Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Sket Dance (Episode 01)

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Sket Dance, A Channel, what’s the fucking difference? Slice of life Japanese high school comedies. … Okay, on to my sleep-deprived review.

Note: I consider the ain’ts peppered throughout the show to be in good taste. That kind of language doesn’t usually work in subs, but it works quite well here.

“It’s nice to meet you all!” is more natural.


Too long for the time allotted. Drop “universal”

Take out “That”, then capitalize “We”.

All ’cause our leader’s a big, fat slack-ass!


bit… rambunctious…

this now-legendary yankee is more powerful

Where the hell

Her bust, waist, and hip measurements are…

Okay, I know you’re going for the super-casual use of the language here, but making it “I don’t really get it, but it seems like doesn’t want to speak out loud.” would improve the line significantly.

Well, the only members are us three.

See ya later, fools-in-love.

They do say “mails” but what they mean is “texts”.

Pick a tense and stick with it. Either “why’d you do everything Jou said” or “why do you do everything Jou says”

I’ll just try not to  bother anyone. I’ll get through it somehow!

More tense problems.

All you needed to do was tell me.


Overall grade: B-

It was indeed a subtitled show.

I’m kinda sleepy right now, so forgive the lack of biting commentary. Check the last two for that kinda stuff.

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Spiegel says:

This is Sket Dance, not A Channel you dumb voodoo monkey piece of trash.

Kisaragi says:

This is SKET Dance, not A Channel.

CS says:

Really late April Fools joke right?

Jojo says:

>A Channel


Spinarakk says:

Wow, indeed you were very sleepy when you typed this up.

Was hoping this was about A-Channel and instead I see Bossun’s back.

Btw anyone know if any fansub group is planning to do this?

Krow says:

EveTaku did A Channel. I’m sure there will be other groups.
Groups doing Sket Dance… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Dark_Sage says:

My state of mind was not so good last night. Thanks for the nice comments. <3

ghost says:

are u going to review steins:sub’s Steins:gate?

Dark_Sage says:

They did slightly worse than Commie did. I could do a full review if you want.

Kisaragi says:

Isn’t that just theirs + CR but with different typeset (for everything) and signs? I just super skimmed it so of course I don’t know if he actually changed anything in the script.

Unless there were a lot more errors than Commie I don’t think it warrents a review. Could be the shortest reveiew you’ve done here though.

Dark_Sage says:

It really doesn’t warrant a review. I don’t think S;S even edited that shit.

yeller says:

So for A-Channel… should I watch doki or evetaku’s v2 with 720p raw?

Also… is anyone doing edits of the CR subs for this Sket Dance show?

Dark_Sage says:

No clue yet. I promised to do Dog Days first.

No clue either.

LordOfLA says:

“Well, the only members are us three.” would be better still as:

“Well, we’re the only three members.” If you want to be easier to read. You could expand it to: “Well. We /are/ the only three members” depending on voice tone inflections and body language.

Dark_Sage says:

Good point.

Sean says:

Teeny tiny quibble regarding tenses: “Why’d you do everything Jou says” could be “why would”, et viola, no more conflict.

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