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So I’m going to be traveling a lot over the next month or two. And rather than live my days in boredom in my hotel room, I thought I’d be social.

tl;dr: If you’re in any of the following cities, drop me a line at memailand we’ll hang*.


  • Alabama
    • Montgomery
  • Florida
    • Boca Raton
    • Tampa
  • Illinois
    • Chicago
  • Kansas
    • Kansas City
  • Michigan
    • Milwaukee
    • Detroit
  • Minnesota
    • Twin Cities, Best Cities
  • Missouri
    • Salem
    • St Louis
  • Nevada
    • Las Vegas
  • New York
    • Buffalo
    • Albany
  • North Carolina
    • Raleigh
  • North Dakota
    • Grand Forks
    • Bismarck
  • Ohio
    • Cleveland
  • South Carolina
    • Columbia
  • Tennessee
    • Memphis
  • Texas
    • Lubbock
  • Virginia
    • Roanoke

*I haven’t really booked these flights yet (other than the Carolinas/Detroit, which I’m going to this week and next), so don’t assume these locations are set in stone.





D_S will know what to do in my city better than me.

Kino no Tabi - Kino in Meganes

True. I have my shit together.


D_S will need a place to stay. Maybe my bed? ^_^

Kino no Tabi Bed

False. I’m traveling for work and will only be staying in the finest hotels my company’s stringent budget will allow. (Unless I’m staying the weekend. Then let’s talk.)


Crymore is going to turn into a travel blog./This is going to affect D_S’s post frequency negatively.

Kino no Kino

False. Travel blogs suck, and I can’t post with a frequency lower than 0.


I can go shot for shot with D_S.

Kino no Tabi Superhero of Justice



Even though I’m a fansubber, D_S will still want to see me.

Kino no Haato

Mostly false. I will only allow fansubbers whose works have received an average rating of A+ or higher to gaze upon my glorious visage.





So that’s how it is. Let’s friendship.

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kokujin-kun says:

North Dakota? What in the actual fuck?

Dark_Sage says:

Seemed like a good vacation spot. I think they have hills or something.

jenny says:

Come to Canada again. We can go for bubble tea and karaoke. I’ll treat you but might end up forgetting my wallet so you’ll probably have to pay in the end.

Dark_Sage says:

I suppose I could skip over to Windsor when I’m in Detroit. Great idea!

:^) says:

I’m 30min from Roanoke

Dark_Sage says:

It’s a date.

jimmy says:

>I can’t post with a frequency lower than 0.
You underestimate yourself.

FalseDawn says:

He could start deleting posts. Obviously he’s not getting creative enough <.<

Dark_Sage says:

Deleting posts individually sounds like it’d take time. How about another site migration instead? We can aim for two months of lost data this time.

Uichan says:

Detroit should be a blast.

Dark_Sage says:

I’ve been to both before and can assure ya St Louis is worse.

Uichan says:

Did you stumble across St. Louis purely in a quest to find a city in worse shape than Detroit?

Xandal says:

The fuck you doing in Albany? Either way, I’m from there. Nerd.

Dark_Sage says:

Work. I’ll actually only be going to half these cities (splitting the country up with a co-worker), but if I know where the cool kids are, I’ll aim for those places.

So yeah, maybe I’ll see you there, n-nerd.

Koby says:

Texas > Lubbock

WHY? There’s nothing there…

Dark_Sage says:

I dunno, the name seemed kinda cool.

Hunta says:

Someday, when you come to the odd place that is New England, I will drink you under the table, and that’s a promise.

Dark_Sage says:

Is Norwich close to ya? Cuz I might be round those parts in a couple months.

Hunta says:

Conneticut? It’s drivable, definitely.

Kristen says:

If you figure out what to do in Roanoke, Virginia, please tell me. I’m still trying to figure it out myself and I’ve lived here for a year and a half already.

Dark_Sage says:

We could go to nerd shops and not buy anything, while decrying the state of the anime scene. Then go to an awful movie or concert, so we have a traumatic experience to bond over. And then back to my room for a Yu-Gi-Oh marathon. \o/

FalseDawn says:

inb4 Dark_Sage and Kristen hook up.

Kristen says:

Now if only we had a nerdshop better than a Gamestop.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh fuck fuck fuck. I forgot that Kristen was in Roanoke when I went. And I missed out on sakagami there too. FML.

shcboomer says:

>The moment you realize you’ll never see D_S in Canada.

Uichan says:

If you live in Southern Ontario, it’d be feasible to cross over the bridge from Windsor and meet him in Detroit… haha

Solaristics says:

…Meet him in Detroit.


Sheep says:

Milwaukee’s in Wisconsin, not around here(Metro Detroit Michigan) lol

Dark_Sage says:

Close enough. Midwest is Midwest.

will says:

Are you saving Columbus for Ohayocon next year or something? :<

Bull City says:

Raleigh’s a pretty great place, though I’ve mostly stayed in chapel hill/durham

Dark_Sage says:

Got any suggestions then? I’ll rely on Yelp/G Maps elsewise.

Bull City says:

Yard House is a great place to eat / drink – huge selection of beers, and if that’s not good enough for you, World of Beer is right next door. Check out the Walnut Creek Amphitheatere schedule for whenever you’re coming, there’s always a popular band or artist playing there. Ummmmm, a friend said a he had a great time at Charlie Goodnights (restaurant/comedy club). That’s about all I know about my capital for nightlife lol.

Dark_Sage says:

Ended up going to some middle eastern joint called Sitty. I forgot how awful middle eastern food was. :(

Justinnnnnn says:

I fear for you and all those possible cringeworthy people you may meet.

Would love to see what would happen if you went to Australia and met your best fansubber pal tho
( ¬‿¬)

Justinnnnnn says:

I just got the Journey pic reference. Does that mean you actually like good games dude :D ??

Dark_Sage says:

No, I hated Journey. Legitimately.

perd says:

Wow, your taste in games is just as shit as your taste in anime.

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t play games to be bored. I have my job for that.

Dark_Sage says:

I dunno, I should be fine. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the Paramore/Fall Out Boy concert with some nakama in Raleigh. And then when I fly to Detroit on Sunday I’ll be hanging with a con friend. Maybe we’ll cross over to Windsor, since Detroit sucks.

Haven’t planned past that, since I don’t really have any flights booked.

But yes, I imagine Xythar has a very moist mouth.

Justinnnnnn says:

I wish you and your nakama the best man~

dude says:

>North Dakota
>Grand Forks


Dark_Sage says:

I dunno, maybe they have forks there. Can never have too many of those.

Hobbes says:

> Memphis

Aaaww yeah, I’d be able to see you! Though that would require me to not only leave my house, but be more than the lurker I’ve been.

Dark_Sage says:

If I end up going down there, we could meet halfway and just hang at your place and read my Crymore posts or something.

Dark_Sage says:

All right, Las Vegas and St Louis will — I think — be my last stops.

If you were all “come hang with me”, either I didn’t make it to that place (I only got to go to half of the cities on that list), I forgot about you, or we did hang.

If there are any decent cons in your area, do let me know though, and I will strongly consider paying a visit.

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