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  1. Nice idea, the only thing that is needed would be to load the shows directly inside of this page without loading a new one. Somewhat like a combobox.

  2. does anyone have a recommendation for deadman wonderland? Cuz there are only 2 fansub reviews here but there are like 4-5 groups who did it.

  3. sorry but I had one more question, can you give me a recommendation for Naruto/Bleach/One Piece and Fairy tail? Would really really appreciate it.

  4. Hey DS, I was wondering you could tell me know which would be a wise choice between
    for Karigurashi no Arrietty

  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best fansubs for naruto shippuuden. I’m thinking:
    1-92 dattebayo
    rest taka
    is that good?

      • lol. I see. That’s good then. btw was dattebayo releasing in 640×480 at the start of naruto shippuuden? I always had a feeling they releassed 720p. ah well it was a long time ago and i can’t remember :D
        btw what about tsuki or DSFS? are they any good?

  6. hey DS, why don’t you make each fansub group a category? so like if we click on a fansub’s name we can see all their reviews. that way we can get a better understand of their level.

  7. well seems i kinda missed the tags at the bottom of the reviews. but yea i think it’d be good to have the name of the fansubs be a link to their list of reviews in this page

  8. Hey Dark. I was wondering, can you at least put up a recommendation fansubs for all the series of this season? I don’t really need reviews cuz I trust your judgment. All I’m asking is to just make a list of best fansubs for each series. Would really appreciate it.

    • Uhh, just click on a show on this page and I have a little blurb about which group is recommended. No need to read the reviews if you don’t want to.

      • I think you misunderstood – he probably wants just a list of best fansubbs of all the shows, including (or, to be exact, specifically) ones that still aren’t reviewed.
        IMO it would be a nice idea.

          • Maybe something like:

            Ben-to – EveTaku
            Chibi Devi – Doki or Zenyaku
            Fate/Zero – UTW
            Guilty Crown – Hatsyuuki-Tsuki or Commie
            and so on

            List of shows and best subs for each one. Whole reviews later.
            It wouldn’t take as much of your time as writing reviews and it would certainly help some impatient readers of your blog.
            I prefer reviews of course but you could use it as last resort in situations like this season when life just won’t give you any free time.

  9. You know, it would have been nice if each page for series could have its own comments. so we could comment about each series in general instead of commenting here and making it all clustered

  10. Honestly these reviews are a godsend to anime viewers, but their usefulness drops exponentially as you wait longer and longer to write reviews since the probability that someone (like me) decides on a fansub group without relying on your review due to impatience increases exponentially over time. How often can we expect a review from you?

    • When I get to it. I ditched my girlfriend, my step-brothers, and my best friend this weekend all so I could do nothing but review.

      Trust me, I’m trying. Monday-Thursday I can’t do anything. My hands are literally tied. So I have a very small window in which to make a big impact.

      I’ll work the hardest I can to make this site relevant to you and I apologize for the delays. I wouldn’t delay shit if I didn’t have to.

  11. ^what he said

    It would be nice to see reviews of:
    Lagrange (finish Commie and review Underwater), GetWet’s Symphogear (as Commie is already taken care of), Ano Natsu (CoalGuys vs Commie + Hayaku incoming), Pirates (WhyNot vs Commie), DxD (big competition there), KMB (there’s some new group, Muteki there)
    (didn’t mean this list to be so long, sorry, it should be all at this moment)
    as they may be hard to decide on for us. (e.g. Another is just Underwater vs HorribleSubs, no-brainer, no need for now)

  12. Hey, I just wanna know when you will start reviewing the winter release. And which are the animes that you’ll be reviewing.

  13. I asked this earlier but didn’t get any response… Will you finish writing reviews for the new Hunter x Hunter 2011 show? I’ve already decided on my group by now, but I’m still interested in reading your reviews of them!

  14. Fuck.
    I’ve dling Tsuki since Tidal dropped. FML.
    But from the review they don’t seem THAT bad (well, I don’t speak Japanese so……)

    Oh well… I’ll dl UnMabushii Corp. subs if they ever want to catch up. If not, there’s HorribleSubs… Personally dislike what they do…

  15. GX_ST is also subbing Black Rock Shooter, and they seem to have done a good job at it (e.g. TL notes for the meanings of “Kotoriasobi” and “Takanashi”). Will you review theirs too?

