Fansub Review: [Hadena] Tamako Market (Episode 01)

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I think Hadena would come better out of this review if I hadn’t already seen what translations Mazui, Commie, and GotWoot had for some of these lines. But too bad for Hadena I don’t really feel like feigning ignorance. [Note: This isn’t a regular Hadena review because they’ve improved beyond the random gibberish of last season.]

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (409 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)

Note: I edited Tamako for GotWoot. So you should just be aware of any potential bias that would come from someone of one group reviewing another group’s release. If I thought it was an issue, though, I just wouldn’t do the review. You deserve honest opinions, and even if you disagree with me, that’s what you’re getting with my final review scores.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

SubCompare screenshot comparisons:


Visual Review


[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_02.36_[2013.01.10_19.36.09] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_02.51_[2013.01.10_19.36.32]

Opening. Hard to read and the Japanese disappears too quickly.

Rating: Bad.


[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_22.38_[2013.01.11_00.35.51] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_23.11_[2013.01.11_00.37.10]

Ending. This was pretty goddamn shit. Not only was the Japanese hard to read, the k-timing was fucking messed up. No thank you. (Also, you “take out” contacts, not “take off”.)

Rating: Bad.




[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_00.43_[2013.01.10_19.30.49] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_01.02_[2013.01.10_19.33.21] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2013.01.10_19.33.29] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_01.27_[2013.01.10_19.34.31] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_01.53_[2013.01.10_19.35.15] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_02.57_[2013.01.10_19.39.51] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_04.42_[2013.01.10_19.48.26] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_05.23_[2013.01.10_19.49.16] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_05.35_[2013.01.10_19.49.36] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_06.42_[2013.01.10_20.08.49] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2013.01.10_20.09.01] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2013.01.10_20.09.07] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_18.23_[2013.01.11_00.00.27] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_18.58_[2013.01.11_00.01.18] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_21.29_[2013.01.11_00.34.06] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_21.32_[2013.01.11_00.34.19] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_21.34_[2013.01.11_00.34.28] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_23.45_[2013.01.11_00.38.43]

I like how they only really bothered to typeset what they knew would be on subscompare. Well done, meesles. I hope you enjoy your power over fansubs.

What was typeset was shit and made me facepalm a dent in my forehead. Well, except for that “Ta Ma Ya” scene where I just laughed my ass off at the clipping.




[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_23.51_[2013.01.11_00.38.54]

Sasuga Hadena.



Script Review

lol Hadena.

It’s Hadena so you should expect fuck-ups with the English. There are fewer here than usual, but there were still a hell of a lot. Here’s a nice cross-section of what you can expect to find in this release.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_00.23_[2013.01.10_19.27.39]

A TL Note and it doesn’t match what it’s supposed to. Also, capitalizing “Kineko Mochi”? Why?

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_04.18_[2013.01.10_19.47.05]

TL Note: “Tori” means “Bird”

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_05.41_[2013.01.10_19.49.49]

Fantastic insult.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_06.26_[2013.01.10_19.50.52]

Yes, Hadena is like SubDesu, where translating ending quirks into “you know” is considered acceptable.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_15.01_[2013.01.10_23.06.33]

Fewer? Oh, you mean fewer people?

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_17.43_[2013.01.10_23.56.03]


[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_18.46_[2013.01.11_00.00.59]

Yeah sure. Completely acceptable to not know what “than” is.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_20.28_[2013.01.11_00.28.10]

Mid-sentence capitalization.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_21.04_[2013.01.11_00.33.34]

Random pluralization.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_21.59_[2013.01.11_00.35.29]

Except you had his name as “Dela” in the release.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_22.56_[2013.01.11_00.36.14]

Good old misspellings.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_11.21_[2013.01.11_02.09.12]

And translating “oji-chan” as “uncle”. Beautiful.





Sometimes there’s a reason everyone TLs it one way…

(Keep in mind for these comparisons that GotWoot had a TLC from Mazui, so GW and Mazui translations will generally be similar.)

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_00.06_[2013.01.10_19.27.09]

Mazui: I’m going to my grandma’s on the second.

Commie: Yeah. Leaving to visit my mom’s family on the 2nd.

GotWoot: I’ll be at my grandparents’ on the 2nd.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_00.24_[2013.01.10_19.29.26] [Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_00.26_[2013.01.10_19.29.31]

Mazui: How big are we talking here? // It’ll fit in your hand.

Commie: What size will it be? // Small enough to hold in one hand.

GotWoot: How big will it be? // About the size of your palm.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_01.00_[2013.01.10_19.33.06]

Mazui: Tama-chan, take some sea bream with you too!

