CryCon 2014 – Day 1 – Saturday

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This was possibly the greatest convention I’ve ever been to. Well worth the hype.

12:05 Calyrica comes over.

"Wake the fuck up, Dark_Sage!"

“Wake the fuck up, Dark_Sage!”


12:10 Caly drop-kicks my chair.

For real, she demolished that thing.

For real, she demolished that thing.

I still haven’t figured out why she would enact such cruelties upon my chair, but at least I had a few extras.


12:30 I can’t quite remember exactly what happened here (I was still a bit drunk from the night before). But I do know that I made Caly watch Smile HD

and then pre-ordered the Psycho-Pass LE.

It's Funimation, and I didn't like the show *that* much, but wouldn't it look sweet if I displayed it like this? Just need to find a spare empty, white room.

It’s Funimation, and I didn’t like the show *that* much, but wouldn’t it look sweet if I displayed it like this? Just need to find a spare, empty, off-white room.

So… that was good.


4:30 koku finally shows up.

Dude was out all day hanging with his sister.

Ain't saying it happened like this, but I wouldn't rule out anything.

Ain’t saying it happened like this, but I wouldn’t rule out anything.


4:40 Good times were had checking out random shit on Dark_Sage’s computer.

See what you guys are missing by not watching Buddyfight?


5:00 Puddi joins the party!


Hanging with Puddi is like a rave, but without the statutory rape.

We mostly just shot the shit for a while.

koku was so enamored with Puddi’s description of his font doujin (you know, where fonts like Helvetica get turned into moe anime girls) that he spilled half his strawberry margarita on my floor.


Mad mad mad!

If Caly weren’t there, a little more red might have found its way onto the carpet.


6:30 Japanese restaurant time

As is the custom of their people, I decided to take pictures of the food. Unfortunately, I only remembered after I was done eating.


It was pretty good for “Chinese people pretending they’re Japanese” food.


7:30 Caly and koku hit the dealer’s room.


Caly’s swag


Koku’s swag

A pact may also have been made regarding Hyobu. Equivalent exchange exists after all.


7:50 Karaoke, then we said goodbye to Caly.

koku had issues with my artistic direction. I had issues with his autistic dictation. (We’re going to pretend I was satisfied with my voice in this video.)


8:00 Space Dandy marathon with koku and Dark_Sage.

I'd rather watch something good.

Everyone was right. This is as good as Cowboy Bebop.


9:00 kokujin left. He tried to take his liquor with him, but I wasn’t gonna let his drunk ass drive home with an open bottle of beer.

Dark_Sage: Doing what's right!

Dark_Sage: Doing what’s right!


And with that, CryCon 2014 came to a close. It was pretty damn awesome, overall. I didn’t do anything *crazy* like yell at Funimation reps or ask random girls for their pictures or talk to people I don’t know, but I did get to hang out with fellow anime fans, without any of the bullshit that usually accompanies cons.

Didn't feel like playing target practice with my chin like I do at most cons.

Didn’t even feel like playing target practice with my chin, which marks a new anime con first for me.

Here’s to next time, baby. Maybe some more of you fuckers can make it.

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SoupRKnowva says:

Dark_Sage…what did you and Caly do from 1230 till 430 when Koku showed up?

Mitsukai says:

Four nonstop hours of Smile, I’d assume.

shcboomer says:

More than that type of “Smile”?

Ryuk says:

Solar thinking dirty, eh?!

Solaristics says:

Naw man, it was all Soup.

Calyrica says:

It was actually 1:30-4:30.

Uichan says:

I would’ve hauled my ass over from the big T.O. if work on Saturdays wasn’t a thing.

Uichan says:

Also, koku sounds like someone I know…

Ryuk says:

Koku, calm yourself, please! Okay!

SquidTheSid says:

Sounds like Crycon was a resounding success. Honestly, it seems like you had more fun here than at Ohayocon, so more power to you guys.

will says:

pls. I wasn’t there.

When I’m around the fun’o’meter is off the charts.

Joji says:

Come to Canada next time so that I can meet you inperson once more, Sage. I kinda miss your godly “generic IT guy” look. ;_;

A fair amount of people from Evetaku are from the GTA and will love to join CryCon 2!!

Pistachioman says:

Doesn’t sound too family friendly, I think you’ll have to do something about that.

Anon says:

I think your voice is fine, Dark_Sage. Reminds me of a good friend of mine, actually.

Hearing the manly voice of Dark_Sage was well worth my time.

But what exactly happened during those mysterious 4 hours? Was a cosplay session held and you are just saving it for an another occasion? Or will you secretly release an album that will storm the charts?

Calyrica says:

We sang the One Piece rap.

Must have been fabulous.

AzureHakua says:


Looked like a great con.

Humanity says:

Well, I certainly feel like I missed out on something amazing. :(

Justinnnnnn says:

“and then pre-ordered the Psycho-Pass LE.
It’s Funimation, and I didn’t like the show *that* much, but wouldn’t it look sweet if I displayed it like this?”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh D_S will always be D_S!

noname x+x'y=x+y says:


There are so many layers to this I don’t even know anymore.

kokujin-kun says:

>Dude was out all day hanging with his sister.

Actually, I was hanging out with both of my imoutos :3

I don’t know if I should envy or pity you. But Good Job nevertheless. Was it “Just like a plan”?

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