10 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [UTW] Photo Kano (Episode 02)”

  1. The show does lick balls. Before the season started I saw a lot of people comparing it to Amagami, which I don’t see at all. Of course in retrospect Amagami was kind of sucky too, it only seemed good because they wisely opened with their strongest move, Haruka. Anyway this show sucks, I can’t blame for not bothering to review, I’ll just assume UTW’s subs are reasonable and move on.

    • I personally cannot get invested in vn harem animes (I’m probably using the wrong term or whatever but that’s what I call them). I admit I do like the stories in some of them but when I know that all the development is gonna be thrown out to move onto the next girl then I don’t want to bother with the rest of the series. The last “good” one I’ve seen was Clannad because guess what guys? Life isn’t as convenient that you can just pursue these intimate relationships with every girl and then just get away with it scot-free. Clannad was intelligent enough to actually do this in somewhat of a mature way. There was revelation, joy, despair, regret; all those tasty details that makes a good romance. I understand that some will disagree with me on this and it is interesting to see what a character will do to become closer to another girl in the series; but that’s not for me unfortunately.

  2. >it only seemed good because they wisely opened with their strongest move, Haruka

    Um, you mean they closed with their strongest move, Tsukasa?

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