Translation Review: [m.3.3.w] Non Non Biyori – 06

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This post was written by kokujin-kun. He is not Dark_Sage.

This has got to be the most easily translatable moeblob slice-life-show to exist in recent memory, right?

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (180MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Full wap, of course

English style: Alternates.

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

Subbusu screenshot comparisons:





OP. The only thing I see wrong with the kara is the overall hardsubbed garishness.


ED. Same thing as above. And also, no loli bathing scene for you, my friend.


Main Script.


Tsukue no ura means “behind the desk.”


Just to note that even though Natsumi said “priceless” in engrish, it’s most likely she got the English wrong and meant to say “worthless.”


The mother said 言ったって which would mean it’s in the past sense, which would mean the line is supposed to be, “You two must have said something too!”


This thing is translated like a bad hentai.


So futons are now “bed sheets”? Interesting…


Renge was supposed to be speaking French as a “joke.” Since Renge ends a lot of her sentences with “non” instead of “no” in the original Japanese, having her say “non non” is supposed to be funny.


She was saying this line out loud, so not changing “Ren-chan” to “you” makes this line look retarded.


Typeset the social studies workbook as “social studies” and the science workbook as “science” and we’ll be golden.


She actually calls these “sheets” in engrish.


It probably would have been funnier if they had her say, “I sounded like Ren-chon,” or whatever the hell she calls her.


I’m a ghost!”


Misheard nejireteiru (“it’s twisted”) as neji deteiru (“screws sticking out”).



Other Observations


This line is timed incorrectly.








Didn’t anyone ever teach them that you don’t start sentences off with “more importantly”?


Why is “Koma-plushie” hyphenated?


They had an overlap style in this release. This should not have happened.

Final Grade: B+

Four mistakes counted against them gets them this grade. Another interesting thing I would like to add is that several of their mistakes can also be found in Crunchyroll’s script. Just saying.


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Anonymous says:

For a review with such a controversial-seeming last line, there sure aren’t very many angry comments. Or any comments, really.

kokujin-kun says:

Are you implying that nobody gives a shit about m.3.3.w anymore?

Anonymous says:

No, I’m just voicing my own disappointment.

kokujin-kun says:

That’s too bad, because I would have agreed with you 110% on that point.

Enz says:

Can’t get angry about a show featuring Renge.

kokujin-kun says:

Then what explains the fan rage over the karaoke?

Anonymous says:

>She was saying this line out loud, so not changing “Ren-chan” to “you” makes this line look retarded.

And not writing “your” instead of “you” makes that line look retarded.

Heh heh… Okay! Maybe it’s not as funny as I thought.

kokujin-kun says:

*Was about to say something*


fohfuu says:

>Implying anyone but old ladies ever cared about starting sentences with conjunctives
People talk like that, deal with it.

kokujin-kun says:

Tell that to the fagsub editors who are always stuck on copy editing mode.

Seriously, I try to tell these same editors and QCers exactly what you said, but they refuse to hear it :(

Foxy says:

>Another interesting thing I would like to add is that several of their mistakes can also be found in Crunchyroll’s script. Just saying.


kokujin-kun says:

Well, it seems that they’ve dropped all pretenses and started doing complete crunchy rips, so that’s no longer much of an issue.

Hayaterocks says:

*randomly pops out of nowhere*

comments on Engrish lol. priceless in Japanese is a false cognate, and it’s just as different in definition as the word “about” gets (which in Japanese Engrish is a contracted form of “roundabout” compared to the English preposition that refers to the object being described. beware of les faux amis. Sheets…is too ambiguous as is, the replacement for synonymous “cloth” can serve to be more specific.

And “Ittatte!” is clearly hougen/colloquial. not sure what the local grammatical rules are, but obviously standard Japanese rules won’t apply. Either way, “Both of you get back here!” might make a more fluid translation even if it doesn’t accurately convey what’s being said. Unless we’re all expecting metaphrases that is.

And the line referring to Ren-chon’s idea of a demon… can be interpreted to not have been spoken. Like most lines by Kyon, for anyone that still remembers.

Still, isn’t English a sad language, with no method to make cute insults.

SomeLoser says:

How sweet, the wee thing has an opinion.

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