We need to talk about Boku no Hero Academia and how shit it is

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I’ve kind of had enough.


My Hero Academia? More like My Hero SUCKademia!

Cursed image for a cursed thread.

Let’s make a list of why Academia is bad:

  • The powers are boring
  • The drama’s too fake — everyone knows the limp-wristed heroes are gonna win easily as always
  • The villains are uninteresting pushovers
  • A bunch of random high schoolers are somehow OP as fuck, despite simultaneously being weak as balls — none of this is earned
  • The world makes no sense and the shit world-building doesn’t help
  • The whole thing reads like a DC Kids fanfic that got rejected before it was even submitted, but somehow worse
  • The fandom

Look, I get why this show is popular. If this was my first shounen I would think it’s cool too. I mean, wow, having a main character whose power is based on how hard he grimaces? There’s a fucking concept.

haha wan punch amirite my fellow nerds?


That’s basically what korogiri’s doing let’s be honest

You know why they continuously list out the characters’ quirks every time they show up on screen? It’s because the target audience is too fucking stupid to remember the half-dozen abilities that aren’t emblazoned across the characters’ poorly drawn faces.

Fropply looks like someone who managed to fail out of a Downs Syndrome Academy.

This despite having the most allergically autistic fans of any form of media aside from Steven Universe. I’d show you a picture, but my site deserves better. Try googling “reddit meetup” and you’ll get the gist. The Academia fans are the ones who should really not have taken their shirts off.

Shiragaki has the right idea.

Honestly, I don’t much like to talk about other people’s appearances, because there are very few people as naturally pretty as me. But Academia groupies, you do have the capability to not show up as sperg-spewing mental midgets to anyone in your path. Don’t cosplay in malls. Don’t wear the stupid retard-signal merch outside. And stop drawing your god awful fanart and posting it on tumblr; your art teacher told you you’d never amount to anything for a fucking reason.

You all are literally the reason I voted for Trump, and the only thing I regret about that is he hasn’t put you all in the fucking camps yet.

But one more supreme court justice and we have some fucking manga libraries to burn.

Okay, sorry, I think I might have come across a little strong right there. Let’s roll it back a bit and find some common ground.

See, I’m politically flexible, I’d be fine with throwing you in the gulag too.

Not fucking once have any of this series’ fans ever thought to themselves, “oh, I wonder what other series are like”?! You are literally worse than all those fat, middle-aged Ghibli fans who totes love anime — all two of the tired Nausicaä retreads they’ve seen. Actually, those are probably your fucking parents, which explains a fucking lot.

Time for some fucking education. Here’s some classic shounen manga you absolutely need to read if you wanna have an informed opinion on the series:

  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Tokyo Akazukin
  • Narutaru
  • Onani Master Kurosawa
  • Anne Freaks

Assuming you’re illiterate and can only watch dubbed shounens, I’ll also accept the following:

  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  • Harmonie
  • Shigofumi
  • Shinsekai yori
  • Jormungand

Get through those and we’ll talk. Till then, I’m keeping this gate to GoodTasteLand closed.

Soz, nerds.


303 thoughts on “We need to talk about Boku no Hero Academia and how shit it is”

  1. you must be real bored if you’re trying to talk to teenagers who didn’t know what anime was until last week
    fantastic recommendations though

  2. How can you shit on bnh for being bland and then rec Jormungand? Do you not see the irony there? How can you rec the 11th iteration of hunter hunter over the 99th? Bigger numbers are better numbers.

    Props for sticking out for the Ghibli fans though. I love my one-dimension mainstream children’s movies and they’re not boring or dull or made by some pedo at all. They’re art. The guy won like an Oscar or something, the most prestigious of awards. Those works are so complex and avant-garde they move the industry forward and my girlfriend– did I mention her yet? She looooooves Ghibli. Normally when I watch a complex movie I NEED to have the commentary on or I JUST WONT GET IT. I NEED the constant reminder which sound-effects are added post-production and just how historically accurate this dramatization of actual events has been compared to the real deal. And did I just see you shitting on, dare I say it, best girl just because she’s related to some frogs? How fucking dare you? You know what you are? You’re just a moe lover. I can see it already. You don’t like it because it’s not moe enough. You know who was right? Not Miyazaki. But that aside. Jormungand just wasn’t that good dude. I’m sorry to break it to you.

    • Jeez yall, drawing all this stuff is hard enough and animating even more. So what if some parts of it suck do yall hafta be such lil bitches to complain ehat u think sucks or not so violently. Jus feedback politely and not be stupidass critics who probs cant draw half as well as those artists. Anime doesnt have to haf a real type and defination yknow. Yall just being rude at this point

      • “Drawing all that stuff and animating is hard” yea no shit sherlock. Are you saying that the other shounen anime that you’ve probably never seen aren’t putting out the same effort to make and draw as that unoriginal disney sky-high based anime with those minor characters that yall overly sexualize? Tired of yall making it like a god tier bs and putting down others like HxH, KnY, HQ and many more anime.

        • Every anime takes time to make, its a hard process. And not all mha fans “put down others” every anime is good in its own way. Now personally, i dont ship characters because these people are like 15-17 years old, while some parts of the series get kinda cringe, its still a good anime overall. No hate to other anime.

        • Ikr, who cares about the haters they are just a narrow part of the Trash world. And its rude to judge what anime people like. People like different anime and I’m fine with that, if they dont like MHA doesn’t mean they could call it trash and say bad things about it, thats disgusting behavior, I’m sorry I can’t lie.

