A Post-Metaphysical Deconstruction of the Post-J-RPG Female Protagonist – An Exercise in Sexism, Race, and Post Legitimacy

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Because sometimes I just want to be serious.

And sometimes I just want to post pictures of Lightning with cat ears.

yes, this shit is in ffxiii-3

yes, this shit is in ffxiii-3



And of course,


So who else has Lightning Returns preordered?

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Calyrica says:


Calyrica says:

You know this is not what I meant.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, yeah.

I don’t know if there’s a point to grabbing a magazine scan and making it your wallpaper. You’d do best to wait for actual screenshots to come out.

Calyrica says:

Yeah, didn’t know the source of the image. Magazine scans are fine if the person scanned it in with a decent quality, though my googling is informing me that this might actually be a youtube screenshot.

All I know is playing Dissidia Duodecim this past week has already made me hot for Lightning all over again and now this?

Gahhh. What’s a girl to do?

abc says:

Behold, the cancer given form.

Nyangoro says:

Have they made yaoi fanfiction for XV yet?

Dark_Sage says:

I’ve got novels in my head already and I’m not even gay. Nomura is a master of his craft.

FalseDawn says:

We’re post-JRPG? When did that happen?

Oh wait, you were lampooning literary essays. I suppose I’m the only one boring enough in here to find them interesting (the curse of being an English Major) >.>

temp_late says:

Err… since they started sucking even worse than most did before and after most teams gave up on making them.

Also, that sounds like a pretty serious affliction.

FalseDawn says:

Incurable, I’m told ;___;

Fred C Dobbs says:

This post made me Post all over myself.

Justinnnnnn says:

finaru fantashii seruchin daikiaridesu

Justinnnnnn says:


not that the sentence was ok to start with teehee

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