Fansub Review: [HiNA] Time Paladin Sakura (Episode 01)

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Oh god, Sunny. What the fuck happened here?


At least they did this right.

Uhh, how about

“Temporal Thief Suginami, you’re hereby under arrest for the illicit transport of goods from the past!”

or fuck, anything would work.

I almost feel they thought the same rules applied to “up to” as they do to “on to” (they don’t)

T.P. Sakura

Aw, Grandmother! Grandmother’s capitalized in this sense. Think of it as a replacement for her name. “Aw, Mariko!” (Note: Mariko may or may not be the old bitch’s name. It feels like it’s right, though.)

Listen, Sakura…

Oh, right. I almost forgot to mention the font is SHIT.

Also, Space-Time Tree.

Why would you do this?

Plus, you’re


a hell of a lot of

if you must use that expression. ._.

Ah, good morning, Kotori-chan.

What is this line? Is this English?

As such, the Battle of Sekigahara was won by the Eastern Army, which was led by Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Again, Battle of Sekigahara. When you’re talking about historical battles, ya gotta capitalize it fully.




Why the fuck is this the only place in the show you put “nya~”? She’s said it like 15 different fucking times by now, and this is the one point in the entire episode you decide to use it? Is her obento really all that fucking fantastic? Is there some character trait that is somehow revealed at this point to relate to her overuse of nya~? A dramatic moment where we find out this show’s deeper than Madoka before that fucking bullshit ending happened? GOD DAMMIT SUNNY


Christ, and you even forgot the #1 rule in fansubbing. Put a comma before nya~. Always, always, put a comma before nya~.



This is more of a suggestion, but you don’t need to put a comma before “But”. Just a helfpul tip from your friendly, neighborhood Sage.



The line sucks as a whole, put I’m just gonna go and put a bandage on this bleeding artery. “all for the sake of being a T.P.”



That may be a cat, but this three-liner is still invalid.



I don’t understand why you would extend it that far.



While I do agree that she probably hasn’t started getting her period yet, that’s no excuse to leave it off the end of this sentence



You’re a life saver.



I’m gonna be honest. I went all “ara ara ara” over this line. Sunny, you so cute with your mistakes. <3



No. I will not allow this.



Something’s missing here, but I don’t believer I know what it is.



What happened, Sakura-chan?



What the fuck is going on with this line?



Understood. Initiate the phase lock and activate your T.P. powers.



I see. That makes sense.



its. its. its. its. (Protip: If you say that fast enough, it almost sounds like tits.)



I really don’t understand what rule they’re operating under where a comma is equal to a period.



Time-Eating Bug. Let’s be consistent here!



This line made me hard.



No, not the word!



Well done, Nemu!



Ah, the infamous exclamation mark-comma. It usually takes ten subpar editors to use a skill such as this, but it only took one HiNA editor. Well done.



Yes, this English seems right.



It happened again…


Ya probably need a period here
Overall grade: F
<~Sunny|Sleepan> wtf is this shit
<~Sunny|Sleepan> errors from the first edit
<+Dark_Sage> You probably released the wrong file.
<~Sunny|Sleepan> oTL
<~Sunny|Sleepan> I used the wrong .ass
v2 imminent~

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  1. i sense a soul that tells me they had to version 2 it after dark review it,thus using the “wrong” .ass as a scapegoat.

    • Nah, Sunny was genuinely surprised when I talked to him on IRC. He’s not a bad editor, and I’ve been saying that for a while now, so I was as surprised as he was to see such a shitty release. :P


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