Otakublog 2013 Tourney: [Day -1] Disqualifications & Brackets

Aniblog — By on September 30, 2013 6:52 pm

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You thought I was fucking with you, but nope, ~it’s happening~ (Fall 2013 preview out before I sleep… hopefully.)

Get ready.

Get ready.

Disqualified Blogs & Reasons Why (16% of total “active” blogs):

Everything listed here is a blog that qualified as a blog in my Aniblog List post but that has no value being even considered worth visiting by anyone ever. There are more than you may expect.


+Ophanium http://ophanium.blogspot.com/

Possibly abandoned. Latest post is from early July, stating the blog will carry coverage of Summer 2013’s anime, but no posts followed that one. Prior posts focused on figure releases with limited commentary and no analysis. Capital letters were disturbingly rare.


ACF Radio http://acfradio.com/blog-2/


I rest my case.


All Fiction http://www.all-fiction.net/

Reviews contain little to no analysis. There is absolutely nothing being said here. Ex: http://www.all-fiction.net/2013/09/21/attack-on-titan-ep-24/


Angry Anime Bitches http://angryanimebitches.com/

Absolutely no analysis. http://angryanimebitches.com/2013/09/shingeki-no-kyojin-ep-25-final-i-will-kill-you/


Ani-Nouto http://ani-nouto.animeblogger.net/

Entire blog is based around quoting other anibloggers. Analysis consists only of garbage like this: http://ani-nouto.animeblogger.net/2013/09/22/stella-c3-ends/


Anime Commentary on the March http://animecommentary.wordpress.com/

It’s just fucking summaries. http://animecommentary.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/gatchaman-crowds-episode-2/


Anime Diet http://animediet.net/

My god. http://animediet.net/commentary/servant-service-final-episode-full-of-responsibility-again


Anime Shinbun http://animeshinbun.com/

This is like a reddit copycat just for anime. Cool enough to be on the list, not cool enough to qualify for the tourney.


Anime-Break http://www.anime-break.com/

The reviews are not reviews. http://www.anime-break.com/highschool-of-the-dead-review-gakuen-mokushiroku-review/


Anime, Manga, Manhwa, and Yaoi Reviews http://animeandmanhwareviews.blogspot.com/

If you’re gonna call it a review, make it a fucking review. http://animeandmanhwareviews.blogspot.com/2013/09/anime-review-yu-gi-oh-zexal-ii-season-2_26.html


AnimeMangaPedia http://www.animemangapedia.com/

A news site needs more than 10 articles a month.


Aniplogs Anime Source http://www.aniplogs.com/

No analysis. http://www.aniplogs.com/2013/08/mushibugyo-episode-20.html


Astro Bunny http://www.astrobunny.net/

Weird logic leaps, hardly “reviews”. Possibly abandoned blog. http://www.astrobunny.net/2013/07/06/the-adventures-of-a-civil-servant/


Audio Visual Style http://audiovisualstyle.wordpress.com/

A news site with no news in August or September. Possibly abandoned.


BambooXZX http://bambooxzx.wordpress.com/

Lyric translations are cool, but without analysis, who cares? There’s no value in making this a blog.


Blue Blue Wave http://bluebluewave.wordpress.com/

They can’t even manage fucking summaries. http://bluebluewave.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/daily-life-of-the-saten-uiharu-family/


Button Smashers Blog http://buttonsmashersblog.com/

This is their best article and it still says nothing. http://buttonsmashersblog.com/2013/09/15/dear-nintendo/


Channel-Japan http://channel-japan.com/

It’s some sick compilation of tumblr posts. Ugh.


ChibiOtaku010 http://chibiotaku010.wordpress.com/

“The show confused me” does not suffice as a review. Die. http://chibiotaku010.wordpress.com/2013/08/10/darker-than-black/


Chikorita157’s Anime Blog http://chikorita157.com/

These are just fucking summaries. http://chikorita157.com/2013/09/22/hyperdimension-neptunia-the-animation-episode-11-reis-revenge/


Chizumatic http://chizumatic.mee.nu/

Fuck summaries. http://chizumatic.mee.nu/hyperdimension_neptunia_–_ep_12#more


Conspicuous Klux http://kluxorious.blogspot.com/

This dumbtard JUST realized Dattebayo stopped subbing Bleach and is whining about it. http://kluxorious.blogspot.com/2013/09/bleach-episode-274.html

Shitty episode summaries too.


Continuing World http://tsuzukusekai.wordpress.com/

The titles are good, but the content isn’t. http://tsuzukusekai.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/fantasista-doll-believes-in-the-heart-of-the-cards-literally/


Dao’s subarashii blog! http://asuna.is-my-waifu.com/

Dao, you’re a fansubro and you post a lot on Crymore, so lemme give it to you straight: your AnimeTake post reads like you honestly have mental issues. You’re probably not in the wrong there, but holy shit. Also, three sentences is not enough to count as a review for a show. What value would someone gain from reading this post? http://subarashii.me/unexpectedly-good-shows-of-summer-2013/

If the answer is “nothing”, why post it?


Daybreak’s Bell http://quentinlau.blogspot.com/

News sites need more than four posts a month.


Deciphered Melody http://suisei.kokidokom.net/

Song TLs are nice to post, but just being songs in and of themselves doesn’t really justify putting them in blog format


Draggle’s Anime Blog http://blog.draggle.org/

This is not a review. Fuck you. http://blog.draggle.org/danganronpa-review-d/


Empty Blue http://www.emptyblue.it/

Feal, this http://www.emptyblue.it/post/2013/09/27/Rozen-Maiden-Zuruckspulen-Inconclusive-end-I-want-more.aspx does not qualify as a review. There is more substance in a randomc “article” than that. I read the last fifteen articles of your site and it’s all the same. It’s all exactly the same. You know the saddest part? I can’t tell if you even watched the episodes you blogged about. I’m disappointed.

If you just wanted to make a popular anime site, I don’t think anime blogging is necessarily the best way to do it.


Figure Culture http://figureculture.wordpress.com/

Possibly abandoned, possibly not. Either way, a site that relies on posting fig news that hasn’t posted about figs in two months can’t be considered worth visiting.


Hikaru’s Notebook http://hikaruyamato.blogspot.com/

What a review. http://hikaruyamato.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-place-promised-in-our-early-days.html


Hiroi Sekai http://hiroi-sekai.com/

So many words that say absolutely nothing. http://hiroi-sekai.com/2013/07/16/spread-the-love-hiroi-sekais-first-summer-2013-season-impressions/


Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendou http://www.ichigoyuri.com/

Why would anyone visit this site? I can’t tell why someone would ever bookmark this shit.


InfonoChikara http://infonochikara.wordpress.com/

If everything is a Youtube video, what’s the point of having a site?


Kafka-Fuura http://kafkafuura.wordpress.com/

No analysis. Why should I bother reading the site?


Kuro’s Anime Ramble Blog http://kuroshinko.wordpress.com/

A summary is not a review. http://kuroshinko.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/shingeki-no-kyojin-episode-24/


Kurogane’s Anime Blog http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/

Top-tier post: http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/2013/09/12/the-world-god-only-knows-goddesses-arc-10/


Lyrical Spark! http://honya-ch.com/

0 analysis.


Mandoran http://www.mandoran.com/

Analysis? Nope.


Marth’s Anime Blog http://www.marthaurion.com/

Great example of a shitty review. http://www.marthaurion.com/2013/09/25/danganronpa-episode-12-so-they-figured-everything-out/


Misa-chan’s J-pop Blog http://misachanjpop.wordpress.com/

No analysis. Half the posts are hidden from readers (smart)


Moshi Moshi?! Sekai?! http://moshimoshisekaienglish.blogspot.sg/

Visit this fucking site and see why you should never have visited it.

No really. Go. You’ll thank-hate me for it.


