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In advance of tonight’s Winter 2013 Preview (which I may or may not have started writing yet), Dark_Sage takes a look back on his Summer 2012 Preview to see just how accurate he was…

The Predictions (+results)!

Anna Kushina


La Storia della Arcana Famiglia – I may be willing to accept I was slightly wrong on this one.
Kokoro Connect – Right!


Sword Art Online – Right!-ish. Those first some eps were good.
Dakara Boku Wa – I dunno, didn’t watch it.
Campione! – Uhh… no, not really. But there were tits, so yeah, I was right.
Koi to Senkyo – I dunno, didn’t finish it. We’ll assume so?
Tari Tari – I liked the three episodes I saw!


Joshiraku – Didn’t watch it, so I was probably right.
Binbou-gami ga! – So fucking right.
Ebiten – I dunno. Didn’t watch it, so we’re calling that I called it.
Oda Nobuna – Probably sucked. Didn’t watch it.
Imouto ga Iru – Dropped it at like episode 1.
Muv-Luv Alt – So super fucking shit.
Hagure Yuusha – Didn’t watch it. Bet it was shit.
Jinrui wa Suitai – Uhh, I was a bit wrong here.
Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Didn’t watch it. Shit confirmed.
Chouyaku – This would have been super duper shit if I watched it.
Chitose Get You – Terribly shit.


Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II – Was indeed a sequel.
Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 – Sequel, confirmed.
Dog Days’ – Yeah, this was a sequel.
Yuruyuri Season 2 – Not entirely sure, but I think this was a sequel.
Moyashimon Returns – More a reboot than a sequel, but we’re gonna call it a sequel.
Hakuoki: Reimei-roku – Did this even air? I dunno, didn’t pay attention, but if it did, it was a sequel.


Out of a total of 24 shows that I previewed, I was right on all but two of them. This gives my previews a 92% accuracy rate. Rest assured that my random guesses divine divinations will not lead you astray for Winter 2013!

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rarely_upset says:

sasuga Dark_Sage

Yumi-chan says:

Where is that pic from?

Dark_Sage says:


Yumi-chan says:

…what? O_o

Dark_Sage says:

Ah, sorry. I was using my Spanish keyboard for that one. That anime is called K.

RDF2050 says:

You really make me laugh with that one. xD

+10 to D_S

Humanity says:

Sage, you’re so accurate at sequel predictions. How do you do it?

Dark_Sage says:

Extensive anime experience combined with a drive for the truth. Not everybody can handle it, but I always dattebayo my best.

P32L says:

I’m not sure getting most of the shit shows right counts for much (you could probably get a ~90% success rate by just declaring all anime shit).

Kamica says:

“Tari Tari – I liked the three episodes I saw!”

Three episodes? Do not try to pretend that your Underwater review never happened! Google search proves otherwise! I’m onto your tricks!

Hairy says:

Kokoro Connect was pretty shitty and Dakara Boku Wa was terrible.

Oda Nobuna and Binbougami were pretty good.

Thewanderer says:

I felt Kokoro Connect was too repetative.

kokujin-kun says:

>Koi to Senkyo – I dunno, didn’t finish it.
>We’ll assume so?

[Cue Consuela from Family Guy] No… No…

Hairy says:

Chocolate was just a fairly average eroge adaptation with worst girl winning.

Still not as bad as SAO or Dakara though.

kokujin-kun says:

Yeah, for a cheap harem anime, it actually has something resembling a plot, and it was most enjoyable when it focused on election strategies.

And no, not as bad as SAO -_-

jen says:

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was excellent.
SAO and Famiglia are shitty.

ZeroNoKau says:

Your accuracy is uber c00l.

Dark_Sage says:

1 4/\/\ 8055

thecowgoesmoo says:

The problem with Moyashimon was a combination of the source material dipping a bit in later volumes and the studios (same companies did the first season) burning down… or at least that’s the only charitable explanation I can come with for why the character designs went into the toilet, and why they just stuffed in droning explanations at random.

Nevreen says:

>Binbougami-ga and Oda Nobuna in shit-tier

You’re a pretty okay dude, D_S, but you really have no taste in animu.

Xillin says:

AFAIK Hakuoki Reimeiroku was a prequel. You failed.

P32L says:

Except “sequel” doesn’t imply that the work necessarily chronologically succeeds the preceding title. In fact, a prequel is a type of sequel.

redrosebox says:

Uta Koi was good. A few of the stories had me crying by the end.

The ED song was great though.

Beckett says:

Koi to Senkyo was good. Right up until the last 2 or 3 episodes, where they made the controversial decision to replace their entire writing staff with a collection of half retarded chimps.

Kokoro Connect was good, not great. They took great ideas that could have resulted in epic storytelling and watered them down into predictable bullshit.

Sword Art Online was complete shit.

Binbougami-ga, Oda Nobuna, and Natsuyuki Rendezvous were good.

Other than that your predictions were pretty accurate. AMAZING accuracy on the sequels by the way, better be careful that nobody tries to burn you at the stake for witchcraft!

Hairy says:

Natsuyuki Rendezvous was awful and wins the award for ugliest and most man-like female MC of 2012.

=0x0= says:

>Arcana Famiglia

Did I not get the joke?

Nevreen says:

That was sarcastic. So yes.

corocoro says:

He thought it was excellent, Whine-Subs started working on it, and dropped it after the first episode because everyone in their staff hated the series.

Eludi says:

Oda ended up being best on my list.

anon007 says:

Joshiraku goes in the shit column cause you didn’t watch it? Seriously?! You sir, missed out on the 2nd best show of the season (after Jinrui wa Suitai).

Dark_Sage says:

Eh, I’ll buy it if it comes out on DVD/BD. Not wasting my time on whatever the hell gg did to their version.

Xythar says:

I edited like half of that, you know :(

anon007 says:

You and everyone at gg who did the subs for Joshiraku have my utmost gratitude (it must have been a nightmare of a show to sub).

Dark_Sage says:

Oh you were on it? Figured gg woulda gone /Hidan on the show, but if not then it’s probably a dece release.

Xythar says:

It’s a serious effort, but half the show is full of jokes that don’t translate very well (or at all), so in the end there was only so much we could do without filling the screen full of TL notes. That’s also why you’re about as likely to see official subs for it as you are for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

anon007 says:

Actually about 3 or 4 episodes in I discovered the “Notes and the Like” pages on gg’s site. Reading though those pages helped explain a lot of the stuff that I would never have gotten otherwise.

rarely_upset says:


Yes, he was being extremely serious.

What says:

Joshiraku is shit because you didn’t watch it?

It was the best anime that season.

Dark_Sage says:

If I don’t watch a show, it’s shit. Sorry dude, but that’s just how things work.

I don’t make the rules, I just let people know what they are.

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