Poll and Review Queue Up – Also, General Thingeries

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Poll & Review Queue

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I don’t really know what I’m going to review first — that’s up to you. Review order is almost entirely determined by what you want to see first.  Make your voices heard with the poll (located on the right side of the screen), because that’s what I primarily base my decisions on.

Also, post all your questions on timing of reviews, whose subs I will review, and which shows I will review on the Review Queue. Your comments won’t get lost if you don’t post on my most recent posts — I read every comment on the site. So don’t worry about that.

Speaking of…


Comments (something to keep in mind going forward)

onegai no baka

This is not Sankaku, this is not Cracked, and this is not an inner city high school. You don’t get any bonus points for playing an idiot, and stupidity is not a virtue. Present yourself with some goddamn semblance of intelligence.

If you’re going to comment with normal sentences, then fucking follow the basic goddamn rules of English. At the very least, learn how to fucking capitalize letters when necessary. (Again, normal sentences. Those of you who choose to stylize your comments/bait with non-standard English know what I’m talking about.)

This may surprise you, but I don’t measure my success by hits; I measure it by the community. So let’s be careful not to turn this one into yet another cesspool of fuckwit otaku who couldn’t string together a proper sentence to save their dakimakura-fucking lives.




TL Parties (the interactive versions)


I know you all really like these things. But honestly, I’m not the biggest fan. I don’t think they currently do much more than confirm your preconceived biases.

But let’s fix that. Looking back on my original fansub reviews, there were many issues that were addressed and allowed the reviews to evolve into today’s current format. And I do think we have a pretty good system for these reviews now (took a year+ to get here, but we’ll say it was worth it).

I am going to absolutely rely on you all for your pointers, tips, and advice when it comes to these parties. Let’s make them useful. You know what you want to see with these things, and I’m completely willing to get up to a standard that works for you, and that I can feel good about. Throw as much feedback at me as possible so that with every review we get to where these need to be.

Ah, I suppose I should also note that every show which has 3 or more fansub releases for it will be given a TL Party (priorities of these are subject to the poll results). So if you don’t want these to be a waste of my time and yours, let’s make them better. ^_~



Gratz for reading this far in. Have a sugoi AMV.


21 thoughts on “Poll and Review Queue Up – Also, General Thingeries”

  1. Re: TL parties. This would be a certain amount of extra work, but it’s what I came up with and could be interesting.

    You determine a number of factors by which to rate a TL, for example:
    -Preservation of information (subs preserve the details of what was said in the original Japanese. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be translated literally, but that relevant information was not lost in translation).
    -Preservation of intent (subs preserve the mood/emotion conveyed in the original Japanese)
    -Flow (subs properly reflect natural speech)
    -Characterization (subs properly reflect the personality and mannerisms of the characters)

    You then rate the dialogue of each group by these criteria (i.e. one line could be “flow +1, characterization -1”), and people get to see the importance they accorded to each element at the end of the TL party based off of which lines they chose.

    • That… would be tricky. I’m a little bit uncomfortable with assigning ratings in that manner for a variety of reasons (numbers convey more authority than I may wish to display for certain things – like preservation of intent – and would be difficult to work in appropriately).

      That being said, I suppose I could select for lines which have variety between groups in those areas. Currently I don’t have a formal selection process for which lines are invited to the party. So overall, I like the idea.

  2. When you said “interactive translation party”, I was expecting dotcom-era multiple-choice/match-A-to-B quizzes. Imagine my disappointment.

      • Okay so I actually had a proper think about how to change them.

        For me the issue with TL parties is that there it’s too repetitive. I really can’t be stuffed reading ~3 (usually similar) lines over and over.

        So my suggestion is that you pick the most indicative lines from each group and do one line per scene. Then under that you have a whether you liked it or not checkbox (or perhaps a scale ranging from Certified Literary Potato to Certified Literary Genius).

        Then at the end it looks at what gave you eyecancer and what you lost your shit over. Then tells you what group to go with.

        B-B-But I’m like a red on the autism spectrum. So it’s not like I want you to listen to me or anything.


  3. I fully support the end of all TL parties, as I’m a lazy fuck who can’t be bothered to figure out which subs are a smidgen better.


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