How to starve the fansub beast

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Most fansub groups operate through Paypal. But Paypal also has an acceptable use policy that said groups just might be in violation of. Hm…

Paypal’s AUP




The idea here is to toss off a friendly email to PayPal’s compliance department. You know, something that just inquires as to the possibility of copyright infringement.




You’ll get a form letter afterwards.


And a little more personal letter.


And if you’re lucky… something will actually be done about it.


See, if enough people contact PayPal, they will generally just shut down the account automatically. It’s how Google operates with Youtube and why if a bunch of random people enter copyright claims against a video, it, and the entire account, can get pulled from the website, sometimes permanently.

Not that I’m advocating you do this to groups you don’t like. And I doubt any of you would take the literal seconds it takes to send off that email anyway. It’s just, y’know, food for thought.



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FalseDawn says:

Do fansub groups even use paypal anymore? I thought Donations were a thing of the past nowadays.

Dark_Sage says:

A ton of them do. Very few groups have members that are actually succeeding in society, so they resort to donations to support their lifestyle. Oh, sorry, I meant “servers”.

Name goes here says:

>to pay for support their lifestyle

Tsk tsk again, D_S. What happened to you?

Dark_Sage says:

No QC team :(

Name goes here says:

You’re like the Mazui of fansub reviews. :)

Dark_Sage says:

Except I fix my mistakes.

Hairy says:

Why don’t they just bloat their site with ads, like subdesu do?

Dark_Sage says:

Sounds like the wave of the future to me.

Communard says:

Wouldn’t anime fans be one of those demographics were around 95% use adblock?

rarely_upset says:

Commie already has. Ahead of the curve, they are.

jdp says:

somebody’s mad

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t particularly see where you’re going with this. Please, continue.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh that. It’s cute that you actually think you factored into this article at all beyond simply being just another group that relies on donations because none of you have real jobs. I started this article last December and only bothered to finish it today because it was gonna be a slow night. (You can tell when I first started based on the file path of the first image “/uploads/2012/12/”.)

If I really cared, I’d have just emailed your Paypal address to Funi’s legal team ([email protected]) and let their lawyers take over from there. Then I would have made an article laughing at you about it. Since I didn’t, I think it’s pretty obvious how much I care about you.

Should I contact their legal team now, then? Can you really afford to lose a couple hundred dollars just for a moment of attention from me? If so, you’re more desperate for it than I thought. (But really, I’m so honored.)

herkz says:

Considering I receive none of that money, feel free. I’d like to see you try.

Dark_Sage says:

It’s pretty easy to send an email. I don’t see where the “try” comes into play.

I’m a little surprised RHE’s toadie would be so keen on him losing money, but oh well.

herkz says:

No, I’m just well aware of how little Funimation cares about us unless we fansub One Piece and how easily it is to make a new Paypal.

herkz says:

Also if it’s so easy, why haven’t you done it already?

I assume you don’t have the balls to.

Dark_Sage says:

Yes, I’m scared to send an email off to Funimation because… Uhh, mind filling that in for me?

herkz says:

Guess we’ll see if they do anything.

My bet is on no.

Dark_Sage says:

If I were to bet, I’d bet on “no” as well. But if you lost your paypal from one simple email, well that’s like a gift I could just keep giving.

By the way, what was the “I assume you don’t have the balls to.” about? I think you and I have vastly different ideas about how email works.

herkz says:

It wouldn’t really hurt us at all.

However, these comments serve as proof of how mad we managed to make you by getting A+ on Tamako.


Dark_Sage says:

Well then shut down your donations and start taking responsibility for your group instead of begging for money from others. Maybe Vale could cover the costs. He’s a good dog, isn’t he?

I don’t care about Nyaa’s politics, but I find it quite amusing that you think I do. Really Commie, you’re the best.

herkz says:

Why? People want to donate so we let them. Guilt tripping ain’t gonna work buddy.

And you clearly care, or you wouldn’t’ve commented on the torrent, bro.

aers says:

Step 1 in anyone believing you don’t actually care about “Nyaa’s politics” is probably not commenting about it on NT.

Just in case you were wondering.

Solaristics says:

>Getting A+ on Tamako
>Getting Mad over it.


Who cares, not like it helped in the downloads anyways for them. They still get half or even less the amount Mazui does.

Xythar says:

Clearly we should simply give A+ to whichever group receives the most downloads on average.

