Fansub Review: [FFFpeeps] Pretty Rhythm (Episode 01)

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This show is so low-budget. Similarly, this review is low on content. :X


Typesetting/Insert Karaoke

BTW, if you’re gonna title it, then title it right. “A Star is Born!”


This isn’t a question.

Not fond of this phrasing.

“Well, I guess I’ll give it a go!”

If you must have the two bitches in the sentence… “Okay, Uru, Eru. I’ll give it a go!”


Alright is not all right.


Overall grade: A-

These motherfuckers are champs for getting through this show.

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  1. >Hey! This outfit is for the girls in the Prism Show!
    Whilst you certainly appear on a show, I’d say that you could take part in a show.


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