Netsuzou Trap Is Actually Kinda 10/10

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Let’s fight.


Complicated situations confuse and anger the redditor. Spittle flies from his mouth as he watches the characters from Netsuzou Trap involved in situations more complex than a Star Wars plot.

“I don’t like it!” the accomplished YouTube reviewer screeches, “This anime is misogynist!”

Punching his monitor in a 30-year-old juvenile rage, the Disney princess dolls he’s been collecting (not just for girls now!) shake and fall from their cheap perches.

“Mommy! My waifus fell again!” cries the redditor, imploring her assistance, as his diabetic belly has left him unable to bend at the waist.

His mother sheds a single tear as she begins loading the chamber.



The Plot

Two girls fall in love, but find love is harder to make work than they’d thought.



The Characters


Hotaru cannot fucking handle rejection, and she has cripplingly low self-esteem. Rather than risk failure, she always takes the safe route, and has found herself stuck in an abusive relationship with a pretty-boy woman-beater. Of course, your typical nu-male redditor blames this on her. “What a bitch, why won’t she date a nice guy like me instead?” Guess this show hit just enough nerves, huh fellas?

She’s loved Yuma since forever, but feels like she’s been rejected when Yuma doesn’t choke her into orgasm after their first kiss. The rest of the series is her torn between wanting to reach back out to Yuma, and wanting to avoid having her heart broken at all costs. Hotaru’s most commonly sent text is “Oh, I didn’t mean to send you those clit pix, lol.”



Yuma’s a good girl, but she’s also a bit slow on the uptake. After her best friend, Hotaru, opens up to her (and opens her up), Yuma misses her rainbow flag, putting her on a bad route. Yuma then spends the rest of the series trying to sort her feelings out and figure out how to relay her love to Hotaru.

She might be a little crazy too.



Fujiwara’s kind of a rapist douche, but hey John Lennon beats women too and Pitchfork likes how his albums sound so I guess there’s two sides to every story, y’know?

Well there you have it.



Takeda’s a nice guy, and thanks to him being so nice, all he wants is to help out Yuma, even if it dries his dick out in the process. Which it does. RIP Takeda.

Most people who gave this show a low score tend to think of him as the best character. Wonder why that is?



The “Criticisms”

“The characters are unlikeable”

If you want characters without depth, go watch more slice-of-moe you inbred fuckwit.


“The lesbo sex isn’t consensual”

At what point did you not understand these chicks wanted to bang? Was it when the one girl kissed the other without having a kissing contract specifically outlining place, duration, and time? Was Sakura Kiss rape porn too? How about Utena? Sorry, reddit, but if you’re gonna call everything with characters kissing in it “sexual assault” and “rape” then maybe entertainment ain’t for you.

Getting to the real point of this critique, relationships aren’t all high-fives and rainbows. And if this one was, the series would’ve ended at episode 01. Both Hotaru and Yuma know the score — the whole point of the show is each of them try to maneuver around it in a way so they won’t get hurt.

The show is not subtle, people.

Hotaru reaches out to Yuma first, but fails and walls herself in even more. Yuma decides that’s not okay with her, and increasingly puts herself out there, finally breaking Hotaru out of her self-formed shell. The only way you could see this relationship as non-consensual is if you’re too fucking stupid to understand a series with a sub-2 hour runtime and only four fucking characters.

Get a clue, you humanity-starved dipshits. Your bubble is not a healthy one, no matter how many losers share it with you.


“Ugh this is NTR, all the characters are cheating on each other, super fucking problematic”

If this is wrong, nothing’s right.

Fujiwara and Hotaru are in an open relationship, so… not valid there. Takeda and Yuma are dating at the start of the show, but Yuma does not engage in anything she would see as “cheating” until she goes on break. How the fuck is this even a complaint? The “NTR” in Netsuzou TRap was the trap, you impotent dullard.


“Why isn’t this show a PG-13 romcom so I can watch it with my parents?”

Guess what you creepy fuck, maybe this show isn’t made for you. Maybe not everything panders to idiots. Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted, but maybe that’s going to be a common theme in your life that you should learn now.

This is a show about two girls struggling to try and make it work. Which they do, after a lot of effort. How terrible.



“Okay D_S nice strawmen but is this show really that good? It has like a 5.53 on MAL and surely not everyone who rated it sub-10 is a knuckle-dragging fucklord”

Spoiler for

Yes it is and yes they are.

If you think this is anything but perfect, you don’t deserve to breathe.

20 thoughts on “Netsuzou Trap Is Actually Kinda 10/10”

  1. I see what you mean…I felt the same way about Game of Laplace. But MAL is usually right. That’s not something you can deny.

  2. There’s a yaoi manga coming out about the male leads. So I guess that one guy isn’t just a rapist douche, he’s a rapist douche who is secretly a self-hating closeted gay guy.

    And I’m glad someone other than me loved this show.

    • About Netsuzou Trap’s BDs, I wouldn’t bother waiting. The AoD streams were encoded from a relatively clean source, but the BDs have some ass post-processing done. This is the same studio that did Kiitarou Shounen, another short series I have the honor of encoding for Harunatsu. The BDs for that one are actually interlaced! But hey, they’re getting better, one baby step at a time

  3. “Most people who gave this show a low score tend to think of him as the best character. Wonder why that is?”

    Because he’s a good person and is a likable guy?

    • Lol no Author is basically saying that Takeda has no depth or self respect from him putting himself out on a limb for someone that isn’t even treating him well. But they think he’s the best (“best” person? yes “best” character? Kind of basic) AND are the same people to hate the show PROBABLY because they’re like him and was in the “nice guys finish last” situation. This is what he’s implying sarcastically when he says “I wonder why”. LOL

  4. i actually read a hysterical weeb attack why is the poha of your lesbian anime getting into curiously insinuating positions for male fetishes who with brazilian telenovelas try to give a reasonable justification for betrayal is getting critics and low ratings? And do you still have the courage to put yourself on a higher level than the slce of life moe addicts when the fuck on this series is more than crammed with generic moe? curious! LMAOL

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      Nowadys There’s so many brat like this
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