(Based on the number of comments from NT users who believe the decision to be clearly and unequivocally in error, perhaps people think that’s the way it works already.)

Solaristics says:

It’s not that most “Downloads” should give it an A+, which I know should never be the case, but I can bet that other people think this way. Probably most of the people who leech l0l.

A+ means shit too me in all honesty. I go by groups I trust and usually follow. I’ll put one groups subs over the other depending on which one I like more.

Though L>For Commie’s review on Tamako. I never saw the light of day for that one yet. Though with what’s happening here right now I wouldn’t be surprised to see it not happening or being biased.

that guy says:

>It’s cute
Don’t do that.

herkz says:

>that guy

Don’t be that guy.

that guy says:

You love me and you know it.

Vale says:

Do you realize there are more (or at least same number of) UTW members on Nyaa staff than Commie people?
Also, I happen to have a job while I’m in Commie. Does that count?

Xythar says:

I have a job, bro. A lot of us do.

If it was possible to quit my job and live off fansubbing I would, but alas.

Kyhz says:

Let’s outsource both our jobs to Arnavion.

herkz says:

This is like legendary mad.

Holy shit even my butt hurts from it.

aers says:

Legendary passive-aggressiveness imo.

wat says:

Next up on this blog: “How to survive in a world of mad”

Some Random Guy says:

Well, I must ask, why is fansubbers receiving money a bad thing? If anything, that’ll encourage more people to sub, and the better subbers will receive more money. It’ll act as an incentive to sub more, and better. Isn’t it worth at least considering the possibility?

innocenat says:

There is a reason why Hadena get most donation…

airco says:

Receiving money for piracy/copyright infringement is widely believed to be rather illegal. Besides, there’s enough drama in fansubbing already. Do you really want to bring money into this?

Pico says:

This is pathetic. Have fun being the one person who wants to ruin fun things for everybody.

fnord says:

I have enough money to get by comfortably, but I refuse to pony up a single cent for fansubbing.

3173 says:

And why hasn’t anyone mentioned Hadena yet?
It’s not like they just posted an announcement asking for donations or anything.

Or do we still want Hadena around for entertainment?

Dark_Sage says:

Well Commie assumed this article was about them so that’s what it turned into. I suppose if someone from Hadena commented first, it would be all about them.

[01:17] <Zisa> Wonder who Dark_Sage is trying to kill off
[01:18] <Zisa> Spare Hadena so we get fail sub reviews
[01:18] <Shiina_Mashiro> i bet it’s subdesu-h
01[01:18] <&Dark_Sage> Nobody in particular. If I really cared, I’d list off some paypal addresses and make the form letter copyable.
01[01:18] <&Dark_Sage> Though I am interested in seeing if I get any kneejerk reactions from fansubbers.

SomeDuder says:

Mission accomplished.

the_trooper says:

And a wild fansub drama appears… for no “mentally sane” reason.

I know my opinion is worth less than zero, but I don’t think that trying to sabotage fansub groups just because you can is a very elegant move.

I say this because it’s also pretty easy to sabotage this website if someone wanted to. I’m not saying you deserve it, just that it could happen almost as easily and you probably wouldn’t be happy about it.

Anyways…. keep it classy fansub community.

Xythar says:

Incidentally, if anything happens to Commie, I’m probably not going to finish Psycho-Pass, among other shows.

It’s enough work fansubbing in the first place when people aren’t actively trying to sabotage your efforts.

I’ve never received any money or any other kind of payment for fansubbing, by the way.

Dark_Sage says:

I’m sure we’d survive somehow.

2ColouredEyes says:

It’s fine, but finish precure plx.

pengu says:

Well, I do care =( please finish it
Really guys and girls, all this drama in the fansub community is ridiculous.

Nobody is forced to donate anything, so why would you go out of your way and do this Dark_Sage? I appreciate the effort commie puts into their shows, even though they are not my favorite subgroup.

So Dark_Sage, tell me about your childhood, what might have been the cause to you being platinum mad?

Dark_Sage says:

It actually wasn’t aimed at Commie. Commie just thinks everything on my site is about them.

aers says:

So which group was it aimed at?

Dark_Sage says:

If you need an answer, then take “all” or “none” as your two choices. I’ve always hated donations.

Sorry, reality is less interesting than you thought it was.

Xythar says:

All those other groups that are disliked by lots of people and yet receive lots of donation money.

Like, um…

Dark_Sage says:

…every group that receives donations.

You really need to get over yourself.

