Bestest Party of This Specific Day of the Century: kokujin-kun X Dark_Sage Edition

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Dark_Sage. kokujin-kun. Dark_Sage’s place. Tomorrow. Yes.



Who’s invited?

You! If you’re kokujin-kun.



Maybe. How shitty is Ustream?


Will you sub ___?



How about doing ___?

Maybe. We might get bored. I don’t have much penciled in after “show kokujin-kun my sweet manga collection”, so help us make some bad decisions.

Or we could make mochi, since I have some flour.


Dark_Sage, plz. Less circlejerking and more content.




Fine. Later. Bleh


I dub this show the only canon depiction of the Fate/Stay universe.

Mostly related: I dub this show the only canon depiction of the Fate/Stay universe.

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Justinnnnnn says:

B-but you were supposed to do that with Xythar…

Dark_Sage says:

The fuck are you talking about?

flipr says:

d_s plz you know everyone ships you and xythar

Dark_Sage says:

Titanic-tier shipping. >:(

2ColouredEyes says:

1. D_S x herkz
2. D_S x fnord
3. D_S x Xythar
4. D_S x kokujin-kun <- new entry

seems like D_S don't like commoners.

this can be updated with photos of leftovers from the bestest party of this specific day of the century.

SomeLoser says:

0. D_S x D_S

TouToTheHouYo says:

Can you ship your own right hand?

perd says:

Dark_Sage, plz. Less circlejerking and more content.

Kamica says:

How about doing [some actual reviews]?

Dark_Sage says:

I marathoned Illya tonight. Expect episode 7 reviews after this fiesta is finito.

kokujin-kun says:

Shit, what am I doing up at 2AM? There goes waking up bight-eyed and bushy-tailed for this party ( ´・ω・`)

Dark_Sage says:

Kusion, you’re too busy being Kusion. No time for frivolous parties!

kayserlein says:

> I dub this show the only canon depiction of the Fate/Stay universe.

Wrong. Miyu doesn’t even exist in the Fate/stay universe. And i know I’m being a smartasshole.

Dark_Sage says:

She does now.

fohfuu says:

Prove it.

puddi says:

you better fuckin invite me or i remove all your php files

you don’t want me to remove all your php files

Dark_Sage says:

Move to Minnesota, then we’ll talk.

puddi says:

maybe one day i’ll be in minnesota

i shall call you up if i ever am

kokujin-kun says:

You better come sooner rather than later. I swear to god, his mancave was like an otaku’s paradise, I’m still starry-eyed (◕‿◕✿)

2ColouredEyes says:

You have photos? I mean, otaku’s paradise photo? It’s not like I am very interested on it. Really.

Ryuk says:

How about do some reviews together and get rid of your backlog!

Dark_Sage says:

Your wish shalt be grantedeth.

A-are you just seriously letting a person from the fansubbing community inside? Your bravery knows no bounds.

Dark_Sage says:

I didn’t unlock the door until I saw him exit the car. Figured my odds of getting raped were relatively low after that.

stushi says:

pics or it never happened.

Dark_Sage says:

I promise I will provide cosplay pics from today.

Justinnnnnn says:


ZiPe says:

E-Excuse me, but I’m getting rather mixed signals from the pics shown and the things being said here…

C-Could it be that…b-both D_S and kokujin-kun…are…

N-Not that there’s a problem with that or anything!!

Dark_Sage says:

Yup, we’re both ladies. ^^;

Anonymous says:

No they’re not!
Bad Sage…You tricked me into thinking that at the beginning, too. Now I won’t let that happen to these other little lambs.
Your evil plans are ruined! NYAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA-*chokes**dies**but not before clicking “ADD COMMENT”*

ZiPe says:

S-Sorry, but Dark_Sage has more street cred… So if she says they are both ladies, I am inclined to believe her!!

Really sorry about your death though. ;-(
H-Hope you…g-get better soon!

Calyrica says:

Aw, should have let me know and I would’ve crashed the party!

Ryuk says:

2 guys. 1 girl. Awkward…

Brw says:

Eiffel Tower

With D_S in the middle.

Kirigiri says:

Better than 2 guys, 1 cup XD

Kiraly says:

Better than 1 guy, 1 cup.

…excuse me while I go bleach my brain.

Dark_Sage says:

No girls allowed!

Calyrica says:

But I could’ve finally returned your Neptunia mk 2!

Dark_Sage says:

One day!

Dark_Sage says:

Reviewing animes together. Super party. \o/

kokujin-kun says:

Got that right. though D_S was too busy looking at Hatsune Miku videos :S

Dark_Sage says:

D_S has difficulty caring about things he doesn’t care about.

SomeLoser says:

Is going to branch out into reviewing Hatsune Miku videos? (pleasesayyes pleasesayyes)

corocoro says:

D_S can always add one more thing to his list of failed ideas, I guess. :p

puddi says:

real talk? i would review the shit out of translations and fansubbing attempts of vocaloid music videos

the community is so bad it hurts

Doom44 says:

Hay D_S

If I will change my name to kokujin-kun
can you invite me as well? :D

Dark_Sage says:

Sure. Now you just need to conveniently be located 30 minutes away from me and we’ll be good to go.

Doom44 says:


just let me go to officially change my name first, and then I will take my flight :3

Dark_Sage says:

Cosplay, as promised:

She was walking around in a DMC get-up “just because [she] felt like it”.

Sorry, no Dark_Sage in a skirt today.

ZiPe says:

^ D-Don’t worry, jeans look good on [whichever one of you two that lady is] as well!!

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