Fakesub Review: [Commie] Free! (Episode 01)

Fakesub Review: [Commie] Free! (Episode 01)

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If I’m gonna disqualify a group anyway, I guess I could sometimes give you a post about it instead of putting a liner note in the review queue.

Non-standard review format since I’d rather not put more effort into this review than Commie did into the release.

tl;dr: Commie skipped an actual edit of the release in favor of adding troll karaoke and renaming the show “Gay Swimming”. What little editing they did do actually served to make the script worse.


For those of you who require evidence, let’s go into why it would be better to watch the HorribleSubs rip version instead.

[Commie] Free! - 01 [29F0B62D].mkv_snapshot_02.57_[2013.07.03_19.34.17]

This is what they renamed the show.

[Commie] Free! - 01 [29F0B62D].mkv_snapshot_03.38_[2013.07.03_19.33.31]

This is what the karaoke looks like.

[HorribleSubs] Free! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.31_[2013.07.03_19.09.43]

Commie understates his speed with their edit.

[HorribleSubs] Free! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.04_[2013.07.03_19.16.15]

The short form is actually “classic lit”.

[HorribleSubs] Free! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.49_[2013.07.03_19.18.29]
[HorribleSubs] Free! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.50_[2013.07.03_19.18.34]

Her dream was “music”? This edit makes it nonsensical.


Cherry blossom trees are not the same thing as cherry trees. By editing out what you see as “Japanese” (and conveniently ignoring that the story is actually set in Japan), you’re actually misclassifying the trees. Way to fucking go.

Script comparison example (changes highlighted, may require you to click the image to zoom in to see the "differences")
Script comparison example (changes highlighted, may require you to click the image to zoom in to see the “differences”)

They also removed specificity from a number of lines, dulling the script.




In nearly every way, this release is worse than the Crunchyroll version. I can’t recommend you waste your time on it.

60 thoughts on “Fakesub Review: [Commie] Free! (Episode 01)”

  1. Commie troll-subbing ‘epic maymay lulz’ to make /a/ squeal would be an auto-disqualification in my book, and CR’s subs look stronger besides.

  2. Thank you for warning me about this release before I actually watched it. HorribeSubs’ lack of typesetting matters less than a non-troll script.

  3. >Gay swimming
    >This is what they renamed the show.

    Are you saying this isn’t a gay show about guys swimming? Because it is, and this must be the one right thing Commie has done in a long time.

    • For that to work, the title would have to be Gay Swimming Show. The current title could only indicate that either it’s about swimming in a gay fashion (whatever that might mean); or that there is someone swimming who is gay, is named Gay, or is otherwise identifiable by a characteristic that is fixed at “gay”.

      • Yeah, I noticed that problem with the current title Commie used. In the end, though, we reach the same outcome: the gay swimming show is gay.

        • Yeah, fansub groups should rename every show so that the title represents what’s the show about and also becomes LE EPIC FUNNEH XD

  4. >If I’m gonna disqualify a group anyway, I guess I could sometimes give you a post about it instead of putting a liner note in the review queue.

    Agreed. Cooler than putting a line in the middle of the group’s name and their release that you display at the Review Queue page.

    I thought Vale TL’ed this for them.

  5. Paste the contents of commie’s sub file into a doc and ctrl+f “gay” and replace all. The word “gay” is used over 4400 times in the coding of the subs.

  6. Wouldn’t this go down as “trolling” with Nyaa’s rules or is it fine because Commie and Nyaa are best buds

  7. Pretty bad. But it should be noted that cherry blossoms are technically apart of the same subgenus as all cherry trees. So, while it may not be a tasteful change, it is an acceptable one as far I know.

    • That’s not exactly correct. It is true that the trees that are associated with cherry blossoms and the trees that are associated with edible cherries are both part of the same genus, Prunus. In addition, the fruit produced by any Prunus are all called cherries. However, the edible cherries that people are most familiar with are Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus, while the trees that are cultivated for their blossoms are usually Prunus serrulata, Prunus × yedoensis, and other hybrids involving Prunus that don’t bear fruit at all.

        • My mistake. Still, the fact that they are of the same subgenus means little. Modern-day humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) and Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) are both subspecies of Homo sapiens, but you would certainly be chastised for referring to one by the other’s name. While the conceptual gulf isn’t quite as wide for cherry tree and cherry blossom tree, they are sufficiently different that you shouldn’t be calling one the other.

          • I’m with Commie on this one, but for linguistic reasons. In Japan, flowering cherry trees are the primary referent ‘sakura’ and edible cherries are the dependent referent ‘sakuranbo’–basically, the thing that should be easy to say casually without extra words is the flowering tree, not the fruit tree. So ‘cherry tree’ makes sense.

            ALSO, scientific taxonomies are pretty irrelevant to how people actually talk, and we’re thinking about the latter. Unless you’d go after anything translated with the taxonomically meaningless word reptile?

            • If it’s used that way in Japan, it’s obviously right. I mean, all watchers are so perfectly ingrained in the Japanese culture and the intricacies of the language that they don’t need subtitles anyway.

  8. The “gay swimming” was funny as hell, and it /is/ what the fandom calls it, but inappropriate for people who wanted a serious copy… Please tell me that was at least soft-subbed.
    That’s not even the correct lyric… Well, Hatsuyuuki couldn’t figure out the Engrish either…

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