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For those of you keeping record.


I have changed my avatar.

Rishia, from Lord of Vermillion
Rishia, from Lord of Vermillion

The banner has been changed as well.


I expect everyone will appreciate the new minimalist design choice.


Okay, how about this?




Summer 2013 has begun so all Spring 2013 fansub reviews have been canceled. Try to limit “review ___ next” requests to the Review Queue. It is there that I will tell you to vote in the poll instead.



Because sometimes I disappear for months at a time

kino no tabi

Crymore has gained three new staff for fan translation reviews:

  • kokujin-kun (fansub translation reviewer – handles currently airing anime)
  • Calyrica (general fansub reviewer with more of a technical aesthetic focus compared to my reviews – handles previously aired anime)
  • aoihakurei (scanlation reviewer – handles… wait, let’s not make this a hostile work environment.)

Authors are visible on the main page, before you click posts. If this still results in confusion, I will re-install the plugin that lets you know who wrote the post in the post itself.



Wait. Dark_Sage, it’s summer. So does that mean…



Prepare your body.

47 thoughts on “Site-related Things”

  1. You should review Monogatari S2 first. For some reason it’s not a choice in the poll.

    (But actually, why isn’t Teekyuu included in the poll, considering that there are other sequels on there?)

    • Monogatari s2 is currently winning the poll. I just renamed it Sagemonogatari.

      Tekyu is a short anime and I review short anime at my leisure since the reviews go by quickly. No reason to waste poll space on them.

  2. After the 83.5K that were raised, you only managed to do that? I expected something more impressive to commemorate the achievement, D_S.


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