Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Maria+Holic Alive (Episode 03)

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If you can handle the shitty font/typesetting, this is a decent release.

Note: For scripts of this complexity I tend to be more lenient and pass by errors that I would immediately jump on in easier scripts. Just a heads up.

OP/ED. Yes, they suck.

Typesetting. It is shit, however everything is translated. Shit typesetting > no typesetting.

Festering? That word is way off. How about “What’s got you bothered this time, Kanako Miyamae?”  I know “festering” was used to make Maria’s tone negative here, but it’s not really needed.

lol, no

break, not breaks.

“I’m saved! Being a commoner is working to my favor!” if you must use similar wording

“Lucky me! My commoner status really came through for me!” if you wanna liberalize it more. Anyway, you can really play around with this line in hundreds of different ways. Just not the one they used.

“Tonight is one of your favorites. It’s teriyaki made with locally-raised chickens.”

urge for, not urge of.

Sleepwear, jammies, pajamas, etc. Lots of choices here. “sleep clothes” doesn’t cut it.

If you’re gonna capitalize “heaven” elsewhere, at least be consistent.

You mean that medicine is the secret to your fetching countenance?! | You mean that medicine is the secret to Shinoji’s fetching countenance?!

Put it together and “You mean that medicine is the secret to your and Shinoji’s fetching countenance?!”

Yes, it seems a bit off, but it’s right.

Fuck with the meaning a bit to avoid any awkwardness.

“You mean that medicine is the secret to your good looks?!” (This is more vague, but it’s more natural.)

Overall grade: B

This was a tough one to rate. On one hand, the translator they had was clearly quite competent. Considering the ridiculous amount of French words used and the general ridiculousness of the script itself, it’s easy to forgive most script errors. But the font and typesetting are shit, thanks to this being a rip of official subs. Overall, I’d still say it’s worth it to go with HorribleSubs, even if you can’t stand the font, because the wait for other groups is just too long.

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dobato7 says:

Commie are probably nearly finished, and are delaying on purpose for the sole purpose of being cunts.

Derpi says:

I don’t know if you check older posts – that’s why I’m posting this here.

Raze didn’t edit fractale, Fnord1 did =D


Raze did Ano Hana and you gave him an A ;b


Dark_Sage says:

Oh. Boy is my face red. Please don’t tell kyon or kliq or they’ll make me watch more shows I don’t want to just so I can retain a semblance of e-pride.

For future reference, though. Yeah, I read every comment that’s posted. It’s pretty easy to see where the new comments are with wordpress.

Eri says:

>translator they had was clearly quite competent
>the wait for other groups is just too long

It’s because HorribleSubs releases are CrunchyRoll rips.

kyonyUU says:

“But the font and typesetting are shit, thanks to this being a rip of official subs. ”
Eagerness to teach isn’t a bad thing, but…

Eri says:

I quite literally read the first and last sentences. D’oh.

Sean says:

“Heads up” or “heads-up”. As in, “get your heads up”. Not “head’s up”. No, never “head’s up”.

Your friendly neighborhood old fart who whines about everything, especially TLs who crank out bad English and don’t know it

Sean says:

Bless you, my child.

(Milking this old coot thing for all it’s worth, which is to say, practically nothing)

Blah says:

Why did they have an accent on the second ‘a’ in “Mama” in that second last screencap? o_o

Dark_Sage says:

They were playing him off as Italian or something (possibly Spanish). He had a weird accent in the anime, so it made sense.

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