You all sure like your old subs…

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Fine. I’ll do a *few* oldsub reviews. Post in the comments a couple groups you fondly remember and I’ll smack those nostalgia goggles right off your face.

I ain’t playing around.


Before you begin, yes, Eclipse is getting reviewed. People will not shut up about how fucking great they are and I’m getting a little tired of it.



Dark_Sage says:

Perfect choice.

dude says:

Review their Haruhi.

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll jump at any chance to watch my favorite anime again.

Marow says:

Don’t forget Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, mate <3

Xythar says:

Yeah, afk for me. I have many fond memories of their Haruhi, Lucky Star and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

corocoro says:

Ayako. Because rage reviews are the best reviews.
Other than that… ANBU, Lunar, Triad, Frostii (as well as its parents, Froth-Bite and Ureshii) sound like good candidates.

kayserlein says:

How ’bout Elysium?

Hairy says:

They’re a BD release group.

The Kenosha Kid says:

Others have already mentioned my top picks, so I’ll also mention Yesy (too recent?), II, Ayu, Ishin, and a4e.

And oh boy those a.f.k. reviews are gonna be a riot.

dude says:

Yourmom and Aasasubs.

Nigger says:

I’m gonna seriously agree with Your-Mom. I want to know if they actually managed to be worse than today’s shit groups.

dude says:

I was serious about Aasasubs too, if only in that “see, it IS possible to be a worse sub group than Hadena” way. Scorching reviews are fun reviews.

JohnnyBGoode says:

I’m glad you’re taking the time to go back and review older subs.

Sometimes the best masturbation material are those good ‘ol vintage works.

yaffi says:


DxS says:

Seconding this. I remember their NEEDLESS being like the one really amazing thing they ever did. Would be interesting to see what you think of it.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s because Estaron was practically running it as a Himatsubishi project (which was an independent Ayako offshoot), and since he was Ayako’s only TL that knew English, it was better than you’d expect. Not really sure why Needless is getting any more love than anything else Himatsubishi did though (I was in Himatsubishi around this time, but I was a mediocre editor so I can’t say the subs would have been amazing; hell, I even edited Needless’s 01… wonder if I have logs or scripts around here…).

DxS says:

I’m fairly certain NEEDLESS’ translator was a guy name Fighter747 though…

Dark_Sage says:

I guarantee Estaron was on Needless too. That’s why it’s labeled a joint.

Xythar says:

Wait, was Himatsubushi actually any good? The only thing I ever saw from them was an episode or two of the first season of Working! (pictured: ) and I just assumed everything else would be the same.

Dark_Sage says:

The only “good” thing about Himatsubishi was that Estaron understood the value of natural sounding subs… as in, he liked to use lots of expletives and crazy-cool sentences. An Ayako offshoot is still an Ayako offshoot, and I don’t recall being in the group for very long. (Not that my presence would have changed anything. For 1-2 years of editing I was *shit*)

Qrius says:

So… Are you gonna be reviewin’ groups or releases…? ‘Cause if it’s the latter, I guess it’d be far better if you did direct comparisons instead of singular reviews.

Dark_Sage says:

Releases. What do you mean by comparisons? Like group vs. group for a show? That’s more beneficial for when you want to find out who did the best release for a show rather than how a group performed by a standard metric. I don’t think people really need to know which group had the best subs for Cowboy Bebop.

Qrius says:

Well, you might be right. Just thought I’d put my two cents in.

Nevreen says:

Eclipse were good for their time. They brought order and decent subs to a fansubbing scene that had no idea what it was doing.

By today’s standards, not so much.

herkz says:

I was gonna review an old SS-Eclipse release… until I realized I’d actually have to watch it.

DxS says:

Do it faggot.

Vance says:

Eclipse is overrated as sin. Butthurt tards thought that the group’s releases wee fabulous because this group generally picked shows with significant amounts of hype behind them, so all the leechers orgasmed in unison.

thecowgoesmoo says:

AonE, Live-eviL and Shinsen.


