Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Nekogami Yaoyorozu (Episode 03)

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Nekogami time.

File size: 252 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Karaoke. Fine. Good color choice on the ED. Neither are k-timed.

Typesetting. They got the important stationary/semi-stationary ones.

carefully. You wouldn’t say to someone “Do it careful!” You would say “Be careful!” but that’s entirely different.

Although I do like the implications of this line, the word is “join”.

be done -> get finished. Why? Cuz it flows better that way.

cuz I know Quattro-kun is gonna read this, I’m just gonna suggest that this line have “are” accented.

Even though you’re quite useless, you are a cat goddess.

I know the idea behind this is something like “lookout forces”, but the fact remains that phrasing it asĀ  “lookouts” is a lot better.

You don’t say.


+on their own

Master should be capitalized.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B

I’m going to recommend going with WhyNot on this release. I liked their script more than FFF’s.

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Klownzie says:

‘Even though you’re quite useless, you are a cat godess’ should be ‘You are a cat godess, even though you are quite useless’ IMO. Flows better, I think. Also, both ‘you are’ should be the same, either : ‘you’re’ or ‘you are.’ Looks better, right?

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, shit. I didn’t finish my comment on that picture. Fixed now.

Umm, I think my change is best, based on the context. But yours would suffice and I probably wouldn’t mark it wrong in a review. However, one of those “you’re” needs to be separated out into “you are”. Why? That’s how someone would pronounce the sentence to get out the meaning conveyed in that scene.

Hmm… I’m probably not explaining this right. I’ll post some audio clips of me saying the line tomorrow morning (in about 10 hours) so I can show you the difference.

Klownzie says:

I think your change will suffice :P

You are right. The second ‘you are’ must be written that way, and I get what you are trying to say, now that I say the sentence instead of just reading it, it makes sense.

WsE says:

This is wrong! You’re meant to say: “I WANT DARK_SAGE’S SEXY VOICE NOW!”

… D:

diskkjockey says:

He should sing it. Wouldn’t do anyone any good, but would bring enjoyment to me.

Dark_Sage says:

Example of me singing:

… not so sure me singing anything is a good idea.

diskkjockey says:

So, your voice is property of Media Factory who has contacted YouTube on the grounds of copyright infringement? :O

Dark_Sage says:

… They put a copyright infringement claim on that? I didn’t even get a message. Fuck them.

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