My Story, Your Beats http://mystoryyourbeats.wordpress.com/

So fucking boring. Fuck. http://mystoryyourbeats.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/kamisama-no-inai-nichiyoubi-11/


MyAnimeBlog http://www.myanimeblog.com/

Shitty reviews. And your site had such a great background image, too… http://myanimublog.blogspot.com/2013/09/danganronpa-animation-episode-9.html


Open Your Mind http://53rg10.wordpress.com/

May as well be a tumblr.


RabuJoi http://rabujoi.wordpress.com/

Shitty summaries. http://rabujoi.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/michiko-to-hatchin-02/


Reverse Harem Garden http://reverseharem.blogspot.com/

My poor fucking eyes. No, I’m not subjecting myself to this.


Seasonal Anime Reviews http://seasonalanimereviews.blogspot.com/

No content, just summaries. http://seasonalanimereviews.blogspot.com/2013/08/danganronpa-case-02.html


Shannaro!! http://shannaro.wordpress.com/

Shitty summaries for idiots who can’t figure out how to rss feed or sign up for updates on manga sites.


Shizuo Nyan http://www.shizuonyan.com/

This isn’t even a site for summaries; it’s about retarded reactions. Fucking hell. http://www.shizuonyan.com/2013/09/ore-no-imouto-ga-konnani-kawaii-wake-ga-nai-episode-16.html


Slightly Biased Manga http://slightlybiasedmanga.com/

There’s no analysis. It’s just shitty summaries. http://slightlybiasedmanga.com/2013/07/14/toradora-4/


Something Eternal http://somethingeternal.wordpress.com/

This is as lazy as feal’s site but without the pretty pictures. Not cool. http://somethingeternal.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/day-break-illusions-review-d/


Songs for Eris http://songsforeris.wordpress.com/

Hey fnord, as someone who’s interested in song translations, what would make you visit your site over a site like animelyrics?

If your answer is, as I imagine, “because my translations are better”, the question you have to ask yourself is “how big of an audience is people who know Japanese that are also interested in anime song translations that also prefer your style to anyone else’s?”

Seriously man, if you don’t have a value proposition, you can’t expect people to visit.


Spark Blog http://sparknorkx.blog.fc2.com/

You can guess why by now. http://sparknorkx.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-380.html


SSD 2.0 http://shootingstardreamer.blogspot.jp/

No thoughts, just summary. http://shootingstardreamer.blogspot.jp/2013/08/suisei-no-gargantia-episode-3-thoughts.html


The Anime Nostalgia Facility http://anime-nostalgia-facility.blogspot.co.uk/index.html

Shitty summaries on a hardly navigable site. http://anime-nostalgia-facility.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/manga-in-80s.html


The Brownie Post II http://aozoradream.wordpress.com/

Intelligence where? http://aozoradream.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/07-ghost-kapitel-97-its-a-conspiracy-of-the-highest-order/


The Cajun Samurai http://thecajunsamurai.wordpress.com/

News sites need more than three articles a month.


Tomorrow’s Anime http://ashitanoanime.wordpress.com/

Unapologetic summaries.


Words of Songs http://atashi.wordpress.com/

No anal. :(


Feedback, Recapped:

Lyrics blogs, if the only difference between you and AnimeLyrics.com is that you have fewer lyrics, then why the fuck would I ever visit your site?

Episodic blogs, if all you’re doing is recapping what happened, there’s no difference between you and a wiki summary. Also, speculation is not analysis.

News sites, you know damn well what your problems are.



Blogs Remaining:


