Translation Review: [Coalgirls] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season 02 (Evetaku’s Subs/TS)

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Let’s see how Bloatgirls handled the first Blu Ray release. They only changed and added one line to Evetaku’s base script, so this also makes it an Evetaku review of sorts.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV ( 488MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Not-quite-full wap (Eastern name orders, honorifics; “erotic games” instead of “eroge”

English style: American English.

Speed: BD rip


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OP. Here it’s supposed to be “waraiaou” (laugh/smile together) instead of “omoia0u”. The funny thing about this error is that the first definition of  “omoiau” is “to love one another,” so this could have very well been a wincest line, except they went with “meet me again” for some odd reason.


ED. It’s good, but Evetaku’s original kara was more kawaii.


Main Script.



If everything in the title was translated, it would be “There’s No Way the Onii-san I Trusted and Sent on an Errand Would Get Addicted to a Handheld Bishoujo Game and Sexually Harass Me!” but as Ayase said in the last episode’s preview, there’s no way it’d ever fit.


Line is mistimed, and it should really be, “but I heard that games where people can text virtual girls have become popular.”


Having the line say “Does this mean she likes a virtual girl better than me?” would make the situation sound even more devastating.


Conversation went like this:

Kyousuke: Hey, have you gotten hooked on a new game recently?

Kirino: What’s this? Are you interested?

Kyousuke: I-I guess…

I know, this is more of an editing decision than a translation issue, but I’d have Kyousuke say, “You… can say that,” meaning he’s interested for an entirely different reason.


A+. I wonder what kind process they took to come up with this line, since other places had something stupid like, “I see, so you’ve started to understand too, huh?”  Actually, I don’t have to wonder since Evetaku left a log of sorts in their script:

{Not sure how to phrase this properly}


{what’s the interpretation supposed to be?}

{Something along the lines of “You’ve crossed over to the dark side” with a hint of pride that her brother’s become more interested in eroge}

{<-haha “dark side” yeah, exactly that more or less}

{dark side works great}


Double C-minus. I think you can all guess what he said in Japanese based on this highly stock-phrase translation.


Line’s ass backwards. Supposed to be, “so the girl can text you!” (onnanoko kara meeru ga kitari sun no)


Nope, he’s saying Ayase can be so easily convinced to come up to a guy’s room that he actually worries for her.


Another Double C-minus. Take three guesses at what “hope we’ll get along” translates to in Elevenspeak.


Kata = shoulder.


Normally this line would pass muster, but Kyousuke basically repeated what Manami asked him earlier in the episode when she caught him playing his dating simulator, which is, “Have you gone crazy?”


More like, “No, I don’t hate [my brother] that much.”


Are you sure Ayase wasn’t about to say kimoi? instead of “Kirino”, especially when Manami reacted the same way to Kyousuke a few minutes earlier?


Yes, Kirino says keitai, but remember keitai is short for keitai denwa (handheld phone), and since Kirino here is saying keitaigee, what you’re really looking for is “handheld game”.


Would have gone with “It’s nice that you can bring someone like Ayaka-chan when you go out,” since Kirino PMSed on Kyousuke when he said Ayaka was a “thing”.


Other Observations


Dat padding.


This is actually a complaint to the anime series writer. In the novels, whenever Manami warns Kyousuke that she’s going to get mad, that would scare the living shit out of Kyousuke since apparently Manami turns into some sort of She-Hulk whenever that happens. Here they throw that aspect of their relationship out the window.


Evetaku/Coalgirls also typesets All The Important Signs ™ (just kidding, that’s probably the only major sign they missed in the whole episode).


Final Grade: B

Counted four lines that were actual mistakes. Add to that an uneven script where some lines are well thought up while other lines were clearly phoned in brings you this result. This grade might be acceptable if Evetaku was the only game in town, but I just want to be clear that Crunchyroll had them beat both in speed AND accuracy. It also follows that Commie will also have Evetaku beat in accuracy as long as they didn’t overedit the base script to Eoten-level absurdities. If all they have going for them is the typesetting, styling, and Calyrica’s kawaii karas, then they need to step it up.

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  1. The link to the gif with Evetaku’s kara is broken. (“ED. It’s good, but Evetaku’s original kara“>was more kawaii.”)

    >I know, this is more of an editing decision than a translation issue, but I’d have Kyousuke say, “You… can say that,” meaning he’s interested for an entirely different reason.
    I would consider this more of a translation issue rather than an editing issue because the meaning of the line got altered from the intended meaning.

    • All right, links fixed :)

      As for that line, I still wouldn’t say that Evetaku’s line was actually inaccurate, but my line gives you more of that “hit you over the head with a baseball bat” obviousness.

  2. hi .. can you review the fansubs of Shingeki no Kyojin .. becuase I see them all bad and I want to know who is the best from them.


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