Xythar says:

Well, let’s just say I’m talking about the post as it applies to Commie.

tormaid says:

I hope nobody reading this article learned anything. If it wasn’t incredibly obvious to you that internet piracy violated PayPal’s TOS, you have a screw loose.

GX-9901 says:

perhaps ill have some beer to go with that popcorn.

Solaristics says:

Best comment in all the posts here.

I couldn’t stop laughing @ Herkz and DS fighting. I almost had the urge to grab some popcorn at 6:30am.

Dark_Sage says:


You let people donate? What kind-hearted people you are! (Except that you go out of your way to beg for donations in posts every chance you get, but I guess we’re supposed to forget about that?) Well, maybe if you weren’t hypocrites about money, you’d have a better leg to stand on… (“money is shit, we don’t do ads, scanlators sucks cuz they’re all about the money and ads” …while three advertisements display on the page. Beautiful.)

If commenting on the torrent that people are stupid for thinking Nyaa’s process reflects any sort of nonbiased decision-making indicates I care, then I can only assume that you apply “care” to any situation where an individual comments on something else. In which case, you care more about me than anyone else on the site. In fact, considering I can find you kneejerking pathetically on every post on this site, I can only assume that you care so much, you have a little doll with my name on it somewhere in your apartment that you use to sodomize yourself every night.

How about you keep your cares down to a minimum from now, hm?

Xythar says:

The rest of that post aside, I actually do take the A+ decision-making process seriously at NT and I don’t vote for a release unless I actually believe it to be the best.

That’s also why I got a third party to decide the Tamako Market A+, since it was pretty close for me and I didn’t feel like I was able to make an unbiased decision.

Haidaraaaaa says:

>the ad is blocking Jotaro
I can see why you would be pissed off too.

Although I think its funny how the blog post where you got that quote is tagged with “I’m not being sarcastic why would you think I’m being sarcastic”.

Dark_Sage says:

I think it’s likely RHE doesn’t know what sarcasm means (go ahead click that tag and see what hilariously sarcastic articles you get). There’s no real way to interpret it other than an honest slam on scanlations. At the time the article was posted, I don’t believe you guys had ads up, so it wasn’t intentionally ironic either.

Haidaraaaaa says:

I personally don’t really care, Since I wasn’t with commie when that was posted. It’s not like I am anyone important in commie either. Although I did chuckle at the “*Placeholder for Maria 03-05*” in the other posts with that tag.

I just figured it was something funny to point out while mentioning the blasphemy which is Jotaro being cockblocked by H&R Block.

Dark_Sage says:

That was actually my fault. Those ads were closer to the bottom, but I dragged them up for sake of not having a giant fucking image to look at.

I’m so sorry.

Haidaraaaaa says:

I don’t know if I have the ability to forgive you for that.

herkz says:

I haven’t seen a post that asks for donations in, god, like a year. Seriously, I think it’s been a year.

That post is mostly a joke mocking retarded scanlators.

Yes, you care. Just deal with it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

No. It is far, far too amusing.

Dark_Sage says:

1. You were begging for donations in your latest large batch post. For any posts prior to that, I’d have to scour your site and operate under the assumption you didn’t delete any posts. I’m afraid I won’t waste my time on that.

2. I don’t think you understand what “joke” means. That or your English skills are as bad as RHE’s. Though I assume you’d take that as a compliment, being compared to a native speaker, wouldn’t you? (Yes, it’s incredibly obvious this is your second or third language, though kudos for trying to learn it.)

3. What’s the point in caring about how Nyaa runs his site? Your entire argument assumes I care just for calling people out on their bullshit. It’s a pretty shitty argument when you get down to it, because it means that you think commentary indicates interest. And if that was the case, then my commentary on you would mean I think you matter. And you unfortunately don’t.

4. I’m afraid I must disagree with your statement, herkz-kun. Your antics of late have been more pathetic than an enjoyable diversion, so I’m not sure where you came up with the idea you were amusing me rather than boring me. I mean, I have your activity down to a pattern now.
1. Read everything on crymore
2. As soon as Commie is mentioned, get all defensive no matter what
3. As soon as a group competing with Commie gets a low score, laugh at them
4. If Commie becomes the recommended group, act like I finally got something right
5. Make absurd comments and then ignore them when you get called out

Honestly, a robot could do your job now, though I suppose it wouldn’t be as good at sucking-up as you are.