    • As quoted from Dark_Sage from the Review_Queue:
      “Edit: They did release, but they’re irrelevant. They don’t have their show on TokyoTosho. :/”

  16. hi i tried to download Another episodes via the underwater website but they only seem to have script subtitles not typesetting as you described in this review. can you help??? where can you download typesetting subbed Another episodes??? Thanks!!! Also what is the difference between typesetting and script subtitles????

    • Typesetting is part of most scripts. Font, for example, is part of typesetting… Can’t really imagine any script without some degree of typesetting O.o.

      What is it you’re talking about? Are you looking for a script with karaoke effects, because I’m watching Another from Underwater, and karaoke works perfectly for me. Or are you looking for sign translations? Just a tip to be more specific.

      • Hi thanks for the reply. :) i ment like the text such as for example on signs and other areas of the video not just the spoken parts if you get what i mean. :)

  17. Thank you so much for the reviews. This site has saved me a lot of time. I wish I had known about this site sooner.

    Thank you Dark_Sage for your hard work.

  18. I’m not sure where I should request this, so I’m doing it here. Dark_Sage thank you for everything you’ve done so far and I would greatly appreciate if you could review the following: Sankarea[Hatsuyuki], Sankarea[EveTaku], Zetman[Hatsuyuki], Fate/Zero 2[UTW] & Zero no Tsukaima F[Static-Subs].

    Let me know your thoughts :D

  19. HS has been doing a lot of subs for the Fall run. Is there a serious reason that they don’t often get included with the reviews? Moral or personal issue with them or something along those lines? I don’t mean to pry, just a bit of curiosity.

  20. Kinda awkward having official subs and old subs where they are. Don’t think that movie in Winter 2013 was released in that season either.

  21. Just for explanation’s sake, I consider my review breakdowns as such:

    A-tier and B+: Excellent subs. This range is what a group that has a consistent focus on quality will reach. I reserve A-tier for those subs with a certain cachet that mark them above the rest, but a B+ release falls under this general designation.
    B- to B: This is where I expect most groups to be hitting. It’d be nice if everyone released A+ shit, but that’s unrealistic. These scores, while not glamorous, are completely understandable.
    C- to C+: Needs some work. Generally these subs will not have been significantly edited or QC’d. Sometimes visual failings can sink a group to this level (though that happened far less this season than any other).
    D- to D+: There needs to be a significant staff change for a show if your group hits this level of stupid. You can leave things as they are, but your more discerning viewers probably won’t be pleased.
    F: What are you doing

    I was going to make a post about this but then decided that would be retarded.

        • Tsuki usually does fine releases. They’re probably a safe bet.

          As for kyuubi:

          The edit is clearly inferior to what to what HorribleSubs had:

          “If you call yourself a guild, take care of your comrades”

          But since Natsu is referencing a group of people, i’d edit the line slightly more to make it:

          “”If you call yourselves a guild, take care of your comrades”

          Now the line is perfect. HorribleSubs came close though.

          One example of poor editing (by kyuubi) is not what I would call a large sample size but eh, take it as you will.

          • Shhh…! Don’t compare Kyuubi to HS or that annoying leader of theirs is gonna come and start whining about how their English (and translation) is far superior…

              • hey,can you confirm about using HR?as i’m hesitant about using their version.
                i’m really confused about which group to use.bakabt has tsuki release for 720p.

                • If you want karaoke, better fonts, typesetting, and (presumably) better timing and a better encode, go with Tsuki.

                  If you want a (presumably) better script and a faster release, go with HorribleSubs.

                  I haven’t done a full review of these releases so I can’t say that definitively, but that’s as educated a guess as I can give ya.

                  As for BakaBT, they wouldn’t know quality if it raped and killed their family and scrawled its name on the wall with BakaBT’s mother’s blood.

  22. Umm…there isn’t fansub’s review for Shingeki no Kyojin..??
    I think it’s gonna be strict competition since commie, evetaku, gg, & Hatsuyuki placed each of their work for the bid.

    • I personally recommend MMM, despite them getting worse reviews on crymore(and I trust D_S’s reviews but yeah)

      They did seem to improve quite a bit and seemed to have a better script(but don’t quote me on that) and as fans of the series with a decent TL, I’d /bet/ they are among the most accurate.

      Or Commie as Dark_Sage said.

      • I will prefer commie all the way. The amount of time all the staff is putting in this anime is impressive. Be aware the TSer is a TS perfectionist with a goal of destroying all toasters around. :3

        Also, commie is going to do the BD version. ;)


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