Fakesub Reviews: [Flax & Toki-DesuYo] Captain Earth (Episode 02)

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Where the hell is your pride, shitbags? Try your hands at Youtube if you’re so desperate to be acknowledged for doing nothing.

Cry more, D_S!

Now you may be wondering why I care so much about what these scrubs are doing to my goddamn scene with their fakesubbing. After all, it ain’t like I’m on the frontlines anymore, pissing away hours on nitpicking my own edits while encouraging other groups’ members to stuff fertilizer down their throats.

Now I do it from the backlines.

Now I can do it from the backlines.

But this shit still affects me; it’s getting harder and harder for me to get laid at cons by telling random cosplayers I’m the god-king of fansubbing.

I kid you not; the line just doesn't work like it used to.

I kid you not, the line just doesn’t work like it used to.

For the love of my penis, fansubbers, try fucking harder. I’ve had to settle for, “I’m the greatest anime blogger of all time and yes mine’s the site with the cute animes I promise you that you’ve probably seen it before and I’m super famous.” as my pick-up.

Sure it works, but it’s a mouthful… and in those situations, I’m not interested in being the one with a stuffed mouth. Scene, please stop letting me down.




[Flax] Captain Earth (Episode 02)

Captain Earth 02 - CR vs Flax 01 Captain Earth 02 - CR vs Flax 02

Most changes revolved around CAPITALIZATION and rearranging names.

Original line: "I'm a magical girl who's on your side."

Original line: “I’m a magical girl who’s on your side.”

I don’t know what a “guardian magical girl” is, nor do I want to know.



[Toki-DesuYo] Captain Earth (Episode 02)

Captain Earth 02 - CR vs TDY 01 Captain Earth 02 - CR vs TDY 02

Presumably because they’re a joint, I didn’t find any of TDY’s changes to be objectively wrong. Good on them!

Of course, that’s it’s really just because they didn’t change much of anything. But hey, baby steps.

Andspeaking of, at least we didn’t have 5 disqualifications in this post. Let’s have a round of applause for the scene~



A final note

Do remember that fansubbers are clearly only releasing these shows out of the goodness of their own hearts and they ask for nothing in return.

DDY Donations Commie Donations Anime-Koi Donations Chihiro Donations

Doki Donations

Toki-Doki Donations

But all this true fansubbing costs money. Those filenames aren’t gonna change themselves! And if these guys are giving you anime for free, you might as well pay them for it.

It’s the least you could do for the least they could do.

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Fyurie says:

The CR edits are strong this season. w

Nyangoro says:

Clearly, your only option is to review hentai fansubs from now on.

Hairy says:

I don’t see why hentai subs should get a free pass.

Some of the ones I’ve seen have been dreadful. Really kills my boner when the subs are bad.

Fuwaa says:

All the more reason to get the subs reviewed!

Leona says:

-a = fuwa fuwa time!

Torn says:


Solaristics says:

I thought I saw Commie in the DQ post as well… Did you change it or were my eyes going loopy on me?

shcboomer says:

The fakesub reviews go on.

Dark_Sage says:

I originally had them slotted there, but after checking the scripts again, I made a mistake.

w says:

“guardian magical girl” being a permutation of “guardian angel” seems pretty obvious. Maybe that’s just me.

Dark_Sage says:

It’s not about the understandability, it’s about the weird phrasing.

nakkinyan says:

While it is obvious it is a mouthful. There are so many ways they could rearrange the words to make sense and easy on the eyes that it is amazing they went with that.

thecowgoesmoo says:

>Now I can do it from the backlines.

I suppose REMF works just as well in fansubbing as it does for the military.

begna112 says:

I don’t know if you’ve taken to deleting comments now but I definitely already replied to this. Here it is again:

I haven’t made a single dime off of donations. Almost all of the money we’ve raised has gone to blu-rays and maybe one time towards partially paying for server lease. And, even then, I’ve paid some out of pocket expenses for those blu-rays and all of the server costs. So, yeah, goodness of my heart. And I’m even providing pretty subtitles to go with them which are all — gasp — original translations and not crunchyroll edits.

Funny how you like to evade criticism and make faulty assumptions.

anon says:

Don’t worry, keep at it and you’ll be getting to UTW level of donations!

duplex says:

>And I’m even providing pretty subtitles to go with them which are all — gasp — original translations and not crunchyroll edits.

Huh? All of DDY’s projects this season are CR/Funi edits.

Hairy says:

I think he was talking about the BDs.

Xythar says:

I think he’s talking about BD releases.

duplex says:

Even so, their BD projects are not all original translations.

begna112 says:

The BD’s we bought are though.

Mitsukai says:

>giving Commie money ever

XiaYixuan says:

Of course, that’s it’s really just because they didn’t change much of anything. But hey, baby steps.
fix it; choose either “that’s” or “it’s”

Hunta says:

Neither. Because the script actually calls for the possessive form. So, it’s actually “its”.

Hunta says:

(No idea what the script actually calls for, but this is probably the case.)

XiaYixuan says:

I lol’d.

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