Fansub Review: [Ruri] Dog Days (Episode 03)

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Bet you didn’t think I’d review their release.


Typesetting. Also, what the hell’s a bathing place? You mean a bath? ._.

Does anyone else prefer “Captain of the Knights”? I prefer Captain of the Knights. Also, commas, fucking, everywhere. Alleviate the tension by dropping “Well then,”

Gorgeous debut? Really? You can think of no other positive adjective that would fit better than gorgeous?

Her Highness. Capitalize that shit.

Bro’s cell phone’s not picking up reception. He’s complaining about it. Put an accent on is. It reads better.

Of course… this is a different world {after all}.

at the same time,

Also, change activities to events. Masturbating in a sock is an activity. A festival is an event.

This sets up the next line…

which needs a comma after hospitals…

and a complete rephrase into “and it will also be used to defend our country.”

If you’re asking a question, use a fucking question mark.


But if you go along with guards,

She’s talking about a protective unit here. Just relate it in simple terms.

but right now the entire country is using it.

There’s no need to designate the place as a mainland.

during what time? Oh, you mean “in the meantime”.

and living positively.

Overuse of “here”.

The Soil God’s appearance shows that the land here is rich.

If you know it, then don’t say “From what I know”. I think they were intending to go with “From what I hear, they already are.”

This is not a question?

Bro, the princess is right in front of you. “I thought someone was here, but I didn’t know it was you!”

Nice encode.

Important? Come on guys, use better word choice. “precious” would work fine as would “dear”.


Overall grade: C-

I didn’t even touch on the haphazard use of commas in lists (either go with A, B, and C as your format or  A, B and C. Don’t alternate.) and their inability to decide whether it should be “the Hero or the hero” or “the princess or the Princess”. I did like their word choice in a few other areas, such as calling Hero-sama “Sir Hero”. That was pretty smart. But I think you’d best stick with Hiryuu-HiNA on this anime.

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  1. Lol. This indeed doesn’t seem too nice, and I wouldn’t want my /important show/ to be ruined by these subs.
    Though I’d personally go for Ayako. Maybe their english/editing sucks, but their translations are usually well done, and I value a fitting translation above anything else.
    Though I still haven’t seen hiryuu’s. Maybe I’ll wait for their’s next episode.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with “important princess”, really. It’s perfectly fine and makes sense. After all, “important person” is valid and is used in English.

  3. “Alleviate the tension by dropping ‘Well then,’ ”

    I wish more groups would just aggressively drop “well then” and similar phrases whenever possible. Not only is it freaking annoying to see the same thing a dozen times in a single episode, it’s pointless nihonjin word cruft that never adds anything of significance. So, it can usually be excised with zero loss of meaning in the English translation. As a bonus, we’d get more concise subtitles with less screen space taken up.

    • Oh yeah,

      “I thought someone was here, but I didn’t know it was you!”

      Very nice catch there.

      Seems English speakers forget how usage, and avoidance, of the word “you” works in Japanese sometimes.


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