          • Exactly. I don’t really like MHA, but the way this guy is just judging what anime people like is making me sick. He even says, “Honestly, I don’t much like to talk about other people’s appearances, because there are very few people as naturally pretty as me.” or as naturally conceited as him

              • I get you hate my hero academia, I get it. But to bluntly State like it’s some kind of disease is just being stupid. First off, am pretty sure you haven’t accomplish anything in life, ur probably a random guy can barely pay off rent. You can’t just insult someone’s hard work cuz u don’t like it, and am pretty sure that you don’t have enough brain cells, so I’ll dumb it down to your level, the amount of money they make in year is something your grandchildren will never achieve neither will you 🙃
                You are a worthless waste of sperms. Your mom must have killed someone to have a brain dead child like you,
                So the next time you try insulting someone’s hardwork think about this while on your dad’s dick.
                You indiscriminate waste of molecules

                  • The shit that comes out of your mouth is as bad as Hitler, ur parents must have felt embarrassed having a thing like u for a child. So go cry in your Little boi cave and we both know that’s not only thing that is Little, your bank account, your self respect and your penis.🙂

  3. I have watched too many shows and this season sucks carbonized dick so yeah I’d say this show is doing the easiest job in the history of anime that is not letting me fall asleep for twelve full minutes once a week.

      • Ok person who wrote this article first of all did you complement yourself on being beautiful and did you say the characters are drawn bad you just try to draw that

        • 1. What did you want me to say? I’m no liar.
          2. Why would I bother trying to draw manga? The only good art is writing, and I’m already the best at it (source: just read this fucking article).
          3. I am not Lotusgg although they’re a cool dude.


          • Wow I mean ever heard of modesty?!?! I am a writer my self and I have never said how amazing I am no matter how proud of my work! And I am a debater which means I find both sides of an argument valid and will always take them into consideration but ranting about how a show aimed at CHILDREN SUCH AS MYSELF is just petty. And honestly after reading ur… crappy writing and arguments I’m not sure if u r trolling or not…

            • SO TRUE?! like if you’re going to write a thread as to why MHA is bad, fine, go ahead, but at least make it well written and use constructive criticism instead of ranting and cursing their brains out

          • first of all, my looks are far superior to yours. And second, did you just come here to flex. What are you 12??? Let people have their opinions too. Geez.

            • You realize you are telling her to let others have an opinion and then talk down to her because of her opinion, right? Hypocritical much?

          • Are you for real bragging about how good you are I thought this was to talk about the series most of the article is your opinions when I first click it I thought it was going to be some bad things in it to look out for like curse words and stuff like that but know it was a list of YOUR opinions just remember the it is your opinion and that you are not right some people see it in a different way and that is ok I respect you opinion but you did not have to say how Beautiful you are and how right this is you need to watch you language too I know there are some people that do not like it but you went overboard by making a article 50% about your opinions make that 70% and 40% about you really need to start writing better articles

          • If u don’t like it, don’t watch it. Some other people might like it and ur putting them down. And also, every fandom has a toxic side like the naruto fandom, hxh fandom, etc. No one cares about ur opinion. Everyone has opinions and they all can be biased, cos I can easily say that I do not like hunter x hunter.

              • You say that but on some of your other posts you have said much worse and claimed disgusting things. There is no more lines left that you haven’t crossed, maybe besides from suicide.

                • sounds like you’re dick riding, mind taking out his dick from your mouth before typing next time. Have you yourself considered suicide for remotely thinking that this trash called mha is worth watching? the whole fandom needs to be tied to stakes, drenched in kerosine and gasoline and set ablaze by burning a copy of mha wrapped in a mha shirt throw at your faces. Thats how i really feel about this anime and its worthless followers

              • First of all, Cringe. Second of all, what does that have to with MHA? Third of all, respect their opinions, you fool-born freak.

                Btw i’m not a fan of MHA.I also dislike the anime.

          • Eh their is no use in trying to argue with stupidity which in this case is you. As well as you’re a narcissist ass whom can’t seem to pull their own head out of their ass, and let other people have an opinion on an anime. I will agree that the fandom is shitty and shipping underage children is fucked.

            • you went against your own point and try to argue with him though you said theres no use in arguing, then you agreed to a fucked up nature of predatory child relationships in the show like okay???????? what was the purpose of your dumb post???????

          • How many episodes have you watched? Or chapters? Cuz it gets better after a while, I have read every chapter of the manga and the last chapters that have come out have ben pretty good (in my opinion)

    • i kinda agree but you’re annoying. your tone in this made the matter in my stomach curdle, and you come off incredibly narcissistic. i hope this is irony

  4. yeah i tried mai hero academiwhatver and i hated it my friend loves it because he never watched yuyuhakusho or dbz not dbs btw and (of course the only way to watch dbz is in english with the bruce falconer score i personally hate the japanese version of dbz anyway)but im fine with naruto and a plethora of shows that aren’t dubbed. my friend started out with naruto as his first shounen that’s prob why he likes this dumb series and he also likes one punch man which i also don’t like because its way too goofy like that bobobooobo show and of course like zero acadamy i cant tell if they tried way too hard or way too little on the dumb character designs in both of the shows

      • It’s been 3 year’s since you wrote this f****** article about my hero.
        If you still saying you’re right I’ll be like
        What is wrong with you.
        The season four animation was a bit off because they were focused on the 2nd movie too.
        But even tho it was amazing . Mostly when deku fought overhaul. And the movie was sooooooooo amazing.
        The manga too. If you haven’t seen it go see it. than say it’s not good.

        • Neither of the filler movies were even close to tolerable. The only good thing about Boku no My Hero Academia is the doujins where Toga rapes and kills everything in her way.

          • What has to be wrong with you to like that part of the anime? You need help. Sorry some people like the show, i honestly don’t care for your opinion, and how you were so bored you made this comment, and for the creator the article. Hunter x Hunter sucks by the way.

            • I don’t think there’s a part in the anime where Toga continuously stabs Deku in the chest to receive a vaginal injection of his deathcum, but if there is, I am willing to reconsider my stance on the series.

              • I’m sorry?
                Should I be concerned for you? Why did you enjoy watching Toga RAPE/KILL everything in her way? I get the killing, I don’t mind it either, but like..how sick do you have to be to enjoy watching someone rape another person? And before you deny it, you literally said above
                “The only good thing about Boku no My Hero Academia is the doujins where Toga rapes and kills everything in her way.”
                Just why?

                • I don’t care what your gender is – if this doesn’t make you horny, you don’t have a soul.

