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Was it worth the wait? Yes. Except no, not really. But it’s out, so get it anyway.


As to why this matters… If you have any playback issues with Whine-Subs releases, I’m going to first ask what you’re using to play them. If it’s not CCCP, I’m going to tell you to get CCCP and then let me know if that works. It’s the standard I’ve been using since I first started subbing (2003) and it’s the standard I’ll use until the day I die (2011).

For reviews, I will be rocking CCCP on my system. If you see screenshots that portray your release “incorrectly”, I’m going to ask why it wouldn’t display correctly on CCCP. Since it probably should display correctly on CCCP, there is a good chance someone forgot to mux the right fonts in, so don’t blame me.


What it Includes




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sakagamitomoya says:

MPC+Lav Filters+MadVR+xy-vsfilter still superior.

FalseDawn says:

According to the download I just did, only MadVR is missing from CCCP and let’s face it, it probably isn’t needed.

touhouhater#1 says:

you forgot madflac

random says:


Dark_Sage says:

It’s a better *standard* than telling someone to set up their system with what Saka-chan uses. If someone new to anime says “I want to start watching shows on my computer”, I’m going to tell them “Okay, but make sure you have CCCP set up — it will improve your video playback.” I’m not going to tell them to download each filter separately and then configure their system so they all work properly.

This is more of a bare minimum as far as expectations go. And I think it’s an acceptable base for people to work from.

zanon says:

Not sure I entirely agree with you that it’s a better standard vs something libavcodec-based, like mplayer or whatever. Those are consistent and available on pretty much every platform more powerful then a graphing calculator, typically as a single application or install command. I’ve haven’t looked at CCCP in many years, but I assume it stays reasonably up to date. Nonetheless, if there was ever a time where something played perfectly with recent ffmpeg but not CCCP, I wouldn’t blame any group for saying “looks fine in mplayer, go fuck yourself.”

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t know enough about playback to argue whether or not Mplayer (or KCP, as xviruz mentioned) is better. All I know is that we as a scene have generally recommended CCCP to the viewers and there needs to be a significant reason for me to adopt a different base standard.

FalseDawn says:

I think the scene’s point of view is: if it ain’t broke, why fix it? CCCP has been the recommended weapon of choice certainly as long as I can remember. MPlayer was only really mentioned due to its compatibility with Macs or Linux or something (I dunno, I use Windows).

BwackNinja says:

They’re all basically the same. MadVR gives video scaling that’s a little bit better. MPlayer2 with gl3 video output does the same thing.

Libass ignores some typesetting if there is an error in it (like a missing end parenthesis or extra comma), but xy-vsfilter will parse those lines the way they were intended.

The only issue with CCCP or KCP is that their not cross-platform, so some people will have to use MPlayer regardless.

tormaid says:

GL3 is still not nearly on the same level as Madvr, sorry. Plus, most fansubbing typesetters use vsfilter, and rarely guarantee correct playback with Libass.

BwackNinja says:

Scaling algorithms are on the same level. MadVR _does_ have better dithering though.

Adopting MPlayer2 as a recommended player means that correct playback would be guaranteed using libass. I haven’t seen an error using the current libass that wasn’t a typesetting mistake that xy-vsfilter silently ignored.

There is no compelling reason to change, so no change will be made.

Xythar says:

Because mplayer uses libass and >typesetting to libass

Yeah, no thanks.

Behold says:

I know nothing about typesetting, would you mind explaining why typesetting with libass in mind is unpleasant and how xy-vsfilter is better? Well, not that I have a choice either way, being a non-Windows user.

Hm, looking at the project page of xy-vsfilter, it seems the project is open source… I wonder why it hasn’t been ported to Linux.

Xythar says:

libass has, last I checked, a bunch of hilarious bugs that makes various tags like \fay pretty useless. Even now, there are many signs that are pretty much mutually exclusive between (xy-)vsfilter and libass – they either work on one or they work on the other. Since everyone else targets vsfilter and most people use it, typesetting to libass is a good way to make your typesetting look broken to most of your viewers.

jabashque says:

Libass has… issues. (ex. {\fscx\fscy} scales {\fax\fay}. Therefore, on motion tracking lines, which often have something like {\fs2\fscx2000\fscy2000} due to vsfilter [not xy-vsfilter] not allowing floating point values for {\fscx\fscy}, you often get this with {\fax\fay}: )

jabashque says:

forgot to mention that vsfilter/xy-vsfilter doesn’t do that ({\fscx\fscy} scaling {\fax\fay}).

