Monster sucks: a message to its “fans”

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Monster is not deep, it’s not edgy, and it’s not good. It’s a poorly paced self-wankfest designed to appeal to imbeciles who don’t realize every single episode is the same exact thing. In short, it sucks.

DAE Le Monster?

Yes, shut the fuck up. Monster is not some obscure fucking show you just found out about and need to share with the world. It’s the most overhyped piece of misery to come across my vision and every “intellectual” cunt-tard throws it out like it defines them as a thinking being.

Monster So Unpopular

Here’s why you think it’s good: you watched one episode, noted everything was covered in black and grey, and thought its edgy camera angles were the cat’s meow. Then you dropped it and said you completed it. Exactly like you did with Texhnolyze. Don’t fuck with me. I’m onto you by now.


Like you, nobody wants to watch it

jpegs artifacted

And you use this well to your advantage. That’s why you can throw it out as a recommendation, because no one’s ever gonna watch the show and realize you’re fucking wrong. See also:

  • Legend of Galactic Heroes
  • Slam Dunk
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Hajime no Ippo
  • Touch
  • Space Runaway Ideon

“There’s no way anyone would watch this series all the way through and still be sane enough to criticize it. Following that, anybody who did watch some of the show and ended up dropping it can be criticized for not ‘watching the best part’. And because these shows are old, I can play the ‘new anime sucks’ card. Brilliant!”

You little shit. Take those fake “hipster” glasses off; nobody’s impressed.


If you finished it, you’d hate it too.

Monster’s Plot


I’m gonna spoil this for you since you didn’t really get far enough into Monster to realize it: there really isn’t much of a plot at all.

A kid gets shot, and a doctor (Tenma) saves him from dying. A while later, the kid shoots someone in front of Tenma and Tenma gets all emo, thinking “what’s the value in saving a life if the person I save kills people?” So he decides to go on a journey to meet the kid and find out the answer to this moral dilemma of his. …for 76 fucking episodes.

And that’s it. No, really, that’s the entirety of the 76-episode plot. And don’t even get me started on the ending.


Let’s get started on the ending


Here’s the answer to Tenma’s moral dilemma: “Yes.” “Yes, there is value in saving a life regardless of how many people that saved person kills.” And he illustrates that by saving the jerkoff’s life again. Then he walks away, cue credits.

Were you hoping for more? Nope. That’s it. That’s the end of the show. It took 76 episodes for them to reset the entire plot back to episode one.


I like to think this was Urasawa’s way of telling his fans to hang themselves with their turtlenecks, and I just wish more of them had respected his wishes.


And the characters suck

monster sandwich
“This sandwich has more depth than I do.”

I dunno, just read Wikipedia’s summary. They were too unmemorable for me to have anything much to say about them.

Were you intrigued? If so, you’re probably bored enough to find chewing razor blades entertaining. Go ahead, try it, I’ll wait for your report.

Were you bored? Then congrats, you got the full Monster experience and can now actually talk like you know something about the show. I trust it won’t be positive.



Final Rating: 1/10. For reals, this show sucks.

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          • Explains why you didn’t like Monster…. The first 25 episodes were great… the rest was meh.. But it was better than Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied was BS. Even HOTD was better

          • “Elfen Lied has blood and tits. That’s all I want from anime, so it’s the perfect show for me.”

            If that’s how you define a decent anime, I’m not surprised that you weren’t a fan of “Monster.” I watched every episode and loved it. Yes, it was a bit long, but it was worth it. Few shows have moved me in such a way, with Ergo Proxy, Death Note, and FMA trailing a bit behind Monster in personal preference.

            The show that I felt compared to Monster the most out of anything I had watched in the past is the show “Lost,” except Monster didn’t have the same sort of drop-off and they made every character and interaction matter, be it for an episode of the entirety of the series.

            • Nah man I watched monster to I tried so hard I got to episode 48 I’m dropping it I’m all for a story but this literally gave me a migraine & honestly the killings are censored not ones have they even shown a head shot from a bullet in the first 48 episodes, I can’t endure anymore I only picked it up because I remember when it was on anime Monday’s on syfi & I never got into it, & soo… many people been hyping it putting it in top 20 idk why the story isn’t enough to entice me too much dialogue to tbh, I appreciate the investigation & the psychological parts but other then that it’s dead in the water for me can’t finish won’t finish. Madhouse is still one of my favorite studios but Monster is highly overrated IMO.

          • Then why the hell would you watch a show like Monster? If your anime taste is sex and violence (nothing wrong with it, just saying), then why would you give Monster a try and then hate the show?

      • I totally agree with this guy. MONSTER SUCKS. I watched it because so many people recommended it. At first was turned off at the length of 70 episodes, But I just decided to finally give it a shot.

        The initial phase was good. The beginning was pretty good, built up tension, involved horror and gave you cryptic chills. So I got up to episode 39 and at this point I couldn’t take it anymore…as the DR. Tenma had the psychopath in sight and let him go, he had a chance to kill him and Yohan disappears in the smoke.

        That just was the last straw and boiled my blood. I just said screw this, this anime SUCKS. I totally agree with the reviewer’s rant up there ^ DO NOT WASTE your time watching this anime. Thanks for telling me the ending as you saved me a lot of time.

        This anime was SO SHIT. I would say it had a good run up until episode 39 in my opinion. Monster is a sorry excuse of an “intellectual’s” anime. Poor excuse and the writer needs a slap in the face, he probably wrote this entire series while he was taking a long dump.

        If you like intellectual anime watch Steins Gate. A good series by Naoki Urasawa is Master keaton, its episodic in nature but WAYY BETTER than MONSTER. I kinda want to slap URasawa for creating such a retarded series.

        Only a dumb ass would call MONSTER a master piece. I’m so glad there’s people who agree with me.

    • The only thing that really killed the experience for me was that only half of the manga was adapted, but I thought it was pretty good.

      • I picked up the Elfen Lied manga because I loved the anime right up until the ending (which blew chunks). Spoiler alert: the half of the manga they left out sucks.

          • It made the reader introspect regarding many meaningful themes? Good shows don’t just give you an answer to life and the universe and all of that shit, they make you question what you believe. Monster did that imo.

        • Guess who watched in 2023?
          Yep this guy. Dropped it somewhere in the, not even going to check which epeisode. I HATE it when anime step way too far from the main plot and introduce new characters and stayed there for like 5 or 6 episode for background character development that has no connection to the story. Seriously, why do this at all? It’s like I’m watching a different anime.
          This is the worse anime I’ve ever watched.

    • u see if all the animes becomes of same routineline its not any fun watching them.

      but beside that fun there are other aspects animes are not for just fun they are also for some teachings how other may think about concept of life. what we learn is upto u if its fun its fun. just imagine u have one life u live ur worth while and only expirence urs now from but to while in life u observe people and based live urs learn from mistakes conceptually.

      lastly think deep whats the motivation of creating such what you call shitty anime there might be u find something more worth than fun.

      • Is this spam? I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to tell for certain, but it’s retarded enough that I think it’s worth keeping.

    • Of the ones I listed off, I only saw a few episodes of Prince of Tennis and Galactic Heroes. I’m not going to watch that shit to realize the people hyping those shows up were wrong, I’m just gonna move on and save my time.

    • Dude, Touch is great, but if you want the same story in half the time just watch H2 or I dunno, Cross Game.

      That Mitsuru Adachi guy has been doing the same shit for years and people still suck his dick, haha.

  1. Monster is liked for the same reason as Mirai Nikki. We watch em’ for dem thrills rather than anything resembling a deep story.

  2. Taken from one of the top MAL reviews: “Monster probably isn’t something that beginners to anime would enjoy.”

    Take that, Dark_ “I’m a beginner to anime” Sage!

    But in all seriousness, you’ve pretty much killed any desire I had to watch this. I’ll leave it on my PTW though; maybe I’ll get around to it in a few years, or never.

      • It’s not even close. Mirai Nikki is my second favorite manga series (behind Fap Note, of course), and I despised Monster. How the hell can you even draw parallels between the two?

          • I’d put Mirai Nikki in the death game genre (Btooom!, Deadman Wonderland, Gantz, Psyren, Bokurano, etc.) while Monster would fall under psychological “mystery”.

        • I actually just read Fap Note the other day, and it was fucking awesome, so I’m with you there.

          And Kamica, I did give Mirai Nikki a 9 (though to be fair, I haven’t finished it, only 11 eps in), and I will admit, I am kind of curious about Monster just because I like watching hyped shows. All right, I’ll at least try the series out, but it’s definitely not going to be a priority for me. Maybe after I finish Evangelion and Horizon.

      • I think Mirai Nikki is as terrible as Guilty Crown and after watching 1/6th of Monster it seems really good to me. So, not really. I also think MN and M are nothing alike.

    • At times? More like all times. I don’t even know how I managed to suffer through watching it without playing “pin the scissors on the temple”. I did buy the DVDs though — the art’s not too bad.

  3. Dark_Sage confirmed for no taste.

    I jest. I haven’t watched any of those series. I want to watch LoGH though – space operas are da best.

  4. No lie, I’ve had this shit on plan to watch list for like two years, but I keep picking up stupid moe shit and watching them instead. Will probably be there for a few years longer but I still eventually watch it some day even if it is just to bitch about how bad it is if what you say is true.

