Dark_Sage’s Anime Convention Schedule 2013

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They say to never meet your heroes, but I ain’t exactly a hero.

Seriously, though. Someone tell those Make-A-Wish kids to stop asking for me. I don’t wanna catch their cancer.




Anime Central – May 17-19th – Chicago

It’s Chicago, why the hell not?

Crew: SoupRKnowva, TL-kun the Second (Maybe?), TL-kun the Third (Maybe?), ?? (I get the feeling I’m forgetting quite a few fansubros who told me they’d be here.)



Anime North – May 24th-26th – Toronto

I’m not sure why I’m going to this.

Crew: Aieon (Doki), jakeman95 (Doki), Curser656 (NWTC/Oni), iMdai (Doki), TheThing|Encoding (Doki/Oyatsu), Asterx (CMS/Doki), IrieNaoki (Doki), PitchBlack (Doki), Autumnn (I dunno? Doki?), Switches (Fansubber killer)

Honestly, I don’t know how I got roped into a Doki gathering, especially since I’ve only ever talked with like three of them. Drunk_Sage needs to stop visiting IRC.



Youmacon – October 31st-November 3rd – Detroit

Heard way too many good things about this con. The only problem is the location, but at least it’s not Flint, amirite?

Crew: SoupRKnowva



Anime Punch (Armageddicon) – Even they don’t fucking know (really) – Columbus

My first (and likely last) 18+ anime con. Let’s hope the alcohol poisoning kills me before fansubs do.

Crew: SoupRKnowva



Let’s conspire

Puns are the best

I made a pun~

So if you’re gonna be at one of these things, we should hang. Out, not people. No worries — I’m pretty chill IRL since threatening to poison someone’s family for leaving a period off a sentence isn’t looked favorably on in today’s society.

And if you’re not going to one of these, thank your lucky stars that you don’t need to suffer interacting with what is essentially an unwashed gaggle of redditards who think masturbating to cosplayers counts as losing their virginity.

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Omex says:

I’ll be at acen, hooray! Though I JUST found out that one of my finals is on friday. Akdkfjeksnf

Dark_Sage says:

They wouldn’t schedule you into a late-day final, would they? Friday’s the best day. :X

Omex says:

The reschedule time is literally 5 min after the first test period, what the fuck. I’d be laughing if this wasn’t so stupidly depressing!

Sheep says:

Youmacon, son I’ll be there. Watching. Waiting.

For the moment of extreme bliss.

Is your body lady enough to handle me?

Dark_Sage says:

It was born lady.

SoupRKnowva says:

Haha I was just gonna talk to you about getting a room reserved for youmacon, we need to get on that shit before we lose our chance.

Also, Anime Punch will be the best con!!!

Dark_Sage says:

Just booked one (right after reading that comment), so we’re good.

Yeah, I look forward to the Anime Punch shenanigans.

Razanur says:

“[T]hreatening to poison someone’s family for leaving a period off a sentence isn’t looked favorably on in today’s society.”

It’s not?

Someone needs to have a word with my professors.

P32L says:

Why is your new favourite collective noun gaggle, if I may ask? Is there some kind of connection between humans and geese that I’m unaware of?

temp_late says:

He wants to gag some birdbrains, cry foul on the waterfowl. That’s all.

Jeffrey-sama says:

Yay, Anime North!
Though to be honest, there’s barely anything to do/see there. :/

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, I heard it sucks. :(

Rekyu says:

Go to Anime Expo instead, Jeffers :(

Jeffrey-sama says:

I would, if I had the time. ):
Gonna be working full-time for the summer.

AX is probably 100x better than AN. .___.

Nevreen says:

Both of which are probably better than Otakuthon. Haven’t been there in years even though I live in the same city.

puddi says:

hey, you can meet rekyu and me!

…actually, might be better if you don’t come w

thecowgoesmoo says:

Poutine is enough.

Humanity says:

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to go to any of these.

Dark_Sage says:

We’ll be together in spirit!

FalseDawn says:

You’re an anti-hero, Dark_Sage – which apparently isn’t a villain, despite the fact it looks as if it should mean that :s

AnimeNOW says:

Got a fuck buddy yet?

Dark_Sage says:

You volunteering?

AnimeNOW says:

My anus is always open for you.

rarely_upset says:

I guess my D_S t-shirt will have to be enough for me ;_;

doki lays claim to asterx too
Switches says:

What, I’m not included in your Anime North group, Sage? ;_;

Dark_Sage says:

Ah, right. My bad. Added.

kayserlein says:


Kuzu says:

Too bad that I won’t be at Anime North, but I will be sending my Botan plushie to Aieon so that I can be with all of you in spirit.

DarkFireBlade25 says:

See you at Youma.

Curser656 says:

I know Sage better than everyone from doki going to anime north, but I’ve only talked to Sage once. That says a lot… This should be interesting…

jakeman95 says:

Let’s see, I’ll be at
Anime North (tho you already got me at that)

So almost all the one’s you’ll be at… >_>

jakeman95 says:

Let’s see, I’ll be at
Anime North (tho you already got me at that)

So almost all the one’s you’ll be at, tho, I think I might have been the one to recommend ACEN and Youmacon to you… >_>

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