Playstation Vita: A Photojournal – Part 2

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A thrilling continuation of Dark_Sage’s Playstation Vita experience.

February 24th, 2012


May 18th, 2012


The wait for Virtue’s Last Reward continues…

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Dark_Sage says:

Persona 4 Golden will be critically acclaimed and heralded by all, but will ultimately be a boring point-and-click game that lacks the enticing feel of the console experience, much like P3P was.


vagoo says:

if P4 golden has Chie, then it deserves all the praises it (enivitably) recieves. The more the popular, the more the hentai SCHWING

W0lf says:

…Are you drunk again, Dark_Sage? Or perhaps just sleep deprived?

Dark_Sage says:


W0lf says:

Can we have more rhynohorns and other articles on deep analysis?

w0lf says:

Sorry. I’m a bit sleep deprived myself.


Dark_Sage says:

You’ll like my next article. It’s probably my best work ever, not to brag or anything.

Mahjong says:

inb4 “Why you can’t judge fansubs on reputation alone” article.

Xythar says:

Still waiting for Project Diva and Technika.

Dark_Sage says:

Technika has a shot. Miku? I wish. :(

romeyo007 says:

i will still buy the vita for P4 golden, despite what everyone say, I bought PS3 just for P4 arena and will do that for the vita too

fgghjjkll says:

Good job. You’ve just wasted like 800 bucks at least.

Dago says:

PS3 $249.99
PSVita $249.99
Persona 4 Arena $59.99
Total $559.97

I´m sorry but it´s not even close.

yo says:

I lol’d. Though it’d be more amusing if they were actually different pictures.

Dark_Sage says:

The original plan was to take a shot from another angle with the only game I bought for it – Dynasty Warriors – in the trash can too. Then I remembered that I don’t have the box here any more… or Dynasty Warriors… or the Vita.

Dago says:

No Disgaea 3 Abscene of Detention,BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend,Metal Gear Solid HD Collection,Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus,Persona 4: The Golden,Street Fighter X Tekken or Uncharted: Golden Abyss, then?

Too bad,you should give me your PSVita if you don´t want any of those games.

Xythar says:

Aren’t all but one of those games just ports?

Dark_Sage says:

Like Xythar said, lol ports.

I don’t mind adding all those to my collection. But it has to be for the right price, and a few of those are on the “maybe 5 years down the road when they’re $8” list. I’ll buy P4 on release date, but I’m not all that excited for it.

Everything I want is coming out in 2013, unless E3 decides to inform me otherwise.

Dago says:

Most of those are not just ports but also have graphical enhances and new content just for the Vita version,
Or could you imagine Capcom porting SFxT from PS3 to Vita?

I´m sorry but a straight port from PS3 to Vita it´s just not possible.

Besides i seriously don´t understand why somebody would want tons os original games for a portable system,to me that´s just a waste as Vita is close to PS3 but not quite there yet.

Mahjong says:

>Vita is close to PS3 but not quite there yet.

I can’t tell if you’re actually trying to say the Vita is as powerful as the PS3 or if I’m misinterpreting your statement.

>i seriously don´t understand why somebody would want tons os original games

You gotta be fucking with me.

Dago says:

I said it is close close because it is.

Nice way to missinterpret what i said by the way.

What i meant was thast nobody in ther right mind would prefer original games released only for the Vita when those games would be better off being released for PS3

TL;DR portable consoles should only have enhanced ports.
PS Vita is close to PS3 and i REPEAT CLOSE.

Mahjong says:

>I said it is close close because it is.

>In addition, MCV claimed that Sony has told publishers that the device would be “as powerful as the PlayStation 3”. Sony later denied this, with the SCEA platform research manager stating “Well, it’s not going to run at 2 GHz because the battery would last five minutes and it would probably set fire to your pants

>TL;DR portable consoles should only have enhanced ports.

Oh wow, where to even begin with this faggotry.

>Nice way to missinterpret what i said by the way.

Nice way to misspell misinterpret when I had it right there for you.

zanon says:

I don’t see it mentioned here at all, but the primary Vita game I’m still looking forward to is Gravity Rush (or Daze or whatever they’re calling it now). Looked by far the most interesting when it was announced, and trailers/gameplay videos I’ve seen still make it look potentially pretty awesome. Plus it’s always nice to see some actual new IP rather then ports/sequels. IMO Sony is terminal stupid for not having it available at or near release, but terminal stupidity is hardly a new thing for them.

Fucking release date kept getting pushed back but I think it’s still set for mid-June so maybe it’ll actually get released this time.

AzureHakua says:

Likewise. That Gravity game looks pretty fresh. If it ends up getting some positive feedback, I might buy a Vita for it. Other than that, there aren’t too many good titles yet.

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