did you end up deleting your fansub review blog? I mean, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t particularly worse than NRR’s.

Xythar says:

That’s harsh, man. I put my all into the four or so reviews I’ve actually had time to write for NRR.

Dark_Sage says:

It wasn’t a dig at NRR. I haven’t visited your site since the very beginning of this season where I opted to stop linking to it in my reviews, so I based my comment off what I fogly remember of Drake’s site and what I remember of the reviews on NRR.

I suppose I should check it out and see what I’ve been missing. Onto your reviews~

Drake says:

Just not enough time to continue them really. I’m not sure if I have enough time; I could give them another shot.

FalseDawn says:

How long is sometime?

Dark_Sage says:

My shin review is written except for the op/ed parts which I’ll finish when I get back to my hotel tonight. 4 hours maybe.

Dark_Sage says:

Ugh, nevermind. Work social event. Eta unknown now.

Kamica says:

Whiners’ round 4 match is tomorrow. I suggest that Dark_Sage do one of these two options:

A. Bump this post to the top of the page and make minor edits.
B. Create a new post.

Dark_Sage says:

I can assure you that I will either do one or neither of those.

Xythar says:

Well, we’ve at least eliminated the possibility of you doing both.

Zeta says:

Seeing as how you did neither, I was wondering what happened to wanting to win because of :ego:?
You’re losing rather badly, since you haven’t made your readers aware of the poll.

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