                  Also, it’s kind of telling that you think rape is worse than murder. You’re the kind of person who shoots up a battered women’s center because you think it would be better for them if they were dead. You’re a monster, but I guess I shouldn’t expect any better from an Academia fan.

            • Lmao congratz you’ve played yourself
              And bro wtf is wrong with you, you change opinion way too quickly, I bet tht’s the reason why you commented
              “I don’t like BNHA”
              “Rlly? How the hell do you not like it? Deku is cool and everyone’s too! The ships, OMG”
              “Uh… Uhh.. Rlly? Uh, yeah. Guess BNHA is cool after all!”
              Society has grown little too much, cancelling those of different opinions and defining what’s wrong and what’s not. I guess we really need to add philosophy to our curriculum.

          • Thank you for confirming what kind of degenerate erson you are. Can’t believe I was seriously considering your point of view in this article.

          • I know all of the animes you listed and I like boku no hero, I am not a fat middle-aged Ghibli fans but I like boku no hero, I didnt vote for trump the second time then attack a bunch of people for no reason, the only thing I agree with is the fandoms they disturb me, in conclusion your are just a hater who wants attention and I am giving it to you I most likely wont reply to your comment have a good day hater.

  5. You forgot the greatest shounen of all time: Ramen Fighter Miki.

    You can’t convince me otherwise.

    P.S. Yeah, I still check on your site sometimes; hope you’re doing well Dark (if you and Soup remember me lulz).

    • Course I remember ya. Boston sucks, but we had fun. Sakuracon stole my heart though – they should really reschedule those.

      As for me, I’m living, except now the alcoholism isn’t ironic. Topically, Ramen Fighter Miki helped with that.

      Haven’t seen Soup since the cops put out that Amber Alert in Portland. Sure it’s just a coincidence.

  6. I come back here after a long time and see you hating on my currently most hated show.
    One of my friends is only talking about this show, cosplays it to every con (ofc they crossplay as the guys who are shipped with each other by her and her friends), adds me to obnoxious group chats with sexual rpgs of the characters, starts to identify herself as one of the characters and wants to be called by their name even outside of cons and cosplay.
    I still like my friend, but I hate this show passionately. Send help

  7. i did indeed just GIS “reddit meetup” and was not disappointed AND got a free confidence boost.

    but you say that AND you still go to anime conventions which are equally weird, if not moreso.

    tl;dr – dont meet up with other people that you meet on the internet

    • I dunno, I’d say of the people I meet 1/3 are friends-tier, 1/3 are chill, and 1/3 have an ankle bracelet. Ain’t bad odds.

  8. Ok ok ok so imma just say that i made this account just to comment this so…

    >:< Ok people have strong opinion im not gonna hate bt if you dont like something you dont have to share it to the inter webs Like god damn people.

    • I put $100 on your fag boyfriend leaving your fat ass with an unwanted Down’s baby and two STDs. And when you take my order please remember that when I say I want my beefy cheesy burrito grilled I mean I want it fucking grilled. I will fill out that survey, fam; don’t test me.

    • Ok ok ok so imma just say that i made this account just to comment this so…

      >:< Ok people have strong opinion im not gonna hate bt if you dont like something you dont have to share it to the inter webs Like god damn people.

      I mean, yes sure, you can have strong opinions, but only share it if you like BNHA!! If you don't, then don't tell your opinions! People like us who like BNHA are the only ones who deserve to voice our strong opinions, y'all haters better shut your mouths and stay there in the corner, sobbing, being together with your fkin friends Depression and Anxiety cuz I bet they're the only ones who'll listen to you amirite y'all shouldn't have existed in the first place wtf this world is only for the positive and bright. No haters needed, you should agree with our opinion, even if it's forced!

      Fkin retard, man. I'm tired of people like you. This is why I doubt humanity will advance. Narcissistic and egoistic, selfish. Society is filled with y'all people who pretend to be good and say stuff like "I know what you feel" "I understand you" "I get it that you…" bullshit. You're only trying to act good cuz you saw your friends actin that way and were able to get away so you tried to act like tht, but it's hella annoying, just so you know. Your attitude is no different from those pretentious bastards who say "stop being depressed". But ik you're still young. I don't need you to change. I only need you to "understand" and by that I don't mean that light-hearted reply, but really in a way you try to see everything from a different perspective, unlike that of a frog in a well. But if words don't reach you… Well, then I might hope you get depression one day so you know how it feels to be an outcast ^^
      cuz tht way you'll understand wht "having different opinion" truly means. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right. If you think it that way, you'll get it.

      • ^^^All this because he was pissed off someone said my garbage tv show was indeed garbage lmao it’s not that deep it’s a Japanese cartoon.

  9. The way the fights work and how some characters with weird quirks can make it so far is not very good.
    Let’s take the invisible girl, how did she destroy the robots in the entrance exam? Yes she is invisible, but that doesn’t give her any attacking power needed to destroy a jouse sized robot.
    Also it makes no sense what the characters can survive in a fight. Most have very specialized quirks like talking with animals, there is no general concept of somethink like qi in Dragonball, Yet they survive extreme falls or they survive being smashed against rocks. Yes, some of the strenght type of characters should survive that, but often it makes no sense.

