P-Tuesday Pollday: Summer 2014 – Best Girl & Best Boy

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You knew these polls were coming. I can only hope your body is ready.

Best Girl


Blake Jackson



Ruby Red



Weiss Schwarz



Yang Ying



Best Girl of Summer 2014

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Best Boy


Uhh, sorry y’all. Sorta ran out of space in the prior poll, so I’m extending the best girl choices over to this one. I’ll make it up to you later. Maybe.


Cinder Ash



Emerald Rein



Glynda Neiferwell



Nora Jonas



Penny Dimes



Pyrrha Vix



Best Girl of Summer 2014 vSide Characters

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This is official ED art for season 2.


Sure sucks they couldn’t find a better artist, but I guess this is the best the RWBY fandom has to offer. Better luck next season, Monty.



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Dark_Sage says:
Top 5:
1. Ruby
2. Nora
3. Yang
4. Emerald
5. I dunno, let’s go with Nora again, cuz I feel bad I had to put the Queen of the Castle in the second spot.

Solaristics says:

I don’t know any of these characters.

Yanaro says:

Me neither.

Dark_Sage says:

Then it looks like you’ve gotta vote based on the pictures alone \o/

Solaristics says:

Best Girl Weiss then.

Dark_Sage says:

Well, at least you didn’t choose Blake.

shcboomer says:

I just saw Weiss Schwarz and voted for it.

Welp says:

Her appearance is best, but not with her personality.
She’s bitch.

Yanaro says:

Doesn’t really matter since i don’t know any of them anyway.

FalseDawn says:

Well, the names are better than most anime characters, I have to give them that. The Nora Jonas one even made me snort with laughter a little. Was her father a famous sitar player too?

FalseDawn says:

Or is she forever chasing pirates? (I’ve got a million of these ;)… Okay, I’ll stop)

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, I made those last names up. If you scroll over the images or open them up, the file path will tell you their real names.

FalseDawn says:

Ah that’s a shame. Looking through, I like your ones better. So when are you starting on this RWBY knock-off? ;)

Dark_Sage says:

Get me the VAs and a hotel room and we can get some live action going.

fohfuu says:

Even the fans of RWBY think it’s shit. And they’re right.

Dark_Sage says:

It’s got the best action sequences of any anime, and the best voice acting too. And based on the poll results, it has the best girl(s) of the Summer 2014 season.

But yeah, it does kinda suck. :c

Dium says:

I was expecting Kirito or Sinon somewhere in here. I was disappointed.

Dark_Sage says:

Disappointed? Or delighted? Everyone loves a surprise, right?

Beep says:

Definitely delighted.

Anony says:

Kirito best girl, naturally.

Enz says:

I have absolutely no idea who those people are.

jenny says:

Where is Fluttershy?

Dark_Sage says:
Ace says:

9/11 would clop over

PP says:

I should have known better.
White and Coin win (bonus points if you find out the ones I’m talking about).

Tobikage says:

Poll needs moar animu characters.

Anon says:

No idea who these characters are, but the answer is Ruby&Penny.

k says:

Yang, didn’t remember any of the characters in the second poll.

pls stop says:

D_S pls stop.

Dark_Sage says:

Can’t stop, won’t stop, something ’bout a booty drop.

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