10 Toy Gallery http://tentoygallery.blogspot.sg/
24 Frames Per Second http://24framesps.wordpress.com/
91.8 The Fan http://918thefan.com/
A Case Suitable for Treatment http://suitablefortreatment.mangabookshelf.com/
A Certain Blogging Tobiichi http://tobiichi.wordpress.com/
A Product of Wasted Time http://bigt1987.blogspot.com/
Absolute Territory http://absolute.animeblogger.net/
Ace Railgun http://acerailgun.wordpress.com/
Adumbrate & Resilient Love http://sakimichi.wordpress.com/
Ageha’s Adventure http://sakurasounoyakusoku.wordpress.com/
Aizen Gamer http://aizengamer.com/
Alafista http://www.alafista.com/
Alethea & Athena http://double-dear.livejournal.com/
Amaenbou Dane~ http://amaenboda.wordpress.com/
Amateur Rambling http://amateurrambling.wordpress.com/
Analog Housou http://analoghousou.com/
AngryJellyfish’s Blog http://angryjellyfish.wordpress.com/
Ani-Culture http://www.ani-culture.net/
Ani-Gamers http://www.anigamers.com/
Ani-Mei http://ani-mei.com/blog/wordpress/
Ani.me http://ani.me/
Anime Anemoscope http://animeanemoscope.wordpress.com/
Anime Anthology http://animeanthology.com/
Anime Audiolog http://animeaudiolog.wordpress.com/
Anime Aura http://animeaura.com/
Anime B&B http://marinasauce.wordpress.com/
Anime Club http://no3dpd.blogspot.com/
Anime Instrumentality http://blog.animeinstrumentality.net/
Anime Mage http://animemage.com/
Anime Picks http://animepicks.co.uk/
Anime Pulse http://www.anime-pulse.com/
Anime ReViews http://animereviews.co/
Anime Tree http://animetree.wordpress.com/
Anime Vice http://www.animevice.com/
Anime Viking http://animeviking.wordpress.com/
Anime World Order http://www.awopodcast.com/
Anipages http://www.pelleas.net/aniTOP/index.php
AniRecs http://anirecs.com/
Annalyn’s Thoughts http://annalynspot.blogspot.co.nz/
Aria Thursday http://ariathursday.blogspot.com/
AstroNerdBoy’s Anime & Manga Blog http://astronerdboy.blogspot.com/
Atelier Emily – For Me, In Full Bloom http://formeinfullbloom.wordpress.com/
Avvesione’s Anime Blog http://avvesione.wordpress.com/
Awesome Engine http://www.awesome-engine.com/
Baka-Raptor http://www.baka-raptor.com/
Bateszi Anime Blog http://www.bateszi.me/
BD77’s of Figure & Plamos http://bd77.wordpress.com/
Behind the Nihon Review http://behind-the.nihonreview.com/
Beneath the Tangles http://beneaththetangles.wordpress.com/
Beta-Waffle http://www.beta-waffle.com/blog/
Bishie Holic http://shikimic.wordpress.com/
BlogSuki http://blogsuki.com/
Blue Sweater Story http://aquabluesweater.wordpress.com/
Buy First, Regret Later! http://akashingou.wordpress.com/
Cacao, Put Down the Shovel! http://dmdutcher.com/
Cafe Daifuuku http://cafedaifuuku.kokidokom.net/
Cage of Love http://otomeoshiete.wordpress.com/
Canne’s Anime Review Blog http://canime.wordpress.com/
Caraniel’s Ramblings http://caraniel.wordpress.com/
Cartoon Leap http://www.cartoonleap.com/
Cely Belly Nonsense http://celybellynonsense.blogspot.com.au/
Child of Mecha http://www.childofmecha.com/
ChocolateMix http://chocolatemix.wordpress.com/
Chromic Aberration Everywhere http://eyeforaneyepiece.wordpress.com/
Collect ’em All http://dennis-toys.blogspot.com/
Colony Drop http://www.colonydrop.com/index.php?blog=1
Cosmic Latte http://skyvory.wordpress.com/
Cosplay Holic http://kosupurei.blogspot.com/
CosplayJP http://cosplayjp.wordpress.com/
Curry Curry Chronicles http://awesomecurry.wordpress.com/
Cutfilm Tovent http://cutfilmtovent.wordpress.com/
Deadlight’s Anime Blog http://deadlightanime.blogspot.com.au/
Deluscar http://deluscar.wordpress.com/
Denpa no Sekai http://www.denpanosekai.com/
DereMoe http://deremoe.com/
Denpa Waves Everywhere http://denpawaves.wordpress.com/
Desu ex Machina http://kevo.dasaku.net/
Diamonds in the Sea http://pearlsinthesun.wordpress.com/
Digimon: System Restore http://digimon.firstagent.net/
Doropyan’s World http://doropyan.wordpress.com/
Drastic My Anime Blog http://bignanime.wordpress.com/
DubSub Anime Reviews http://dubsub.blogspot.com/
Dynamite in the Brain http://www.dynamiteinthebrain.com/
Emency Blazer Works http://emencyblazer.wordpress.com/
Engendered Dilemma http://www.engendered-dilemma.com/
Entravity http://www.entravity.com/
Eroge Review http://www.erogereview.com/
EvaGeeks http://www.evageeks.org/
Experimental Gonzo http://drgonzo7.wordpress.com/
Experiments in Manga http://experimentsinmanga.mangabookshelf.com/
Eye Sedso https://glothelegend.wordpress.com/
Fantastic Memes http://fantasticmemes.wordpress.com/
FichtenFoo http://www.fichtenfoo.com/blog/
Funkatown http://funakatown.com/
Gagging on Sexism http://gaggingonsexism.wordpress.com/
Gaijin Gunpla http://www.gaijin-gunpla.com/
Gar Gar Stegosaurus http://gargarstegosaurus.wordpress.com/
Gareblogs https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/
Geekorner-Geekulture http://geekorner.wordpress.com/
Gisei – Fans of Japan http://subarashikun.wordpress.com/
GN Particles http://graemenattress.com/wp/
Golden Sneer http://goldensneer.wordpress.com/
GoodGuyDan’s Gunpla Blog http://goodguydangunpla.blogspot.jp/
Gundam Guy http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/
Gundam Model Kits & Figures http://www.gundammodelkits.com/
Gundam Model Kits Review http://gundam3r.blogspot.sg/
Hachimitsu http://blog.hachimitsu.org/
Hanners’ Anime Blog http://hanners-anime.blogspot.com/
Haruhichan’s Blog http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/
Hashihime – Anime Voices http://hashihime.blogspot.com/
Hau Omochikaeri http://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/
Hinano’s Game Babbles http://breadmasterlee.com/
His Personal Joy http://hispersonal.wordpress.com/
Hungry Bug Diner http://www.hungrybugdiner.com/
Hybrid Universe http://eltmanypieces.wordpress.com/
Ideas Without End http://ideaswithoutend.wordpress.com/
Imouto.my http://imouto.my/
Isn’t it Electrifying? http://shibirerudarou.wordpress.com/
It’s a Gundaaaam! http://lupes.wordpress.com/
It’s Nothing http://dnandre.wordpress.com/
Itadakimasu Anime http://itadakimasuanime.wordpress.com/
J-Madness http://www.j-madness.com/
Japan Powered http://www.japanpowered.com/
Japanese Anime Figures http://mangafigures.wordpress.com/
Japanese Melodia http://japanesemelodia.blogspot.com/
JEFusion http://www.jefusion.com/
Jinx! http://re-jinx.me/
John Sato http://johnsato.blogspot.com.au/
Just Another Anime Podcast http://justanotheranimepodcast.com/
Just Another Heaven http://justanotherheaven.wordpress.com/
Just as Planned http://keikakudoori.wordpress.com/
Justinius Builds http://justiniusbuilds.blogspot.com/
Kanpai! http://kanpai.kokidokom.net/
Karmaburn http://karmaburn.com/
Kawaiiosity http://kawaiiosity.wordpress.com/
Kira-Reviews http://www.kira-reviews.com/
KixKillRadio http://kixkillradio.wordpress.com/
Kritik der Animationskraft http://animekritik.wordpress.com/
KrizKreations http://kriz-kreativemindz.blogspot.com/
Kurayami Monogatari http://solarblade.wordpress.com/
Kuriousity http://www.kuriousity.ca/
Kurumi Shim http://kurumishim.wordpress.com/
Lagrange1 http://lagrange1.blogspot.com/
Late Reaction http://latereaction.wordpress.com/
Leap250’s Blog http://leap250.wordpress.com/
Let’s Anime http://letsanime.blogspot.com/
Life is just… http://myworldisbluegreen.wordpress.com/
Life of a Future Mangaka http://lifeofafuturemangaka.blogspot.ro/
Lijakaca’s Otome Gaming Blog http://lijaka.com/blog/
Lobster Quadrille http://rocklobsterjwt.wordpress.com/
Loli (laughing alone with) Salad http://loli.animeblogger.net/
Lost in Anime http://www.lostinanime.com/
Lost My Thesis http://lostmythesis.wordpress.com/
Love the Machine http://lthemachine.wordpress.com/
Love-Colored Sky http://koiiro.wordpress.com/
Lower Mid-Table http://lowermidtable.wordpress.com/
LuRa’s Anime Blog http://lurei.wordpress.com/
Mainichi Anime Yume http://animeyume.com/blog/
Makigumo http://www.makigumo.com/
Manga Report http://mangareport.mangabookshelf.com/
Manga Therapy http://www.mangatherapy.com/
Manga Xanadu http://manga.jadedragononline.com/
MangaComicsManga http://mangacomicsmanga.com/
Maserbeamdotcom http://www.maserbeam.com/
Mdzanime http://mdzanime.me/
Mech9 http://www.mech9.com/
Mecha Damashii http://www.mechadamashii.com/
Medieval Otaku http://medievalotaku.wordpress.com/
Meeping Anime http://meepinganime.com/
Metanorn http://metanorn.net/
Milkcananime http://www.milkcananime.com/
Mirror of Paranoia http://mirrorofparanoia.wordpress.com/
Moe Alternative http://moe-alternative.net/
Moetron http://www.moetron.com/
Moonlit Asteria http://moonlitasteria.wordpress.com/
Moving Towards the Future http://ancientshining.wordpress.com/
Multiseven et Cetera http://multiseven.blogspot.com/
Music Addiction http://musicaddiction2.wordpress.com/
MyAnimuBlog http://myanimublog.blogspot.com/
Nabe!! http://nabe.kokidokom.net/
Naturally Uncanny Reviews http://nureviewsnetwork.com/
Neko Magic http://www.nekomagic.com/
Nendonesia http://nendonesia.com/
Neo-Shonen Fujoshi http://jansuzukawa.blogspot.com/
Ngee Khiong Ex http://ngeekhiongex.blogspot.com/
Nigorimasen! http://www.nigorimasen.com/
Nil http://nilblogs.wordpress.com/
Ninety’s Blog http://ninetysblog.wordpress.com/
Notredreviews http://notredrevie.ws/
NuKo no Himegoto http://kirinano.wordpress.com/
Nyaa! Figurines http://www.nyaafigurines.com/
NyOtaku http://nyotaku.com/
Ogiue Maniax http://ogiuemaniax.wordpress.com/
Okazu http://okazu.yuricon.com/
OmoNoMono http://omonomono.com/
Oppai is Justice http://oppaiisjustice.wordpress.com/
Optimum Otaku http://www.optimumotaku.com/
Organization Anti-Social Geniuses http://organizationasg.kokidokom.net/
OSMCast http://www.osmcast.com/
OtaCoolTure no Saka http://yunam0n.wordpress.com/
Otagamers http://miettechan.com/
Otaku Dan http://otakudan.com/
Otaku Generation http://otakugeneration.libsyn.com/
Otaku Lounge http://otakulounge.wordpress.com/
Otaku Overdrive http://otakuoverdrive.com/
Otaku Revolution http://otakurevolution.com/
Otaku Soft http://otaku-soft.com/index.php
OtakuDX http://www.otakudx.com/
Otome Jikan http://otome-jikan.net/
Otome no Junjou http://otomenojunjou.wordpress.com/
Otosu Otome http://otosuotome.blogspot.sg/
Pirates of the Burley Griffin http://piratesobg.wordpress.com/
Plastikitty http://www.plastikitty.com/
Pretense W/ Glasses http://pretensewithglasses.wordpress.com/
Project Haruhi http://www.projectharuhi.net/
Project Otaku http://www.projectotaku.com/
Puppy52Dolls http://puppy52dolls.com/
Quizoxy http://quizoxy.wordpress.com/
Ramblings of an AKB48 and Anime Otaku http://jeffreysama.wordpress.com/
Random Curiosity http://randomc.net/
Rayout http://rayoutblog.wordpress.com/
Reflective Boundary http://www.reflectiveboundary.net/
Reverse Thieves http://reversethieves.com/
Riyoga’s Ramblings http://subtlechaos.wordpress.com/
Roving Thoughts https://cks.mef.org/space/rtblog/
Saimoe Update Blog http://saimoe.wordpress.com/
Sakura Doujin http://sakura-doujin.com/
Sankaku Complex http://www.sankakucomplex.com/
Sea Slugs! http://www.seaslugteam.com/
Season 1 Episode 1 http://s1e1.com/
Sekijitsu http://sekijitsu.com/
Seven Coloured Compass http://sevencolouredcompass.wordpress.com/
Seven Nights Translations http://7nightstranslations.wordpress.com/
Seventh Style http://seventhstyle.com/
SGCafe http://sgcafe.com/
She’s Lost Control http://sheslostcontrol.net/anime/
Shiizumi’s Anime Blog http://shiizumi.wordpress.com/
Shinkan Crossing http://cjinsblog.blogspot.com/
ShonenBeam http://shonenbeam.com/
Showery Sky http://showerysky.wordpress.com/
Silence is Golden http://silenceisgolden89.blogspot.com/
Sneepers Robot Garage http://sneepersrobotgarage.blogspot.com/
Sophie’s Japan Blog http://sophiesjapanblog.com/
Spherical Cows http://considerthem.wordpress.com/
Spoils http://sylphalchemist.wordpress.com/
Standing On My Neck http://flawfinder.wordpress.com/
Star-Crossed Anime Blog http://psgels.net/
Stereo Otaku http://stereootaku.wordpress.com/
Subatomic Brainfreeze http://subatomicbrainfreeze.typepad.com/subatomic_brainfreeze/
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Good news for the majority: every blog that qualified for the tourney has some slight smidgen of value to it. Well, at least value in that they are potentially worthy of my disdain. Pin that on your fucking fridges.



