Fakesub Review: [Node] Monogatari Series Second Season (Episode 01)

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A night of Monogatari.

Okay, let me outline the major players in Monogatari S2 so you understand WTF I’m going on about when I drop names like Christian babies tonight:

Daisuki.net, a new competitor to Crunchyroll.com is simulcasting the series

The subtitles for the Daisuki.net simulcast were provided by Aniplex

HorribleSubs grabbed the Aniplex subs for Daisuki.net and improved the typesetting (though normally a straight rip group, HorribleSubs is actually staffed by fansubbers)

All right, got the gist?



Node hardly changed a thing with their release of Daisuki.net’s Aniplex-subbed Monogatari scripts. While this means they didn’t fuck up to the degree every other disqualified group did, they also did very little to the script to make their release stand out. Most of what they did was delocalization, such as adding honorifics and converting terms/phrases back to Japanese. (For example, the Schlink onomotopeia was turned back to the Japanese “Sha kin~”)

Though they did improve the HorribleSubs typesetting, they didn’t add karaoke. And the encode is also the same as the HorribleSubs encode.










The comma is grammatically incorrect here.





Bad Node. Next time use characters that display.

…and yeah, that’s about all they did that could be considered objectively wrong. Good on them?



As you can see from the above image, very little was changed between the scripts.

Normalized* script differences (expires one year from post date): http://www.diffnow.com/?report=xzrug

*Typesetting was removed because it’s irrelevant to these comparisons, manual line breaks were deleted because who cares, and fansubber comments were removed because you don’t see that shit in the release



I suppose if you need to wait for karaoke improvements, and prefer the HorribleSubs translation to the Commie effort, you’d want to get this release. But otherwise I’m not seeing significant enough differences to recommend this over the HorribleSubs release which as of episode 2 has two scripts — honorifics and no honorifics.

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fanta says:

Well, that’s disappointing.

fanta says:

By the way. By disappointing, I meant going further into this post with a disqualification. Not about what Node has done to improve it.

It would be best if kokujin-kun did both a review and a translation review for Monogatari 2nd Season instead of Dark_Sage. More qualified.

Dark_Sage says:

I didn’t think people dumber than Arashi existed. I was wrong.

fanta says:

I don’t know who this Arashi is but whatever the case may be. H/she is in your heart for a reason and I doubt it’s simply negative.

I can speak just fine so I am not dumb. I am assuming your phrasing it in a manner hostile because I wrote you aren’t qualified to review Monogatari series? If you aren’t able to understand that that’s quite all right.

Artsy Pants says:

What the hell is wrong with you?

zanon says:

This post bears a curious resemblance to English, but try as I might I’m having significant difficulty actually extracting any meaning from it.

Justaway says:

But HorribleSubs doesn’t have proper typeset…

animegio says:

They \an8’d it and it isn’t all caps anymore. Surely that’s an improvement. Nobody said they had proper typesetting.

Pelfmiester says:

“They didn’t even add karaoke.”
Now that’s pathetic.

csb says:

No it’s not.

Tw1tcHy says:

Yes it is.

adra says:

Interesting that HS are doing two sub tracks. Wouldn’t be a bad approach for more sub groups to take. It can’t be more than 10 minutes extra work, tops – though then again those 10 minutes might seem to count for a lot if you’re one of those groups that competes hard to be the first release.

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