[eraser] Ghost in the Shell ARISE – 01 (BD)

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This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

These are just modified official subs, so don’t expect too much in terms of screenies and issues.

Just a note for fellow Ghost in the Shell fans – this is a prequel. That means that Motoko is using a different prosthetic body and therefore has a slightly different character design. You have been warned, so no complaining!

Now, onto the release.

The 1080p release is straightforward, but the 720p is not. You can see this right from the filename: [eraser] Ghost in the Shell: ARISE — border:1 Ghost Pain (BD 720p Hi444PP Opus 5.1).mkv

Yes, Hi444PP. Yes, Opus 5.1. For you guys on Windows machines, most of you won’t have an issue with the latest CCCP and MPC. But those of us on a Mac and those of you on Linux are gonna have a bad time. I have heard that the latest mplayer2 binaries support these formats, but you have to compile it yourself since there aren’t any builds using it as far as I know. I tested this in MPlayer OSX Extended, MPlayerX, the build of MPlayer2 I had, and VLC. None of them worked with the audio. I got no audio in the first, static in the second and third, and an error in the fourth.

So I went into eraser’s IRC channel, and he linked me to the AAC audio, which was 70mb. I downloaded it and then went to mux it. However, the Mac version of mkvmerge wouldn’t even open the original mkv since it had no idea how to read the audio file. I ended up using advanced options to open everything in VLC but fuck, that was a shitton of work.

So anyway.

Filesize: 810.5mb
English: American, no honorifics


No songs to karaoke. And by that I mean that the songs are all atmospheric awesomeness without Japanese. Well, that’s not quite true. The ED has random Japanese words, but nothing that’s supposed to make any sense.



Good enough.


Good enough.


I’d like to know what this says.


Ha. Hahaha.

But that being said, I don’t really know what I’d do here, since it scrolls. Maybe cover up a whole column and typeset that scrolling?



This is not how you overlap.


The phrase is “Sit up straight!”


“go” is a verb, so you need “independent” to be in adverb form. That would be “independently”.

I’d actually use “be independent” instead.


This sentence is awkward as fuck.

Your sleepless eye is very easy to infiltrate. That’s it’s weakness.

Meh, that’s not even all that good, but it’s better than that shit.


tl;dr: This release is pretty good outside of the file format issues, but I bet the source didn’t have that many problems to begin with. If you can get it to play, there’s no reason to not watch it.

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temp_late says:

>> “go” is a verb, so you need “independent” to be in adverb form. That would be “independently”. I’d actually use “be independent” instead.

I don’t really know how to grammar, but “go” can be used as copula (similar to be, become), as it is there.

Phrases such as “go rogue”, “go free”, and even “go independent” are fairly common.

“Go independently” means something completely different and doesn’t make sense… right? This isn’t about the manner in which cyborgs are going somewhere.

Calyrica says:

And that’s why I don’t think using “go” works at all and suggested something else. That sentence could have different meanings based on how you read it. I think the suggestion later in the comments “become a free agent” is the best way to put it and eliminates all these issues.

My issue is more with the vagueness of the sentence than the grammar of it, after all.

Fred C Dobbs says:

Nah. If you were to say to someone [in a Spy Drama], “They’re off the reservation; they went independent,” you’d be using the past tense of ‘go’.

In this case, “…nobody gets to go independent…” works just fine. [Note – not: “…works just finely.”]

thecowgoesmoo says:

“become a free agent” is a bit of a mouthful and it doesn’t hit the noir-ish/mob notes. Why not “freelance”?

huehuehue says:

Since everyone already knows I’m a faggot anyway I went ahead and bought a MacBook Pro anyway. Just curious what player do you use? MPlayerX?

Calyrica says:

In the Nise post I did, I was told how to make MPlayer OSX Extended awesome, so I use that now. I had to VLC this one tho.

argon says:

mplayer2 (or even better: mpv, but it doesn’t work in traditional GUIs (yet?)) have no problem playing the file.
The problem is not the player but the underlying AV library (ffmpeg in most cases) because support for libraries like opus is not enabled by default when compiling them.
If you enable such additional libs (like I did) there’s no problem playing the file. http://puu.sh/3tKO3.jpg :)

I assume you want to stick to a traditional GUI and already switched the mplayer binary in ‘MPlayer OSX Extended’ with mplayer2? You could compile your own mplayer2 binary (+ ffmpeg with additional libraries) and put it into MPOSXE, would be a ~2-3 liner in Terminal (by using a neat package manager called homebrew) but requires you to download Xcode.

Calyrica says:

Yes, I already switched the binary to mplayer2. That’s what was pointed out to me in the Nise post.

NakkiNyan says:

I use mpv, you can compile it or get it on homebrew. Opus is found by mpv but it can’t read 6 channels yet so I converted to AAC (libfdk_aac is the best version) audio and used MKVToolnix to mux the audio in.