Tournament Brackets:






Brackets subject to change.



I suppose the contest technically begins tomorrow. That doesn’t mean tomorrow’s when the posts start, though. I have no set schedule for when it will end, or how many posts about it you’ll see every day.

Blog owners: You can’t opt out. Stop asking.

Crymore readers: Gomen. I’m going to waste a lot of time on this even if you’d rather I didn’t. It’s not my priority though, so don’t worry. I can make this thing last five years if I have to.



FalseDawn says:

>every blog that qualified for the tourney has some slight smidgen of value to it. Well, at least value in that they are potentially worthy of my disdain. Pin that on your fucking fridges.

Now tempted to make a blog. My fridge face is looking pretty bare.

Anon says:

Where is my Crymore?

Dark_Sage says:

I’m afraid that in the interest of a completely fair and open tournament, Crymore has been disqualified.

You can be assured I will be taking this tournament 100% seriously and there will be no instances of shenanigans whatsoever.

Anon says:

Glad to know that you’re taking this tournament in earnest.

Anime and anime related blogs are super serious business that need to be taken super seriously.

FalseDawn says:

Where’s the fun in that? :S

Hairy says:

Crymore doesn’t need to be included, because with the increase in traffic this will bring, Crymore has already won.

teclas says:

Didn’t even qualify for the disqualifications.

Dao says:

Majority of my posts are rants anyways… but I see how it is DarkSage… ¬_¬

Dark_Sage says:

I still love you.

Dao says:

ily2<3 You're the best fansub reviewer…unlike herkz.

Dao says:

But I do agree that some of my “reviews” are pretty short and pointless, though in my defense I ‘m not really that good with reviews, I just like ranting about things.

& Regarding the animetake post, I was pretty mad when I was writing it, should probably hide that post now…

Etoce says:

I used to visit Words of Songs and fnord’s site regularly (at least once every year) and would have voted for them. ;_;

Their overall song counts aren’t higher than animelyrics’, but when you’re looking for lyrics for a specific song, sometimes they have more songs in the set {song you’re looking for} than animelyrics by an incredibly high factor.

Etoce says:

Wait, there’s no indication that this is a voting thing, is there…

Akatsukin says:

Against my better judgment, I went to Moshi Moshi?! Sekai?! I’m not sure what was worse—the background, the cursor, or the fact that I’m pretty sure it was entirely in comic sans.

Etoce says:

I went there too, and I thought it was pretty cool. There’s a certain nostalgic charm to sites like that.

Also, I don’t think that’s Comic Sans.

WithoutAnyDecency says:

Comic Sans would be better, because despite looking silly Comic Sans is at least easy to read, (apparently a lot of dyslexic people prefer Comic Sans), whereas that font they’ve got there is horrible for reading.

SomeLoser says:

From the source:
‘Indie Flower’, ‘Schoolbell’, ‘Crafty Girls’, ‘Homemade Apple’, ‘Walter Turncoat’

I didn’t even noticed the custom cursor on my first visit. My eyes were too busy bleeding from the cramped fonts, the sparkles, the scrolling blue thing, and that calendar with those bunny things.


Guy says:

It literally looks like MySpace, circa 2005.

Marow says:

I’ll win. Okay? Thanks. At least I got the spirit.

Dark_Sage says:


WithoutAnyDecency says:

>Visit this fucking site and see why you should never have visited it.
>No really. Go. You’ll thank-hate me for it.

Fucking sugoi desu.

Passerby says:

The final will be whiners vs crymore. I love it.

Dark_Sage says:

Dark_Sage cares.

Anon says:

That’s why you’re #1 in our hearts.

Humanity says:

*Goes to moshimoshisekaienglish*

Marow says:

I need to know where that comes from. Is it taken from a video or just an image?

Juno says:

So… I know you want this to be fair and all, but why exactly is this not a sign-up tournament? And why can’t blogs opt out? It seems to me like quite a few of the concerns about their publicity and the responses they get for losing are quite understandable and should be respected. If they’re not out to be the “best” and they wish to opt out, then they really don’t need to be in the tournament. Knowing your own comment base and their tendencies is also important to having a responsible and respectable tournament. Respecting the wishes of those whose names you use is a huge responsibility as well.

Not accusing. Just asking for your reasoning.

Dark_Sage says:

Because it’s not a sign-up tournament. I don’t know what to tell you. Try letting go of what you think a tournament is supposed to be, think about what kind of site Crymore is, and let your brain do the rest. I’m not gonna hold your hand through my writing because I don’t have the desire to build an audience that is too intellectually lazy to understand where I’m coming from.

Here’s a hint, and I’d rather you not need another: read one of my fansub reviews. If your mind can’t cope with what you’re seeing – and keep in mind throughout the read that I legitimately want fansubs to improve from the advice I give – then you’re not ready for the site.

Juno says:

Well, I didn’t have time when I first posted (I had found links to this blog on several blogs I frequent), but I have since checked around the site and I now understand that the site is based around critical analysis of other fan projects–mostly fansubs. From that perspective, this tournament makes more sense, as does your attitude on including blogs without their permission, since such a poll would be incomplete.
If anything, what bothers me is the general attitude those on the site have towards things of lower quality. Many blogs are not out there to compete, just as many fansub groups (at least, the two I’m a part of) aren’t out there to beat the rest. They simply exist to offer different perspectives or experiences of something. Their audiences are sometimes different, even. And some of those bloggers don’t want to be part of the competition. Why is it that those kinds of bloggers can’t opt their blog out? Or is this tournament already set on being a general popularity poll, with no concern for these factors?