Do you understand what I’m saying? You’re stale. If you insist on continuing to comment on my site, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to try harder to entertain me. Thanks for understanding, friend.

herkz says:

When was that? Feel free to link.

I am a native English speaker. I wish I knew other languages, but sadly I grew up in the Midwest.

No, it’d be one thing if you debated A+ on literally any other show, but since you work on Tamako, I can only assume you are buttpained that you did not get A+.

Not my problem.

Dark_Sage says: (pay for BDs so we can expand our collections!)

That’s bullshit if I’ve ever heard it.

So thick.

Considering how much you’ve posted here, I’d say it is. You’re not being a very good jester, herkz.

herkz says:

No one did donate for that as far as I know and we don’t even have any BDs we want to buy.

Sadly, it’s true. I don’t really care if you don’t believe me :(

So mad.

Dark_Sage says:

1. Such a pity.

2. I suppose I’ll see you at Acen then?

3. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

4. Looks like you’re smarter than I thought.

herkz says:

I have no idea what ACEN is, but I’m far too poor to afford to go anywhere.

Kyhz says:

This could’ve been avoided if you’d hired more encoders and embezzled more donations.

herkz says:

Damn. Should’ve planned ahead.

Xythar says:

>That’s bullshit if I’ve ever heard it.

Well, the delays in subbing the second Berserk movie were because nobody uploaded the BDMV until like a month or more after it was released. If someone had bought it for us, P3 might never have happened.

Think about that!

le comment says:

Pretty sure I’ve seen a post that asked for donations because some fansubber wanted to buy video games (if this isn’t begging, I don’t know what is). I think I’ve seen it happen at least twice before the posts got deleted, and this was well within the last year.

Dark_Sage says:

I think I recall koda asking for a 360 once. Didn’t she get it? ww

superfox says:

RHE once asked for dota 2 keys.

rarely_upset says:




FalseDawn says:

I remember a group asking for donations to buy suiton a limited edition 360. I don’t remember koda doing something similar though – but then, I don’t really pay attention to trolls.

sapphi says:

“I can only assume that you care so much, you have a little doll with my name on it somewhere in your apartment that you use to sodomize yourself every night.”

Am I the only one who thinks that’s kinda hot?

Dark_Sage says:

Now selling: Dark_Sage dolls. Features: verbal abuse, simulated love


stop before this gets messy
you have been warned

Dark_Sage says:

Oh hey 4chan o/

Edit: 4chan, pls. No spam kthx.

Assasin_Cross says:

Time to enjoy some drama!

kokujin-kun says:

If this even counts as drama, this is the lamest fucking drama I’ve ever seen. Come on fagsubbers, I know you can do better.

rarely_upset says:

>forced drama

Anon says:

>Forced replys

why do you guys (commie and D_S) always get so buttmad over chinese cartoons
seriously they’re not even good


Dark_Sage says:

They’re not cartoons, they’re anime!

Assasin_Cross says:

Is Chinese now become Japan?

Glaive says:

hongers, I love you and all, but please stop commenting on matters of which you know nothing about. Feel free to continue subbing Chinese cartoons, even though they suck.

Nevreen says:

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to “know” here. It’s pretty much as he described it: D_S and herkz having a meaningless pissing contest.

Glaive says:

Yes, I know. But I’m easily amused, and therefore felt the need to tell hongers off for not feeling the same. Oh, and as hongers knows, you can’t hate Chinese cartoons if you fansub; it’s just not possible. ;)

Nevreen says:

I can empathize. I also take much joy in putting hongers down even when it’s undeserved (maybe especially when it’s undeserved).

corocoro says:

Kristen has gotten less active/vocal, so herkz needed a new lover.

Nash says:

Pretty Little Liars: Fansub Edition.
Who’s gonna cheat on who?
Who’s gonna break up with who?
Oh, oh, intense.

vjott says:

What, exactly, are the expenses of a fansub group? Is it to host the website? Is it to host the releases? Although, I think that most groups use torrents. I suppose some groups have a seedbox and/or XDCC bot which probably costs a fair sum of money.

Is it unreasonable to ask for donations to cover the cost of operations? For example, let’s say I wanted to distribute a copy of some Linux distribution. I burn several copies to DVD and I charge only for the cost of the DVD. That seems fair. We all know that unauthorised Anime distribution isn’t legal so the example falls flat, somewhat. The point I’m getting at, though, is that so long as they do not make a profit there may not be anything actually wrong with requesting donations.

