Courtesy of Whine-Subs: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited (Episode 05v2)

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You can pick the show back up now. [Unlimited] scripts are back. Just skip episodes 3 and 4 cuz normalsubs suck. Oh, and we subbed the OP/ED for these now, so watch that shit.

v2 up: For some reason the mux fucked with the encode before. Should be good now.

eng built up a patch for it:



Script track 1: Default

Script track 2: Unlimited [The “joke track”, though that’s a shitty name to call it.]



[Unlimited] Script


This will be quite different from the regular Whine-Subs releases. I think you’ll technically understand the show with this release, but I suggest you try the regular version first. This is aimed at those with more advanced power levels and those who can handle layers of plot complexity.

Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited – Unlimited. The story so far:


Spoiler for


The world’s peoples are divided into two camps — espers and normals (known derisively by espers as normalfags). Hyobu Kyosuke, the hero of the story, is a metrosexual sex deviant with a flair for the dramatic. He leads an organization known as P.A.N.D.A. — a group dedicated to combating the normalfags of the world who look down on espers and call them ESPies.

Episode 01:

Breaking into a prison for espers run by a ruthless military dictatorship, Hyobu attempts to rescue his sister who has been captured and is being used as the prison’s cum dumpster. In doing so, Hyobu meets up with a young man named Andy Himomiya. Falling in love with Andy, Hyobu persuades him to join the otaku supergroup of deviants, P.A.N.D.A. But all is not as as it seems, for Andy is actually working for the normalfags. Will Andy be corrupted by the otaku and become one of them, or will he crush their deviancy once and for all?

Episode 02:

While on the Catastrophe, Hyobu reveals Andy’s ESPie power is fueled primarily by his innate pedophilia, causing the other members of P.A.N.D.A. to view Andy with suspicion and disgust. In an effort to bring the crew together, Hyobu plans a mission for the team and ends up meeting with his old fashion rival — Carlo Martini. And it turns out that Andy’s actually a Mahou Shoujo. Holy fucking retcon, Batman!

Episode 03:

<Doesn’t exist.>

Episode 04:

<Doesn’t exist.>

Episode 05:

After crash landing on the remote island of Japan, Andy takes Yugiri out on a date. But who’s interrupting their plans? Why it’s none other than B.A.B.E.L.! And they have some knowledge about Andy he doesn’t want anyone to know about… There’s more back story in this episode and even some love. Enjoy this fantastic trip through the wonderful land of Nippon.



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  1. Best ED.

    Also: For some reason the video just stops at 3:39. If I skip about a minute and a half past that point it works again. But yeah, those 90 seconds are probably the make-or-break moments of the entire series, so missing out on them kinda sucks :(

    Also I’m using latest CCCP.

  2. Here is the proper patch. Move v1 to the folder inside and run apply_patch.bat if you’re running Faildows, if you’re running a Linux distro like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS…

    xdelta UI sucks. (It’s the worst GUI ever actually.)


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