Fansub Review: [Doki] Ano Hana (Episode 02)

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Fuck it. Another good release? I don’t think the best group will be enough to decide with these individual reviews. I’ll have to compare each group’s releases directly to one another. *sigh* Effort…









Okay, enough with the typesetting. I just thought they did a cool job so it would be interesting to show off.

The hell’s a rare premium?

Why is “yourself” there? It’s redundant and completely unnecessary.

to come over.

Probably gonna need a period here

It’s the second line that’s messed up. “Were you really that organised?”


Overall grade: A-

Like I said before, this was great and so was UTW’s last release. I’m gonna need to do some comparisons across the groups for the most accurate results, just to find out which group is best to get this show from.

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ghost says:

Life is filled with harsh choices even in the Fansubbing World

Johnyboi says:

I’m sorry what? That typesetting is quite poor.

lol says:

Your eyesight is quite poor

Kingie says:

So I assume you dont know what typesetting means!

WOW! those are some well made signs

Johnyboi says:

Standards sure have dropped these days.

Jojo says:

So has the standard of trolling.

8thSin says:

I agree, fonts don’t even match. m.3.3.w/Taka typesetting is so much better.

kokujin-kun says:

That, sir, deserves a ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Aoi says:

Doki : Temporary Interruption
UTW : Menma The Hero/Brave idk.

So uhh…UTW had better translation? I mean, all outside sources (wikipedia, ANN, etc) said it was Menma The Hero/Brave.

Johnyboi says:

Yes, that’s a mistranslation or a bad paste by the typesetter. They also typo’d Anjou Naruko’s name as Anjou Anaruko in the one sign. Also, The title/logo isn’t properly capitalized.

In addition to those things, the overall fonts/blur/colors/effects/etc do not match the original very well.

Dark_Sage says:

I thought they looked quite nice, but if they’re mistranslated, that’s a whole other story. >_<

Hiroto says:

The title was indeed a bad paste by the typesetter…

M3L says:

Taka seems to have done the best job w/ this series, thus far. They just take so long

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