    • It was more of a middle finger to its cancerous fanbase than a real review, but I think I got across enough thoughts about the show to make it count.

      I attacked its premise/plot, ending, characters, length, pacing, purpose, and pretense. Were you looking for an episode-by-episode deconstruction instead?

      • I’d take Monster fanbase over Naruto fanbase any day. Though, actually, I don’t think there are any particular fanbases to despise nowadays – except the one that’s causing all anime studios to make plotless moeblob series.

        • Really? I wouldn’t.

          Monster fans belong to the cabal of anime elitists who imagine their own opinion superior to all others, objectively. It bothers them that some people actually dare to like series that aren’t up their own ass all the time.

          Naruto fans, however, enjoy what they enjoy not because of some arbitrary guidelines passed down from on high, but because they actually – legitimately – enjoy it.

          I like Naruto fans better because they’re actual anime fans. Not those playing at the title.

          • I’ll stick you in a room full of narutards and do a sweepstakes on how long you’ll last, if that’s the case :D

            And lol, anime + elitism = BZZZT! ERROR!

            • At least I know there’ll be girls in the Naruto room. About two hours into the Monster room, I guarantee the only activity going on would be guys offering each other handjobs for Magic cards.

              • Wait, what? There are girl narutards? When did that happen?

                I seem to have escaped mention of this fandom (which is surprising considering how long I’ve been around IRC) and have only ever met two people who raved about it. Or is that how you’re trolling? Is it actually pretty obscure and you’re trying to make it less so by calling its small fanbase losers? Like, reverse psychology for the masses?

                • The Naruto fanbase is pretty fujoshi nowadays.

                  No, about the only thing you’ll find here is my regular hyperbole — I legitimately don’t like Monster or its fanbase. Let me just list off some of the MAL clubs that claim Monster as one of their flagbearing series:
                  Thoughtful Discourses on Japanese Audiovisual Culture Club
                  Critics and Connoisseurs
                  ★Pictorial Culture Miscellany★
                  Avant Garde and Philosophical anime
                  Cogito Ergo Sum – Philosophy In Anime and Manga

                  You’d think there would be sarcasm in those titles, but there really isn’t.

                  • I quite like the sound of “critics and connoisseur” – sounds like people sitting watching anime, swirling wine in a glass going “hm, indeed.” I could do that.

                  • Judging the whole fanbase by MAL is like judging the whole internet by 4chan. Of course the fans on MAL are going to be shit, because they are the type of people who post on MAL. The fans of EVERY show are shit on that site.

          • I agree with you again Sage, You speak the real truth. In fact I can tell you that I have met a lot of girls in person that like Anime’s like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, and Death note a lot and would never watch a boring Anime like Monster or like it. I even know girls that like and watch Ecchi Anime’s, my current girlfriend is one of them also, she like’s Sora No Otoshimono/Heaven’s Lost Property, Ikki Tousen and Highschool DXD for example and I do too. Trust me most girls I know would rather watch something with very good action, comedy, romance, and fun characters and a entertaining storyline/plot then be bored to death after a few episode’s of Monster.

  5. Do you want anyone to take you seriously, dark_sage? Monster *is* one of the best anime series I’ve seen; but obviously it would suck to people who wants lolis and masturbate to them.

  6. Come on guys! DS is obviously trolling. Would anyone watch 76 episodes of a show he doesn’t like? Of course he wouldn’t! –> DS loved Monster, but he is just too tsundere to admit it (as usual).

    @DS: Well done! Again you managed to troll many of your followers! However, I suggest now we should attend to shows that really ARE overrated, like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

    A show that, in just 14 episodes, manages to be as boring as Texhnolyze ; a show that is as episodic and repetitive as Pokemon and with a story as terrible as Elfen Lied’s.

    • >story as terrible as Elfen Lied’s.
      >more boring then Texhnolyze

      What drug are you on? The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was awesome

        • For some reason I loved the second season more than the first.
          But I agree about the movie. If only they’d make another one as good…

            • Really?
              I actually liked Endless Eight. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I watched it after it had finished airing, so I didn’t have to suffer 2 months…but I still watched all 8 of them.
              Don’t know why you’d hate Kyon though. Apart from the time he was about to hit Haruhi, he was pretty awesome.

              • I thought it turned him from an apathetic everyman into a pathetic loserman. It takes him 15,500 tries to fix the loop? Come on.

                And maybe it’s just me, but the whole raised fist thing… yeah, that doesn’t do it for me. Itsuki had to stop Kyon from beating the everloving shit out of Haruhi. And then Kyon doesn’t even reflect on it? No, that character is ruined for me now, and that’s really unfortunate because I liked him a lot in s1.

                • I am suddenly really glad I never watched the second season of this, Kyon is awesome and I don’t want my image of him tarnished.

                • Admittedly my memory of that particular episode is a little hazy, but as I recall, Kyon was more or less in the right. Haruhi’s abuse of Mikuru had finally pushed him to far and he was about to put the smack down on her to put her in her place. Harsh? A bit, but I found the group’s complacency with Haruhi’s attempted molestation of Mikuru more damning than Kyon’s reaction.

                  Now I really hope I’m rambling on about the right episode, else I come off as a total wanker.

                  And FUCK that endless eight bullshit. All but ruined an otherwise passable series for me. Never getting that time back…

                    • I never said beat. Certainly called for a smack, but no, I’d not abide him cold cocking her. Smacking someone for stepping out of line is hardly severe.

                    • You may be misremembering the scene — this wasn’t one of those “wake up” slaps like you get in most shows, or even one played off for laughs.

                      Skip to 1:10 in the video and tell me his intent was not to hit her with that closed fist he held for the entire duration of the scene. His intent was clearly to deal some serious damage to Haruhi. And you could determine that alone from how the scene lingers on his closed fist, long after he was “stopped” from hitting her.

                      And then he keeps struggling toward Haruhi, fist still closed, not at all in control of his emotions. The subs at 1:57 even say “Anyone who refuses to listen needs a good beating”. It’s pretty clear what he intended to do, and that’s not exactly something I can glance over.

                    • Ok, I’ll give you that. A closed fist is a bit much. I still don’t find it a character destroying moment though. Haruhi pushed him to the brink and he nearly snapped. His reaction, although a bit extreme, is understandable.

                    • Alright… it might just be me… but Kyon seems entirely justified here.

                      I have never watched the anime so as an outsider, it looks like Haruhi is forcing some girl to do something she doesn’t want to do on camera. Haruhi in other words is literally abusing someone in front of Kyon… and I get the impression that the person being abused is someone Kyon cares about.

                      Plus… apparently Haruhi is some god that is treating this woman like her personal toy? Like I said… haven’t watched the anime.

                      It reminds me of various stories of directors physically and emotionally abusing their actors to get the “perfect shot”. Kyon standing up for someone being abused is not “wrong” here. Does it really matter if he threatens to hit this woman in order to try to stop her from abusing someone else? What is being done here is he is attempting to use violence to stop someone else from committing violence against a (alleged) innocent person. This is also after confronting the perpetrator verbally and telling her to stop.

                      So… in a scenario where you are watching someone else be physically abused and you have already told the perpetrator to stop because the person being abused doesn’t like it… but the perpretrator keeps going… what do you do? Do you just watch and let the abuser have their way with the victim? Or do you attempt to use force to stop the abuse?

                      Also… in this scene the dude knows this is some apathetic god who doesn’t care about him or her right? All the more justified.

                    • C’mon, that was a decade ago. I’ve matured as a person since then, and now I think you’re right and that beating women is “based” and “bussin.”

                • Yeah, sometimes I think I’m weird, too. I watched up to the 4th time, not having a clue as to what was going on. I Googled “Endless Eight” and suddenly saw a horrifying amount of rage directed towards it. It had gone so far that the director actually had to apologize. And for what? For making us feel what Yuki was feeling during all that time. I personally think it was a great idea, and that it took a lot of guts to put it in action. I doubt any other company would have ever taken such a risk.

                  Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks so though. :P

    • What the hell? You think Elfen Lied is terrible and Thhat Malencholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya is overrated?!? Are you even a real Anime fan or so-so???

    • I really like Texhnolyze and Elfen Lied for different reasons.
      Texnolyze starts off slow but it’s wonderfully dark and moody but I also generally like pretty much everything else ABe has touched and I can see how it’s not for everyone.
      Elfen Lied satisfies several kinks of mine that I should probably be institutionalized for having.
      Is Haruhi even over rated these days? it only has a 7.8 on MAL and an 8.9 on AniDB. Most zoom zooms don’t seem to get it and I barely see any reviews from $CURRENT_YEAR

  7. I watched all of Monster and enjoyed it for what it was. I wouldn’t put it on my top ten list or anything, and it was definitely way too long (they could easily have told the same story in half as many episodes), but it was all right.

    Speaking of all right, I saw a sign this morning that read “It’s all right here,” which made me pause and wonder if they meant “Everything is here” or “It’s okay here.” Is this a compelling argument for the adoption of “alright” in the same vein as “always” and “already”? Discuss. (totally hijacking this article because this is more interesting)

  8. You could not be more wrong if your name was W. Wrong Wrongstein. Wel, you might be right about the majority of the fanbase, I’ve never bothered to seek them out. But nobody I know who likes the show ever describes it as “deep” or “edgy”. I like it for the same reasons I currently love Space Bros. I like the characters and am interested in watching them struggle to overcome their problems. Is it “too long”? An argument could be made that it is, but I personally appreciate a show that doesn’t feel rushed to get where it’s going, as long as it’s always advancing the plot in some way.