  10. Sorry to be rude or anything but those stupid reasons stated that the anime is bad are totally suckish and dumb to even place out from a writer like you. Let take them one by one

    The powers are boring- who thinks like this the power system is too amazing for me imagine powers like frog, navel laser, pop balls in the anime that the powers will be dumb but in the series that powers are ones to compete with
    The drama’s too fake — hmmph, wrong they don’t win easily watch if you what to be fair to the anime the S3 E10-11 you will that even the strongest hero there All might almost died in the episode and gave up his whole powers to save others. if you don’t believe me check it yo’self
    The villains are uninteresting pushovers-
    you are an uninteresting pushover by saying this and there is nothing to say than the villains are as amazing as other villains in the dc and marvel univers, if you like deadpool’s personality go check out twice in the series, love Deathstroke go check out Hero killer stain
    A bunch of random high schoolers are somehow OP as fuck, despite simultaneously being weak as balls — none of this is earned
    The world makes no sense and the shit world-building doesn’t help
    The whole thing reads like a DC Kids fanfic that got rejected before it was even submitted, but somehow worse
    The fandom
    All the remaining are you just being sad and depressed about you not being able to make something as wonderful as this. NOTE this isn’t my first shonen anime i have seen DBZ, naruto, Bleach before this but i still grade this as well as watching those anime. So three advice thou shall give to thee
    – Stop being a mofo and watch things from both perspectives before complaining about something
    – Watch the anime with a pen and paper write down the pros and cons of the anime TRUTHFULLY or i will do so for you unexperienced writer
    – Finally before you do this to another anime that is great but you are blind to see that check it out and right

    NOTE i will give you a challenge watch the whole anime from S1 to S3 all 63episodes and tell me your reponse

    • I’m sorry you have autism, and I’m sorry you’re racist, but you really shouldn’t take your frustrations out on a respected anime blogger such as myself.

      Boku no My Hero Academia is objectively boring and bad, lacking in all but elementary originality. The only good thing about the series is the bloodslut, but her containment vessel only has as much value as its fans: none. Slow, stupid, and entirely inauthentic, the series is “babby’s first” for the short bus.

      If you honestly like this series, you are beyond redemption and should seriously consider suicide. Your existence is a net loss for the world.

      • Ughs ppl like you are honestly such stuck up lil bitches. Like who the fuck care abt your weird beliefs in wst real anime suppose to be like dont gimme that propaganda shitz i dont hafta fucking listen to your half assed explaination jus keep it to yourself. Like some uglyass motherfucker like you can ever understand the fucking effort and bloodsweattears behind this kinda animes. You probably cant even draw cool shit like that u shittyass fuck

      • Bro chill I mean your being petty just say you opinion don’t go telling people “ HEY YOU LIKE THIS ANIME GO KILL YOURSELF YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH YOU ARE A WASTE OF SPACEI!” I mean sorry to break it to you but not everybody has to live up to your standards. I mean your not the god of all anime And tell people what to and what not watch, good recommendations tho but just chill on your opinion and also don’t call of saying your the best writer

  11. my hero academia is overhyped boring generic bullshit and i cant stand its tryhard appeal to western autists. A take on Dc super heroes with japanese cliches. On another note I cant stand isekai its comparable to shovelware. My favorite genres are mecha, mahou shoujo and shonen.
    People who like hero academia have shit taste.

  12. You consider yourself a “respected” anime blogger… You shove your political bias into your anime reviews and then get super aggressive against the classics. As a middle aged man who enjoyed Princess Mononoke growing up, I must tell you to go fuck yourself.

  13. You’re not even giving an actual decent review. I, myself, see problems with the show; but, I’m not slandering the fans or cussing out a show without any real criticism. If you’re going to try and “review” the show, actually review it and give some decent and accurate criticism. This is just hate. This is just some troll on the internet thinking that they’re cool and that they’re opinion is superior to the general population. Let me tell you, you’re probably aren’t a perfect as you think or say you are. Why don’t you try and get a grip on reality? Also, if you’re going to try and write a review, you might want to refrain from using unnecessary profanity. It’s highly inappropriate and unprofessional for a “reviwer” to go running their mouth like this and call it criticism. Honestly, as a writer myself, I am quite disgusted by your display. I’m even more displeased that you would attack the fans. If they want to wear cosplay in public or wear the merch, then they have every right to. It is none of your business how these fans display their appreciation for the show; or, any show for that matter. You’re just part of the toxicity that trys to plague the anime community.

    • Shouldn’t you, as a writer yourself, have picked up on what this style of writing is called and realize it’s just as much of a review of the thing it is reviewing as, say, the thing you define as a “true review”? Shouldn’t you also, as a writer yourself, realize that slandering fans of a show is valid criticism of a show? Shouldn’t you also know what a troll is? Shouldn’t you have a dictionary to look up to make sure you understand the difference between an idiom and a proverb and use the right words? Because otherwise you wouldn’t make for much of a writer. And he definitely knows much more about how a perfect he is than you. Isn’t it you that is attacking his person now instead of the article? Oh fuck I just realized you’re trolling. Got me good haha. Let’s just pretend this post is also bait. Or you know. Learn the difference between writing and blogging while we’re at it. Fuck I got baited hard. Not gonn hit that delete button though. I’m too a perfect for that.

    • More like BlackDragonDildo, amirite?

      You write like a fag and you sound like a fag, therefore you must be an upset Boku no Hero fanboy. kys my man

    • BlackDragon is that username picked after your most recent dragon dildo acquisition? lmao

      All your problems would be solved if you joined me in the sacred ritual of performing double suicide for our waifus. I will be engaging in the performance at midnight, JP time, May the ninth 2019. All you have to do is literally kill yourself at this time and you will be able to cross to the other side. It’s best if you do auto-erotic asphyxiation while looking at hentai with the dragon dildo in your ass. This way you can really focus your mind to your waifu’s domain in the afterlife.
      Fuck this world, I’m off to the eternal lap pillow!


  14. I mean let’s get one thing straight you all are faggots for even watching anime in the first place. Damn shame Japan wasn’t mega nuked to oblivion when the US had a chance

  15. I used to enjoy Shounen and Isekai trash anime, suddenly one day my brain snapped and I could no longer enjoy them. Some anime even makes me roll my eyes. Why is this happening???

    The latest Heroaca anime (season 4 episode 13) was so bad. They put some cringy ass sad song during Eri rescue scene and mute the scene after that. Whats the point of watching anime if the audio just make the anime worst.

  16. Thank you for this article. It lets me know im not the only one that cant stand my hero academia. i feel like everyone is just blind to actual quality anime. Its the fact that this crap is “Trendy” is why people likely pretend to be in this stupid fandom and pretend to love it. Also can we just talk about the fandom, first of all they are annoying, obnoxious, and dumb, because they ship people just to ship people these ships can be as random as fricking mineta and allmight. i feel the fans are all people who have just gotten into anime and their reason for recognizing anime at all is probably cause mha is “popular”. I defenetly agree this anime is very typical, things are exadurated, and the characters are just lame.