Minami says:

Static Subs

Calyrica says:

Do their Mai-HiME. You will want to wash your eyes out. They had fantastic poetic translations, but their QC was seriously slacking.

Kamica says:

kaizoku-fansubs (or yibis…which has been around for 4 years)

DeathKila says:

Let’s go way back: Dattebayo’s Naruto.

Did they actually QC?

Eternal_Blizzard says:

No, they were a speedsub group who stuck with .avi hardsubs until the bitter end.

stushi says:

I just got an idea.
How about you review your oldest Whine-subs anime?
It might turn out interesting, as you’re probably much more *pro* now than you were in the beginning (I think) :P

pacman says:

Go deeper. Dark_Sage’s first edit ever.

captaincupcake says:

anime junkies

flipr says:

You should do both DB’s and Ureshii’s Dennou Coil. Or just watch Dennou Coil.

You should stream Dennou Coil on your blog or at least host a viewing party on IRC we could marathon the series.

Dennou Coil.

Dark_Sage says:

I hated Dennou Coil

Akatsukin says:

I can’t tell if you have good or shit taste.

Dark_Sage says:

I can help you with that one. The answer is “good taste”.

KoolKidsK says:

Old Katekyo Hitman Reborn fansubs. I think I remember seeing your name on some of them.

KoolKidsK says:

Looking back on some old releases, haha review one of those

corocoro says:

If the rest of the release is as good as the song text, it will be A++.

Darksouka says:

Agree… hehehe…

Dark_Sage says:

I was in that group. The shame. Oh, the shame.

Dark_Sage says:

You did. Bad memories.

I don’t so much want reviews of oldsubs as I do reviews of releases from just before you started reviewing. Like stuff you would have had to check ji-hi for but can’t now because they’re gone. So shows from Winter 2011 or earlier that had multiple potentially good releases. A few Angel Beats! ones, for example, would be appreciated. Or maybe K-ON! (either season), Toradora or Bakemonogatari. And you should be able to defermine which groups to look at for those.

Calyrica says:

Bakemonogatari would be fun, since D_S worked on it for Koharubi. :-P

innocenat says:


kokujin-kun says:

I’ll get the ball rolling with some shameless self-linking:

AnimeJunkies’ Mass Naked Child Events

Chaos-Kuns says:

detective conan fansub DCTP please

sangofe says:

How about ForZen-Evil when they release the last episode of Yawara?

sangofe says:

Darn… Typo… FroZen-Evil (the joint between Frostii, Saizen and Live-Evil)… is what I ment. If I’m not wrong, these 3 groups are some of the oldest groups still releasing, and they’re doing a 3 way joint, so why not?

sangofe says:

Apart from that… I used to think Anime-Kraze was really high quality, and I show I remember being greatly subbed was Seirei No Moribito:

sangofe says:

Also, please review Shinsen-Subs Ghost Hound. I wanna know if they were such the “Shitsen-subs” group they were rumored for being.

FalseDawn says:

I second for Shinsen – for years I actually steered well clear of Shinsen because of their variable quality (though as it happens, they did have some of the best editors of the time).

Some groups to add to the list not already mentioned: Solar, The Triad, Live-Evil (I remember them having some very good tls back in the day)… and for real kicks, you could do Proto-gg – something like Pani Poni Dash or whatever if you’re feeling masochistic ^___^

flipr says:

RIP in peace Triad

Cyxez says:

The Yakitate!! Japan releases from anime-empire are great.
You might give these a try if you want to review some good oldsubs.

Devileyes says:

ugh D_S please stop complaining like a little girl, i for one don’t take your reviews seriously, also if it happened and you conclude that eclipse is bad then you would be the biggest idiot in the history of anime reviewers… cheers

FalseDawn says:

Eclipse fanboy detected >.>

Some of the Eclipse subs were very poorly-edited. I remember one in particular where the font was resized for one line and one line only so that it didn’t become a three-liner. Much mirth was had at that one :D

Xythar says:

\fscx90 is the greatest editing technique.