Dark_Sage says:

“Popularity” has nothing to do with quality, nor do you have to worry about it affecting the results of this tourney. And do you think someone like me would allow this tourney’s success to depend on other bloggers? Etoce already guessed a plot twist, so you can take that as your answer to this question. (And Passerby guessed right on an ending I was considering. It’s damn inspiring to have so many people on the right wavelength.)

As for blogs/others that just want to “exist”… That’s morally reprehensible. If you’re going to provide a public service, you damn well better do it the best you can. Anything else is an insult to your audience. You just want to put words on a screen that might kinda sorta work? Don’t fansub. You wanna write down worthless half-thoughts? Get a journal. Don’t want to improve? Don’t try in the first place.

I have no respect for those who have no respect for their audience.

Henry Ford says:

Some people just want to share their opinions. You have no rights to think that not everyone has that right. Blasting people that not even wanted to be part of your shenenigans is an immoral thing. Not everyone see their site has a public service.

Dark_Sage says:

“I just want everyone to listen to me and not do anything to give them a reason to do so”. Lazy and pathetic. If anyone actually believes this, they should delete their blog and start trying their hand at evening out cement sidewalks with their tongue.

Henry Ford says:

Hey maybe they do. Theres no harm in constructive criticism but you’re bad at the constructive part.. I don’t think someone with your writing style should have started such a thing.. Even the original maker feels embarrassed now..

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, the original creator of the Aniblog Tourney feels embarrassed by my tourney? Well, he should. But I get the feeling I’d like to see those comments. Link? Logs? Link ‘n logs?

Deadlight says:

No offense Dark Sage, but I think you should know that most every blogger hates you.(I doubt you give a shit though)

Scamp’s embarrsed by the ani-tourney because it turned into a full blown flame war heaped with shit galore.

He’s embarrased that blogs had to resort to cheating.

And you should have seen some of the things people called you once people realized you were bringing back the tournament, Dark Sage.

Dark_Sage says:

Blog owners are pissed? Link me. I could use a laugh.

Deadlight says:

Most of it was exchanged over Skype, but if you really want to see some tweets I’m sure I could dig some up.

I did make fun of you on my Twitter for using MS Paint as the brackets.

Dark_Sage says:

You’re the best <3

Deadlight says:

I’ll just show you my tweet. You can dig up the other tweets yourself as it’s kind of a dick move for me to bring up other people’s tweets.


Dark_Sage says:

Beautiful. Thanks for the starting point.

I was just going to jack off and go to sleep tonight, but this looks like it could prove more entertaining. Down the rabbit hole I go~

Deadlight says:

Sage, it would be cool if, you know, you actually gave out constructive criticism rather than “this blog has no personality and has shit taste in opinion”

Dark_Sage says:

That’s the plan.

Deadlight says:

Do you have a Twitter?

Or can I talk to you via e-mail. I’d rather not spam the comments section.

Dark_Sage says:

Email it is.

NovaJinx says:

This discussion made me want to write up a post, then I noticed I already posted about this half a year ago.

And it was likely the fifth time I posted about blogging motivations.

Adamant says:

Actually, Juno, we constantly strive to better ourselves and put out as high quality fansubs as we can. If Dark_Sage was to point out shit we didn’t do so well, we’d definitely listen and take it to heart.

Juno says:

Whoa! Hello there, Adamant! I wasn’t actually referring to OUR group, since I won’t publicly call myself a part of it until I contribute a significant amount of work toward it and my work closer resembles what the group itself wants from it. I’ve translated three back episodes and it seems none of them have been released yet, so I hardly represent the group.

I AM talking about a dual group (and potentially another group), though, that represent a niche way of thinking, which I’ve contributed to over the past two years. Though it might be obvious who they are if I mention why, their goals are to purposely stray from fluid English (without totally destroying grammar) in order to utilize fansubs for an audience who wishes for something more literal or direct to the Japanese. The idea is not to compete against other fansub groups at their own game, but present a different kind of value in translating to a niche audience that appreciates and values it. It requires people who know the language linguistically and structurally, so we’re not amateurs in our field and we wouldn’t exactly appreciate an evaluation based on the ideals we are purposely straying from. And on that same note, the two review blogs I’m directly a part of are qualified as reviewer blogs for the tournament, but they’re focusing on a smaller audience or group of friends and don’t WANT the publicity, particularly BECAUSE they’re not out to be big-name blogs. It has nothing to do with their quality and they aren’t “worthless” half-thoughts.

So it’s less about putting them on a linear scale and more about representing things the tournament itself does not account for. That is where I’m concerned.

Dark_Sage says:

Bullshit you don’t want more readers or publicity. That’s just something you say to make yourself feel better about however many hits you get a day (hits are rather useless though, so if that’s your reasoning, you’re right). If you really did just want to share your reviews amongst yourselves, then why are those blogs public? That’s like Lady Gaga going into a mall all dressed up like usual and then feigning surprise when people pay attention to her. You’re being disingenuous and I’m frankly rather insulted you don’t think anyone sees through it.

When it comes to fansubs, if you want to be more literal or whatever it is you’re looking for, fine (keep in mind “literal translation” does not mean “stock translation”). It’s a tradeoff and there’s no perfect place to draw the line. But you owe your viewers the best work you can provide, so if I have to shove methods of improvement down your throat, I will. And people deserve to know whether you actually provide good subs or not, even if you don’t want me to tell them. So if you were going to ask me to not review your “dual group”, the answer is “Stop being so fucking selfish.”

I’m not sure what your last point is, but I’ll address it if you want to rephrase.

Juno says:

To clarify, I was pointing out my relationship with the blogs I’m concerned with, but I am not actually one of the bloggers. Just someone who participates in their podcasts. I can’t justify their reasoning or represent it, but I do see where they’re coming from. They have the sites open for people to see and judge for themselves, but they still like to keep traffic to a minimum because they do not have the time or experience to moderate an abundance of posts from people who troll or spam the site, due to their inclusion in the tournament. I posted because I felt that it was still important to respect that, no matter what kind of blog they are. Adamant says this tournament should be different, though, so if that won’t be a problem this time around, then I suppose that’s that (I hope).

By “stock translation,” I assume you mean something like “Japanese word ‘A’ always means English word ‘B’,” right? Or am I wrong on that assumption? Aside from using the same words for general consistency on terminology important for the plot/script/etc., we don’t do that. And we’re open to criticism, for sure, especially since we are mostly fans and only a few of us have taken linguistically-focused Japanese classes. But it’s still important for a reviewer to recognize the intent of the group in their translation before reviewing what they have to offer. Otherwise, the reviewer could end up focusing on the aspect of the script that is the product of the tradeoff the group decided on for their specific goal.

My last point is only valid if the tournament doesn’t account for specific differences in the intent of the bloggers. I just don’t see how one can have such a big tournament that does, since many bloggers do not share a common goal.

Also, to avoid cluttered text walls here, do you mind if I contact you in IRC later to continue the discussion?

Anonymous says:

Please don’t continue this in IRC. I want to read it.

Dark_Sage says:

>they do not have the time or experience to moderate an abundance of posts from people who troll or spam the site, due to their inclusion in the tournament.

What the hell are you going on about? I’d like to be offended on behalf of my readers, but I’m far too confused for that.

