Translation Review: [UTW] Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya – 01

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A fansub group called Unlimited Blade Translation Works is the place to go for this series, right?

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Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (494MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Full Wap, natch.

English style: American English.

Speed: Quick (on both the nico stream and the TV broadcast)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]





OP. Nice and straightforward—I like. However, once again, it’s nigecha.


ED. Et tu, UTW? Besides this shenanigan, the lyrics are also straightforward and clear.


Main Script.


Raze, you got some ‘splainin to do…


One part of me appreciates the fact that they have a teacher using some (mildly) strong language toward an elementary-school girl, but another part of me wonders if that is really the right call, since (a) she didn’t actually use any swear words and (b) she’s supposed to be an elementary-school teacher. I guess she did roll an “R” like some gangster, so there’s that, and some other girls were about to wet their pants after hearing that…


I really don’t think zatta means “rundown” (Really? Japan is rundown?). The phrase you’re looking for is “jumbled mess of a country” since going through downtown Tokyo feels like going through the inside of an old-timey mob-owned Vegas casino.


I like how they rendered this line :)


Nice rendition of urusai.


This is an example of a line which is both literally accurate, but doesn’t sound right in English. As tenacious as a bug? Can’t you just stomp on it and call it a day? Doki actually had a (somewhat) better translation for this line: “Unbelievable, you’re as tough as a cockroach.”


I was wondering which group would actually use the word “marathon.” Luckily UTW pulls through.


“You dodged me...”


Guess we’re (wait for it) sticking with “magic stick” for this series, huh? “Wand” is too passe.


Heh, “Easy girls.” Way to ecchi up a show.


This is closer to what I wanted this line to read as.


I want to use this opportunity to point out that the word used in this line is 爆誕 (bakutan, lit. “explosive birth”). It’s one of those made-up words that have been around for a long time. It’s so obscure that I couldn’t even find it in my copy of the Green Goddess. If I felt like adapting that word, I’d probably go with “The new Kaleid Liner, Prisma Ilya, explodes on the scene!”


Christ, is everybody afraid of using the word “loli”? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


I don’t care if you put it in italics, put it in bold, enlarge it, or used some kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre font, using “pamper” for kawaigaru is not going to fly. Yes, I know that they know that kawaigaru can also mean “torment,” but the execution does not reflect that at all. It would have been better if they went with “I’ll take good care of you.”


Given the rough language she used, I wish they made her sound like a Prohibition Era gangster: “I ain’t giving up this stick to nobody, see?”


That’s another benefit of having UTW as your fansubber for this series, you get their terminologies since the word eiyuu is apparently a Hero with a capital “H.”

Other Observations


UTW, subbing the little signs and the big signs :)


Final Grade: A-

Nice overall effort, but one two too many lines had the wrong connotation. Also I should note that they did change quite a few lines from their v0 nico stream version, such as a magical spell.

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kokujin-kun says:

Oh, it’s not that I really mind the name choice, that’s just me piling on for shits and giggles :p

random says:

“Both these spellings are official. We decided it made more sense to use the one not in the OP.”

That’s like some Commie logic right there.

Xythar says:

Except that wasn’t the logic at all?

kokujin-kun says:

Yeah, even Commie didn’t change the name to “Ilya.” But I suppose UTW has the excuse that they prefer to maintain the continuity with the Fate/Stay universe they created.

You’re forgetting the part where they keep consistency with every other Fate-related release they’ve ever done by keeping that spelling.

random says:

They’re just creating another inconsistency when the official spelling appears in the OP and maybe elsewhere in the show and doesn’t match their subs.

Xythar says:

When both spellings are considered official, I’d say not matching one small word in the OP is less of an inconsistency than not matching three years’ worth of precedent.

random says:

I wonder how many people have watched only UTW’s Fate releases over the last three years and can remember which spelling they used.

Yuyu says:

I for one remember they used Ilya. I was rather surprised to see “Illya” in the “official” title.

Xythar says:

I don’t know about other people, but I’ve personally never seen it spelled as “Illya” before the title screen for this show.

random says:

I honestly couldn’t remember but I could remember that the full name was spelled as Illyasviel. So isn’t it more natural for the short version to be spelled as Illya?

Xythar says:

I’ve always known it as Ilyasviel, including at the link fnord posted.

random says:

Interestingly Google turns up far less results for “Ilyasviel” and even attempts to correct you when you spell it that way.

30k results vs. 248k results

Xythar says:

I get 319k for Ilyasviel and 252k for Illyasviel.

random says:

Well shit. I don’t even know now.

FalseDawn says:

I think the reason Ilya was first used (even in SS-Eclipse’s Fate/Stay Night releases) is because it’s a real name whereas Illya isn’t. I call flaws in the character naming and admonish Japan for their lack of research into real names.

fnord says:

At some point people need to realize that usually Japan does not care about romanizations.

corocoro says:

Will this happen before or after they stop arguing about whether honorifics are an absolute must in every anime?

wwwwwww says:

>one two many lines had the wrong connotation


kokujin-kun says:

Still keeping it :3

zanon says:

>One part of me appreciates the fact that they have a teacher using some (mildly) strong language toward an elementary-school girl, but another part of me wonders if that is really the right call

It’s Taiga, so it was the right call. If it was a normal teacher then no, but “normal” and “Taiga” are only mildly related.

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