    • Its trendy because its enjoyable dumbass 🤣 I swear yall find the stupidest shit to say jeez and a ship is a ship your going to bash someone because they ship some characters y’all r being hypocrites and bias because you are just saying this because you dont enjoy the anime but I know your doing the same thing with animes you enjoy kindly shut you fucking mouth if you have nothing good and sensible to say.❤

      • You got into anime last week kid, mha is nothing new, super power highschool trash shows,are like apple phones, they consistently pump them out cuz they’re trendy and add almost nothing, Mha is just one that got popular cuz u weeblets showed up and haven’t seen anything good so everything you see is a 10/10 mha is bad, the Mc is despite trying to have a big cast less then 10 are relevant in any big arc, the villans aren’t threatening, and the backstories are the worst, WHO THE FUCK WROTE WIND MANS BACKSTORY IN THE LICENCE ARC HE HATES TODOROKI CUZ HIS DAD DIDN’T GIVE HIM AN AUTOGRAPH HOW DO YOU WRITE THIS TRASH. it’s generic, boring, cliche, predictable, and brings nothing new, if you’ve watches one super power high school trash show you’ve watched all of them this is no exception.

        • Uh, he actually also hates him because he beat Todoroki at a race and Todoroki said he wasn’t there to make friends and he said move ‘you’re in my way’ to him twice, but I still think he kinda overreacted
          I’m not a fan of MHA but can you please restrain from acting like it’s the stupidest thing on earth
          I mean, some people like it some people don’t.. people have different opinions and different views/perspective on things so you really can’t change that
          I don’t wanna fight so please don’t sorry if I this in any way offended you

  17. Exactly buddy. This was so much needed. Those BITCH mha asshole fans who think that mha is everything … ughhh . Hate those Dumb shit assholes. MHA is a plotless shit. Soo damn boring. Moreover the fights are getting more and more meaningless. There are loads of shitty arcs like that fucking La Brava stuff … It was just random fucking meaningless unnecessarily added bullshit. And the movie Lmao it was such a trash , I mean wtf was that ??? Nice , whenever you are fucked up , just transfer one for all to multiple people and then after the shit is over , get it back like fuck ?!! SHIT.
    And the characters … LMFAO ??? What’s up with those random shits ?? SO MANY of them … I mean, more than 80 percent of them are fucking EXTRAAs . The writer forgets about them most of the time ….
    And those dumb shit quirks bruhhh …..
    Those mfs think its the best of all. When you see on people’s list : MHA ahead of all time bests like One piece , Deathnote , Attack on titan , Steins Gate , Code Guess, Hunter x Hunter , Jojo’s bizzare adventure etc…… It just pisses me off sooo much.


    • First of all stop being pressed your embarrassing yourself and you sound dumb and illiterate asf,anyone and everyone has an opinion but your being straight up childish its obvious that you have no taste or chill your using the reference “extras” and talking about la brava then your going to go ahead and say stupid shit like if it was so boring how did you reach so far to know about la brava huh? Dumbass y’all need to get your shit together and stop bashing people for the anime they watch if they want to talk about it they can unlike you who has nothing good or relevant to say so stfu and sit down you asshole.And your obviously blind if you say it has no plot do you even know what a plot is?😂 I don’t think you do😐 .

      Your obviously missing the message of team work and the power to do what’s right even if it costs you something important it shows that your an idiot tbh,NFL when I first watch it I thought it was boring but going more into it it was bomb asf your just pressed.

      And let’s talk about hunter×hunter I recently started watching it and tbh I think its dumb ash sont get me wrong it’s not boring to really interesting but they know the type of shit that they make for the test so how could they allow 12 year old to enter? They don’t care if they’re just kids I dont understand that shit and hisoka and killua’s brother how could they give them a license especially when they know that illumi is apart of a family of assassin and that their evil? Huh?.

      And basically what they’re saying is that if you have a hunter license you can kill 100 person in broad daylight and walk away with no consequence even babies that’s dumb I’m at epi 23 or so so I cant really judge but it looks like you have finished or reached season 4 in MHA yet you say it’s boring🤣?

      Dumb ash🙂

      • It’s boring cuz it’s kinda predictable, I watches all 4 seasons and thought of almost every big event before it happened it’s that generic, character development isn’t great, sometimes it’s kinda cringe and that’s not always a bad thing, but if the characters are in the middle of a fight and they scream plus ultra I just kinda sit there and have the cringe look on my face somthing like dis 😬 ruined some big moments for me like deku vs todoroki they’re fighting and endeavour just comes out of nowhere and starts talking about destiny bullshit, like NOBODY CARES, I hate that about it. and all just cuz they had to use that stupid plus ultra line for the 30th time, don’t see why ppl think the shows revolutionary, not even a new concept when your into anime for a while you start to realise just how many of the super power highschool shows get made, and they’re all the same down to the protagonist haircut.

      • It funny how you are saying “unlike you who has nothing good or relevant to say so stfu and sit down you asshole” when your bashing insults too.
        So sit down bitch and realize what your actually saying and that people have their own opinions and can say them, even if you don’t agree with them.🙄

      • I seriously don’t get you assholes. Rather than shitting on other’s favorites, why don’t you mind you fucking business? You idiots who judge others interest are the reasons why we are still learning morals in 6th fucking grade. Give your stupid opinion in a polite way(I would understand if you are some dumbass who doesn’t know the meaning of polite) rather than in an violent way. Learn to respect others favorites, likes and dislikes. You damn 8 year old

    • You know, MHA would be good if it wasn’t so… consumerist, I guess. Horikoshi writes what he knows people will like because they’re shallow. Something about it just really pisses me off. So, issues-
      – Generic. Predictable.
      – Basically no character development until the bit where Deku, Todoroki and Bakugou intern under Endeavour (sorry for anime-onlys) and even then it’s shallow as fuck.
      – La Brava arc was so incredibly pointless. What even happened?
      – Overhaul arc went on and on and on.
      – Momo is overly sexualized, but all anime has one of those. I mean, Lucy, for god’s sake. Could be way worse. Only helicopter parents would care about this aspect.
      – This will never end. Horikoshi’s just gonna milk it for the next fifteen years.
      I don’t even count the movies as MHA because they are just so incredibly stupid. What even was two heroes, though.
      The MHA sound track is actually amazing, though. Come on.
      So, compared to stuff like Haikyuu or OPM, it’s pretty good. Compared to HxH and Naruto?

