Fansub Review: [JNE-Fauxsubs] Maken-Ki (Episode 01)

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Fun fact: If you liked this release, you need to die. Honestly, I’d rather have you dead than pollute the world with your meaningless existence. Actually, I’d rather you have never existed. I wouldn’t be so cruel as to wish your useless corpse on the upstanding maggots which consume dead flesh.

Release Format: Let’s just pretend they never released.

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Note: This is how they translated it.


Beautiful work. The elegant simplicity of nothingness really helps the viewer understand what’s going on.



If only they followed the “nothing is best” approach that they did for the typesetting… If only…

“Actually.” sure makes a great sentence.

Avoid punctuation, capitalize every line. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And when I say that, I mean they do this all the time. As in, literally, every other line.

No, really. Every other line is missing punctuation. And every line is capitalized. There is no goodness in this release. It is hell.

They… They put a space before the fucking period. Oh god. I should’ve known that downloading this release would be a terrible mistake.

Because commas are for the weak.

Except he said “Haru-nee”.

You know, 6,000 people downloaded this release. 6,000 people.


I want to hit this group with a borad.

I don’t believe in a god, but I’m praying to one now. Please smite JNE. Smite them the hardest you can.

dance-parade. Yes, the dance-parade. My favorite of all parades.

Oh wait, what’s this? You mean the term wasn’t “dance-parade”? They actually meant “ballroom dance”? Shock and awe. I trusted your translation, JNE. Why do you do this to me?

Where do I even begin?


… yes. That’s exactly what she’s telling you.

I dunno, but I wish JNE’s staff was abroted.

Indeed, school are great.

JNE, bringing the hits.

Someone had to write this script. This is a disturbing thought.

You know, I think JNE actually thinks that “Nummer” is correct.

Doubling down on stupidity.

If stupidity were an art, these guys would be a walking museum.

All right, I’m done. I can’t handle this shit anymore.


Watchability: Unwatchable. No, really, it’s unwatchable.

Overall grade: F-

I never thought I’d ever want to watch a Chiki release over another group, but at least Chiki’s releases somewhat resembled English. This? I only showed you the tip of the iceberg. For your own sanity, avoid this group and never get a single thing they release. Fucking horrid.

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DTryPleX says:

I heard they Google-TL’d this from Dutch fansubs. >.>
Explains the ‘nummer’ at least.

Dark_Sage says:

You’d be right~

sagebeard says:

its a bit late to add this, but to clarify a few things as a dutchman…. sort of… not really;
~dance-parade is probably an unlucky translation of dansfeest/balfeest, which means ‘ballroom party’ in english… if properly translated.

~idioot is the dutch version of the classic ‘idiot’.

~haru-no is quite a funny one, and is a good indication of the amount of efort in this first episode. the original haru-nee got translated to haru-no because ‘nee’ is the dutch word for the english ‘no’… so this is quite evident of the lack of a QC’er

and A LOT of concealed dutch wordings and syntax…

Keyboard says:

>a bit late to add this

Dood, it’s been more than 6 months.

Aera_Bibi says:

And this is without mentioning the translation mistakes… Not that it matters at this point.

Dark_Sage says:

It was so far gone I had to end up picking things at random to comment on.

archdeco says:

Oh my God…. Using Google Translate to actually translate something seems like a bad joke in itself. But to use it to sub an anime…. Burn in hell [JNE-Fauxsubs] for all eternity and don’t come back, unless you want to be killed by a “borad”.

Imperial_Neko says:

He does say what he did in his Nyantorrent description. I mean it’s obvious any sane and experienced fan should read it and think “Oh this is a huge pile of shit that I could see it from the Moon.” or something along that.

JNE, we should be decent human beings, therefore learn how to use the toilet. Your mind should be able to understand even that much.

MahaiOne says:

Still nowhere near Hadena’s level of eye-raping standards.

Random says:

Well, this is ecchi harem anime. They won’t even read the subs because they are too busy satisfying themselves.

Des says:

One good thing though, the font isn`t some techno font like Hatsuyuki`s release :P
Standard fonts, preferably just white and black outline.

Des says:

Lets try that last sentence again :P
Standard fonts and preferably white with a black outline is the best.

Aera_Bibi says:

That was the font I chose for Maken-Ki originally. While Sleep probably just kept it, Naru decided to use the one we have now.

Nyara♥ says:

Hello Chiki, how are you? O:

Chiki says:

Not subbing this season.

Nyangoro says:

I know I shouldn’t be laughing, because it really is terrible what they’ve done with the English language.

But it’s just too damn funny.

elle says:

Actually. Period .

8thSin says:

I’m so glad I didn’t continue watching this shit show.

Aoi says:

My sides hurt now. Thanks, D_S.

Nigra says:

>We Guuglu-TL Dutch subs.

WTF? Why?

>”grammatically corrected, and proof read”

Nigga, where?

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