Fansub Review: [AFFTW-Hatsuyuki] High School DxD (Episode 03)

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Ignore this review. Re-review coming later this week. Thanks.

Release format: MKV (358 MB, 8-bit), AVI (184 MB)

Japanesiness: I don’t know. The subtitles all kinda blended together. I stopped paying attention. I do know they capitalized “demon” for some stupid fucking reason.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:





Didn’t like either. Why? Annoying, in-your-face karaoke only works when it’s not annoying or in your face.


When your “w” looks like two “u”s jammed together, something’s wrong.

I like how the only times they need to typeset, their text gets in the way of the Japanese on the screen. Drop your main text down by like two pixels and you wouldn’t have this problem, dipshits.




A few examples of problems they had with commas. Minor shit, but let’s get it out of the way first.

“Well, that’s…”

“Regardless of which it is, I’m overjoyed!”

Did you really mean “Supposedly it is heart and body became monstrous”? If so, you need to die. Really.

“Supposedly its heart and body became monstrous”

Why do I even bother? How do you fuck this up?

“I shall stain you with fresh blood just like that red hair of yours.”

fare. You guys fucking suck with homophones.

“Pawn” was capitalized throughout the episode. Please be consistent.

Actually, the phrase is “one shot, one kill”, but that’s primarily used by snipers. That is not a sniper rifle. I don’t really know what else to put here though, so I’ll let y’all have it. Whatever. Fuck this show, I don’t care any more. Honestly, I had more screenshots in this show to comment on, but my apathy has reached critical levels. Gomen.

On a side note, this badass motherfucker is way too cool for this shitty show. His bullets make you fall in love and he rapes nuns. This is the kinda bro I’d have a brew with.

I bet A-H think that definite articles are things you read. Jesus.

“Have you finished setting up the barrier?”

Get your tenses right. “I’ve” doesn’t make any sense because the bitch he decided not to see again is standing right fucking there. He can’t NOT see her again. Fuck.

“That’s why I decided it would be better not to see you again.”

He decided in the past. The past. That’s the only way this can make sense.

“What the hell are you doing, you stupid bitch?!”

He’s asking a question. People who want to whine about rhetorical questions not needing question marks can fuck themselves off into a woodchipper. You can have more than two ending punctuation marks in a row in subtitles, so there’s no need to have competing priorities when it comes to choosing with ending punctuation to use. Do it up right, guys.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B-

Goddamn were those some stupid, stupid mistakes. That “read” one almost made me flip my keyboard over in rage. It’s not a TERRIBLE release (at least they didn’t translate “sister” (as in, “nun”) as “nee-san”), but when you have Hiryuu available, I’m not seeing why you’d grab this.

Also, before someone bitches about the cropping… there are black edges on the side of the video. Most people don’t care, but I pointed it out for those who do.

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Pilot says:

I watch this show for the plot. Do I get a cookie?

HeavenlyArmed says:

No. You get slapped for doing something that no one should ever do.

beta says:

You do on the condition that you can describe it in a way that doesn’t make you think ‘wow that sounds stupid.’

The explanation must also include how poledancing fits into the series plot. If you can earn that, you need to start writing for them.

lygerzero0zero says:

Ah, homophones. Their hard two Handel, butt what wood we due without them?

Dark_Sage says:

I love you, lyger.

puddizzle says:

I have a spelling checker
It came with my PC.
It plane lee marks four my revue
Miss steaks aye can knot sea.
Eye ran this poem threw it,
Your sure real glad two no.
Its vary polished in it’s weigh,
My checker tolled me sew.
A checker is a bless sing,
It freeze yew lodes of thyme.
It helps me right awl stiles two reed,
and aides me when aye rime.
Each frays come posed up on my screen
eye trussed too bee a joule.
The checker pour o’ver every word
to cheque sum selling rule.
Bee fore a veiling checkers
Hour spelling mite decline,
And if we’re lacks oar have a laps
Wee wood be maid to wine.
Butt now bee cause my spelling
Is checked with such grate flare,
Their are know faults with in my cite
of nun eye am a wear.
Now spelling does not phase me,
It does knot bring a tier.
My pay purrs awl due glad den
With wrapped words fare as hear.
To rite with care is quite a feet
Of which won should bee proud,
And wee mussed dew the best wee can,
Sew flaws are knot aloud.
Sow ewe can sea why aye dew prays
Such soft wear four pea seas,
And why eye brake in to averse
Buy righting want too pleas.

HeavenlyArmed says:

I can’t believe I actually read through all of that. Each line killed me a little more than the previous.