    I understand that in today’s youth culture being ADD is considered a virtue and things that require your attention for longer than 5 consecutive seconds are considered shit, but that’s not really my problem, I’m going to continue to like shows like Monster.

    • The way it’s going, Space Bros is gonna end up longer. And I’m a fan of that too. Maybe I’ll check Monster out after all :D

    • A fleshed out story and a stretched out one are not always the same. I’m watching and enjoying Space Bros as well but feel it’s dragging on too long. There is even a 2hr long movie version. I’ve only seen the PV but it looks like it covers the moon accident. It took 40 episodes for the anime to get there. Pretty sure it could have been done in less.

      • Yes, of course it could have been done in less. If you don’t give a shit about the narrative you can cram anything into a short amount of time. If an editor really tried they could probably fit books by Robert Jordan or George R. R. Martin into 150 pages. But they wouldn’t be the same books anymore. There is an audience for longer material and these shows fill that role. People who are pissed that there aren’t more explosions or that it’s longer than one cour of course won’t like it because it’s not aimed at them, but that’s no reason to shit all over it.

  9. Monster is an extremely-slow paced series (It’s also boring) where almost nothing happens. This also applies to Space Brothers. Mirai Nikki is just a train wreck.

    In conclusion, my tastes are superior and all of you plebes should watch Ouran High School Host Club, Welcome to the N.H.K., and the first seasons of Nodame Cantabile and Code Geass. R2 is just a huge train wreck.

    • Mirai Nikki and Code Geass R2 season 2 are train wrecks?!?! Yeah your taste is definitely flawed. But I will say that Ouran High School Host Club is good.

    • I don’t believe that an active community is a bad thing.

      And I wasn’t actually fishing for comments with this post, though I don’t see why it would be an issue if I was. My philosophy is just to write what I would find interesting if I were a reader of the site, and for an audience of me, this is what I’d want to read.

  10. I’m glad I am not the only one who hates this show. I had a roommate in college who watched the ENTIRE thing in our living room. I tried to get interested in it, but I watched something good instead.

    Guy was also a pretentious jack-off who laughed at his own jokes all the time (and reminded us of them later so we could praise him for them.) I do not think this is a coincidence. He eventually dropped out.

  11. I watched Monster when it came out. I made it up to around episode twenty-five, by which time I realized that it was time to stop, and that the only vaguely interesting character I’d spotted (his estranged wife) had been given such predictable character development.
    It was probably the first time that I understood (or even thought about) how cynical the anime industry could be, and as such was one of the first series to take away some of the anime-fandom glow from me.

  12. They only adapted half the story in 74 episodes? What the fuck? The manga is a goddamn masterpiece but I’m going to go ahead and trust you when you say that the anime’s awful.

    • If you liked the manga, you’d probably like the anime. I’m one of the people who hated 20th Century Boys, so if that’s your kinda shit, feel free to ignore me when I talk about boring seinen.

  13. Go watch your shitty Naruto or One Piece garbage
    This anime is great(though it does leave some thing unaddressed)
    I finished it in like 2 days

    74 episodes is nothing
    You should trying sitting through Dragonball series

      • Naruto is complete garbage
        Sasuke is a queer,so is Naruto btw…always saying Sasuke’s name on his dreams…must be fantasizing about him
        Only good character in that garbage show is Kakashi…I feel sorry he’s not in a better show(yes even though he’s a drawing)
        And this is not just cuz Naruto is a Shonen series…cuz i’ve seen good Shonen series in the past…it’s just that it’s a crap manga…it’s a crappy sell-out manga which the author continues endlessly and milks the shit out of it
        Now this would be ok if Naruto was entertaining to read…but it’s not.Kishimoto can’t write entertaining stuff for crap

        One Piece and Bleach do the same
        Never really liked One Piece cuz i guess it isn’t to my taste..though I know others think it’s good
        Bleach was good till Soul Society Arc ended and then Kubo entered “troll mode”

        BTW…Johan would probably make everyone in Konoha(and the whole Shinobi world) kill each-other…it’d be hilarious

      • He is a dumbass jerkoff, Sasuke is a boss and so is Naruto and they both can pwn that nerdy weak ass Johan any day. Believe it!

  14. I have yet to figure out if this is a real review or what. So childish and bland.

    I do agree Monster’s pacing is a bit lackluster at times, but it’s superb at its finest moments. The plot, btw, is excellently well developed and magnificently, steiner, written.

    It seems you dislike Texhnolyze as well, one of my favorites. On top of all this, you like Mirai Nikki that happens to be one of the worst manga i have ever had the displeasure at reading.

    Well, you must be a bad person then haha

  15. Monster was a fucking waste of time, it starts off amazing, gets super boring, gets good again, and eventually, after 74 fucking episodes of suspense and plot build up, the most ANTICLIMACTIC final episodes and ending EVER. I feel like I wasted hours of my freetime, what the FUCK. Also, who the fuck puts a notorious killer in a regular hospital with no guards or anything, a coma or not. Also there were PLENTY of people who could have testified for Tenma and proven Johan’s existence and Tenma’s innocence, fuck this anime… it starts off too good for its own good and slowly turns into garbage!

  16. hey monster isn’t bad. i understand why you may find it over hyped, but it is a great anime if you aren’t looking for action porn or porn porn. idk about you but i love these kinds of mystery anime’s. although it did lose me for like 10 episodes that i just wanted to skip. the story had a few moments that gave me the One Piece 396 reaction :P

    • One Piece is a thousand times better the Monster. And fanservice is not porn nor are Ecchi Anime’s. >_>

  17. Well…when judging a series/movie/music/books , you have to have in account taste…that you find something boring doesnt mean it is inherently boring. It just mean its boring to you.

    Series/movies/books!paintings/songs are like sexual attraction, what you fo you is a hot person, for another person is an unattractive person. Its a matter of how much it click your buttons.

    “Every single episode isnthe same” no… Many things happened: a nice mix of persecutions and suspense, questions getting answered only so more questions could emerge… And that it began with the idea of “every life has worth” and then ended with the same idea…that is actually a valid and good strategy to make and accentuate a point you want to expose, it is not too common in series, but is done frequently in essays.

    And there where also many moral dilemmas and themes that where showed in the series, like the constant insistence on the importance of having name and identity, or the insistence on showing child righs getting violated.

    Its not simple, its complex.

    On the accusation of “you didnt it watched it completely” yes i did, and i will watch it again someday…

    Overhyped? I never heard of monster until two months ago when i found out about monster…

    I dont have anything against you not liking it…there are many things considered ‘classics’ or ‘masterpieces’ that i dont like, i mean, i saw part of cowboy bebop, and yes i understood why people like it but… I didnt like it…is ok… Its all about compaitibility between watcher and the anime, Monster is not ‘your type’ but it is mine… Actually its my favorite anime…no wait, is probably my favorite thing among anime, series, movies and books, or at least one of my favorite… It really pushed my buttons…hell i feel inspired, and anything capable of inspiring at least one person is a good thing.

    I have a question… Do you in general like the suspense and mistery genre? Because that might be it, maybe you are more into action…maybe monster is not at all of a genre you like… No need to criticize people for liking different things ^.^

    • I’m around episode 40-ish, and the “themes” are almost non existent. It brought up the question if all human life is equal in the first arc but from then on follows this kind of story: doctor chases seriel killer, focus changes to other people who have some connection, etc, giving little to no focus on the “themes”.

    • You’re right! You can’t say something is boring out of personnel taste and use it as a legimate criticicsm. You can say it bores you, but if you’re gonna wanna get others to agree with you you’ve gotta give critical reasons as to why it’s boring. The problem with this arguement is, is that it mostly stems from personnel taste.

  18. I haven’t finished the show yet, above halfwaythrough so I can’t make a complete criical judgement, but I still don’t understand what makes it so popular. There’s the whole theme about human life being equal and stuff, but it’s almost nonexixtent, I mean I’m HALFWAY through the show.

  19. Thank you for writing this. I’ve seen all 74 episodes and I definitely did not think it was very good. It wasn’t terrible either, but there is not a single negative or neutral review of Monster anywhere but here (at least that I could find)

  20. Haha oh boy, this guy is either a weak troll or a retard. I miss the good old days. The new gen still thinks trolling is new and edgy.

  21. I just finished Monster.
    The plot and its execution is superb, I loved every minute of it.
    But I hated the ending,stupid ending.
    Spoiled the whole mood.

    • Could not disagree more— Monster was one of the most amateurish animes I’ve ever watched.

      The episodes meandered from one dull and irrelevant sub-plot to the next, characters lacked personalities beyond their purpose (Johan, in particular, was entirely inscrutable, and the author clearly had trouble characterising him given his ‘inhuman’ nature), character development and motivation was predominantly limited to establishing and subsequently killing off other characters, the attempts at profundity were utterly hollow, the story’s poor planning hampered the twists… and this is off the top of my head for an anime I watched maybe a year ago.

      I personally didn’t mind the ending. I wasn’t expecting much, but it indeed ended and that was more than good enough for me.