Nevreen says:

I QC’d for Static for over 2 years, most of it with an Eclipse editor (because Static’s editor went MIA a few months after I joined). I should dig up some old “edited” scripts I was handed.

Devileyes says:

eclipse fanboy?? yea right lmao … i’ve only used them for few series.. but their quality is great and i give them that.. im just being fair here …

Mahjong says:

You sure seem to be wanking to them.

rarely_upset says:

hadena had a passable release once lol … maybe it was only once..but it was fine …i hate how D_S always complains about them, the release was fine, which is why i don’t listen to his reviews, i can tell good english by myself anyway rofl… he really is a big idiot …

njd09 says:

The new Hadena is fine? Post-Dragon_numbers? I think not. When I was editing for them and Dragon_numbers was in charge, we had 3 editors that were capable of producing comprehensible English, myself being one of them. Now, you’d be lucky to find a Hadena release that is even watchable with their current level of quality. Even simulcasts aren’t safe anymore. I’d be very interested to know which of Hadena’s current releases you find acceptable.

Dark_Sage says:

rarely_upset is joking.

Anonymous says:

I feel you should invent a bullshit-o-meter for this site. Maybe like a banner on the comment like they do on wiki for unsubstantiated articles :D

Kamica says:

I’m afraid that there is a difference between what a 12-year-old and what a 24-year-old finds to be acceptable English.

corocoro says:

Sarcasm, an art lost on the masses of the internet…

Nevreen says:

To be fair, sarcasm can be pretty hard to convey properly through writing, especially if you don’t know the author very well.

corocoro says:

Well, it was fairly obvious in this case, even without knowing the author.

P32L says:

You always have to consider Poe’s law with Hadena fans.

Anonymous says:

Oh boy, you’re gonna love D_S’s review then. Might be worth taking off the rose-tinted spectacles now.

As has been said before, Eclipse did become the template for most fansub groups (let’s not forget that they were the first speedsub group to actually be any good, rather than unwatchable, which is why they became so popular, no doubt) but judging them purely on their editing etc, even against their contemporaries, they fell way short.

Which I always found rather strange, because the same editor edited for Lunar (and I think Eclipse’s tl was a Lunar one too) and Lunar’s editing was way better than what Eclipse put out.

Speaking of which, I’d be interested in D_S checking out a Lunar Bleach episode, because I seem to remember there being uproar at the time with Deidryt’s use of ebonics – he may even have pioneered it? I’m struggling to think of an earlier example for characterisation in fansubs.

Devileyes says:

tbh i dont really trust other people’s reviews and opinions… they are always biased.. thats why i download every group available for an anime that i want to watch and then compare them myself… and one of the leading sub groups this year i found to be UTW their quality is top notch….

Dark_Sage says:

You seem to be a qualified judge of quality. Tell us, how do you compare the subs and find the best ones?

Xythar says:

i think he goes with whoever uses the most ellipses… and the least commas…

Devileyes says:

@Xythar ugh you don’t really know me, so please refrain from stupid comments… and i have watched more animes than you will ever watch in your whole life, so i believe i know which quality is good and which is not…

@Dark_Sage ok now mate, i have no obligation to tell you what standards i usually go with, and i’m not stupid enough to settle for other people’s opinion and choose the group they rate the best.. now there you have it.. sorry but i had to break your bubble and tell you that other peoples also have opinions and not just you…
well then cheers…

Xythar says:

Please, stop. I almost choked on my coffee when I read that.

Nevreen says:

You must have been quite flustered to learn that someone had watched more anime than you. One can immediately tell what benefits and credibility such a feat granted him.

Dark_Sage says:

I agree, you’re not stupid. In fact, you’re so not stupid, unstupid is the only word I could use to describe you.

Tell ya what man, I’ll give you an author account. Why don’t you make a post explaining your methodology so that others on the site can be more informed? Please provide examples in the post of the great choices you’ve made.

