Translation Review: [Mirrored] Back Street Girls – Gokudolls – 01

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You see? This is what happens when you support shit like Kemono Friends.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Translation: Original translation

Wap Level: 60% wap (Western name order, but kept honorifics, “sensei”, “kya”)

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (3 days after broadcast)


External links.

Group website:




OP. Mimicopy seems spot on, and the lyrics are put together into actual English, even if the words don’t overlap with the Japanese lyrics they are timed with, which is a mark of competence.

ED is also fine, but what the hell does it mean that your heart is “round”?

Fine. The literal meaning is that the heart is “smooth” and doesn’t contain the “thorns” mentioned in the ending song, but this is where you have to use your noodle to come up with an alternative line that makes sense (“A heart is brighter than the moon”?)


Main Script.


Actually “Inugane Productions,” apparently a subsidiary to the respectable, publicly-traded corporation known as the Inugane Syndicate.


“合宿部屋” is either “residence” or “training room” pick one (hint, it’s “lodging”).


The line should be “And we’re allowed to drink…” (ato osake kurai…)


Yes, I know we’re not supposed to actually do any fancy typesetting anymore, but can’t you at least translate all prominent signs? Anyways, taking down one point…


Guess this line is tricky since we’re conflating oya (parent) with oyabun (crime boss).

Actually, not that tricky since you can finagle an adaptation using the term “(crime) family.”


I wouldn’t recommend using this term for kashira (underboss), since it’ll cause some confusion with who is the real crime boss of the organization.


This is a case where the line can be too literal that it loses some of the meaning.

What was being suggested in this sequence is that Kazuhiko (Chika), pictured here, planned some kind of monkeyshine conspiracy to kill a mook named Sakaguchi by having Kentarou (Airi) load a gun with real bullets instead of blanks and then hand off the steel to the underboss, knowing that Kentarou would be too stupid to notice the difference. Ryou (Mari) was in on the plan, but decided turn a blind eye to it.

Apparently their underboss wanted to scare some sense into Sakaguchi with a mock execution, but instead got a body and a prison sentence.


Ussu is very masculine, rough-and-tumble phrase that would sound totally out of left field if a bunch of girly-girl idols say it, so the translator has to think harder for a better fit.


Tennen does not mean “spontaneous,” it means “natural airhead.” So the line should be “You play the the total ditz who always tries too hard.”

This also goes to the scene in which the underboss basically calls Kazuhiko (Chika) the Fredo of the crew.


Other Observations

>Looks at top


>Looks at bottom


This is typical of the type of grammer and general shittery you’ll find on this release.

Yes, they really actually went out of their way to translate this part.

Final Grade: B-

This is a much better effort than the previous option which I won’t dignify with a review. However, the script needs more editing and quality control, though it looks like the timer knows what they’re doing. If there is anyone out there left who is crazy enough to try out this show no streaming company wants to touch with a ten-foot pole, you won’t go wrong following this group.

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10 thoughts on “Translation Review: [Mirrored] Back Street Girls – Gokudolls – 01”

  1. “If there is anyone out there left who are crazy enough to try out no streaming company wants to touch with a ten-foot pole…”


    Also, I love this show.

  2. What? There are still groups doing translations of anime that hasn’t been picked up for streaming? As Hillery stated on election night “I find this quite surprising.”

    • 1) Aniplus, not Aniplex.
      2) Aniplus has better TL and worse English, Funi has better English and worse TL. That no group using their subs bothered to fix…

      • I watched it with starlightsubs’ release which supposedly fixed some of those + TS. I wonder how they stack up vs chyuu’s which came out today. Either way, thank you for the response. Looking forward to earing your opinion on it!

      • Check out our (Chyuu-PAS) release too if you could. It’s an original translation from a new translator to the scene. Iirc one line was taken from Sentai but the translator knew what it meant–they just liked the way Sentai put it in English more than what they had come up with. I’ll give you CCs if that’d make your job easier. Hit me up on rizon if you want them.


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