Of course, we should also examine whether fansubs are even necessary with the ready availability of legal Anime sources. It depends on the attitude of the individual as well: whether they see the Anime industry as one worth supporting. The quality of those official subs have been called into question on many occasions making quality another factor to consider. How good are fansubs, anyway?
Should fansubbers be compensated for the many hours they devote to providing quality releases? I think that this is a difficult question to answer. Fansubbing is an entirely voluntary activity whereby fans, supposedly moved by their enthusiasm for Anime, seek to provide other fans with a timely translation of their favourite shows. Some groups claim that they don’t do it for the “leechers”. If that were true, then they’d just release it among themselves and wouldn’t be so concerned with distributing the file to other parties.

I believe that fansubbing is about a group of enthusiastic people painstakingly translating, editing, timing, quality checking, transcoding and releasing subs for their favourite shows so that both they and others may enjoy. If they didn’t enjoy what they do, what would be the point? In my opinion, fansubbers do deserve compensation for the costs of operations but not, perhaps, for labour.

2ColouredEyes says:

Democracy FTW!

Dark_Sage says:


Assuming you want to do this all on your own and don’t want to split costs with someone else, or invite people into your group that already have these things:

Website hosting (HostGator): $4-$7/month (based on how long you want to lock yourself into their system)
Domain name (Namecheap): $11/year
Seedbox (YourSeedbox): $7/month
XDCC (Not really sure how much to get one on its own — I had someone else set up ours off my seedbox (which I pay a lot more than $7/month for)): $?/month — not like anybody uses xdcc anymore, though.

But these costs are only if you want to pay them. There are groups that have been around for years that don’t even have seedboxes — they just torrent from their home computers and delete the torrents after a certain number of initial seeds are reached. And you don’t *need* a website either. You can do all this shit for no money down.

Some groups will argue they need dedicated servers to encode (which cost $100/month at minimum) but I think that’s bullshit. Encode from your home computer, and if that’s not good enough, don’t call yourself an encoder, you poor little shit. In fact, you don’t even need an encoder, since other groups encoding just the raws are an inevitability.

Other costs:
Each member’s computer, electricity, internet connection, and time. But I don’t think those (or any costs, really) are the responsibility of the leechers.

herkz says:

I don’t think anyone has a good enough computer at home to encode ~25 shows a week.

Not to mention bandwidth.

Dark_Sage says:

If you only have one encoder, that’s your fault. And not everyone has limited bandwidth. You in Canada or something?

herkz says:

Don’t see how it’s anyone’s fault since it’s working out very well for us. I think you just want to find some reason to get mad.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, Iowa. What’s your ISP? Didn’t think you had provider caps over there.

herkz says:

Who are you talking to?

Dark_Sage says:

You. Iowa, Ohio, same diff.

herkz says:

I was not speaking of myself earlier, no.

Also I mean more like good luck downloading 7×3.5GB in one day and encoding all of them (which is what our Thursday is like) without a server.

Dark_Sage says:

Having only one encoder is your decision. Don’t act like it can’t be helped.

herkz says:

Why would we do something else? So our thousands upon thousands of leechers have to donate $200 a month less?

Dark_Sage says:

What, you mean have more encoders than RHE? Haha. No, I know the reason that would never happen is because RHE likes to have control over his group (and it is *his*). As if a toadie like you even has a choice in that decision. But feel free to pretend like you do.

herkz says:

Well, we do. Me, torchlight and Xythar regularly encode random episodes of stuff. Not to mention all those BDs we’ve been releasing lately. Guess who encoded those. Spoilers: not RHE.

The real reason we don’t get more dedicated encoders is because it wouldn’t make our process any faster or more efficient.

Dark_Sage says:

Such an ace team of encoders! No wonder you’re known for your encode quality.

I dunno, sounds like you could alleviate some of the stress from having seven encodes in one day by simply… hiring more encoders. Since RHE is clearly down with that, why not do so? Or are all seven of those shows already split up among your *ahem* expert encoding staff? Bonus: You wouldn’t have to beg for money for those servers that you “don’t have the money to pay for”.

herkz says:

Well, if you know some encoders, feel free to send them our way!

Also, the ad hominem isn’t helping you.

Dark_Sage says:

Put up a post on your site instead. I’m not here to recruit for your group.

Xythar says:

torchlight’s actually a pretty good encoder, dude.

herkz says:

No thanks. I like how it works now. You’re the only one who has a problem with how we do stuff.