You’re correct about the stock terminology definition, which is generally not accepted no matter where you look. When it comes to my reviews, I don’t care if you throw out all the honorifics or have people calling each other “senpai” all the time. That’s your choice and it doesn’t affect your scores (it does affect your audience, but you already know that). I will point it out for people who care about that kinda thing, and I’ll speak up if I think you made a bad choice as to localization levels, but that’s not gonna change the grade any. Well, within reason that is. If you have a sentence along the lines of “My okonomiyaki bento is onegaishimasu desu-san.” I’m gonna frown. Similarly, if a group TLs “baka” as “shit-licking maggot fucker” (Hi Commie), they’re gonna get torpedo’d, but I’m rather audience agnostic when it comes to this shit.

If you wanna talk about something boring, or personal, or if you wanna proposition me for smooches, then you can find me on #whine-subs (Rizon). Otherwise, I’ll defer to Anon’s request. I don’t usually engage in long conversations here because I fear it will bore my readers (and when I get caught up with them, even I don’t want to read the result), but this convo isn’t exactly dull.

Adamant says:

Apparently some people wrote angry comments about Whiners.pro in comment sections on their blogs during the last tournament, and a bunch of drama broke out there among supporters and haters, so I told him they should just delete any “Man, fuck that Sage guy” comments if they didn’t want people to reply to them.

…yeah, I don’t know either. Didn’t follow any of it, so I don’t even know WHAT happened.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, well yeah, if people wanna start something, I’m down for playtime.

It was rather entertaining at least (Whiners was determined to be the Axis of Evil and all the other anibloggers banded together to try and stop us). Good times.

Qrius says:

@D_S: Yeah, and then the site died. It was like Code Geass except for the part where it was reborn :O

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll always come back for you guys.

Justinnnnnn says:

I’m expecting good things from the Axis of Evil.

Juno says:

Perfectly fine with me. =)

What I meant by the first paragraph was that the bloggers moderate the site by themselves and don’t have plans to pick up other moderators. So while they don’t reject newcomers, they cannot handle an abundance of traffic, especially if the traffic itself comes with trolls and others who cry negativity with an attitude, but no substance. This has been the case in the past, so to me, their concerns aren’t unfounded. I initially brought up the concern because I find it important to respect the bloggers’ wishes or find a different way to prevent the tournament from causing such controversy without excluding them from it.

As for fansubbing, the goal for those groups is, in general, to “write a Japanese sentence in English” in such a way that it carries Japanese nuances that wouldn’t naturally be found in English. For example, 「早く浄化しないと取り返しのつかないことになる・・・」(“hayaku jousha shinai to tori-kaeshi no tsukanai koto ni naru…”) might be translated as something like “If we don’t purify it soon, it’ll be too late…” by a general fansub group, but our group would translate it as, “If we don’t hurry and purify it, it’ll become something irrevocable…”–specifically, using “hurry” to represent “soon” (not because it can’t mean “soon,” but because it appears before “jousha shinai to” and, thus, our ears pick it up easier as “hurry and–” than “–soon.”), specifying “become,” since the word is literally used in Japanese, and using “something” to recognize the existence of “koto” as the vocalized subject of “tori-kaeishi no tsukanai koto” instead of simply not including it to make it sound smooth in English.
We do have an audience (mostly people who wish to learn Japanese or tune their ears to Japanese through subtitled anime), and thus, a demand, so our work is appreciated. But it’s because of this niche goal that our fansubs could not be reviewed by the same standards one would review more popular fansubs or even professional subs by.

Dark_Sage says:

Your fear of Crymore is rather overblown. I don’t think your friends have anything to worry about from this tourney.

If your groups do 1:1 translations, then yes, you’ll do very poorly my standards. Actually, you’ll do poorly by anyone’s standards because you’re translating the words rather than the meaning. Your audience would be better served by a textbook because all you’d be doing is ruining those shows. What group is this? Maybe I’m wrong. I’d like to be wrong about this.

Juno says:

We can hope so…

There are two groups, neither of which that I will mention without permission (also because I don’t want my username attached to them publicly just yet), but there aren’t many out there like this, so you might be able to guess.
And our style isn’t fit for everyone. It’s for a specific kind of audience that utilizes the translations we use for a specific purpose. We make sure that both words AND meaning come out as strong as possible. For people who can keep up with the style, as long as we don’t make any huge mistakes, they should get just as much out of the show itself as any other sub audience would. For those who can’t keep up, I WOULDN’T recommend using our subs, and I often don’t recommend them to most people without a good reason, but they’re sufficient for their purpose. Our translations are definitely not 1:1, either (“tori-kaeshi no tsukanai koto,” or “something irrevocable,” would have a MUCH more complicated translation if we linguistically took it apart–one that would be nearly impossible to get, word for word, and still carry the same meaning in English–people listening to the Japanese and reading the subtitles will still be able to attach the word/phrase together, though). But we do our best to carry the meaning in our literal translations and we make sure our grammar and word choices are smooth, yet accurate.

It’s simply how we do things. It would be similar to the difference between Waley and Tyler (Tale of Genji translation). Waley’s translation succeeds in adapting to the Western market through its language, fluidity, and understanding of cultural relativism, but it does not pull the full force in the intent of the written word in the story forward. Tyler’s translation, on the other hand, succeeds in capturing the beauty and poetic nature of the story, as well as the inherent meaning placed in it from the very beginning, but infamously confuses all but the few who have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Japanese classic and its time period. The Tyler edition is now the scholarly edition while the Waley (or Seidensticker) edition is the accepted public edition. They carry two different purposes for two different audiences, and thus, have two different sets of standards to hold themselves to, neither being more important than the other.

Dark_Sage says:

I can’t really make any judgment calls until I see the subs, and this high-tier discussion is going nowhere. If you can retain meaning perfectly while still getting across the flavor you want, fine. More power to you. But translation is sacrifice and I can’t imagine the end result is as perfect as you think. Something always has to give…

Are you guys doing anything this season? I’d love to be pleasantly surprised by something like what you’re describing.

Juno says:

But that’s the thing. The standards you hold on your site don’t carry over to us that well. When I say that we do our best, I don’t mean that we nail both meaning and literal translation, but that we cater to those who already have an ear for Japanese and can discern how the Japanese language generally works, and what the characters mean by what they say. We are able to get across the meaning properly by following those kinds of standards.
Others who get irked by non-fluid English or don’t have such an ear find themselves distracted or lost by our subs and either accuse us of machine translation or they find our methods of translation ineffective. Hence why I typically discourage all but those who already have that ear in the first place.
That’s not to say our target audience knows Japanese fluently to watch everything we sub without subtitles, but that their level is good enough to be able to discern what’s being said and correspond that to the subtitles themselves.

We don’t do seasonal anime, as we take our time with older projects to get the results we want, and we tend to do projects that depend heavily on wordplay or important dialogue, such as Bake/Nisemonogatari, Steins;Gate, and Madoka.

Dark_Sage says:

Well then you don’t need to worry about my standards then since I don’t usually go back and review old shit.

Bake, though… that interests me. Did you ever actually release it? There are only four Bake translations I know of (Koharubi, qIIq, gg, and Aniplex) and I know you didn’t do any of those.

Juno says:

But yes. It seems like a good place to stop. Thanks for the discussion, regardless. =)

Xythar says:

Are you tri4? You sound like tri4.

returnity says:

ninja’d by Xythar… but you sound like a lot like someone who was responsible for this:

Dialogue: 0,0:00:20.79,0:00:24.92,QB,,0,0,0,,I believe I precisely requested that you become a magical girl, didn’t I?{僕は魔法少女になってくれって、きちんとお願いしたはずだよ?}
Dialogue: 0,0:00:25.38,0:00:29.30,QB,,0,0,0,,I omitted an explanation about what kind of thing the “reality of their figure” is, though.{実際の姿がどういうものか、説明を省略したけれど}

Juno says:

Those aren’t my translations, but I’d say the concept is the same and my own translation wouldn’t be too far from it (even though this is Kyuubey speaking, I would still settle with simpler terms/phrases that mean the same, rather than commit to words/phrases like “omitted” and “reality of the figure” that end up taking way too long to read and/or think about their meaning as he speaks). Again, I don’t support this kind of translation for your average viewer, but that’s why translations like this are meant to be for a niche audience. Oh, and the treatment of the first line, while it uses a question mark in the Japanese, does not actually indicate a question in English, nor does it have anything to do with “didn’t I?” to lure the listener into reflecting upon the statement itself.

