Happy Valentine’s Day v2013

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This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.

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Don’t say that you are ronery.

But if you are, I’ll be your valentine. <3



Happy Valentine’s Day, love the Darkest Sage.

(TL Note: My name comes from a Yu-Gi-Oh card and I really regret being 13 and deciding on that name, so if you could just ignore that unsexy fact and focus on these god-tier wooing skills instead, that’d be great.)

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Yumi-chan says:

Happy Valentine, FA fags~ (✿◠‿◠)

puddi says:

But Time Wizard’s rod makes my Dark Magician’s staff so hard, if you know what I mean.

P32L says:

So… is there some sort of upper limit to the whole “valentine” thing? I’m not sure there’ll be enough Sage to go around given the readership one would imagine this site attracts.

P32L says:

By the way, it wasn’t very difficult to find the article you took the Mio picture from, lol.

Dark_Sage says:

Was it supposed to be? If you’re talking about the resize, I did that because otherwise the preview image for the article would look like shit.

Dark_Sage says:

A limit? Two girls at once, I guess.

Icec0ld says:

No limit on dudes? Freaking sweet :P

Kenshin_sama says:

It could have been sexy if you went with Dark Magician Girl!

Vagoo says:


stgmefly says:

I like the site remodeling

BakaPhoenix says:

LOL I didn’t saw it until I read your post XD

Starra says:

I like the Poland banner, but damn dat compression.

Neko-Chan says:

Yay, another shitty theme for the site. Though not as impressive as the Christmas one, this one is good too. Thanks for the consistent quality Dark_Sage.

I think your site has cancer now. I’m having trouble focusing on anything else.

kayserlein says:

Wait, yince yout gender tends to change… will i get some chocolate or did we turn yaoi?

D_S knows fanservice should be universal… D_S yuri doujin coming soon…

Marow says:


Seriously, Sage?

Mahjong says:

Amu and not Utau? We’re gonna fight, D_S.

2ColouredEyes says:

Kirino, uhm.

but the blondie on the banner is an eyecancer, srsly.

Humanity says:

Dark_Sage <3

Calyrica says:

I have a picture of Dark_Sage holding up said Yu-Gi-Oh card.

aoihakurei says:

Pretty please?

Dark_Sage says:

I’m gonna have to veto that. :(

Calyrica says:

How much you gonna pay for it?

Toshika says:

$0.02 give or take a few millicents

2ColouredEyes says:

Bro, please.

(while refreshing the page)
(right click + save as.. command on hold)

the white guy with a gray background over there <- might change drastically

Dark_Sage says:

Is this supposed to be English?

2ColouredEyes says:

Trying. Could have been :c

Dark_Sage says:

Sorta get what you were going for now… sorta.

Calyrica says:

This appears English to me.

Again, how much you gonna pay for it?

Beckett says:

Is that shit today? I totally forgot.

Dark_Sage says:

It damn well better be. I don’t know if I have it in me to write another article of this caliber.

2ColouredEyes says:

>I don’t know if I have it in me to write another article of this caliber.
>White Day

it is decided then.

Novles says:

Is the imagery on the site random stuff found on the internet or did someone draw something up for you?

Dark_Sage says:

Custom-ordered from Google Images.

rarely_upset says:

Hope you paid fairly.

lygerzero0zero says:

Oh yeah, what happened to that? Weren’t you going to commission someone? Where be the pretty (custom) pictures, eh?

Justinnnnnn says:

Love More!

rarely_upset says:

Scrolling makes my head hurt.

puddi says:

happy valentine’s day

2ColouredEyes says:

oh, my heart! <9

Kenshin_sama says:


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