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Now that you’ve had some time to watch the shows, I figured a poll reset would make sense. This is the only poll reset there’ll be this season, so make your vote count.

TL Parties

Kill the party.

Kill the party.

TL Parties have been, as is usual by this point in the season, canceled. I think the fansub reviews are far more useful (and more importantly for me, more fun to write).

I may make an exception for No-Rin, since I haven’t seen what Funimation did with episode 1 of it, and that could be entertaining. But don’t hold me to that.


Short Reviews


You’ll start to see some short reviews popping up. But they’re pass/fail filler so don’t look forward to ’em too much.


Poll Differences:

Snen - Madoka Shadows

  • Various names have been standardized. (“Mahou Sensou” to “Mahou Sensou – Magical Warfare”, for example)
  • Youkai Watch is no longer being subbed by any group, so it has been taken off the poll.
  • As standard reviews have already been posted for Noragami, Nisekoi, and Witch Craft Works, finishing off those series will be prioritized. Therefore they will not appear on the poll.


And that’s about it. Time to get writing some posts~



Fyurie says:

Should be interesting to see where the votes go now, though I reckon Mikakunin and Sakura Trick could end up pretty high.

Dark_Sage says:

I think S_Trick will do well. Mikakunin… I’d like to see it get up there, but it performed under 10% in the first poll, so my hopes aren’t super high.

TouToTheHouYo says:

Tell people not to vote for it. Then they’ll do it just to spite you.

Get all reverse-psychological on their asses.

Sabel says:

Shouldn’t you remove Sakura Trick from the list since it has many reviews already?

Dark_Sage says:

Those reviews were done by Kokujin, and don’t exactly affect the decisions I make in terms of reviewing series.

I’m not even sure if he bases his TL Review choices off the poll or not.

Sabel says:

My bad. I didn’t notice they weren’t done by you.

Anonymous says:

Omae no nihongo wa chou sugoi! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

Dark_Sage says:

Totemo boku no Nihongo onegai wa Senpai Club desu.

fohfuu says:


Dark_Sage says:


Sabel says:

Yeah. Sorry if I offended you. I never read those reviews. I just remembered seeing them on the front page and I didn’t check them after searching. My bad. http://oi59.tinypic.com/j7z4mh.jpg

Dark_Sage says:

Ah it’s cool. No biggie.

Qrius says:

The front page displays the authors, at least for me. Are you using an ancient/obscure/mobile browser?

Dark_Sage says:

Holy yes, I was wrong.

I love you guys. Forgive me for ever doubting you. <3

NakkiNyan says:

I think it helps now that we actually watched the shows instead of basing it on poorly written synopses. I definitely filtered out a lot of crap shows.

Dark_Sage says:

I take no responsibility for whatever misinformed anyone’s decisions!

RtMbot says:

I’m gonna have to vote for No-rin since it’s pretty clear that Funi’s sub is worthless.

I know you said it’s prob best to go with ChihiroDesuYo since it’s the fastest one but I do want to see your review on it if at all possible.

Uichan says:

Can’t wait for the ST reviews. :>

Fuwaa says:

I think I’ll just vote for the ones I’m watching, Mikakun de Shinkoukei and Engaged to the Unknown.

SS says:

This. Dark Sage actually recommended a decent anime on that other post.

pengu says:

I also really like Sekai Seifuku.
For me so far
great tier: Sekai Seifuku, Noragami, Inari Konkon
goodish: Space Dandy, Wizard Barristers, Mikakunin, Hamatora

But I have yet to watch the first episode of Pilot’s Love Song and episode 4 of Mikakunin gave me high hopes for it’s possible advance into great-tier. Best boy Hakuya!

dito says:

the poll seems too long to process my vote

Dark_Sage says:

It should work just fine. Try it in another browser.

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