Sorry for being a successful fansub group. We can’t all do that.

Dark_Sage says:

Then why’d you ask for encoders? Don’t tell me you weren’t asking honestly!

As for “successful fansub group”, seems to me like RHE’s the only “successful” one and you’re just latching onto what he’s done with the group. Or would you disagree with that?

Edit: Also :measuring success by downloads:

haha says:

it’s like you know what is a quality encode :P

Dark_Sage says:

Caught me.

Vale says:

So you actually think that RHE does all the fansubbing with us just lurking around? Or… what?

sakagamitomoya says:

I think the one thing we’ve all learned from this is that Xythar is a fucking idiot.

Xythar says:

implying we didn’t all know this already

Shirt says:

This is getting quite cute, actually.

Mahjong says:

D_S pls stahp.

Dark_Sage says:

Don’t stop me now

Humanity says:

Are you having a good time?

Dark_Sage says:

Having a good time!

FalseDawn says:

Having a ball*

2ColouredEyes says:

Two ways to stahp D_S

1. Liquor -> drunk
2. Liquor -> drunk

Marow says:

So… the moral of the story: lol fansubbing

sakagamitomoya says:

With this and the Maoyu TL Party, I think D_S is being bribed by crunchyroll.

Dark_Sage says:


Christ, I can’t even tell which of my comments you’re replying to. I’ve gotta overhaul this fucking comment system tonight.

Vale, I’m just saying that attributing the group’s “success” to either of you cogs would be a silly thing to do. If I’m wrong, please let me know how you matter in the grand scheme of the group. If you left, what would happen to it? Anything? Wouldn’t you just be replaced immediately? Sure, you might stall a project or two, but would the group die? If not, then you’re not really essential — you’re just another part waiting to be replaced. Whereas if RHE left (without a transfer of responsibilities, ownership, etc.), the group would be in shambles, would it not?

If I’m wrong, I’ll take that back.

herkz says:

If I left, pretty much every show I work on would be dropped.

Last I checked, that numbers nine.

Dark_Sage says:

Really? I see quite a few typesetters on staff. Try it and see just how much of an impact you make. I’m betting on “not one bit”. Well, I suppose I’ll give you Mangirl and the Bug show. Those are clearly too difficult for anyone else to handle.

Xythar says:

>implying that anyone but herkz cares enough about the shows he works on to find replacements

herkz says:

Yeah, that too. If I didn’t want to time/typeset them, we wouldn’t be doing most of them.

Dark_Sage says:

>implying you wouldn’t just jump in to finish them all for those brownie points you so desperately crave

Xythar says:

I don’t think there are enough hours in the week.

herkz says:

All of whom already have a ton of shows?

I mean, you can pretend to know more about how we work than me, but I don’t think it will work.

Though if you quit, I bet Whine-Subs would di–oh wait, I think they’d have to be alive first.

csb says:

You’re actually keeping it alive. Haven’t you noticed?

herkz says:

Considering me and Xythar had something to do with him dropping previous shows, I’d say no.

Dark_Sage says:

I wasn’t aware you factored into… well, anything I do. Please elaborate.

Dark_Sage says:

And dodging the question again. You’re quite good at that.

herkz says:

Well, I could tell you what I remember about you dropping Medaka (and Famiglia to a lesser extent), but you would just deny it. Why should I even waste my time? You even deleted the blog posts so I have no proof.

Dark_Sage says:

It wasn’t a question of whether or not I dropped shows. The question is how did you and Xythar factor into those decisions?

herkz says:

It wasn’t. Good observation. I was speaking of how we factored in.

Dark_Sage says:

If any member on the Hyobu project quit, the odds of us finishing off the series would be quite slim and I’d have to call in some favors I really wouldn’t want to. My staff actually matter.

herkz says:

It’s the same for Commie. We basically do as many shows as we can with the staff we have so everyone matters.

Xythar says:

Er, likewise? Just because someone’s willing to work on one show doesn’t mean they’re willing to work on another.

When you have shows that nobody wants to work on, that’s when they start getting delayed by weeks on end.

Vale says:

Uh, beheading the group would of course cause problems. Just as kicking herkz or Xythar would cause huge problems too, at this point. Just as kicking me would’ve caused quite a few problems when I was the only translator on group. The departure of essential people is always a blow, what’s new about that? That doesn’t mean they do all the work or even that they could do all the work by themselves.
I’d say quite a number of us take credit for what we do, so I can’t really see why you’d say RHE’s the only “successful” one.
Maybe you mean financially? Hell, I’m not doing this to make money…

csb says:

This is the first time I’ve seen D_S posting that many comments. WTF is going on?

