Puddi (Secret Admin-Tier) Fixed the TL Parties

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So all you late partiers can, like… uhh, party on.

Took him about an hour. Probably should’ve asked him earlier, but that woulda taken motivation.

Oh well

Can’t be helped, desu~


Now onto more posts. Maybe tonight, I dunno. I kinda hate Uchouten, so I might just delay that shit for a month or so.


Can't be helped, desu~

Can’t be helped, desu~



Akatsukin says:

Skip that shit and get to more moe stuff.

Xythar says:

>hating AOTY

Nevreen says:

^ This.

temp_late says:

^ This too.

perd says:


We all knew you had terrible taste D_S, but this is a new level.

Dark_Sage says:

It’s so fucking boring. I can fap to Benten’s cauliflower ears, but that’s about it. :/

Yogiact says:

The show should be easier to watch if I marathon it.

rwn says:

This so much, that show is almost perfect in every aspect, nearly made me cry sometimes.

fnord says:

I don’t know about AOTY, but it’s AOTS for sure.

arcunhacked says:

AOTY = Anime Of The Year

I don’t know about AOTS… Anime Of The Season, perhaps?

Argon says:

(you got his comment wrong)

arcunhacked says:

I see it now. Thanks.


NNL says:

I was gonna suggest “Anime of the Second”.

Hairy says:

Review something better then.

Like DxD.

0002 says:

Stop rigging the poll ya wuss.

Dark_Sage says:

I started working on Uchouten today, so it doesn’t matter even if it gets overtaken by Neptune. I voted for Genei over any of the ones left in the poll anyway.

Justinnnnnn says:

When you’re feeling down, just hit that Copyright at the bottom of this site.

Many, many times.

rwn says:

I was not prepared for this.

damon says:

hit it continuously until D_S face popped up.

ZiPe says:


For a moment there, I thought I messed up my meds again…

No D_S face popping up, though.

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