Fansub Review: [CMS] Sakamichi no Apollon (Episode 02)

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Honestly, there’s not much to praise or critique here. The original CR script was pretty good from what I saw of episode 1, and this is just an edited version of that. I hate this show, so onto Eureka Seven.

Release format: MKV (289 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Jun-nii-chan used. “Bon” instead of “Richie”.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. The colors change depending on the scene. With the k-timing and the decent font here, it’s the best karaoke for the show (compared to WhyNot/Commie).

Ending. Simple, muted. It’s fine.



This is the only thing CMS had to typeset since pretty much everything else was already typeset in the Japanese version.

Script Quality


Pretty sure this should be “heart”.

blurred -> faded

“I wrote a letter in the corner of the textbook that will never reach its destination and remained as it was back then.”

This is so messed up, I don’t know where to begin.

“I wrote a message in the corner of a textbook that never reached its destination and is there to this day.”


Main Script.

Slang is heavily used in this release to good effect.

“Huh? He’s actually looking out for me?”

“Huh. He’s actually looking out for me.”

“Huh? He’s actually looking out for me…”

Pick your poison. I prefer the first one.

Why is “church” capitalized?

I’ve heard a lot of slang, and maybe it’s just because I’m an educated Northerner, but I’ve never heard “That’s” being used in place of “That was” and her characters not even a slangy one. Gonna call this out as a mistake.

“That was when we were in elementary school!”

As lyger pointed out, this should be “goodness’ sake” too.

Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Timing Grade: 

Visual grade: B+

Script grade: B+

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B+

Sakamichi. Do you want honorifics and Japanese names or do you want a more localized script? CMS is your honorifics option. WhyNot and Commie can fight it out for the more localized pick (and I’ll review both of their releases later).

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lygerzero0zero says:

I’ve wondered this before, but should it be “For goodness’ sake”? As in “for goodness’s sake” or “for the sake of goodness”.

Dark_Sage says:

It’s used so often without the apostrophe that a lot of people consider it good without one. However, you’re right in that I should probably say something about it. Best practices and all that jazz.

Firebird says:

I thought it odd with an apostrophe. However, it appears it’s “for goodness’ sake” or “for goodness sakes”. Which is important because I prefer sakes :P

Progeusz says:

Commie-Commie and WhyNot left. Get your taste together and review remaining versions. Or, if you want to put it the other way, get over with this show quickly so you can freely do something else.

Dark_Sage says:

Eureka Seven is more interesting to me right now. Hadena’s 01 was shit and gg’s 02 was also pretty bad. Right now, I’m actually not certain which will be the worst release.

Progeusz says:

I don’t even watch E7 but its reviews suddenly started to seem much more interesting, looking forward to them.

Xythar says:

You’re still doing Hyouka, right? After E7 I guess?

Dark_Sage says:


Dark_Sage says:

Actually, I remembered why I haven’t done them already. Mazui promised a v2 on their site. It’s my policy to never review a v1 when I know a v2 is coming. The idea is that I’m always reviewing whatever a group feels is going to be their main release to the public. It’s what they expect others to view, so it’s what they can be expected to be judged on. It’s a little more in-depth than that, but that’s the gist behind why I wait.

Xythar says:

I suppose, though at this point everyone who’s watched them will have watched their v1 considering that it’s been almost a week after the fact. I’d say wait for ep2 if anything if you feel using their ep1 v1 wouldn’t be fair.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s the plan~

tits says:

For the record, gg has also mentioned releasing a v2 of their first episode together with episode 2.

DarkSage says:

how this is the shittyest blog I have ever come across

Dark_Sage says:


thecowgoesmoo says:

Your opinion would be worth ever so slightly more if you were capable of putting together a sentence that didn’t make people’s eyes bleed.

P32L says:

Do you plan on providing a rationale, or was that the point? Were you attempting to make a statement, ie ‘this is~’, or a question, ie ‘how is this~’? I suspect you were attempting to make a statement, but there really is no way to interpret this as it stands.

Mimgin says:

Though I’d never write it as such, I hear and use ****’s used for both is and was all the time. Probably because of how lazy Australian speech is in general, though.

Mimgin says:


>I hear and use ‘****’s’ both for ‘is’ and ‘was’ all the time.

P32L says:

Same here. Most, if not all, dictionaries have “has” reducing to “‘s”, so it’s certainly not incorrect.

sangofe says:

You HATE Apollon?!

Dusty says:

That’s what I thought too… but judging from his comments on other shows, I can see how D_S’s anime preferences tend not to include josei.

And as for capitalizing ‘church’, Catholics tend to capitalize it when referring to attending Mass, e.g. “I went to Church last Sunday”. But if referring to a building, it’s not capitalized. Granted, it’s Kaoru, the not-Catholic, saying it, but whatevs…

KD says:

Hey, I know I’m kind of late to the party but I thought I’d just add to what others have said:

I’m from England and here it’s totally acceptable to use “that’s” for “that was”.

We’re really liberal when it comes to pronunciation and use of apostrophes. It’s even common to hear “that’ll” for “that will”.

FalseDawn says:

Acceptable is debatable. I’m English too and sure, I’ve heard it said, but I’ve also heard irregardless said and that’s flat out wrong too.

And we’re not liberal with pronunciation OR apostrophes – we just like to contract words as much as we can :D

KD says:

I replied but forgot to use the reply button so look down…
Shows how clever I am :(

KD says:

There is no way you can argue “that’s” isn’t acceptable for that was. I’d say that contracting words as much as possible is being liberal with apostrophes :P
Im’ clearly n’t advocating p’tting a ‘postrophe anywher’.

As long as the meaning of the word is clear in the context it’s said and correct grammar is used you can use an apostrophe to contract loads of stuff. Just because it isn’t done for a given word the majority of the time doesn’t make it wrong. Surely that’s the beauty of using the apostrophe for contraction? You can get super creative with the english language, it’s not this rigid and unchanging thing.

Well, you can get creative with the language if you’re good at that sort of thing, I’m not particularly so however I will defend to the death people’s right to contract what they will!


FalseDawn says:

The source of all knowledge ( disagrees with you:

There seems to be a consensus while googling that “that’s” can never stand for “that was”, so I maintain that it only exists because people don’t understand what “that’s” actually stands for. I suppose you could argue for it in a context where the character speaking mangles the language a lot, but given the rest of the sentence in this example, it doesn’t seem like that’s what CMS were going for.

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