Jeffrey-sama says:

That… took forever to read. o_o

Dark_Sage says:

It was so worth it though.

Haruya says:

English is not my main language, but this text seems too interesting to skip, so… could someone please write what it actually says so I can see if I got the right words? lol

Dark_Sage says:

I have a spelling checker
It came with my PC.
It plainly marks for my review
Mistakes I cannot see.
I ran this poem through it,
You’re sure real glad to know.
It’s very polished in its way,
My checker told me so.
A checker is a blessing,
It frees you loads of time.
It helps me right all styles to read,
and aids me when I rhyme.
Each phrase composed upon my screen
I trust to be a jewel.
The checker pours over every word
to check some spelling rule.
Before availing checkers
Our spelling might decline,
And if we’re lax or have a lapse
We would be made to WHINE.
But now because my spelling
Is checked with such great flair,
There are no faults within my sight
Of none I am aware.
Now spelling does not faze me,
It does not bring a tear.
My papers all do gladden
With wrapped words fair as here.
To right with care is such a feat
Of which one should be proud,
And we must do the best we can,
So flaws are not allowed.
So I can see why I do praise
Such software for PCs,
And why I break into a verse
By writing want to please.

There are grammatical mistakes here which I didn’t fix, but this is how it’s read (might be a mistake or two still, but it should be close enough).

Sae says:

Three mistakes that Sage missed.

ln 11: right -> write (actually I’m a little unsure of this due to context x.x)
ln 15: pours -> pores
ln 29: right -> write

HeavenlyArmed says:

Not sure where that “read hair” one came from, I certainly remember it being “red” when I saw it. The same with that “Have you finished setting up barrier?” Our TL had no clue what was going on with the “one hit one kill gun” bit, nor did I really. I know I need to improve on my use of commas, but the two examples you pointed out are unacceptable in every way, and I’m not sure how the hell I missed something so obvious. Basically, I’m grateful that this got as high of a grade as it did with such stupid errors, and will try harder to focus on minor errors in the future.

Sir_Lexa says:

This is how you’re supposed to answer to these reviews. Kudos to you.
Commie guys, take notes.

HeavenlyArmed says:

To be fair, just about anything is a better response than “lolbias”

jdp says:

I think it’s fair to call bias when he gives a release a lower grade than every other release because he doesn’t like the op font (which is easily changeable unlike the HARDSUBBED ones that he didn’t like), “troll” softsubbed signs that don’t detract from anything, and a dialogue error that he’s actually wrong about.

Progeusz says:

Yes, font is meant to be unreadable so that leechers can change it themselves. So much fun.

Xythar says:

It wasn’t unreadable and nobody should care about Another’s OP anyway since it’s a terrible Ali Project song that is better off skipped by anyone with functioning hearing. There, done.

Dark_Sage says:

I also think it’s fair to call bias when I give groups a lower score for having bad English when I could just edit the softsub file until there aren’t any more mistakes.

Xythar says:

I can only assume that’s what you did here, because medioocre kara and typesetting and no less than ten script errors (many of which were particularly egregious) and still a B afterwards? If someone like gg tried this shit you’d crucify them.

Dark_Sage says:

… Hmm, good point. Honestly, this was a poorly planned, poorly written review that I just tossed out onto the blog to cross it off my to-do list. I was in an apathetic daze while watching Hatsu’s release that affected my reviewing abilities. Normally (and yes, I’ve done this multiple times before), I’d take this as an indication that I’m doing something wrong, and I’d scrap the review, but I was so focused on finishing my reviews off that I slapped together a half-written review and called it good to go.

That ain’t the way I should be running this shit. I’ll be replacing this with an episode 7 review where I will give the release a more fair look-see. Shoulda done that on Sunday, but whatever.

Thank you for at least having the courage to call me out on my laziness.

As for bias, though? Really, I don’t know what to say about that. There are a few groups whose releases I will savage in my comments simply because the groups themselves are popular (or in the case of gg, because I can’t stand the group), but that’s just because it makes for a better article. What, you don’t like seeing groups that are held up as gods being dragged through the mud? Everyone does, and it’s good fun.

As for bias though, the final grade doesn’t change based on what group I’m reviewing. If gg has an A- release, I’m going to give gg the grade they deserve. If EveTaku has a C- release, I’m going to give them the grade they deserve. That’s how I do things.