NovaJinx says:

I like how poor ol’ Kuro got disqualified.

ZakuAbumi says:

Question: Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense to delay this until… the third week of October or so? See, with the start of a new season, most blogs (or at least several of them) will get flooded by first impression posts and will be less representative in regards to what they usually are about.

Dark_Sage says:

Valid concern. I’ll work something out. Early season is super busy for me anyway.

Azurist says:

An aniblog tourney based on the actual merits of blogs rather than their popularity? Heresy. Delicious, delicious heresy.

kay says:

i swear i was just curious, but apparently the author (called KUMA URSULAAAA) of moshi moshi?!?!?!?! sekai?!?!!!!!1111! “Lives in Kumapolis, Bearlandia XD”

so done with this

Smithy says:

For the record, the post you linked from my blog isn’t supposed to be an episode summary. ^^;;

Dark_Sage says:

I would hope it wasn’t supposed to be an editorial.

Smithy says:

It’s just a short blurb of me being silly and having a laugh. Sorry if it didn’t come across like that or didn’t strike others as funny. ^^;;

Maybe I need to put a disclaimer in…

Dark_Sage says:

Just FYI I didn’t base this off one article alone.

Everything’s three or four sentences long. Half the comments on this blog are longer than your posts. You add no analysis to what you post either. The farthest you ever go is “I like yuri, so I liked a scene”.

The question you need to ask yourself is “What audience would read these posts, and is that the audience I’m trying to reach?” Technically, that’s two questions in one, but you get the point.

Smithy says:

Those are intended as short posts and indeed not supposed to be episode or series analysis at all.

If that’s not something you (and/or many other people) like to read, that’s ok. ^^
There will be people who like to read posts like that just as there are people who don’t.

I don’t particularly write them to cater to any specific audience. (Maybe I should make it a journal then?)

Dark_Sage says:

Hey, if that’s your niche then that’s your niche. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for in a blog, but if it’s what you’re comfortable with and you like it, keep right on doing what you’re doing. You know where I stand on this (I’m vocal but honest), but I’m only one voice of many and may not be part of the audience you’re targeting.

I do think that your time might be spent either fleshing out your posts or adding some form of analysis, but if short summaries (or whatever you call them) are what you wanna do, keep at it.

Henry Ford says:

Your just so inconsistent in your replies..

Dark_Sage says:

I’m not being inconsistent. You’re just not seeing the bigger picture of what this tournament is actually about.

RaccoonGoon says:

This seems like it’ll be quality entertainment…

Qrius says:

I wonder how much of a shitstorm this’ll create in the interwebs… You know, the butterfly effect and all that! What are you gonna do if some fragile soul gives up on life because of your *ekhm* criticism?

Dark_Sage says:

I guess I’d do the right thing and attend their funeral and fuck their sister.

FalseDawn says:

At the funeral? That may be seen as “too soon.”

Dark_Sage says:

Well shit man, I’m not bringing her back to my place. What if she bumps into one of my manga and causes a crease in one of the pages?

I don’t have much of an option besides coupling on the casket.

This will be very entertaining.

Guy says:

So long I get some readers who read my posts, and perhaps engage in discussion, I’m all for it.

On that note, time to reply to some comments tomorrow. Now to sleep.

Deadlight says:

How is this tournament suppose to work?

Would you mind laying down the rules?

Dark_Sage says:

The less you know about the rules, the more fun the tournament will be.

2ColouredEyes says:

Will there be drama here? If so, pls not highschool drama.

Dark_Sage says:

What other drama is there?

Dark_Sage says:

Oh what, that guy’s still going on about this? He’s gonna be a fun one.

Llama says:

I can’t say I’m not excited to see your response. His replies are hilarious.

Dark_Sage says:

All right, let’s see if he lets this next post go through.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, no fun. He just keeps deleting my posts.

Switches says:

I wonder if that “Henry Ford” guy or the guys in that blog have any relations with “Christian cult” groups. I.e. Jehovah’s Whitness?

In all consideration, I don’t understand what this “immoral” or “you don’t have the right” crap is all about. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether you like them or not. Heck, isn’t that what Fox News and shitty paparazzi magazines do all the time? If something bothers you, try to ignore and go on with what you do everyday? That is what I learned for the past few years…

Humanity says:

The thing that bothers me is the way he uses the term “trigger/triggering” in a serious, not ironic or sarcastic, manner.

SomeLoser says:

I’d say he also used it incorrectly, but it is hard to say for certain since D_S’s comment was removed.

henry ford says:

Morality and rights are two different concepts. He has the right to be harsh but if he wants his contest taken seriously he should tame down his commentary on others blogs.

henry ford says:

Oh and my use of the word right earlier was indeed wrong. Sorry.

Dark_Sage says:


Llama says:

What did you even type that he considered too offensive to allow his viewers to see?

Dark_Sage says:

Funny thing is, I didn’t even say anything offensive. Well, to a normal person, that is.

Like my other deleted posts I said he was sexist and called him out on his cis male privilege. Apparently male wannabe feminists really hate that.

SomeLoser says:

I think that is an accurate description of him. This is a post of his where he talks about getting “triggered”: http://piratesobg.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/bumper-sticker-feminism/

Dude says:

So he’s short, fat and spends a lot of time on the internet writing about animu and feminism.


Justinnnnnn says:

This is going to be AWESOME.

feal87 says:


I’ll be watching from the sidelines this time. “Good luck” to all of you.

I love you anyway Dark_Sage. :D

Deadlight says:

Aw, you guys are so kawaii.

Moe in its purest form.

The epitome of adorable.

HaxorXX01 says:

I feel like this comment din<t achieved what it was aiming for. It isn<t up to standards.

Marow says:

What are you trying to achieve with all your comments? Provocating people? Or…?

Anonymous says:

As far as I can tell it seems like he’s just having fun. It feels like he gets the spirit of the thing more than the other anibloggers and he’s enjoying himself.

Also you should learn English.

Dark_Sage says:

You and Marow are both right. He has gathered some of this tourney’s spirit (we had a chat last night), but he’s taken it partly to mean “let’s start some shit with everyone woohoo”. It’s the equivalent of someone learning what a mosh pit is and taking it to mean “a boxing ring”. I’ll talk with him.

Deadlight says:

@Anonymous: Pretty much what you said

Marow, that wasn’t meant to be mean-spirited at all.

Sage is like… my BFFF (Best fucking friend forever)

Scab says:

“You and Marow are both right. He has gathered some of this tourney’s spirit (we had a chat last night), but he’s taken it partly to mean “let’s start some shit with everyone woohoo”. It’s the equivalent of someone learning what a mosh pit is and taking it to mean “a boxing ring”. I’ll talk with him.”

That has got to be the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever read. hopefully other bloggers will make note of your hypocrisy.

I commend your valiant efforts deadlight

Deadlight says:


Wish, I got my own screenshots because you thought Monster was based off a 2-episode OVA and how does that image disprove your hypocrisy.

You think rape is funny and making fun of Muslims is alright. However,I get you mad by trolling on your website and you send me an email about how I’m too mean spirited and bullying everyone.

Seems legit.

Deadlight says:

Sage, it’s fine for you to put up this facade and have fun. But you’ve crossed a line.

Please don’t send me emails on how I’M the bully

Anon says:

Why are you so mad?

Deadlight says:

@Anon: Nah, like I’ve stated before, I’m not mad.