      Don’t get me wrong, I evidently liked it enough to watch it through, but it was far from being thought-provoking and nuanced. My favourite part of it was The Baby because of the colour he injected into an otherwise bland world, but the author made even brought him down to the drear of the setting. Even writing this is emotionally draining. I may as well end on that note, as I have enough trouble writing conclusions as it is.

  22. Actually, I did watch all of Monster, and it seems like you didn’t, because then you’d have known the series is 74 episodes long, not 76. Also, the ending of the series isn’t that great, in my opinion, however I will say that the series was indeed thrilling. Episodes like when Grimmer was kidnapped, or when Dr. Reichwein encounters Roberto. Also, to say nobody likes it, then to show the MyAnimeList page is completely contradictory. That’s like me saying everyone hates Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood when it’s the highest rated series on MAL. Also, I’m watching Texhnolyze right now, and I’m finding it rather fascinating. Not as good as Monster, but interesting nonetheless.

  23. I agree with you Dark Sage. Ignore those bland as shit critic’s and elitist’s because they obviously would not enjoy a Anime that is fun to watch with very good action, humor that’s actually funny, Artwork and graphics that are colorful and awesome, characters that are fun and likable with interesting history to them, Romance that get’s your attention because it’s just that great, a creative storyline/plot that is faster paced and a bit to entertaining then the stuff they watch that will knock you out like Seroquel, or any Anime with even the smallest bit of fanservice in it because they would only see that as porn -_- Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Elfen Lied are epic Animes/Manga’s that are far more rewarding to watch and they deserve the all fame they get, Monster is overrated dull and boring crap. End of story.

  24. All I can say is that I seriously can’t believe that you’ve watched Monster in its entirety and I couldn’t disagree more with your opinion.
    It might not be my favorite anime of all time and I also enjoy new and more fast-paced anime with lots of action or humor – but I was pretty impressed with Monster and am convinced it’s a masterpiece in many ways.
    The worst is the way you present your opinion though, by looking down on the taste of others and calling them “imbeciles”. As if that way anyone would take you serious. It’s okay to dislike something, but don’t simply assume that you’re right and everyone else is just worng. Grow up first and try writing a review (or whatever this is supposed to be) in a coupld or years again).

    • That’s the whole thing that’s special about people like that, though. They want to be special, stand out from the average Joe and just shit talk while bringing down their neurons count each time they do so. That’s society for you, people just act like utter dirt for social acceptance.

  25. I’ve felt more emotion in single episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Regular Show, Spongebob Squarepants, Super Sentai, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. And if the main character just operated on the mayor, none of the story would have happened.

  26. The plot was probably something too hard for your brain to understand. Monster wasn’t about huuuurrr edge or huuurrr mystery, while watching it I had somewhat of an idea of what was to come in the early stages, but the mystery developed even more later on. Monster is about the whole psychological struggle man has to face, questioning of morals and whatnot, you have to be fucking stupid to think for one moment that Tenma does what he does through the whole anime just because Johan killed a man. This review was just issued from a poor understanding of psychology, I guess folks like you are really better off watching Slice of Life if that’s all that can match your intellectual level.

    • I’m jealous of your ability to get so worked up over a post written two and a half years ago. Especially when, if you really understood psychology and actually read more than the title, you shouldn’t have been upset.

  27. Wow just wow, you hate something and you have to scream it out as loud as possible. Doesn’t matter what the show means to you, if it was good for others is was good end of story. I enjoyed it and even though I could get harsh about it and point out many things I chose not to and just hear out the story it had to tell.

    You don’t have to criticize something because you don’t like it, if your friends keep bragging about how smart and intellectual they are because they saw and like it then maybe you are hanging around with the wrong friends.

    It is said that many people will be-friend others with one thing they want to gain, if they are average in the scale of beautiful to ugly then they just want to hang around “ugly” friends to seem beautiful compered to them. Same goes about trying to pass for an intellectual, people hang around with “average” intelligent people and try to read things that only smart people see their potential.

    Don’t be a fake, if you are smart enough you should know that there is nothing to prove to others and no matter how hard you might try people have their own opinions and they are willing to fight over them and sometimes that is the dumbest thing one can do but other times we must fight for our opinions.

  28. ITT idiotic teenager tries to criticize anime he doesn’t understand while other whiny teenagers complain about his horrible excuse of a review.

    Y’all are children.

    • And Mr. “Oh So Holier Than Thou” descends from his high throne of perfect morality to grace us with His all-knowing, undeniable words of wisdom.

      Forgive me, such mortal ears as mine are unworthy of your spoken truths. I shall prostrate my humble self immediately.

    • So you’re complaining about someone complaining, and also complaining about people complaining about someone complaining?

      How high can we go? I bet y’all bitches can’t even complain about me.

  29. I agree. Forget the criticism you received from comments, you are completely right.

    Monster is full of cliches, lets start with the worst ones:

    -split personality: this do not exist, serious doubts were cast in every case reported till this day; and it is used as it as so common as catching a cold: the suspicion of Kenzo having it, Johann, Grimmer

    -different sex twins being so lookalike the he can pose as his gorgeous sister, and fool not one but 4 detectives? Really? Different sex twins are fraternal twins, they are not more closely related or similar than normal siblings.

    -an ex cop (Braun) asks for a psychologist (Reichwein) to interpret a personality from a picture, after preaching him about not being a circus fortune teller he does exactly what was asked, and says categorically that that person was incapable of lying (based in experience he says). Please can anyone be fooled by this wordgame? If faces can revel personalities I would be living in a prison.

    -it shows corrupt hospitals, corrupt cops and corrupt governments. I wonder why it is located at Germany, and Czech Republic and not in Japan. Maybe fearing to offend Japanese society with critics it took the easy and coward way was to change place to detach society criticism from its public.

    -if Johann commits crimes without emotion (as proposed by inspector and even Kenzo reconstructing a crime), why they are so violent to the point of identifying the victims is difficult?

    -brainwash: CIA spent tens of millions and decades in a similar project and the only practical result was Clinton excusing officially in name of government.

    -Braun escapes two attempts against him and never suspects anything? After all he never does anything to protect himself. A detective? If Johann is a so perfect omniscient killer why he and his associates failed so many times?

    I could spent hours criticizing Eva, Inspector Lunge and several other completely impossible personalities.

    It is completely predictable from end to end: like when Kenzo saves doctor Reichwein.

    It is completely shallow, and asks you a so deep suspension of criticism that I could only tolerate it til chapter 46.

    • I concur and know where your coming from. I like how you pointed out that scene where the psychologist asks to deduce someone’s personality from a portrait. I also thought that this was idiotic.

      However, as much as I hated this anime as you can tell from my previous comments, I must disagree and fend a couple things if I am to be objective.

      In terms of personality, I enjoyed detective lunge and his innate Hyperthymesia talent. I also thought Dr. Tenma was quite an interesting character himself, prestigious doctor and a great set of morals.

      Yohan and the other hand was enjoyable to an extent. I agree with you that the writer tried to make Yohan out as this omnipresent killer. But I found the writer did a good job in creating the horror and fear aspect of Yohan through the actions, murders and notes he left in wake of his path.

      Monster is remedial at best and as I pointed out is a sorry excuse for an “intellectual’s anime” which many fans critically acclaim. It is NOT a master piece. But I give the writer credit for generating suspense, he was exceptional in doing that. Wanting the viewers to learn more, for example tenma’s burning question “What happened at the kinder hind orphanage, etc”

      But I only put up to episode 39 and dropped this anime as at that point I felt it was too foolish and childish for me. As the good Dr. Tenma let Yohan go when he had a clear cut chance to pull the trigger and end the psychopaths life.

      Monster definitely had the potential to be a great anime, but through cliches, irrational reasoning, bad plot, and bland directing this anime was rendered terrible.

      I think I wrote enough, bottom line MONSTER sucks!

    • The ‘predicting personality from faces’ thing might not be as absurd as it sounds. People can predict someone’s big 5 personality at better than chance rates from just photos. Deep learning algorythems have also been designed to do this.

      Of course, they just predict broad personality domains with slightly better than chance accuracy. The silliness of this mostly comes from how detailed they act like the personality from face is, how confident they are in it and that they act like a psychologist has some special ability that other people lack.

      The show’s take on psychology is so shallow, outdated and wrong. Given it thinks it has something to say on this topic, this is a major flaw.

  30. I’m not going to try and change people’s opinions. Nor am I going to pointlessly argue on behalf of anime taste.

    But I just finished Monster…and I fucking loved it. To all those curious or deterred by the article: It is a time-consuming show that doesn’t believe in fillers. If you’re more into cut and dry anime with a plot that’s more concise, Monster is likely not for you. Give it a try if you’re inquisitive. I’m someone who enjoys good characterization, and I was quite impressed by the way each character grew by the end. If you would like to be invested in character development rather than story, I’d say Monster is worth the try.

  31. This series is 37 hours long! I better spend that time getting creative with drawing My Little Ponies instead. A single MLP character shows more depth in a single episode than Tenma does in 74.

    • I totally agree with this guy. MONSTER SUCKS. I watched it because so many people recommended it. At first was turned off at the length of 70 episodes, But I just decided to finally give it a shot.

      The initial phase was good. The beginning was pretty good, built up tension, involved horror and gave you cryptic chills. So I got up to episode 39 and at this point I couldn’t take it anymore…as the DR. Tenma had the psychopath in sight and let him go, he had a chance to kill him and Yohan disappears in the smoke.