Commie: Tamako, take some bream head with you too.

GotWoot: Take some sea bream with you!

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_12.42_[2013.01.10_22.56.45]

Mazui: Kimoto-san ordered 30 daifuku, right?

Commie: Thirty sweet bean mochi for Mr. Kimoto, right?

GotWoot: Kimoto-san ordered 30 daifuku, right?

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_16.26_[2013.01.10_23.13.06]

Mazui: Einspänner, Gold Blend.

Commie: One Einspanner gold blend coffee.

GotWoot: Einspänner Golden Blend.

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_16.04_[2013.01.10_23.14.03]

Mazui: When I was in fifth grade, my mother passed—

Commie: I’d love to, but when I was in fifth grade, my mom—

GotWoot: I would if I could, but when I was in fifth grade, my mother—

[Hadena] Tamako Market - 01 [720p] [99D1A1EF].mkv_snapshot_17.18_[2013.01.10_23.54.54]

Mazui: Mochi Hell…

Commie: It’s a mochi hell.

GotWoot: It’s mochi hell!




Watchability: Unwatchable.

Visual grade: F

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

It’s strange to say that a group is doing better than usual while still giving them an “F” grade, but that’s the case here. No roads glorified in cabbages in this release.

But it’s still a shitty effort with bad kara, terrible/missing typesetting, and fucked-up translations. Overall, I can’t recommend you should download this release if you want to enjoy the show.
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herkz says:

you should do these more often

Dark_Sage says:

TL comparisons or Hadena reviews? [Edit: Based on other people’s responses on IRC, I imagine it’s the former. Noted.]

herkz says:

actually both, but i mostly meant hadena reviews. too funny

JohnSmith says:

At least there’s no top 10 epic fuckup countdown.

loldena says:

‘I think Hadena would come better out of this review’, ‘It’s strange to say that a group is doing better than usual while still giving them an “F” grade’, ‘Overall, I can’t recommend you should download this release if you want to enjoy the show.’ So you’re telling me that Hadena could’ve actually been watchable? What a joke. Have you loss your senses, o mighty sage?

loldena says:


AnotherAnimeFan says:

Its Hadena, its not like its going to be good in the first place anyway. You try and point out their mistakes and then fagrashi just bashes you for making him look stupid.

InfectedPathogen says:

For once, I’m actually going to have to point my translator to this.

raingod says:

What the [email protected] did I just watched?!

Sutai says:

Still has better Visuals than GotWoot!

sapphi says:

I should post your glorious typesetting for NazoKano.

Sutai says:

Go ahead. I haven’t taken anything I did for GotWoot seriously since I didn’t even want to work on those shows and you know it.

AnotherAnimeFan says:

With accuracy and everything else thrown out of the window.

Solaristics says:

Man Hadena reviewing is good for some laughs.

thecowgoesmoo says:

I don’t get the deal with the Einspänner coffee. Einspänner is supposed to have whipped cream in it, but it was served black and she was only offered milk. What’s up with that?

Kenshin_sama says:

I always considered whipped cream to be optional with anything. Is this suppose to be some kind of weird tradition involving that coffee in particular?

FalseDawn says:

Wait a sec… did KyoAni sponsor their own show?

NIAIK says:

And those are some of the reasons I keep telling them not to fucking sub what’s being picked up by the better groups out there. But they never listen.
Anyhow, I enjoyed this article and I failed to see the improvements, they just don’t have the hadena script rapists around anymore.

Novles says:

Subcompare almost makes Hadena look good.

Justinnnnnn says:

Hadena didn’t deserve an F, you rats.

Anon says:

They sure tried there best, you know?

AnotherAnimeFan says:

No they deserve worse. A F rating is pretty considerate.

Assasin_Cross says:

and your comment deserve an F

NIAIK says:

You sir have just gotten an F, I repeat, a very big ((F)) rating.

Dark_Sage says:

I can’t bear to see this chain go on any longer. It hurts.

Another/Assasin/NIAIK, Justin was playing off the “rats” line. Generally when you see someone post a comment that’s a bit off and it matches something you’ve seen in the review, they’re riffing on it in some way.

Justinnnnnn says:

Dude, you ruined my troll chain. Not cool…

Dark_Sage says:

If it went on for much longer, I’d have had to set fire to the site in a desperate attempt to cleanse it. I had no choice.

NIAIK says:


Dark_Sage says:

I had the matches ready and everything.

NIAIK says:

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Neko-Chan says:

Why is your screenshot:

in Arial? I don’t think you have the font they used (it’s not your fault; it’s just Hadena sucks at muxing).

BSX says:

I don’t understood why they’re so inconsiderated with theirs typesetting.

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