Fakesub Reviews: [Anime-Koi & Chihiro & Doki] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii & Hitsugi no Chaika (Episodes 02-03)

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Oh, I was wrong.

[Anime-Koi] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Episode 03)

Soredemo 03 - Anime-Koi vs CR 01 Soredemo 03 - Anime-Koi vs CR 02

Nike-sama? I get that you guys are into honorifics, but use your goddamn brains for once. If the show’s about kings and queens, use their proper English titles.

And mind explaining this mess of script?

Dialogue: 10,0:20:00.23,0:20:02.34,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i1}I want to gaze at him.{\i0}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:02.34,0:20:05.01,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i1}It’s like how, when your eyes get used to the strong light,{\i0}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:05.01,0:20:07.56,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i1}a lot of things come into view.{\i0}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:08.28,0:20:11.64,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i0}He sure is cute when he’s sleeping, though.{\i1}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:11.64,0:20:13.35,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i0}Such long eyelashes…{\i1}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:13.35,0:20:15.11,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i0}And his hair is so smooth…{\i1}
Dialogue: 10,0:20:15.11,0:20:17.99,Default,nik,0,0,0,,{\i0}Maybe I’ll touch it while he’s still being cute…{\i1}

Italics are seriously not that fucking hard.

[Anime-Koi] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 03 [h264-720p][D582ECB9].mkv_snapshot_09.43_[2014.04.29_01.27.14]

Editing out punctuation…

[Anime-Koi] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 03 [h264-720p][D582ECB9].mkv_snapshot_17.34_[2014.04.29_01.27.53] [Anime-Koi] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 03 [h264-720p][D582ECB9].mkv_snapshot_17.36_[2014.04.29_01.27.59]

…and editing in retardation. Holy hell, Anime-Koi, you really took the cake on this one. I suggest taking the cement and going for a swim while you’re at it. Don’t worry; getting cramps after eating is just an urban myth.



[Chihiro] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Episode 03)

Soredemo 03 - CR vs Chihiro 01 Soredemo 03 - CR vs Chihiro 02

More non-edits. Que sorpresa.

[Chihiro]_Soredemo_Sekai_wa_Utsukushii_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][A73C4933].mkv_snapshot_07.23_[2014.04.29_00.52.01] [Chihiro]_Soredemo_Sekai_wa_Utsukushii_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][A73C4933].mkv_snapshot_07.26_[2014.04.29_00.52.07] [Chihiro]_Soredemo_Sekai_wa_Utsukushii_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][A73C4933].mkv_snapshot_07.28_[2014.04.29_00.51.45] [Chihiro]_Soredemo_Sekai_wa_Utsukushii_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][A73C4933].mkv_snapshot_07.30_[2014.04.29_00.52.16]

Jesus. I’m not even gonna bother fixing this. The line has more value as scrap than it would have with repairs. What an edit, Chihiro.


No no no no no!

Fucking hell, I slurred so many no’s together I started to sound French for a second.

Chihiro, don’t. The original line, “He goes so over the top in his entertainments.” does not mean what you think it means. They’re saying that the king is amusing himself, not that the king is amusing. Yes, the distinction is important, and yes, this specific line is important to the story.

Please, stop ruining the show with your incompetence. Go butcher your wrists or something instead of this script.



[Doki] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (Episode 02)

Soredemo 03 - CR vs Doki 01 Soredemo 03 - CR vs Doki 02

I don’t much consider adding ellipses and British English to a script to be “editing” any more than running spellcheck on a script and calling it a day is.

Unfortunately, the lines where Doki did attempt editing were ruined by their stupidity.

[Doki] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 03 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [EF338354].mkv_snapshot_08.33_[2014.04.29_00.42.28] [Doki] Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 03 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [EF338354].mkv_snapshot_08.36_[2014.04.29_00.42.35]

The original line for the second screen was “His Majesty’s playmate in playing house,” which obviously means something different from being a playmate in the “playing house”, whatever the hell that is.

What is it with groups and hiring ESLs as editors? Have some fucking standards. Please.



[Anime-Koi] Hitsugi no Chaika (Episode 02)

Chaika 02 - CR vs Anime-Koi 01 Chaika 02 - CR vs Anime-Koi 02

At this rate, by 2015 this will be considered over-editing.

Original line: "We can't help that."

Original line: “We can’t help that.”

Please don’t tell me you consider this TLC. It’s abuse, plain and simple.