      That just was the last straw and boiled my blood. I just said screw this, this anime SUCKS. I totally agree with the reviewer’s rant up there ^ DO NOT WASTE your time watching this anime. Thanks for telling me the ending as you saved me a lot of time.

      This anime was SO SHIT. I would say it had a good run up until episode 39 in my opinion. Monster is a sorry excuse of an “intellectual’s” anime. Poor excuse and the writer needs a slap in the face, he probably wrote this entire series while he was taking a long dump.

      If you like intellectual anime watch Steins Gate. A good series by Naoki Urasawa is Master keaton, its episodic in nature but WAYY BETTER than MONSTER. I kinda want to slap URasawa for creating such a retarded series.

      Only a dumb ass would call MONSTER a master piece. I’m so glad there’s people who agree with me

  32. I am one of those unfortunate few that finished this series. I still can’t believe MONSTER is highly recommended among the anime community. Like most people here I was convinced to watch it because of the numerous praises it got. The positive I can say about this show is that it starts out very promising and intriguing. The thought of a child that is so smart that he can kill without remorse was disturbing. I was even amped that Tenma would get to kill Yohan since he underwent gun training. Then it happened the show decided to jump shark by wasting time focusing on side characters. It seriously frustrated the hell out of me! I drudge through numerous episodes until it went back to Tenma. The padding of this series is awful! It meanders just to explain what happened in the red rose mansion and the experiment that was done in the orphanage. As if that would make me sympathize with Yohan. And in the end when they finally get to Yohan, Tenma still saved Yohan’s life. What a load of bull! Yohan escapes and who knows what nasty things he’s still doing! Even the ending is a disappointment! I’d rather recommend GITS or Mushishi if anyone wants to see an anime that’s intellectual. Heck even Clannad is more intellectual than Monster.

    • He did it because that’s his job. Plus, Johan is a reflection of serial killers irl. For example, Ted Bundy exuded charisma, and in the end it turned out that he murdered prostitutes.

  33. I have watched ALL episodes of Monster and can agree that it’s an average anime.

    The first 40 episodes are mostly boring with bad pacing, the writing is inconsistent, character visual designs are recycled, some plot points unexplained, contradictory character logic, music used sparingly makes it even more slow, drags on and fails to satisfactory conclude.

    Not the worst anime I’ve seen, but not one I’d recommend.

    Definitely not worthy of all the praise.

  34. Fuck this piece of shit anime! its fanbase is full of hipster retards who pretend to like this garbage just to seem intellectually superior.

    Monster had a real good potential to be a GREAT anime but unfortunately it is too fucking long and its not like there’s any legitimate reason for it ot be any longer either! they just stretch this shit out needlessly.

    People even go as far to say this is the best work of fiction!? i’m like BITCH FUCKING PLEASE! this shit anime is filled with clichés.

  35. Allow me to sum up Monster:

    Dr: Johann’s a monster. I have to kill him!

    Sister: No, you’re a good person. I have to kill him!

    Dr: No, YOU’RE a good person. I have to kill him!

    Random other Dr: Johann’s a mass murder, the cops refuse to believe he exist and I’m sure as hell not going to do anything about it him but you’re both good people. Neither one of you can kill him.

    Oh, and brooding. There is a LOT of brooding on the part of the doctor.

  36. It’s true. It is crap.

    I had it for 3 years but cannot bring myself to do a full viewing. It was dormant most of the time, barring some sporadic viewing, sometimes lengthy, sometimes cursory.

    I reached a conclusion last night with the final viewing . It is false accolade. The flaws are already listed above(in the forum) and I would not mention them again.

    Did the decent thing. Deleted in its entirety to free up disk space.

  37. Look, it wouldn’t normally care if someone disliked Monster. It’s all a matter of preference, really. I can see how the seemingly stupid main plot and slow-burn could put someone off. But the arsehole-ish way you wrote in really fucking annoyed me. You talk about how Monster fans are hipsters who watch it because it’s edgy, but you yourself are obviously only posting this because you think you’re different from the rest; a special snowflake who has different tastes to everyone else. I did, in fact, watch the whole of Monster’s 74 episodes (not 76, you clearly weren’t paying too much attention to the episode count even though you claim to have watched it) and I have read the full volumes of the manga and enjoyed it. Don’t just presume that everyone has the same shitty taste as you.

  38. Monster is one of the worst shit animations i have ever seen like Texhnolyze…i tried so hard to watch all the show just to tell the tale to others that i MADE IT TILL THE END!…boring plot…boring characters….boring voices…boring everything..fuck the fan base sites and spam rating scumbag fans who overrated this piss of trash of animation

  39. OMFG THANK YOU. Seriously.
    Worst shit ever. 74 fucking episodes. I could not take it anymore.
    Was just hopping for a good ending, and then… Couldn’t fucking believe how shitty it was.

  40. Monster is not the best. For me it’s just good. The only problem for me is it took 74 episodes to get to the ending of the story. There are also filler-like episodes that doesn’t advance the story. I still like it though.

    • Yeah, I agree. Only intellectual giants can ‘get’ shows like MONSTER. Everyone else should be exempt from criticising anime if they can’t see the merit in them that smart people like us do.

  41. By episode 9 this anime was already shaping up to be one of those falsely intellectal elitist animes like Legends of the Galactic Egotists.

    I google around to see if people say this gets better and lo, I find an article that makes the same direct comparison.

    I watched 110 episodes of that LotGR to see if it got better, the first season was good enough but it got progressively worse.

    Thanks Dark_Sage for writing this, I think I will take your message seriously and not waste another 20 hours of my time being an anime completionist. I dont want to make that mistake again.

  42. Haha the hell is wrong with you mister Dark_Sage. Reading this poorly written review gave a really shallow understanding and felt cringe reading through this pile of shit.
    Now besides this poor fella, Anybody reading this Review, please tune in on this: The Anime not even nearly lives up to the manga. Not even close. What makes this manga speciel, besides a endless list of great things like character depth, all people involved having relevance to the manga etc. is the unique way the author draws the angles, scenes, flashbacks, etc. I could on, but rather than having you read a long REAL review, you should read the manga. And yes the ending did suck, but besides that, the rest was really great. Peace out

    Monster is a genius anime that explores the mind of a killer. Just because you are dumb and can’t understand what the show is about does not mean it should be considered a ‘shit anime’. You know what is shit, Fairy tail that i bet you watch. You ought to be watching better anime dae-kun. There are very few anime that are worth watching and monster is one of them. Old anime are usually the best. The person who wrote this did not have any good arguments as to why this anime is not worth watching. The characters in Monster are mostly interesting and have great backstories. Every episode introduces something new whether it is a new character with an intriguing back story or a development in the existing plots. The writer describes every characters mental states very clearly. Johan’s characteristics are difficult to understand even after you finish the show. The only reason that it is underrated is that the anime community is degrading. Death note, Fullmetal alchemist, Naruto and Dragon ball are some of the only anime I would consider well written and made other than Monster. Things like boku no hero academia may be appealing in terms of graphics and may have somewhat likable characters but I would say that at least in the first few episodes there is no plot. It feels like watching a modern version of Naruto, except it is much less developed.
    Fans of Monster understand that the story is about the struggle of Dr. Tenma and how he feels as though the deaths of the middle aged couples are his fault and chases after Johan to fix his mistake. The question is not whether you like the main character but whether you like the plot or not. I understand that people have different opinions, but you were attacking a show you clearly did not pay attention to and one you clearly did not understand.
    I think what you are trying to say is you do not like psychological thrillers in general as you find them boring. If that is not the case and you consider this genre something you would enjoy there is no possible way that you could not like this show. I am a fan of action and gore, as are most of the anime community. I think that the show Monster had a fair amount of both. It was designed for people like me. If you enjoy watching drama’s or romance anime then I honestly do not know why you would watch this anime.

    To conclude you clearly did not pay attention while watching the show or were just too simple minded to understand the concept of the story. I suggest that both the person I am replying to and the author of this web page give me at least one good argument as to why the show is bad, because I didn’t find a single one in the full essay that you wrote.

    Also can I just mention my IQ is over 200

  44. In most part, Monster is for pseudo intellectuals. This anime is for people who wants to feel special and smart.

    I think Monster is the most disappointment anime in my life because so many people recommended me, people who watch anime like death note and they tell me this is good as death note and even better. I was so excited to watch another masterpice and after 45 episosdes…

    -the most retarded writing, characters and animation;
    -99% characters have mental ilness;
    -no character development;
    -usless characters like Dieter;
    -the predectibility is so fucking easy;
    -is repetitive as fuck;
    -so many plot holes.

    The worst filler in Fairy Tail is better then whole Monster and I’m not a Fairy tail fan.