Dark_Sage says:

It’s a carnival!

furzi says:

A carnival of autism.

Dark_Sage says:


(Seriously gonna revamp these fucking comments tonight)

How do you think you factored in {to our decisions to drop Medaka and La Storia}? Don’t dance around the question — answer it.

herkz says:

Nope. Not gonna waste my time. I got shit to do (like actually fansub).

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, it’s fine. I’ll wait for your response whenever you’re done with whatever show you’re subbing. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Wanderer says:

“Nope. Not gonna waste my time. I got shit to do (like actually fansub).”

Please do tell what shows Commie is actually subbing and not ripping off and changing stuff. And besides adding in the opening and ending lyrics and slapping it onto a decent encode.

Hell who even subs these days anyways?

2ColouredEyes says:


Xythar says:

I assume by this you are asking “which shows are Commie translating themselves this season, because I am prejudiced against all subs that use translations from an external source even if the script is largely reworked and every other aspect is improved.”

The answer to your question is:
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
[email protected]
Tamako Market
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT
Vividred Operation
(Used to be Senran Kagura, but we switched to Funi)

Dokidoki Precure

Enough for you?

Wanderer says:

Yes that’s enough.

Wow Commie going to do a Precure show.

aers says:

Why wouldn’t Commie sub the greatest series currently airing?

Wanderer says:

Dunno just doesn’t seem like they would.

Oh well like the saying goes Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

yuiop says:

After so many comments I don’t even remember what you guys are fighting about @[email protected]

Dark_Sage says:

(We don’t either.)

aers says:

Typical anime watcher attention span.

Sapphi says:

Herkz made a doll of D_S to felate (or was it sodomize?) himself at night.

Then D_S got pissed cuz he’s RIGHT THERE, all Herkz had to do was ask!

But Herkz is pissed cuz D_S is never around, and D_S is pissed ‘cuz that’s -so no true-.

…I think they’re about to break up.

Haidaraaaaa says:

Imminent NTR ending.

Anon says:

As someone who’s been subbing since 2008 and has never accepted donations, I thought I’d share my opinion on this topic.

Fansubbing is a hobby, not a profession. Hobbies are meant to be fun and relaxing. If you cannot finance your own hobby, you should either get a job, or get a new hobby. If you want to make money from your hobby, turn it into a profession and apply for a job at CR or something (good luck with that!).

Luckily, all you actually need to fansub is a computer and Internet connection. You don’t even need a functional brain, as many low-tier groups have shown us. So, groups that demand/”dramatically plead” for donations to pay for servers are just pulling shit out of their ass.

FalseDawn says:

It seems apparent to me that very few people in here (and fansubbing in general) remember how Crunchyroll started out. Back before it went legit, it used to stream FANSUBS and the only way you could watch them was by paying a monthly subscription. And yet, they took this business model (highly illegal, mind) to the Japanese studios, having accumulated a nest egg from these subscriptions, and the studios bought into it, creating the behemoth of simulcasting we have today. Now, who’s to say, that in a few years’ time, Commie or other similar donation-funded groups don’t do something of the same ilk and become a forerunner in the way we consume anime in the Western world? I suppose the old adage “the end justifies the means” works a treat here.

But delve a bit deeper and you have to question how much “donations” can affect things. For instance, a group I was in were offered a substantial sum of money to sub a series. The series was from the 80’s and had never had an English sub for it before, and the benefactor purely wanted to spread the wonder of this anime that had given him so much joy, to the rest of the world. Now, where would anyone stand on that? The series was never going to be licensed and the benefactor was a wealthy man, enabling the group to buy expensive source materials for other projects – so do donations like this suggest that a fansub group isn’t self-sufficient?

I think, as with anything, the boundaries are a grey area. I personally don’t agree with donations for fansubs (we do it for free and we all know we do it for free, so why attempt to monetize it unless you’re going to make ill-gotten gains?) but there are situations where the line in the sand isn’t all that clear.

Regardless, in about five years’ time (at which point, I’ll probably still be editing), we’ll still be discussing the same issue, because that’s what we were doing five years ago. No drama is ever new drama. FACT.

jdp says:

>it used to stream FANSUBS and the only way you could watch them was by paying a monthly subscription.