Devileyes says:

“I agree, you’re not stupid. In fact, you’re so not stupid, unstupid is the only word I could use to describe you.”

oh shit we’ve got a smartass here… wow seriously im so moved right now, i have yet to meet someone as “intelligent” as you sir…

“Tell ya what man, I’ll give you an author account. Why don’t you make a post explaining your methodology so that others on the site can be more informed? Please provide examples in the post of the great choices you’ve made.”

lmao you can search me all day for a fuck to give and you wouldn’t find any, u really think i would waste my precious time on you fags… i couldn’t care less about arrogant cunts such as yourself and their opinion… oh and you can shove that “author account” up your ass…

@the other lackeys that i couldn’t care enough to mention their names, its really hard to be sucka-free in a world full of lollipops, now isn’t it?

Xythar says:

he aanime as on the television when you were a sperm in your daddys balls

Mahjong says:

I’d read articles written by this lollipop.

rarely_upset says:

hey devileyes
you seem like a pretty neat guy to me… much smarter than Dark_Sage … i have a funny idea for this site… email me i’m rarelyupset @ gmail

FalseDawn says:

Wow, this guy trolls himself. Classic.

captain cupcake says:

>”u really think i would waste my precious time on you fags… ”

…and yet you’re taking the time to post comments and stir up drama here. Please, carry on.

P32L says:

srry to break ur bubble… but ur like a day late…

Xythar says:

Don’t smash the poor guy’s sphere.

damon says: damn thats some nice advice right there…

Dark_Sage says:

I can’t wait to taste your tears.

Xythar says:

Man, I’m looking forward to this.

yo says:

CentralAnime? They did Macross 7, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, & Touch, though I thought it was more than was on their webpage. Maybe that was LunarAnime…

Kilowog says:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes would be an interesting review

Jayz says:

Once one gets past the urine subs; yes.

Fuck I miss that show.

Vance says:

Devileyes should go edit for Hadena. He will keep up that group’s high standard of fansubbing.

Alt-F4 says:


Shabutie says:

Be a bro and do one of Doremi’s old-ass Ojamajo releases.

Insemination says:

Menclave. Their kara for Gundam 00 was fapulous.

Vance says:

Can you review NP-Complete’s Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (Tatami Galaxy)? I watched J-pwq’s releases, and am wondering if NP-Complete’s releases would be better for archiving purposes.

Reed says:

Obligatory Saizen post.

redrosebox says:

Do a.f.k.’s SZS, Lucky Star, and Haruhi.

And maybe The Triad vs Ayu’s Higurashi, Shinsen-Subs’ Mononoke, BSS’s Moayshimon, Dattebayo’s Naruto, and Keroro vs Doremi’s Keroro Gunso

These are the groups I remember watching years ago. I also want to know if Shinsen was shitty as rumored.

And speaking of The Triad, I think someone is turning their hardsubbed releases and softsubbing them on the DVD or BD release of that show.

Nevreen says:


Have to.

Squiggy says:

Koi’s ‘Air TV’

FalseDawn says:

Why Koi’s? I’d be interested in a Lunar vs The Triad on Air because I actually thought Lunar beat Triad hands down on it at the time. Might just be the nostalgia glasses though.

Vagoo says:

anything from a4e

SCR512 says:

First off, I guess I’m an “oldish” school former fansubber.

I am biased as I worked with Ayu and Eclipse mostly (Some stints with Static-Subs and Live-eviL (typesetter/sfx/encoder)

I’d be interested in seeing a review of ZX’s sub of Starship Operators. This was essentially the first sub Eclipse did (before we created and named our group) but this had all the core members.

Ayu/Sora’s Kurau: Phantom Memory would also be cool as this show was a labor of love for me personally along with jonny-mt (One of Ayu’s translators)

Lets throw in some Yuri as well as I did 2 seasons of Maria-sama no Miteru.

These subs should be old enough :)


SCR512 says:

I can’t spell the damn shows I even worked on @[email protected]

Maria-sama ga Miteru

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