AzraelNewtype says:

mpv works just fine for the audio if you force –demuxer=lavf. I’m actually curious how you got the opus out in order to convert it.

fnord says:

>>“go” is a verb, so you need “independent” to be in adverb form. That would be “independently”.

I’d actually use “be independent” instead.
Is this review satire?

Calyrica says:

Why would this be satire?

fnord says:

Because if it’s not satire, it might cause some people to go madly.

Fred C Dobbs says:

But in this case, the speaker is using military/spy jargon: to “go rogue” or “go independent” or “go freelance” are perfectly correct. [You wouldn’t say, “be freelance” or “be rogue,” would you?]

WithoutAnyDecency says:

>“go” is a verb, so you need “independent” to be in adverb form. That would be “independently”.
I’d actually use “be independent” instead.

This is why linguistic prescriptivism is a very silly idea.

WithoutAnyDecency says:

To clarify: if it wasn’t for prescriptivism, people wouldn’t forget that English grammar is actually just whatever sounds natural to English speakers, and therefore they wouldn’t get hung up on silly rules that have no relevance to the ways in which people actually speak to each other.

Vance says:

“go” is a verb, so you need “independent” to be in adverb form. That would be “independently”.

I’d actually use “be independent” instead.

How about “become a free agent”? I admit that I haven’t watched this, but it seems like it could work.

Calyrica says:

That would be even better, since it’s exactly what she means.

rarely_upset says:

haha go independently

2ColouredEyes says:

I am preparing an extra large serving of popcorn to ready myself for the topic today; this does not contain any meaning.

sakagamitomoya Fuck xythar hes a gay jewish nazi cuntreamer says:

Could you tell me what Steve Jobs’ dick tastes like?

Calyrica says:


Fred C Dobbs says:

> But those of us on a Mac […]

> However, the Mac version of mkvmerge […]

> So anyway [:]

Get a PC?

Calyrica says:

Have one. It’s newer than the Mac. Even some 720p videos lag it for some reason.

jabashque says:

Specs for the PC?

Also, mkvmerge 6.3.0 can detect OPUS in Matroska files just fine (A_OPUS/EXPERIMENTAL). It shouldn’t be any different on Mac OS.

Calyrica says:

i5. 4GB ram. Windows 7. Laptop is off so I can’t get you the graphics card, but it’s probably integrated.

I downloaded the latest build of mkvmerge last night and it didn’t work, so don’t ask me.

VVKing says:

Dear Calyrica, will you review the Saint Young Men OVA?

Calyrica says:

What groups?

corocoro says:

That’s the Jesus and Buddha one, right?
I believe the choices are Commie and WhyNot.

Calyrica says:

Accepted. I’ve wanted to watch that, anyway.

VVKing says:

Thank youuu…

dark_sage_has_pretty_eyes_desu says:

> http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/vlcsnap-2013-07-01-23h13m17s147.jpg

>I’d like to know what this says.

“第六演習場” <3

Calyrica says:

Ha. Ha ha ha. You’re SO funny.

mzry says:

Calyrica! I have a request! Is there any chance of you doing a translation comparison of the Nichijou releases from Coalgirls and the Underwater-Commie script version? (DESS has released a nice BD version of the underwater/commie) I think the Coalgirls version uses R1 subs.

It’s one of my favourite shows, and I’m just wondering which translation brings across the jokes most naturally etc. It’d be awesome if you did a comparison.

*fingers crossed*

Calyrica says:


Calyrica says:

That was a response to mzry btw.

mzry says:

Awesome! thx =)

Swamp says:

>That’s it’s weakness.

Calyrica says:

Typo. I know better than that!

Solaristics says:

I believe Commie released Ghost in the Shell: Arise as well, so could you check their version as well?

Calyrica says:

Ah, did they? Do you know if they changed much from the official subs? I was told that this release made very few very slight changes, so if Commie used the same source, I honestly doubt there’d be much difference besides maybe some typesetting.

3kawaii5u says:

“As far as I know, this release does not contain the phrase ‘go independently,’ so you should be fine watching it.”

They even added this just for you.

Calyrica says:

Yeah… I saw that. I’m kind of sensitive, so you guys might be laughing at it, but I’m just sitting over here kinda down.

2CE says:

I’m really curious right now and want to say ‘Can you please upload a photo. Just blur what we need not see.’ but I remember that the dictionary is created to make a list of word/s’ meaning, synonym, antonym, whatsodamnever. If there is a collection/tablet/or sort that dictates how/what words we *must* use for a particular situation, god forbid. Much if all people speaks only one language and the language did not evolve.

But really. The former, please.

Solaristics says:

Honestly, I’m not sure as it’s downloading slowly. The size is like 500MB bigger than eraser’s 1080 one though.

è_é says:

THORA released it too:

I don’t know anything about their subs, anyone?

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