    And for retarders half-learned:
    “People who boast about their iq are losers.” – Stephen Hawking

  45. I agree wholeheartedly. I rarely am ever able to watch anime (and never watch regular tv)/have the desire to do so, but wanted to see one after a while. I googled Good anime to watch and read about this one. The premise seemed interesting, so I gave it a go, and was hoping it’d be really good since it would be the only anime I’d watch for a while (and hadn’t watched any for a long time before it). But I was bored from Episode 2 onwards. I read through Reddit and stuff that it would get better, especially at the end, so I ploughed through it, watching many episode at 2x speed (and it was still too slow), but it was so shallow, boring, utterly dragged out, just so many bad things I could say. I think It would be okay if it was all decreased to like just 10 episodes, as it really could have been, and I wouldn’t be so angry about the time. But it never felt satisfying or enjoyable except for a very few moments. I can’t believe 3 entire break days were wasted on that, I wished I watched something else, geez. I did like the main character and Grimmer (Spoiler: WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!!)at least. Grimmer was the coolest. But geez, lamest ending, barely any real plot, I could keep whining like a little baby forever. Give me that freaking time back. Ugh. But yeah, to you who’s reading this, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS ANIME EVEN WITH ALL ITS (STUPID) HIGH PRAISES ON THE INTERNET, like MyAnimeList. The groups/individuals who vote all fall into the same sort of category anyway so it isn’t a very representative view of the average person’s thoughts and satisfaction with the show. Geez, it was so terrible. But main Character is nice! I’m glad he didn’t kill anyone (including SPOILER: Johan), but ending still sucked.

    Really, average person, if you’re not enjoying it within the first 4-5 episodes, then you won’t want to watch the whole thing! If you do enjoy those, but don’t enjoy the next 4-5 episodes, then you won’t enjoy the rest either. If you enjoy the first 10, then you might enjoy the rest. It doesn’t get much better.

  46. lol, you guys saying that it’s “not deep” or it’s not an “intellectual anime”.

    There is no such thing, you NEETs, if you think any anime is deep or intellectual, I feel bad for you, maybe watch less cartoons.

    Monster is a fun watch. Not because it’s intellectually stimulating or deep, but because it has a lot of content, enough stuff that the viewer can enjoy working out before it’s revealed, and enough batshit weird twists that it’s a good show to have on while you’re doing other stuff. It’s nice to see an anime based in the west that doesn’t adhere to usual anime bullshit tropes like fanservice or screaming histrionics.

    It’s just a chilled, sombre show with some quirky characters that you can marathon while you’re coding. The fact that some of you think mirai nikki or elfen lied is deep is fucking hilarious.

  47. Yeah, I have a physics degree with a philosphy minor, but I was bested by a mediocre show about a mental yandere and some basic bitch tier future premonitions.

    oh wow he’s stuck in the void, so deep

    There is literally nothing difficult to understand about Mirai Nikki, or Stein’s Gate, or Elfen Lied, or Evangelion, they are cartoons for teenagers.

    • Damn, how many burgers you flip with that cc degree? Sorry Mirai Nikki was so hard for you to understand that you consider it shallow, but you have nothing to blame but your own stupidity.

      • LOL, okay “dark_sage”, the intellectual. Really cringeworthy having to even do this, but I graduated from Manchester (the fourth best university in the world for physics, its physics department discovered the proton, the neutron, the electron, the gluon, graphene, radioactivity, has the only regius professorship in the world, currently has 2 nobel prize winning professors etc. etc.)

        I run a games studio, if you google alexrosegames you will see that my first game on which I was a solo dev, was funded by sony strategic content sold 120,000 units on steam alone, shipped on ps4 at launch, got 9/10 gamespot/destructoid, and got gamespot’s editor’s choice GOTY.

        So now we have my credentials out of the way, what are yours, Mr. “Writes a blog about anime and thinks mirai nikki is intellectual”? It’s dumb I even have to make this comment to a fake deep neet weeb with unwarranted self importance lol.

        • First off, don’t you dare insult my name. It was given in honor of my grandfather, who laid down his life to beat your lily asses at Dunkirk. Dark_Sage was his favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card.

          Now, I’m not telling you anything everyone else doesn’t already know, but trying to pass off others’ achievements as your own is more than a little pathetic.
          “So, what have you accomplished in your life?”
          “Well, I know of people who mattered a century ago.”
          Ouch, onii-chan.

          You may have attended a university where smart kids went, but if you didn’t like Mirai Nikki you are clearly not one of them. And if your life’s crowning achievement is begging Sony for enough money ($10?) to create another shitty Super Meat Boy clone that’s now managed all of 10 reviews on PSN and 14 on Steam… Well, I’m sure your family’s proud, even if they will never say so. Good use of that degree for sure.

          I’ve seen Manchester by the Sea, so I know how depressing life must be over there. Truly, I get it. But being a sad boy isn’t excuse enough for not being able to understand the intricacies of a show about a super hot crazy girl swinging her ax into people’s hearts while everyone wide-eyes in shock for the hundredth time. Sorry about your IQ.

          • obvs ignoring all the low effort bait in this post, but as for “great use of your degree”, I actually agree with your scathingness lol, I would just massively prefer to make games than to do particle physics in which I’d be a small moving part of a group of people finding something so abstract it’s unlikely to see an external use within our lifetime. I could’ve dedicated my life to science, but you could’ve dedicated your life to making coffee for people who do science instead of writing virgin tier anime reviews.

            I wouldn’t have mentioned my uni at all except you said I went to a community college, lol, I was just correcting you that you almost certainly would not had been admitted to my uni, let alone graduated.

            And, okay I will cry into my money and 9/10 gamespot/detructoid/psnation etc. etc. reviews that someone who never played my game wants to believe it’s bad.

            p.s. Manchester is a city in england that is not by the sea. I know that 95% of your post was trolling at this point but it’s fun to reply anyway.

                • your loss lol.

                  I literally posted because the OP was chatting shit like “yo this anime sucks because it isn’t deep”. I pointed out no anime is deep, and this anime is pretty good just for light entertainment and he is like “lol u must be dumb, u must go to community college”, I wouldn’t have been a dick at all if OP wasn’t being one.

                  It literally makes no difference to me if you download some data to your hard drive and delete it. Feel free to pirate it though, if you enjoy it, cool.

            • >went to a fancy university to get a degree he doesn’t use
              >talks about “his” money

              I’m not sure living off of mommy and daddy while you use their connections to play at “game development” puts you in a position to talk down to anyone.

              Do you recognize the irony of using your pitiful amounts of sales as a way of acting like you’re better than D_S when the blog you’re posting on probably has far more comments than you have sales and almost certainly a couple of orders of magnitude more page views? It should tell you something when you’re the only one here insecure enough to have to throw out credentials to make your opinions sound valid.

              • lol this blog is criticising Monster, an anime that has orders of magnitude more views than this blog will ever get. so, where does that leave your ad populam?

                and.. lol are you comparing $15 wholesale units vs blog pageviews?

                I only brought up this bullshit because he implied he, an anime blogger, is so vastly intellectual that he can understand a basic tier anime like mirai nikki founded in “my first scifi” principles, I brought up credentials because he kept pushing back like “oh lol you must work in fast food.” “no actually I make games and got 130k sales”, “lol then your games shit”, “it got gamespot goty editors choice lol”, “lol ur lame for bragging”

                sign of someone who literally has no point. shifted the goalposts 5000 times until we’re bickering about stupid bullshit and nitpicking my life instead of the actual quality of the show.

                • You didn’t get 130k sales, you offloaded 130k keys to Humble Bundle (not the best business decision on their part as you well admitted).

                  Also you look like this, so…

                • Pretty sure you brought up all that irrelevant bollocks in the first place. Let’s check – I mean, it does mean scrolling up nearly a whole screen’s length, but I’m willing to put in the effort… and yep, turns out you started squawking and flapping your arms about your achievements the moment you ran into some opposition. That’s very much a sign of insecurity, and I notice you projecting hard along those lines in your other posts when you accuse others of that.

                  By the way, you still haven’t put forward an actual argument. For someone who’s apparently so smart they could have been the next Hawking if they hadn’t decided to be the next Kojima instead, I’d have thought you’d have something of substance to say, but it’s all just flat assertions and appeals to authority. I mean, for all you’ve actually said here I might as well just call you a massive beardo twat and be coming out ahead.

                  • Yeah, I agree I shouldn’t have brought up qualifications, but when someone goes to the fallacy “you must be too dumb to understand a simple cartoon”, I don’t think that appealing to authority with “I have a physics degree covering actualy physical philosophy, the contents of a cartoon are not exactly high brow” is a completely unreasonable fallacy to employ, do you?

                    everything after that was just derailing, he could’ve immediately said “that’s an appeal to authority”, I could’ve said “well your post was an ad hominem” and we could’ve got back to addressing the actual points, but instead it went to “lol your degree is shit and your job probably sucks”, “no it doesn’t lol”, “lol you don’t have X number of sales”, the whole thing is just such a stupid non-argument that I don’t know why I am still arsed trying to explain my position.

                    If you read the actual top post at the very top that I wrote, my point was “Monster doesn’t have to be high brow entertainment, it just has to have a bit of intrigue and something to watch en masse when you’re doing other stuff, it’s also stylised very different from most other anime tropes so it’s interesting in comparison to a lot of generic predictable anime”.

                    that immediately turned into “lol mirai nikki, a fanservice gameshow anime with the quintessential walking yandere trope as the primary driving factor, and moral philosophy for dumbos tacked onto the side, is actually haute intellectual discourse and you’re too dumb to get it”, is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever read.

  48. >particle physics are abstract and unlikely to see real-life application in the immediate future
    As an actual electronic engineer and a Wykehamist, whose crowning achievement isn’t charging 15€ for Newgrounds flash games, I can see how detached from reality you really are. It boggles my mind how you managed to graduate from an actual university. I guess they really let anyone pass as long as they have the money to pay the tuition fees.