Xythar says:

Well, it still doesn’t render them exactly the same. I tried switching Aegisub to render the subs in libass in the latest episode of R;N just for fun and the lines using \fay were still way off.

jabashque says:

Comparison between libass 0.10.1 and xy-vsfilter

Lines used:
{\fs2\fscx8000\fscy8000\fay0.1}Hey, there.
{\fs2\fscx8000\fscy8000\fax0.1}Hey, there.

BwackNinja says:


Compare this line:


To this line:


That’s a good example of the differences. The second arrow is in the same place with xy-vsfilter, but not with libass. You’ll see that libass computes \fay based on the current position, while xy-vsfilter does it by the position of the start of the line.

Thanks for pointing out that scene, Xythar. This should be enough for a good bug report against libass.

jabashque says:


I think I ended up talking about a completely different issue instead of what Xythar talked about, since I was referring to shearing being scaled by \fscx\fscy. But now I know about another bug.

innocenat says:

Do you know that LAV Filter is libavcodec-based? The only difference is that LAV also support various hardware acceleration.

Also, libass typesetting sucks. And right now xy-vsfilter is faster than libass anyway. It’s been optimised to fansub usage (gradient, fbf effect, etc)

xviruz says:

There is also KCP from Haruhichan, apparently with madVR now, though I haven’t tried it.

kayserlein says:

Did they finally include the xy-vsfilter?

Dark_Sage says:

Yes. I suppose it would be useful to let people know what they’re downloading. Post updated.

FichteFoll says:

I went to the wiki immediately after downloading it – no update. But JEEB updated it roughly 20mins ago so you might be interested in linking that as well for the complete changelog. (

Also, xy-VSFilter seems to be the standard now. Well, anything is better than VSFilter.

Dark_Sage says:


Qrius says:

Is it me or the release comes out like 3 days after your rambling about it being outdated?
Dude, that’s just scary… Are you God or something?

Dark_Sage says:

Looks that way.

Humanity says:

And behold! CCCP rose again on the third day.

jabashque says:

So you found a TL for Tamako Market?

Dark_Sage says:

I found a joint. I’ll make a hype post when everything’s sorted out.

Kamica says:

Am looking forward to hearing more about this joint. The show airs thursday evening when we convert to USA timezones. So i’m guessing this means that we should expect an early morning saturday release, huh?

Dark_Sage says:

Doesn’t it convert to Wednesday morning, America time? That means you should expect a Wednesday night/Thursday release.

Kamica says:

Wednesday evening is probably too optimistic. I highly doubt you can work that efficiently.

Dark_Sage says:

Wednesday night is optimistic, sure. But I can knock out a three-pass edit in 1-1.5 hours after I get off work (add another half-hour for four passes). Assuming everything (script, typesetting, timing, scriptless encode) gets finished before I roll on, it wouldn’t be out of the question for QC -> release to take only a few hours more.

FalseDawn says:

How do you do a three-pass edit in an hour? Something doesn’t add up there…

Dark_Sage says:

1. Script only (Get the easy stuff out of the way that would slow down the second pass.) 10-15 mins.
2. Video/audio (Watch it through and fix where needed.) 40-60 mins.
3. Script only (Fix any lines that I know need to be fixed but I didn’t have enough time to focus on during the second pass. Quick skim for issues.) 10-15 mins.

Then it goes off to QC. Familiarity with source material/watching it raw before the script is ready for edit can decrease time spent. What, did you think it takes me three hours to fix up a script? I’d consider myself a failure if I spent more than two hours on a script as just an editor. That’s the standard I hold myself to and it used to be what all editors I knew did as well.

janice says:

by rushing

Sutai says:

Janice a meanie.

Kamica says:

Totally converted the time zones the wrong direction. Air day is wednesday at 10:30 AM EST. Which might allow for a friday evening release day.

Nevreen says:

That’d be kind of slow, tbh. If the show doesn’t require a lot of typesetting and/or have a ton of lines, it should be quite feasible to have a Wednesday night release.

sakagamitomoya says:

I’m looking forward to a glorious joint with Hadena.