      Also can people stop being homophobic if it wasn’t for a gay guy I’d be dead right now, no shit. I mean it wouldn’t affect you if I was dead, but imagine if someone used a slur against you. Just because you’re so ‘pretty’-

  18. It’s embarrassing that these kids say “BNHA is so original” like bitch, have you seen Sky High? That Disney channel movie about a school full of kids with superpowers? Then they bash people who love other anime that came at the same time around BNHA seasons like KnY with that “Omg the story is unoriginal”bs. Well guess what sherlock, your one and only anime with those shitty underage characters that you actively sexualize is also a very very unoriginal concept. It’s been done too many times. You say it’s original bECAUSE YOU HAVENT SEEN ANY SHOWS, FUCKING NORMIES.

  19. Dude you seem really fucking trigered for no reason, it’s a fucking shounen manga/anime amen thats it. You have your preferences and other people have theirs, no need to be a dick because you dont like the plot lmao

  20. A recent study indicates that 90% of MHA fans are trannies who parade as ironic anime fans with shit taste on Twitter. Further inquiries into this phenomenon seem to show they are likely to commit a dishonorable discharge from life once they realise they will never be a woman.

    -Dr. Tobiko Suzukimoto PhD Basedology

  21. Oh man, I *love* reading through comment sections in here, makes me laugh a lot seeing all the drama and these Crymore first-time readers. Lmao
    D_S, how does it feel having to read through all this?

      • Honestly.. I’m not a fan of MHA you could have at least put stated your opinion more nicer
        Some people like the anime, some people don’t, it’s just something you have to live with, everyone has different opinions

  22. I have to say you are pretty funny. I love how you searched for the cursed images lmaoo.
    But, they are some points you talked about that are false. The Chara design is indeed simple, but simple doesn’t mean bad, it means it will be easier to make a good animation. Like mob psycho 100 for example, you can’t tell the Chara designs are really amazing though the animation is. Then you talked about the world that makes no sense. They literally remind you each episode how the world is and they properly did explications about it. Moreover, an entire arc based on their society is coming soon.
    I agree with the fandom, as a ‘fan’ of mha im disappointed to see that 13 yo girls cosplayed as Todoroki are the representation of the fandom and OF COURSE we are not all like that. I think you just don’t like the story, but it doesn’t mean you can devalue the people who work hard to make it. This anime has great ost, nice characters, good animation, emotional moments, inspiration quotes ect. i respect your opinion bro but educate yourself

  23. It’s just a shounen. Sure it’s unoriginal but that’s fine because people like it. Just stop making fun of people for liking something.

  24. Lmao chill the fuck out it’s fine not liking an anime but this isn’t even a proper reasoning on why it’s bad it’s p much a pissed off rant that proves you’re a whiney little bitch more than an argument for why MHA is bad

    Oh also just wanna point out “everyone knows the limp-wristed heroes are gonna win easily as always” is so goddamn wrong in the rise of villains saga especially in the most recent arc (the paranormal liberation war arc)

  25. Tbh I agree with u, bnh are some boring anime series…The storyline r exactly the same in cartoon superhero shows like DC superheroes, the league of villains? Bruh…That’s kind a cringe though lol…the league of doom in cartoon shows r even better than that lol…but the fanarts u just talk about is kinda too far…honestly I do like their fanarts…I think that this anime just made in cartoons show, they just change them into anime to look good…I come on those anyone ever notice this even their fans like bruh…cringe LMAO

  26. Mha/bnh is fuck up…like come on mha/bnh fans…I wonder why they liking this anime is just like the other superheroes cartoons…the storyline is absolutely ridiculous!! Like the villains “the league of villains” like what…is like a cartoon villains names even “the league of doom” from cartoon shows r more better than that LMAO thats fucking…CRINGE!!

  27. I had no idea there were others who felt the same way. can you shit on haikyuu next? americans are using the word husbando and worshiping it as it was dream the minecraft “youtuber”

  28. I’m reading this and I feel like killing almost all of you. Mha is the best anime I ever watched and it’s amazing. There are things you have to figure out and make. The ships are cute and amazing. If you think it’s a bad anime. Sleep with one eye open tonight. I really would kill you. Seriously Mha is amazing and I don’t get why people hate it so much like understand people worked hard on it and you can’t do anything close to them. Yes, I am a mha fan and a big one. Got a problem with it?

    • Your making it sound like that Mha is literally the only anime you’ve watched in your entire life.🙄
      Listen hunny, some people won’t like MHA ok? So stop acting like a bratty two-year-old, and except the fact that people have their own opinions.

      • Why don’t you tell that to the writer of this article..It’s fine if you don’t like it, but do people really need to look down on other people’s opinions about CARTOONS? The way this article was worded is what upset me the most, as it’s making out that MHA/BNHA fans are all babies for liking it. I’ll admit, MHA isn’t my favourite anime, but unlike some people I can tolerate it and even cosplay sometimes if I’m bored. If you compared it so an anime like Haikyuu, my pick would definitely be MHA. I mean, I like volleyball, but I would never base an anime on it. But if you compared MHA to something like Demon Slayer, then I’d have to go with DS. If anything, it’s the blogger who is acting like a two year old who has just found out about swear words and seems to be using them in almost every sentence and reply.