    P.S. I tried pirating your game but it seems that none of the whopping 300 people who bought it on Steam cared enough to make it available. Could you please point me to a seeded torrent?

    • A lot of pseudo intellectuals here espousing. I was working under the uk’s head of cern. What exactly has the LHC found in the 5 years I would’ve been employed there that has a practical application? What did the Tevatron discover that has a practical application?

      What use is knowing W and Z boson properties, or the existence of the Higgs field, in actual practical application terms?

      Literally nothing in particle physics is practically usable at this point, the only thing we’re getting out of it are cheaper electromagnets for MRI machines.

      “Wykehamist”, as if I am supposed to be impressed by what boarding school your parents paid for you to go to. Electronic engineer, wow, really at the frontiers of humanity there then. Really in a position to judge people’s personal choice to not go into scientific research when you do engineering lol.

      @steam keys, I did a Humble Monthly game launch, which means I got paid a large up front fee for 100k keys, and on top of that I then had console sales. I’m self published and had no marketing budget so it was much more convenient to take a big lump sum than trying to grassroots sell a game and pray for 7 figures like a lot of delusional people do.

      lol, this whole argument is so dumb. “Yo, anime isn’t deep”, “yeah it is ur just too dumb to get it” “I have a physics degree”, “from community college loolz”, “no, and also I hand coded a ps4 game from scratch, what more credentials do you want”

      from the heavens descend insecure 1-uppers, “uuuuhhh well i connect wires for a living u aint that smart and you clearly made bad life decisions owning a house and having 6 figs in the bank at 26”

      I don’t care about your inferiority complex or your paid boarding school or your generic stem degree, me qualifying that I’m clearly not too dumb to understand anime aimed at teenagers is not an affront to you or an invitation for a qualification contest, I never claimed any of you people are too dumb to understand anime lol,

      I claimed anime isn’t deep and was forced to qualify my life’s work to give the opinion “a yandere girl is not haute philosophy”, I am not claiming to better than you, nor do I care who you are, random stranger who thinks boarding school is a qualification.

  49. Fuck monster, i watched a 60 damn ep waiting for it to get better it was the biggest waste of my time ever , berserk codegeas gangsta baccano kaiji thats the real deal not this crap called monster.

  50. Holy fuck Dark_Sage, this comment section makes me wonder what kind of cringy, shithole internet communities you are active in to attract such a swarm of assblasted faggots.
    MAL definitely has to be one of them I suppose.

    A very entertaining read to be sure.

    I bet alexrose has a degree in sucking cocks, too wwwwww

    • Interesting assertion, but according to site statistics, 98% of the people who visited this article came here searching for Monster energy drink reviews, whereas only 2% came from my “Dark_Sage’s dank anime reviews” thread on FurAffinity.

  51. THIS. I just felt so remote seeing people almost worshipping this show and literally recommending it to anyone that happens and passes by, sadly I was one of those, and I got so hyped up especially with the first few episodes that were great .. when I reached half the episodes I was full of boredom and yet decided to see it through, “It may get better” I foolishly thought but in the end I found out that the plot was a real piece of crap and the ending was just so awful! the only thing I got out of watching this show is the first outro credit song.

    • I love Monster as a show. Monster has good character development, with its 74 episodes, it gives a lot of the side characters and side-arcs – much like pieces within a big puzzle, I like that. Because it actually gives enough character development to a character, for instance episode 20 for Dr Schumann or Mr Heitmeyer in this case.

      Well, I know what ya guys are about. Watching anime is the matter of preference, the fact you “Dark_Sage” have to write a blog to diss and make fun of this anime by throwing out insults such as “It’s the most overhyped piece of misery to come across my vision and every “intellectual” cunt-tard throws it out like it defines them as a thinking being”. It makes me hard to actually respect your opinion because I don’t usually hate people for having different opinions. Oh, and the sole fact that you have to mention such things as “only the pseudo-intellectuals, or the ones who think they are intellectually superior to others” in order to elevate the “relevancy” of your propositions is ludicrous. Openly taunts the fanbase whilst expecting you to be treated nicely? I don’t think so, dude. Please give actual “rebuttals” to the argument that Monster is nice. Oh, and I don’t want to see some “trying to be pseudo-intellectual”, “you’re too stupid to understand it” or some “look, some kid trying to be intellectual comes here for Monster energy drink” taunts. It’s not a defense, dude. It just takes you to a whole new realm of hypocrisy. Keep your preference for “Mirai Nikki”, and I keep mine.

  52. …This is the lamest attempt at a review I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched SephirothSword. Let’s be real, you’re just hating on this show because it’s praised and you want to feel different.

    Also, wishing for the fan to commit suicide is a genuinely shitty thing to do, regardless of your feelings on the show. In short, you’re a piece of shit who doesn’t know what criticism is. Fuck you.

  53. I’m not exactly sure when it has ever been ‘over-hyped’.
    Anyhow, I think if ‘Monster’ would be re-vamped, it’d be pretty good. Animation-wise, not to my taste and the pace can get quite boring for someone as slightly restless as me. Nowadays people like quick action to suit their speedy life. We have machines that do things faster for us, and our time is just running low on certain things we want to do, so we want to squeeze as much leisure as we can – so I get why people droop their eyelids when trying to watch ‘Monster’.
    ‘Monster’ I think just needs patience and a close eye on certain details. I enjoy the vast array of characters introduced, and I do love it when I see it on websites whenever it is mentioned. It’s not the best anime I’ve watched, but not the worst either. It’s good.
    Improvements: animation, pace and maybe a little alteration to the plot-line :)

  54. Man I just liked the show that’s all, if you didn’t like it then that’s your opinion – don’t drag anyone else down for liking things that you personally don’t like. I have seen comments saying that your taste is bad but I actually love Death Note and Code Geass as well as Monster (never seen Mirai Nikki though, I’ll give it a watch).

    If I was to share my opinion of the show, it’s VERY FUCKING SLOW. This is a huge turn off for people and I get why… it got to me too but I could deal with it and treated it as more of a slow-burn show. But, I HATED the ending with every fibre of my being when I first watched it, and it took me a couple weeks to realise that the ending sort of… I don’t know, worked for me? It stuck with me and left Johan’s motives open-ended. Did he go on a killing spree because he is just pure evil? His upbringing in 511 which is hinted at? Revenge for his mother against Bonaparta?

    And the story of Grimmer is so well written. He loses literally everything at 511 and has to scrape together a life. When I first met him in episode 40 I wondered why the fuck he was smiling so much. Then he tells Tenma (P.S. Tenma’s backstory was low key pretty bad ngl; ay lol you got lost in some woods, very cool) about his dead son… and keeps smiling. Slowly he becomes more and more human, displaying more and more emotion as the series progresses, (SPOILERS) ending in a scene in episode 72 where he sacrifices himself. He realised that he had been inhumane for his entire life; losing his wife with how cold he was even though he couldn’t help it, not grieving over his son, travelling alone and smiling at everything not even knowing his real name. In that precious moment, right at the end, he finally made peace with himself. He did this in front of Vim who Grimmer fought to protect, the man who fucked his life up who is sobbing in regret… then there’s Tenma, an observer who dug too deep, questioning his view of the world, obsessed over Johan and seeing what destruction he has caused. It’s actually also pretty cool that all of the orphans that Bonaparta psychologically abused in 511 and the Red Rose mansion end up meeting back with him reunited in Ruhenheim… idk some people just find these things cool I guess.

    One last thing… try not to insult people when criticising a SHOW. Some treat Monster as this divine masterpiece that is untouchable and suck Urasawa’s cock. But it’s not perfect… far from it. As mentioned before, there’s horrible pacing (to me the first 10 were great, then apart from 18, 11-24 WERE SLOW AS FUCK and I wanted to ditch it then go watch hajimete no gal or the Chunin Exams (best tournament arc btw to me, they were fucking sick). But after 25 and the University shit comes in, then Johan’s backstory, Nina’s backstory, Schuwald’s story with Carl, Braun’s insecurities, Grimmer, Tenma’s decline as we follow him, Eva’s change in character with the side plot of Martin who was a right lad for me, and then that ending. Even these areas had their flaws… like wtf? WHY DID TENMA NOT SHOOT JOHAN IN THE LIBRARY? And why does Nina just have to come in at all the worst times and get in the way, she’s just annoying.

    I’m not aiming to change your opinion, I just want to share my perspective and say this, discussion is better than an argument. If you ever want to critique something, critique the work, not the people who like it or the artist themselves (unless it’s shown or just known that you’re taking the piss ya know). I have yelled at the show in all-caps here, but that’s the art, not people. Offence is taken, not given, people decide whether they are hurt by things or not, but just make it easier for people by being a bit kinder and not assuming what they like and what they don’t. Try creating a dialogue.