Dark_Sage says:

<Dark_Sage> Yo just came in to say that I completely support your Tamako Market plans. If there’s any support I can offer, please let me know.
<~Arashi> . 。O
<~Arashi> Am I reading correctly
<~Arashi> Oi someone hit me in the head
<Dark_Sage> I’m actually being serious
<~Arashi> …
<~Arashi> as you wish
<~Arashi> Dark_Sage thnx for the offer.
<~Arashi> we will try to get it out beofre any other group
<~Arashi> .access add Dark_Sage 3

Minimally modified logs. Hadena x Whine-Subs, joint of the century.

damon says:

well it’s only a matter of QC then.. Arashi is known for his accurate translations so yeah, this will be the best joint of the year. \o/

stushi says:


Neko-Chan says:


It’ll be the funniest thing to happen to fansubbing… EVAR.

RDF2050 says:


I will just continue using what I have been using for months:

Xythar says:

What you linked is pretty much just CCCP plus madVR, you know.

DanV2 says:

Plus CCCP doesn’t require me to do shit. Cause I’m pretty lazy. I mean, I’ve setup MadVR and shit before, but if I can just run the CCCP installer and get almost the same thing, then that will be my option every time.

Solaristics says:

You pretty much just used CCCP, like Xythar stated l0l.

Beckett says:

This seems like an ideal thread to ask. What video player do you use these days Dark Sage? I’m still using VLC even though I’ve heard a lot of people badmouth it because, frankly, it plays the files I want it to and I’m too lazy to switch. But the release of the new version of CCCP is giving me a brief flash of ambition to update my entire viewing experienceso if there is a different player I should be using these days I’d like to get in on that.

Dark_Sage says:

MPC-HC comes with CCCP, so that’s what I use.

FalseDawn says:

Yeah, MPC ftw. Fansub standard since 2005 (or earlier) for a reason.

Beckett says:

Hmm I always get a lot of weird screen artifacting with MPC. A lot of green shit all over the place. Guess I’ll just stick to VLC then, it works for me without ever giving me any grief and really I can’t ask for much more than that.

Dark_Sage says:

Do you have any filters, or did you just download MPC and think that would suffice?

Beckett says:

I have whatever came with CCCP. I’m too lazy to deal with downloading extra filters and shit when I have a player that works without bothering with that.

Dark_Sage says:

And you still got green stuff? Weird.

B1 says:

Sort of sounds like you haven’t updated CCCP since before 10-bit. I’d suggest clearing out (use Insurgent from CCCP site) all old/unnecessary codecs and install the new one. I’ve been using it for more years than I can remember and the only time I ever had problems was when the 10-bit stuff started coming out and I hadn’t updated the software.

SomeDuder says:

Late reply, perhaps, but I’m surprised that noone’s posted about a home-cinema setup. I can’t be the only 20+ that watches his cartoons in the living room via a network streaming device (NAS > Popcorn Hour > AVR > TV)

Marow says:

I still use VLC~

Justinnnnnn says:

Amen to that.

stushi says:

virtual hi5

sakagamitomoya says:

I’m so sorry for all of you VLC users.

I should start a Kickstarter to help all you guys out, I’ve heard they’re all the rage these days.

Justinnnnnn says:

Ask Double Fine…

kokujin-kun says:

Fuck you all, I still use WMP.

stushi says:

The funny thing is, I actually have the latest cccp installed. I’m just too lazy to change the default player from vlc to mpc.

Oh, and happy new year to anyone in my time-zone :P

It’d be more interesting if they’d release it at 12-12-12. Like the other time ┐( ‘ ー’)┌

rarely_upset says:

That was the target, but they missed.

Kamica says:

What’s the joint with GotWoot going to be called? “[GotTears]” perhaps? Well, I hope it works out!

herkz says:

the viewers will certainly have them

anhero says:

I’ve been using K-Lite – it’s much better than it was to begin with. K-Lite’s had LAV filters and XY-VS filter tweaks for months.

It also comes with MadVR and gets updated with every filter release for those that way inclined.

Xerxes says:

With the default settings my videos don’t play in the same brightness than your reviews, do you know why it can be?

Dark_Sage says:

I dunno, video card issues? I only use default settings to properly mirror the general user experience.

Xerxes says:

It must be that, thanks ;)

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