I’m sure if Dark Sage did a little more researching and digging, he would know I’ve been pretending to be a lot more than just one or two people on this site. (However, I was told by many bloggers that Dark Sage himself pretended to impersonate other ACTUAL users during the tournament)

But that’s not the point. The point is, I’ve been posting bull shit comments in order to get a rise from Sage. Then when I decided to start chatting with him via e-mail, he actually seemed alright.

A couple chats later, Dark Sage e-mailed me that I was crossing the line between trolling and actually being a bully.

I’ll admit, my bullshit comments have been a little too mean-spirited. So I told Sage, “Dude, I’m sorry. I admit I went overboard”

Shortly after, I nicely asked Sage if he would also tone down his trolling, such as impersonating other bloggers attacking Muslims. He simply laughed and told me that the writer of Metanorn and everyone else deserved it.

Look, all my earlier comments were nothing more than jokes and apparently people like you thought I was being serious. That’s ok, I don’t blame you.

I now await to be banned. So long

Anon says:

>attacking other bloggers

Maybe I missed something, but it seems to me that other bloggers are the ones attacking D_S over nothing.

Deadlight says:

Sage, I’ve listened to you and I didn’t put up any resistance. You told me to stop trolling. Good, I finished. Haven’t impersonated or started shit up with your readers since. When you gave me some critique on my blog, I listened.

All I told you was that maybe you should tone down some of the trolling yourself. That’s it.

You said so yourself that I shouldn’t “start shit with everyone else just for the fun of it”. I understand that some bloggers do irrationally flip out and go over board regarding this tournament, but some are just legitimately sick of the drama that stems from this.

Deadlight says:

@Anon: I just barely posted another comment addressing the bloggers that attack D_S.

Yes, I agree that some of the attacks against him are simply ill-willed and malicious. The thing is, Sage can go overboard too. Like the Muslim comments or impersonating other people.

But I understand where you’re coming from. Thank dude, I really appreciate that you can discuss this civilly with me.

Dark_Sage says:

Dead, you’re ruining my tournament with your autism.

1. Who gives a shit about Monster? I said it may as well have been a 2-episode OVA, not that it actually had one. Autism.
2. Rape is funny and making fun of Muslims is also funny, yes. Not finding those things funny is a sure sign of: autism.
3. What line did I cross? Was it your autism line?
4. I did some research like you asked and I found your personal Youtube account. You are quite ugly, likely as a result of your autism. Should I post your vids or are you gonna calm down now?
5. Why would I need to impersonate anyone? This assumption is assuredly due to your paranoid schizophrenia.
6. You are autistic. Plz go.

Deadlight says:

Finally, you replied! This is getting good XD

1. Don’t twist your words, I jokingly told you that you couldn’t grasp the brilliance of Monster and in which you said “Brilliance? What brilliance? How is dragging out a 2-episode OVA into 74 episodes brilliant?”

2. Ok

3. Yeah, sure. Let’s go with that

4. My personal Youtube account? I have 3 different Youtube accounts and in all those youtube accounts I don’t have a single video solely of myself. Plus, Alexander isn’t even my real last name. But alright, post dem videos if ya want. I wouldn’t have made my Youtube videos public if I was afraid of having my own personal image seen over the interwebz.

5. This is coming from other bloggers like Kevo, Joe Animated, etc. I’ve seen the tweets and discussions. But regardless, maybe I do have schizophrenia.

6. Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry for being autistic, sometimes I just forget.

tl;dr. Dude, try a chill pill. It’s funny watching myself get a rise outta you.

And elaborate on how I’m ruining your tournament with my “autism”. Isn’t this what you want? Don’t you want drama from bloggers.

Anyway, I’ve tried reasoning with you. I’ve listened to you. I’ve tried co-operating with you, but whatever.

Cheers and good luck with your tournament.


Dark_Sage says:

Your illiteracy will be studied for generations. And I will maintain I never samefagged the aniblog tourney. Cry more.

Enjoy y’all. He’s the fat one whose friends hate him. (Grand entrance at 0:25.)

Deadlight says:

Laugh. my. fucking. ass. off

I have to admit, you’re pretty funny.

But in all seriousness, I’m asian and I’m only 18… and these videos were posted six years ago…

Hell, if you need proof that I’m telling the truth just request something and your wish is my command.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, were you the Indian guy in the vid (protip: Asian != Indian)? Could you kill yourself on Livestream for us? Maybe wear a nametag so we know it’s you.

Deadlight says:

Indian, Asian. Tomato, tamato. It’s all the same, right? But yeah, that’s not me.

And sorry, I guess I lied about your wish being my command. Unfortunately, I’m not really in the mood to kill myself today. Maybe next time? :)

Dark_Sage says:

Thanks. And remember the nametag.

Hairy says:

Don’t know why they’re surprised or upset. All the reviews on that blog are so short and lacking in substance that I don’t see why anyone would want to read them. I’m sure there are reviewers out there who actually have something to offer, such as a well-reasoned opinion or analysis.

ZabiLegacy says:

If I agree that you are a massive troll and that I am totes mad bro will you get my site off of this travesty?

Dark_Sage says:

If you delete your blog, I’d be happy to.

ZabiLegacy says:

This is going to end with a series of posts where you explain which one you like and which one you don’t like right? No open brackets. In that case just make sure there is at least plenty of links to the blogs you are bashing, so at least we get something from it.

SomeLoser says:

>Visit this fucking site and see why you should never have visited it.

ZabiLegacy says:

Sure. See as we have already established, dark sage is earning his way too a serious spot of hatred in the anime community, and say what you will this does seem to be getting alot of attention. Thus so long as there are plenty of people who didn’t know about my site, and think DS is a twat, then it won’t exactly be harmful.

Dude says:

“anime community”


You got links to this, right? Should be good entertainment.

Deadlight says:

@Marow: Nah, there’s much more

It sounds like a shitstorm had hit the aniblog community during the last aniblog tourney. What in the world happened?

Dark_Sage says:

Oh geez, I can only give you a brief summery.

A bit of background: Crymore.net used to be known as Whiners.pro, and the first two Aniblog tournaments (one in 2010, and one in 2012) were run by a guy called Scamp from some shitty episodic blog site.

I was kicking it in IRC one day when kyonyUU (a Whine-Subs TL) brought up the idea of entering the 2012 tournament. I didn’t expect we’d get too far (since at the time I believed anime blogs were actually popular), but thought it would be fun to enter. So I did.

Come tournament time, nobody knew who we were. So as we started rolling through the rounds, people were really fucking confused. Add on top of this that I was critiquing their blogs and calling them shit and implying the writers should kill themselves… and people started getting really mad. Like *really* mad. “How could anyone be so mean?! Don’t they know this is a feel-good circlejerk? Dark_Sage is ruining it!”

Some kid called Whiners the Axis of Evil (in a completely non-ironic sense), others were trying to think of ways to get us kicked out, or get us voted out by asking people on their sites to vote for people we were up against…

It was fucking hilarious. And they completely failed, because Whiners dominated that tournament.

Anyway, you’re right, there was a shitstorm of drama. So much that the tourney organizers decided to cancel any further tournaments after that one. Too bad I decided I wasn’t gonna let that happen~

Anon says:

Anime and anime-related blogs are serious business that need to be taken super seriously.

How dare you joke around and have fun D_S.
How. Dare. You.

herpderp says:

FYI to anyone who took the time to scroll down this far:

It’s all about entertainment. Entertainment is serious business.

Anon says:

Holy shit is this real? I’ve been reading this blog for at least a year now but just the fact that so many people would cirlejerk angrily over D_S is actually kind of sad.

s0beit says:

RIP Swaps4

NovaJinx says:

I guess we can declare this vaporware now.

Brack says:

Hey dunces. Remove my not-an-anime blog and certainly not a podcast (it’s just cross posts from my actual podcast) from this circle jerk.

Dark_Sage says:

Beg me.

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