      • Listen some people like MHA, Ok?
        So stop acting like a little bratty two-year-old, and expect the fact that people have opinions.🙄

        Guess what genius, we know people have opinions, but we just think that swearing, saying you’re pretty and awesome, telling others they should stop doing what they want and hating is not fricking nice.
        The fandom may be toxic but the haters aren’t less.

        • Perfectly said. Yes everyone has their own opinion and choices. You can show your disagreement but again not in the hateful way that this article is doing. Tbh this article is nothing more than a rant. Which again is not needed as a mere liking of an anime/manga by some people shouldn’t affect you this much. It’s like your choice of music.

    • Let me help you,
      Attack on titan
      Hunter x Hunter
      Code geass
      Jojo’s bizarre adventure
      Death note
      One piece
      Hell even naruto
      All of these shows are indefinitely simply because they have intresting deep plot, or just amazing power systems. Mha is not completely terrible but definitely over rated, I agree with most of the people here in the regard that y’all should watch a few more anime then look back on mha.

  29. First of all, you told people to stop making art, cosplaying and even hated them for liking this show, like I get it people have different opinions but at this point, your the one who’s not understanding what other people having other opinions means.
    So basically, I think you should stop hating on this, since forcing our opinions into others is what we’re doing.
    And yall people just gonna support this guy, like damn yall are some toxic haters.
    If you don’t like the damn manga/anime then don’t. It’s not like it’s gonna make a difference in the world.

    My point is that you should make another one but pointing all of your stupidity.

  30. Hey sweetie, lemme guess you’re a narcissistic virgin bitch with no other interests apart from shitting on other people’s interests. If you hate the anime then go ahead, but keep it to yourself

    • The anime and manga is shit, filled with toxic ships and just boring storyline of a boring kid trying to be a hero. And do you know that in the manga version the creator literally named one of the villians maruta, which is a name for ‘dead log’ used to mock victims of the 731 unit in world war 2? Just digusting, stop liking an anime that is just filled with shit from top to bottom. Ew.

      • Dude that’s why it’s the name of the villain. There are more dark AF trivias for other animes. I mean that’s not something to be hateful about. Your opinion is yours. Stop hating others for having a different opinion as yours. You will have a better peace of mind.

  31. The powers are boring – just bc the powers can’t one shot planets doesnt mean they bad
    The drama’s too fake — everyone knows the limp-wristed heroes are gonna win easily as always – i wouldnt call all might losing hes powers and dying a win but u do u lol
    The villains are uninteresting pushovers – nah they’ve got some interesting traits you got a dude with a split personality disorder a pyromaniac and some funny ideals
    A bunch of random high schoolers are somehow OP as fuck, despite simultaneously being weak as balls — i guess you could say the same for most anime where characters have power bc its inherited dbz = goku is a sayain not human. hunter x hunter – hes dads strong most anime is based on the mc being op due to genes
    The whole thing reads like a DC Kids fanfic that got rejected before it was even submitted, but somehow worse – your op if only it was asked
    The fandom – just dont look at it?

    • Well said. It’s not one of my top favorite anime but I like watching/reading it. There are stuff that I don’t like but I don’t ho hating people for liking them.

    • You say gon gets his powers from his dad?! Have you even seen hxh? Nen is based on your life energy and is strengthened through conditions and sacrifices, not genes lol. The only charrictars this might apply to would be the ants but even then the queen ate a shit ton of food over several weeks and almost all of it went to her kids, so even then it based on sacrifice and conditions.

  32. This article is absolutely hilarious. Now I want to look into the Mha fandom now just to see their idiotic opinions.

  33. Your ego may be bigger than your puny brain but that doesn’t mean you cant hate on any show like that. If horikoshi of someone who works in the animating studio saw this they would be heartbroken, so watch your language, and if you dont like it, dont watch it and stop judging it. MHA is a funny and motivational and has great ideals and it also helped the younger me get through hard times. The heroes dont always win (like in the training camp arc) , and they make it very slim when they do. I think the whole idea of the storyline of MHA is pretty creative and is you’re gonna hate on it lets see you write something better.

  34. I knew you had zero knowledge on what you were talking about when you used autistic as a term to describe stupidity, let me remind your dumbass that some of the worlds most genius people have been autistic and autism is not a learning disability it is a neurotic condition. i’m most likely 10x smarter than you thanks to my autism so i hope you’ve learned to not use a disability to describe something in the future:

      • Then why’d you put a <3 ? Doesn't that kinda ruin the point of saying no one will ever love you? Whatever, you do you, I guess.

      • You, Dark_Sage, are the inconsequential microscopic unicellular organism which I don’t even see or think about when I step on you, casually, crushing you as if it weren’t even there in the first place, by merely taking a single step to someplace that I had been on my way to. I had used to feel flattered that you felt you needed to put so much effort into making numerous and consecutively daily death threats to me and surely others as well in the past that when I noticed this post I just had to remind you of how much it was appreciated and enjoyed for my pure amusement, I quite literally smiled at each and every one, you know that? Well now you know, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my day. It’s too bad that my friend can’t say the fucking same anymore, since she’s killed herself. Im sure that you hadn’t wanted that, but it doesn’t fucking change anything, she isn’t going to just up and fucking come back, no matter what the fuck I do. Im not sure why I’m even bothering to comment since it won’t change anything. Review your life, maybe you can bring your rating up if you fucking try hard enough.

          • You are mha biggest fan Dark what ever image putting so much time on trashing something instead of doing something else you need mental therapy because you’re literally telling people negative things you’re very insecure and I think everyone who is reading the comments knows

            • He is doing it because he has something called “Free Time” and just because someone says that an anime is shitty or too generic doesn’t mean they are insecure, you should maybe learn how to make valid points about someone or something instead of just commenting a pile of shit which isnt correct at all.

              Other than that, have fun being mad if you or someone else reads this comment even after it has been weeks since u posted, but some shitty MHA fan will defintely search for this because they wanna say that in their opinion bla bla bla and that they respect ur opinion when they aren’t at all.

              MHA is complete garbage, I’ve watched all of the seasons excluding season 5 since i got so fucking bored of it, its just too generic and boring thats it.

