Prelude to Hyouka Reviews Part 2

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Writing Hyouka reviews right now. Here’s something to tide you over until then. NSFW~

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Xythar says:

I don’t even

Heisenburg says:

Holy shit…
Where’s Morning Rescue when you need some?

Kamica says:

Somehow I doubt that this post will reach 167 comments.

abc says:


njd09 says:

Well, there goes my smile for the day.

Keyboard says:

I would have liked to see this in a Nyaruko review.

Mimgin says:

I first saw this three(-ish) days ago. I still can’t get that imagery out of my head. Also, who can actually remember how the song goes?

zanon says:

Oh you crazy school pools and your dimensional portals to worlds of horror! Time to call the Laundry I guess.

FalseDawn says:

Some crazy french guy watched too much Narutaru there…

DJ-Slush says:

What the fuck.

Aelysium says:

Her mind was literally blown at the end.

Sapphi says:

That was amazing. First it was like Kemonozume, then… IDK.

Anyone have recommendations for more stuff like that?

faggot says:

Lovecraftian fiction

Dark_Sage says:

He did another video, so you could check that.

animegio says:

What. The. Fuck.

FFF says:

It can be the new Joy Ride. Maybe uglier than hyouka, but have much more fun.

Imako says:

Good god I love DyE. Album it comes from is called “Taki 183,” for anyone who’s interested.

MetalCap says:

Those crazy French.

skylion says:

Some direct props need to go to both Cronenberg (and the Canadian Film Council) for the middle part, and to Lovecraft/Derleth/Chambers for the last part.

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