    If you want to understand why people like it then watch these if you want to (not trying to waste your time, just do it if you want to…): <- helps explain that meh ending that
    I came to kinda like more and
    My personal list:

    1) Assassination Classroom
    2) Monster
    3) Anohana
    4) Vinland Saga
    5) ReLIFE
    6) A mess of shows I can't decide…

    • The first two is a typical “anituber” and the kind to cater towards pretentious teenagers. Nothing is interested said in those videos

  55. I agree that monster sucks or is at least very over-rated. It spends a whole lot of time saying very little, none of which is very substantial. The psychology of it’s characters bears little resemblance to that of actual humans. Most of its fans act like the rick and morty copypasta when defending it.
    That said, don’t bash Legend of the Galactic Heroes, that shit is an actually smart show D8

  56. Wow, 3/8/2021.

    It seems OP really likes Shounen, which may be a reasonable explanation as to why he may have disliked Monster. It makes sense; someone who enjoys watching Westerns may not enjoy watching sci-fi films.

    As a dark literature aficionado and writer, I could probably write an analysis on Monster and its elements of creation, destruction, loss, and love (but for the sake of time, that wouldn’t be right now). I read the manga, and I agree that to an extent, viewing it on a screen may have been a different experience for some.

    It wasn’t by any means a ‘bad’ product, and I’d say that laying it out as such underestimates its motifs and rhetoric.

    Anyways, read books! It’s great!

  57. It is soooo shit! This is one anime where I just can’t conceive that so many people think it’s subjectively good. I’m convinced it’s for people who are actually stupid, but don’t know it and think they’re intellectuals, because the anime makes them feel that way with that awful attempt at forcibly adding cringey, fake-deep philosophising.

  58. Very based post, but I’d go further: Monster is one of the most poorly written, illogical, and immature anime I’ve seen.
    It’s got a “mature” aesthetic for sure, but things end there. Characters make dumb ass decisions left and right, talk like lifeless Morrowind NPCs, have sudden changes of heart when the plot demands it and each episode is dull exposition dump after exposition dump. Tenma has no arc at all, he ends up EXACTLY like he started, Johan is a demi-god that lives in the shadows, and orders kills/makes a lot of money through mysterious methods that the author isn’t smart enough to actually explain, Lungen is the dumbest, most retard detective ever brought to page – dude walks into a murder scene and spews shit like “there’s too much emotion in here, I sense this is the killers first death”, walks into Red Rose manor, sniffs the air and comes to the conclusion 30 people died there?????? HOW? Worst of all, infers Tenma is a schizophrenic man with dual personalities based on 0 evidence and no previous records of mental illnesses. And I’m supposed to believe this is the best detective in Germany? What a joke.
    Want serious police procedurals/crime thrillers? True Detective S1, The Night Of, Prisoners, etc

    • of course somethings are exaggareted . Its a manga, what did you expect . But it shows one of the most intresting plots . tenma’s arc ending at where it started is a beauty of the story. The detective stuff is not the greatest it is exaggarated. The rivalary between Tenma and Johan is amazing . Every series has its flow but you should try to apreciate a good story.

  59. Bro just go watch your typical shonen like my hero academia or something and dont jump in a conversation that the adults are having.

    • bro my hero is the best anime ever monster is so stupid what the fuck id rather watch 4 seasons of kids with colorful hair fighting in school than 76 episodes of one of the most well-conducted ideological debates that ever happened during the course of the Cold War.

    • “typical shonen”

      The above poster considers RWBY/Madoka/Legend of Korra/She-Ra/other favorite of Tumblr/reddit/Twitter/TVTropes to be good just from being le subversive.

  60. It could do with 13-24 episode format, but not over 70 episodes.

    Scratch that, a 2-hour film is enough. I was quite hooked in the beginning but it got real old after the first 10 episodes.

    A 2-minute clip about the monster with no name alone is better than the whole plot in Monster. What a shit anime and a massive waste of time. It’s like asking you to drive 10 miles just to look at a dog shit.

  61. Wish I’ve read your review before watching the whole anime. I just finished it and first thing I did is Googled ‘monster anime sucks’. So happy this came out first and some people have the same opinion. This anime was recommended one too many times and now I can’t wait to find some random post of someone saying this is their favorite anime. Ah, can’t believe how can an anime of this genre be so stupid.

  62. You seem to want to be more edgy than the show itself lmao
    Anyways,i’m watching this as I’m 20
    I had a feeling about this animes that I don’t have for many others after my Otaku phase at 14years old
    Its that “i can’t stop watching because i need to know what the fuck is wrong on” feeling
    I didn’t feel like it was slow paced either

  63. hey don’t hate on a anime or manga just because its not in your taste. Its a slow burn series and it is all about the journey off the characters. Try to apreciate a slow burn and if you can’t then just ignore the series and don’t hate on it.
    And as for ending I just don’t understand what more do you wan’t from a ending of show . In ending of every show protagonist wins and antoganist losses(most of the time) . In the ending of monster as well tenma was able to prove his point to johan and johan was not able to make tenma belive that all lives were not equal . I thought the ending was great and unexpected. even if you did’nt like the ending a series if not just about its ending the journey is the most important part . And the charters were great , Tenma was great , Johan was great , Grimmer was great ,Lunge was great.
    sorry for bad english ( its my second language).

  64. Jesus fucking christ Dark Sage. You’ve been going at this thread for 8 years? Forget about Monster being shit, you’re at another level of virgin when you spend so much time trying to prove a point over a fictional piece of media with strangers.

  65. I’m a writer, and I make a habit of watching all sorts of things, hopefully brilliant, mostly mediocre, in the hopes of learning and understanding different ideas and views, to basically see what makes the cat’s meow purr.

    I have to admit, Monster is one of the most grotesque things I’ve seen in my fucking life. Yeah, it has a nice idea, which it doesn’t deliver upon. Yup, it tries to be edgie, but it doesn’t, cringe is all it musters. But brother… Holly motherfucking fuckedy fuck fuck, the only thing it delivers impeccably is the desire in me to want to stab myself through the eyes as much and thoroughly as humanly possible. I just want to scream at myself for picking this up and at the whole internet for recommending it. It’s a piece of overrated bitch-drama.

    Everything about it can be summarized accurately with the following: no he doesn’t, no they don’t, no he won’t, nope, no fucking way, NO, nope, never, nah ah, that’s not how it works. So in summary, it’s a brilliant piece of work if you want to study how something so utterly bad can be considered top-notch.

    So, thank you guy, thank you for screaming at the internet for me, and allowing me to join you in your pain. Keep on keeping on.

    P.S. Lunge makes me want to cut off his fingers, bundle them up and shove them up his ass so hard, he’ll be able to type directly into his little imbecile lobotomized brain.

    Oh God, this felt so good!

  66. Everything in the world is giving me second hand faux anxiety, and in that I decided to prep for a Chainsaw Man watch-a-long with an animu waifu because I haven’t watched Anime series properly in years, maybe close to a decade now.
    Clearly a superior choice compared to getting my life together.
    I remember DDY subs and decided to check if they subbed Chainsaw man, turns out subbing isn’t much of a thing now. Sadge moment.
    But their post somehow landed me on this blog, and then nostalgia hit me, I started perusing this time capsule.
    Hitting the homepage made me realise that this blog has signs of life and even better there are some comments from this year! on a blog! about anime reviews!
    I was ecstatic to find out someone was shitting on Monster of all anime, after hearing it get praised everywhere. (I don’t hate Monster, I can’t — since I have not watched it; but I couldn’t bear to watch long anime ever since I watched Fairy Tail till season 10?; made me lose faith in humanity and myself)
    I don’t know where I am going with this comment, but what I wanted to say was — I don’t know if Dark_Sage is being “edgy”, “troll”, “xd random” or “based” or “real” despite all of that, I felt good seeing a blog like the one back in the days.
    Everything here might have been stupid, but this blog was the only thing that made me feel a wee bit nostalgic and warm with affection for the old days, something that hasn’t happened in a long long time.

    P.S> wish you all the best Dark_Sage bud, may you and this blog keep on being around.
    PPS. I saw some people complaing about the infinite 8, I’ll have you know not just 8, I watched that shit 24 times (I think).
    They were airing it on cable, and every anime used to have a repeat telecast twice a day; so being a not so smart kid I watched the same episode like 24 times. Who’s the loser now? Probably still me, uhh I should I have done my physics homework instead.

    • You can go with [GJM] for the first ten episode of Chainsaw Man, and then go to an official rip like [SubsPlease]. At least, that’s what I did this week. [GJM] didn’t exactly do a perfect job, but the experience will be superior to the default.

      Glad you were able to enjoy a hit of nostalgia from the site. I’ll be keeping it around until the death of this author. And on that note, I’m still far too pretty for any jealous god to bring me to heaven~

  67. I just watched this half way through. And needed to complain on the internet. I’ve wasted my time with it and I need to make up for it by hating on it which is the only entertainment I can get from it. The main characters are boring and the side characters are even more boring which is why they often take a break from the main characters and made us watch 5-6 episodes of the side charcters that no one will remember. This show is awful. It should be buried in a desert just like that ET game that no one has ever heard of.

    • I still hate this fucking show to an unbelievable degree and it pumps me up so much to know others hate it too. <3

      • Oh, I think I saw you on Twitter! I want to tell you to be careful. And I’m not trying to defend Monster or trying to threathen you, okay? I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be crazy if someone tried to cancel you on your social media because of your tastes; there’s plenty of people like that on the Internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already did that.

  68. I was going to say something, but then I remembered something: who’s winning here: the degenerate who masturbates with anime figures, tells people to commit suicide and whines and whines on this pathetic blog with people blocking him on Twitter and being exposed in Reddit or the super rich mangaka who won several prizes with his works and that also creates music?

    Answer: the second person.


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