[Chihiro] Hitsugi no Chaika (Episode 03)

Chaika 02 - CR vs Chihiro 01 Chaika 02 - CR vs Chihiro 02


[Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_02_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][B2E6E7B2].mkv_snapshot_07.33_[2014.04.29_01.49.21] [Chihiro]_Hitsugi_no_Chaika_-_02_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][B2E6E7B2].mkv_snapshot_07.37_[2014.04.29_01.49.28]

Thanks, Chihiro. I would’ve hated for those last two lines to resemble human speech at all.





Okay, I guess I may have overshot my estimation of the fansub scene’s quality in my last post. But we most definitely will not be going above 10 disqualifications this season. As long as fansubber pride exists, we’ll never drop that low.



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shcboomer says:

Well, that got rid of a whole pile of them at once.

GeassGx says:

I am curious as to how you compare the subs (what programs/steps did you take to produce the images) since there is no fansubs comparison site that is good minus for this one of course ^_^.

What I do is download the scripts, extract them out to a notepad file, move that to a word document and compare the two. It works but it is a rather slow and tedious process.

Though it looks like I shouldn’t even bother with fansubs as CR pretty much have everything cover by now.

Dark_Sage says:

Get Notepad++. Download the Compare plugin. Extract the scripts and normalize them (you know, remove typesetting/karaoke, take out all \N’s). Then open up two notes in Notepad++, one with each script. Plugins -> Compare -> Compare and then you’ve got it.

You’re right that fansubbers have been striving to make themselves irrelevant. They deserve exactly what they’ve done to the scene. That being said, there is still some value in finding the “best” subs for a show, and I hope that with this site I can shed some light on which those are.

(But yes, CR is generally “good enough”.)

mini-ezo says:

>It can’t be helped
It can’t be helped.

XiaYixuan says:

“We can’t help that.”->”It can’t be helped.” best change

Solaristics says:

>And mind explaining this mess of script?

Sadly, no, I can’t.

Fuwaa says:

S-so many reviews, so quickly. Fakesubs banzai! \^o^/

No More says:

Thanks, D_S.
How about Mekakucity Actors, Black Bullet, and Captain Earth?

corocoro says:

He’ll disqualify the following releases next:

[Commie] Captain Earth
[Flax] Captain Earth
[Toki-DesuYo] Captain Earth

sangofe says:

How about reviewing old subs instead of there are so many lazy cr rips?

XiaYixuan says:

How about reviewing subs with original TL now that you’re done with so many lazy CR rips?*

Xythar says:

Both these things require effort.

XiaYixuan says:

Correct me if I’m mistaken but I perceive that “CR edits” don’t even need separate editing; the subs are QC’d but the editing process is skipped, thus they’re less effort. (For example, the effort put into timing hardly drops.)

Xythar says:

Firstly, I meant writing actual reviews is far more effort for D_S than disqualifications when disqualifications cause plenty of activity and drama on their own. So it’s not really any surprise that he’d focus on the latter.

And secondly, it makes no difference where the subs come from – it’s entirely up to the original script and the editor. I’ve had original translations I spent 30-60 minutes editing and CR edits I spent 6-8 hours on.

jabashque says:

Basically, some treat the official translations as if it were already polished and at its best, while others treat it as if it were a raw translation from a translator that needs much editing.

It all comes down to how much the editor trusts the original simulcast script to be perfect, and even so, that could vary between series.

jabashque says:

Shit, I forgot to address this to XiaYixuan.

XiaYixuan says:

Sounds retarded; they should look at the actual script before determining what its reliability level is.

XiaYixuan says:

Which — as a matter of fact — Xythar’s above comment confirms.

XiaYixuan says:

I was talking about the lazy CR rips kind of editing this post is about.

XiaYixuan says:

And it’d be contrary to what one might expect for changing ~12 lines to take a separate editing pass other than QC.

mcintosh apple says:

Depends on who the “editor” is :)

No More says:

Fans”edit” :D

NexXKinn says:

D_S really loves their subs, don’t you?
because you don’t have to waste your time for reviewing…
just admit it(¬‿¬)

Anon says:

Let’s be serious.

anon says:

If both/all groups for a series are disqualified, can you at least indicate which one is less/least bad?

Dark_Sage says:

I just made a post partly on that subject. I usually say which release I recommend at the end of my final fansub review for a series anyway though, so it’s not altogether much of a change.

Awed says:

” Nike-sama? I get that you guys are into honorifics, but use your goddamn brains for once. If the show’s about kings and queens, use their proper English titles. ”

If the original show has honorifics then leave them be.
If creators wanted it to “feel more foreign” they wouldn’t use honorifics in the first place which happens in a lot of cases.

Use your brain for once. You’re retarded.

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