This is untrue. I never paid CR anything and probably a third of the shows I’ve watched were done so on CR back in the day.

FalseDawn says:

Oh really? I seem to remember CR being reviled for it – I could have sworn there was a subscription fee, or a one-off fee to use the site, because I thought that was the model they based the current iteration off of. My memory is a little faulty at times though; I only visited the site once to see what all the hoo-hah was about and didn’t go back till it went legit.

Dark_Sage says:

There were donations and I believe there was a premium membership too.

FalseDawn says:

Ah, maybe that was it. Anyway, I remember the fansubbing community being up in arms that someone was making money off of our “blood, sweat and tears”… and then it went legit on the money it made that way, and has now basically killed off fansubbing. Funny how things work out, isn’t it? Maybe this is an analogy for capitalism?

Anon says:

Let me guess: Saizen’s Igano Kabamaru?
Weren’t they also willing to pay people to help sub that show?
I’m sure that if Saizen had a translator interested in translating it before that wealthy donor showed up, they would have done it for free.
Anyway, I guess the difference with that donation is that Saizen wasn’t begging/pleading for money.

Juggen says:

We were asked to sub Igano, yes, and received a huge donation to get it done. The money went solely to the translation of the series and nothing else, since the rest we could do by ourselves, but lacked a translator willing to help out.

The money that was left, we hoped we’d be able to use for other old classics that no translator wants to sub for us. Like with Slam Dunk, almost only funded by donations. Occasionally we use money to buy/rent DVDs too (unless someone already owns them), I don’t see how donations for these kind of things are a bad thing. I’m at least pretty sure, that if I had to pay up for everything myself, we wouldn’t be doing a lot of shows. ^^ Luckily we have people like CP, who bought the whole DVD collection of Yawara, and also won an auction for the VHS of the second movie recently. :)

And no, we don’t ask for server costs, or anything really. Typically we fansub for the fun of it. ^^ It happens that we work on shitty shows though (read: PoT), but well… yolo. ^^

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t think there’s an issue with people coming up to you, asking for a show to be subbed, and then shoving money at you to allow you to do so.

I do take issue with what most groups do right now (well, and did in the past too), which is saying “Oh we won’t be able to fansub anymore unless you give us money.” which is complete and utter bullshit.

Juggen says:

Can’t argue with that.

Beckett says:

This article’s comments are great. For Dark Sage’s next project he should write an article entitled “How to get a ton of comments:” Let me help you by writing the beginning of the article.

Step 1: Say something that Commie members might possibly take personally, even if it isn’t actually directed at them.

Step 2: Wait around a while.

Oh shit, I guess that was the whole article, not just the beginning. Sorry about that.

Xythar says:

You forgot Step 3: Make half of them yourself.

Vagoo says:

It’s only commie comments because they have members that respond on this blog.

RIP my sides says:

This Commie asspain is truly glorious.

im gay says:

Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim darkness of the far future there is only herkz’s autism.

Anon says:

What’s wrong with all of you? Fuck, you’d think we were all little girls on facebook or something. I just want to watch my Mongolian cartoons, stop fighting over numbers.

Lovely boy says:

seems like i was too late huh

Shabutie says:

Hey guys, what’s going on?

Jordan says:

Hey what happened to the page’s background?

Dark_Sage says:


P32L says:

Yeah, it’s all grey and stripy now. What’s with that?

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll have to check when I get back to my hotel room

Dark_Sage says:

Oh what, you mean the sides? It’s always been that way. They’ll change in a few hours, no worries.

P32L says:

…I really am bad at making jokes, aren’t I?

Dark_Sage says:

Perhaps. I’ve also been drinking for the past 6 hours on my company’s dime, so that may factor into it somewhat.

flossifer says:

I have traveled back in time 20 years where we are just waiting for ceremonies to begin the first day of trading for the IPO of the new and their innovative collaborative Internet insult program, “#spitter” which uses innovations in power management to actually cause a notebook’s keyboard to get damp as the insults accumulate.

Dark_Sage, aka Borat, now is holding the rope to ring the opening bell and herkz, aka German PM Andrea Merkel, is holding the opening gavel. 3..2..1! –Whoops! Not entirely unexpectedly, Dark_Sage is trying to strangle herkz with the bell rope, and herkz is trying to smack Dark_Sage in the nuts with the opening gavel.

Oh, the humanity! Back to you, Dave.

(I’m very late, but satisfied just to have said it even if no one read it.)

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