This site would be fucking worthless if it became “Dark_Sage’s House of Propaganda”. Being as non-biased as possible is the number one thing a fansub review site like this needs. Who gives a shit if I’m good at English if I’m calling good groups shit and boosting up the bad ones? There’s no fucking point to it. Maybe I come across as biased, but really, I make every effort I can to be as fair as possible. I could easily be more “popular” and “respected” for my sagely comments if I savaged Doki, Chihiro, and Ayako in every fucking review. But I don’t. Why? Because fuck that shit. I’m honest with my opinions and if hated groups deserve good grades, they’re gonna fucking get them regardless of what you or anyone else says.

As for any bias against Commie, which is all it seems you care about, how the fuck did you come to that conclusion? You all know I’m a karaoke faggot, but I don’t count your English-only karaoke against you. Ever. The only times karaoke dings your score is when the karaoke sucks. If you can make it good or at least slightly better than tolerable, it’s not gonna cut your score. Mediocre and bad karaoke might ding your grade, but if everything else is perfect, you’re not gonna get less than an A-. If I can find something else to bitch about, yeah, you’ll probably get a B+ unless I’m wow’d by something else. Another was not perfect and you threw a middle finger to your audience on it. How the fuck can you honestly expect me to drop down on my knees and fellate you for that shit? Fuck you.

If you did a good job, I’ll say so. If you didn’t, I won’t. And no amount of Blargh’s bitching or Xythar’s whining* is going to make a lick of difference unless they come up with something that proves me wrong on something I say. If I fuck up, I’ll correct it. That’s the whole fucking point of this open-review system — so people can agree or disagree and I can modify my review IF IT NEEDS IT. You can bitch about the weights I put on certain sections (and Odin knows that jdp fucking hates that I weight karaoke anything more than 1% of the total score) but that’s usually about the only leg you can fucking stand on when it comes to this shit.

I think I’m rambling or something right now. Anyway, point is, regardless of how biased you think I am, I’m so fucking certain that I’m being fair that these constant accusations (only from you guys, mind you) are starting to come across as you being pissed off that I don’t give you preferential treatment. I’m sorry, but I don’t do things that way. If you want better grades, make better releases and stop blaming the messenger.

*Note to Blargh and Xythar: Yes, your bitching is somewhat annoying but I really do appreciate that you approach me with your issues instead of going back to your staff channel and crying about it. THAT will never change a thing, but your comments (and those of others on this blog) actually do help. If I’m being accused of bias, that also indicates a problem on my part — I need to be more open with this shit because clearly I’m not doing enough as-is.

Xythar says:

I could say a lot more about Another but I think it’s already been argued to death at this point, so I’m going to drop it. I will see how things go next season.

One thing that I’m always going to find fundamentally flawed about your process though is that you usually review a different episode for each group. I can understand why you do it, and watching the same episode of the same terrible show four times in a row would probably make me give up on life, but I just don’t feel like you can make a fair comparison otherwise.

You might for example ding a group for not typesetting something that higher rated groups aren’t doing either, or not properly give credit for a line that was vastly better than other groups’ offerings because when reviewing episodes separately there’s not much you can do except look for mistakes. In the end, if you review group A on an episode that all the groups did well on, then review group B on an episode that all the groups did poorly on, can you really make the judgment to recomment group A solely based on that? Just something to consider, I guess.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s why I tried to standardize TL Parties as the “direct comparison” kinda thing. But last season had too many shows and releases so that got tossed by the wayside.

You’re right, though. Reviewing a specific release for all groups would be more fair in a way. I just can’t do it though. I’d die.

Xythar says:

By the way, I don’t actually want you to re-review this – it’s not really necessary because it’s already pretty clear that Hiryuu by far the best group for anyone who actually wants to watch this show. I was just trying to make a point.

Dark_Sage says:

That was my thought behind not giving it my full attention. I figured “Who the fuck cares?” But you did have a point. I wasn’t being as fair as possible with this one since I pretty much just said “fuck it” and put it on the fast-track to posting. But that’s not how I should run things. Rather than re-reviewing it for any sort of meaningful purpose, I’m doing it to show that I do feel the need to hold myself to a higher standard than this.

Sorry, AFFTW-Hatsuyuki. You guys deserve a closer look at your subs. I’ll be sure to critique them better next time.

Xythar says:

We wouldm’t be able to respond with statements like “this got as high of a grade as it did with such stupid errors” because they’d never be true ( ´_ゝ`)

xninja says:

Aww shit, I probably should’ve QCed this episode.

Blah says:

That read/red line reminded me of a line in Eclipse’s Amagami where they had “Your face is read.”

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