  35. You get points for making me chuckle with this page
    I too despise this anime and the trash fandom it birthed.
    Nothing but freaks and pedo women who wants to see the buttholes of young anime boys.

  36. I found this “interesting” because you were just cursing instead of have stating your opinion civilly (if you really need to be rude you could have done it with out cursing excessively.) I honestly respect both sides mainly because I currently don’t have a opinion on the anime and manga. I would normally be respectful to what a person would say about it because they ARE entitled to the opinion weather or not I agree. However, when you started saying homophobic and ableism-like remarks, I felt like I should leave a comment even if you think I am [email protected]— or a [email protected] I have always believed that trying to see both sides of a argument, opinion, politics, etc is the right way to make a well informed decision. Same thing for when I am explaining my stance on certain topics that being real world problems or shows. I do this process so I am less biased, so the people who take interest in what I write won’t feel hurt, and so they better understand another person’s view on something even if they don’t agree. That’s why I am here, to understand why people hate or like the anime. However, you were just stating your opinion in a rude manner, which didn’t help me understand this side very well. You are going at this in a way where your bashing at everyone else’s preferences. You aren’t stating anything with facts or explaining why a certain part of the manga or anime was unsatisfactory or idiotic. The entire post is only opinionated and appears more as a rant then a factual statement or a opinion backed with actual facts. The recommendations were good however. I was familiar with some of them such as Hunter X Hunter, Tokyo Akazukin, Narutaru. These are decent recommendations. Another thing I will say is that you did make a good point at how the fandom can be toxic and childish. They can be very rude to those who disagree or don’t like the anime in a very odd ways (such as making death threats, homophobic comments, cursing excessively, racist comments, the sexualization of minors, etc) I do not support that kind of behavior, but you aren’t really doing anything different. I mean your being blatantly rude and toxic yourself by cursing, calling those who like the show idiotic (I am not saying the r-word because I have some respect towards other human beings), said homophobic comments. Because of all of this, your message is harder for me to take seriously. Something to keep in mind about the fandom though is that not everyone is in this category of toxicity and can actually be good members of the fandom. This goes the same for any type fandom there will always be bad seeds, but there will also be people who honestly enjoy the anime(or whatever a fandom is surrounding) and want to share how much they liked it. I am aware that my comment most likely won’t change your opinion or behavior and that you may respond rudely but I still want to share what I thought as that is my opinion! I hope you have a good day and learn how to be less disrespectful about others opinions though, if not just for others maybe for your own sake. Also learn how to explain your opinion more politely as well so people don’t k!l! themselves.

    • Well you can’t fault them to a certain degree. They just haven’t consumed enough content to have a proper perspective. I remember when I first came across anime and was enamored by the long form serial story telling. It took me awhile (~10 years) to develop enough of a base to have a proper perspective on the content I initially watched. (DBZ-meh/10, Macross-9/10) So just mock them until they get over Dunning-Kruger “Mt Stupid”.

  37. If you don’t like MHA then get a life it the best anime, stop ruining kids life what if they read this. you should check the lessons it teaches you on Google, you should not judge.
    Actually Eijiro Kirishima’s quotes have helped me through rough times.
    Your a BASTARD. UGH I actually hate you, your just like Shigaraki.
    STFU you IDIOT. Normally I wouldn’t say this but YOUR SUCH A EXTRA.

  38. Bro chill, this anime is for children under age 15, so don’t expect a beautiful work. I know there are better ones but like, no need to swear at an anime. People under age 10 watch this anime too, and they can find this page and see all those swearing words. Otherwise, I agree with you that mha was bad.

  39. oh my god you are an actual idiot who cant just appreciate a show that’s not meant to be the incarnation of jesus himself (to be clear I’m an atheist)

  40. Who ever that fuck said that deku is stronger than goku then how the fuck did deku fucking struggle with 6 villains with a mind of a cell

    • Idk how you watch season 2 of mha and say this show is bad or cringe grow up you biased pussies be open minded if you say mha is trash you are obviously a hateful cringe loser yet kids like you will say 7 deadly sins or sword art online trash is good the virginity Is palpable this thread has the biggest losers I’ve ever seen

  41. Sure, you can say your opinion but you don’t have to fucking humiliate people for watching it. What the fuck. To be honest I don’t really like the show but what is your problem? You’re taking this way too far. It’s honestly just comes down to an opinion. I mean sure some animes out there aren’t as good as others in general, I get it but it still is just an opinion. An anime being supposedly “bad” just decreases the chance of someone liking it. There still is the chance out there that someone is gonna think that it’s awesome. God what are peoples’ problems these days? Just let people watch their damn anime.

  42. Look, the fandom is shit. But so is everyone. People suck.

    At the end of the day. Like what you like because there’s always gonna be someone who thinks your a piece of shit for your tastes, don’t attack the autistic, they are born that way.

  43. I know that some times this show sucks ass but jeez it not like u dumbasses have.any sort of skill that actually pays u hell half of u r prob ugly ass pervs still living in there mothers godamn basement scrolling through tinder I mean like how else would u be able to watch.that much anime so next.time keep ur ugly ass mouths shut AxXA OUT

  44. Dude MBA may be shit at times but half of u dicks probably don’t have any skills that will help you make it in the fucking real world bitches I mean half of u pieces of shit live in ur mothers basement scrolling through tinder having so much free to!e to watch anime cuz u ain’t got a.fucking job so maybe shut ur.mouths next time u stupid.motherfuckers 👿ps ill regret this later AxXA out

  45. Ok dude, chill, if you don’t like the anime than don’t watch it, it’s perfectly if other people enjoy it, so don’t say that anyone who likes the show is a narcissistic retard.

  46. lol why are you being so mean? most of the fandom are kids/teenagers, also, who give a shit? if people like it, let them like it, it doesn’t affect you. Why shouldn’t people wear cosplays or merch? it doesn’t affect you, but seeing people being hateful does. (also i thought most of the art was good so fuck you)


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