So… what are some other good anime/otaku blogs?

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You visit whiners, so I know you have good taste. Thus, I figured I’d ask you all what other blogs you visit, assuming we’re not your one-stop-shop for otaku shit.

Here are my favorites:

Ta-i-pu [Articles on typesetting and editing. Slow to post.]

ETA till you take fansubbing srsly [Translation critiques. Almost dead.]

Andriasang [Pretty much the only place you need for Japanese gaming news. Where do you think Siliconera gets their news from?]

Colony Drop [Anime blogger critiques and articles on why anime from the 80’s is soo much better than today’s shows. Slow to post.]


… that’s really about all I’ve got. I’m much more interested in seeing what you all think are good places to visit.



shirayuki75 says:

Random Curiosity
Lost in America
Emory Anime Club
^ all the above are anime impressions blogs

8thSin Fansubs – A blog by 8thSin, pro TL
Collectr’s Blog
BlickWinkel –

Nyara♥ says: (Extensive previews and reviews of Anime).

And… that’s all. So, thanks for the link to Ta-i-pu too. =)

Nyara♥ says: (TL;DR’s about tecnology and encoding related topics – and random fansubbing stuff)

And I visit Lost in America and 8thSin “Fansubs” too.

8thSin says:

ETA till you take fansubbing srsly [Translation critiques. Almost dead.]

I liked reading those TL bash posts too, though slightly too long because the show was too hard for most of those translators ^^;
tbh, I stole the format for my 2nd AnoHana comparison.

I recently started blogging too:
Just Penguindrum observations for now, but maybe I’ll try another TL comparison in the future.

Sparky says:

I’m a collector of art-books~

Chevy787 says:
adding my 2 cents.
/me checks out other blogs

Horo says:

Moetron and Neregate for charts of the next anime season.

Sean says:

Mono no aware
Literate, thoughtful commentary on anime and other subjects. Has slowed almost to a standstill.

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis
The blog of Jonathan Clements, an author and translator with lots of experience in the British anime industry and some in the Japanese one. Rather sporadic. A lot of the entries are articles that appeared in various magazines and collected in the book of the same name (which is an alias he uses to protect the guilty when telling various behind-the-scenes stories about assorted anime (but if there actually were an anime with that name, you know you’d watch it)).

Mimi Smartypants
Rather entertaining blog of a razor sharp, highly literate, somewhat offbeat thirty-something woman working in the Chicago publishing world and raising an adopted girl. Sounds dull but it’s not, especially the older, pre-adoption stuff.

Insemination says:

Most of the blogs out there suck. The majority of them are “sugooooiiiii! kawaiii uguuu desu”

Anime is as low-tier as it gets. Not even close to being “otaku”.

Insemination says:

Eh, the post formatting somehow fucked up.

Dark_Sage says:


Revy-chan says:

I wish I could post some but they’re all in moon runes so yeh.

Ghost says:


random says:

oh wow there are some good articles in the sites you guys posted. Well personally for various reason I only have need for fansubs comparison so I just visit this amazing site for my needs. But It’s been a while I’ve been interesting in karaoking some korean music videos so some of these might come in handy. thanks a lot everyone.

Damrod says: is one that i personally like a lot.

Clam says:

For some anime music stuff, namely EXIT TRANCE’s SATB and other doujin groups

SkyDewa says:

8thsin fvcking whar?

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